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It’s ALIVE!!!

This is KOARC with a quick note to let everyone know that Wendy’s back surgery went according to plan this morning.

Wendy is already at home and resting comfortably with kitty and painkillers, and will be back to competing in triathlons in just a few weeks.

She asks that I thank you for all your kind comments and emails.ย  However, she won’t be able to respond personally since she’ll only be able to sit at the computer for short stretches for a while.ย  But she appreciates all your kind thoughts very much!


  1. Yay! Glad Wendy’s okay. THanks for the update!

  2. I believe the bit about triathlons—-even in pain, Wendy did a good job of dodging Baltimore Marathon runners, bouncing off of red light runner bumpers, and completing the Stitches Market circuit in near-record time!

  3. Home? It’s only 1pm now??
    It is amazing how they don’t keep you these days. And how they expect novices at home to know what to look for, how to know when there is a problem and …
    My husband had to give his dad daily shots after his dad’s surgery. Umm… my husband had never touched a needle in his life. My sister the nurse had to at least practice on an orange before touching a real person.

  4. WOW. home already. amazing. My best wishes for a most speedy recovery, sock yarn’s awaitin’


  5. Thank you for letting us know! Please take good care of our girl for us so she heals quickly and try to make her listen to the docs!

    Wendy — I AM GLAD IT IS OVER! Sending healing thoughts!

  6. Good to hear you’re home and recovering. Thanks for the update!

  7. PS — if you need ANYTHING — I am only an email away!

  8. Thanks for the update, I’m glad to hear everything went well! I’ll send my healing thoughts and prayers for you!

  9. Wow,home already. Hope you are resting somewhat comfortable. Glad it is over for you. Thanks for posting, Korac. Take care Wendy and many thoughts and prayers are with you.

  10. So. Glad. That it went well!!

  11. glad to hear that you’re home and with the kitty, hopefully resting as comfortably as possible. I’ll keep good, quick, healing thoughts heading your way!

  12. Thank you for the update on Wendy, KOARC. So glad that you are home so soon. I think we tend to mend much quicker when we are around our own things. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and that you’re feeling much better soon.

  13. Glad to hear you’re home and recovering — although, you may want to skip the triathalons, at least the non-knitting ones!

  14. Judith in NYC says:

    Thank you, KOARC, for keeping us posted.

    And Wendy, glad you are home (hospitals are bad places!). Wishes for your speedy recovery from myself and my Puma.

  15. So glad to hear it went well! Tell Lucy to take good care of her mommy!

  16. Barbara-Kay says:

    Thanks, KOARC. God’s blessings on you all. Wendy, this is no time for heroics: pain meds can’t play “catch-up”. Take them as scheduled for a few days, and you’ll be fine. Lucy, apply kitty warmth and purrs PRN.

  17. Wonderful news. Please convey my best wishes to Wendy.

  18. Just getting around to commenting now but have been sending good thought for you this morning Wendy. Glad all went well and I hope you are fully recovered very soon!

  19. Wendy, I’m so glad to hear you’re okay… you’ve been on my mind all morning. Take care of yourself; we’ll still be here when you’re ready.

  20. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Wendy, best of luck for a speedy recovery & hopes all will knit together beautifully.

  21. Good news! Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery! : )

  22. Mary Cline-Buso says:

    Wendy, glad all went well.

    Healing at home is the best. Get well quick but take it easy and do what the doc says so that there won’t be any other problems. Can’t believe you are already home after back surgery – modern medicine – wow! Might make me try circular needles for socks – maybe modern practices are better!

    To KOARC, thanks for the post. I’ve been monitoring the blog all day.

  23. Thanks to KOARC for the update! Sending you all my best wishes. Take it easy, Wendy. Smooches to you and Lucy.

  24. KOARC, thanks for the update. Hope your recovery is speedy, Wendy, and that you and Lucy are soon back to fuzzy, socky projects.

  25. Thanks KOARC for the update! Wendy – I hope you’re up to feeling way better very soon! Lucy – try to keep things as normal at possible for the time being ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I’m glad that all went well. We need those Lucy photos! Get better soon.

  27. That’s wonderful news! Been thinking of you all morning and hoping all went well-you will be back to knitting socks in no time I hope! Thanks for the update-give kitty a kiss!

  28. KOARC, you are a sweety! Thanks for being there for our WENDY. She needs sleep and TLC.
    Wendy, get so rest and and let him take care of you.
    God bless you both.. you too, lucy!

  29. Happy and peaceful recovery!

  30. Thanks KOARC! Good…we can all resume breathing now since we were holding our breaths that things would turn out well… Less germs at home…more creature comforts (sorry about that pun Lucy!). May the pain meds work wonders…and above all this…after all this…may your back actually be BETTER!

  31. Here’s to a speedy recovery and the return of knitting that exceeds the speed limit. Until then, perhaps Lucy can take up the blogging slack.

  32. Hope it all went well and that your recovery is speedy and as pain-free as possible! Good luck Wendy and don’t worry about the blog for a while. As much as I love reading your stuff, I can get by just looking at the pretty pictures for a while!

  33. So glad all went according to the plan!! And, thank you again, KOARC for the update. Wendy, just take it easy and don’t worry about us in blogland – taking care of YOU is #1 priority right now. : )

  34. Sending lots of love and healing prayers!! I hope that you’re feeling much better and that the surgery worked well!! Thanks, KOARC!


  35. Thanks for the update! Please tell her I hope for a speedy recovery as she’s expected to come visit me at WEBS soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Thanks for the update!

    Wendy, I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  37. Home? Already? That’s wonderful! Thanks for the update, KOARC. Tell her to keep taking those pain meds – it’s better keep up with them, rather than having to “chase the pain” so to speak. I’m sure you and Lucy will take very good care of her.

  38. Michele in Maine says:

    Yay, Wendy! So glad it’s over. I hope Lucy is pasted to your side, purring in a healing way.

    I just got all your sock patterns from TLE and I am in awe! I don’t know which one to try first!

    Take good care – chocolate! wine!

  39. holy crap! home already? I hope that means everything went swimmingly and you’ll be back to 100% soon.Gentle>> for you and big hugs for the KOARC and nurse Lucy.

  40. Take care – and do NOT push yourself to do more than you’re up to. That’s why they call it ‘sick time’ you know – milk it for all it’s worth!

  41. Glad you’re home, Wendy and I hope you’re feeling better soon! Let us know if we can be of any help!

  42. The best response will be to take it easy and recover. Be good to yourself! I’ll bet Lucy agrees. She’s probably taking very good care of you.

  43. Wonderful news!!!
    very very gentle
    sent her way…

  44. glad it went well! here’s to a speedy recovery!

  45. Best wishes, Wendy, hope your recovery is swift and as pain-free as
    possible. Happy knitting!

  46. theresa (aka fibercrone) says:

    Thanks for posting about Wendy’s surgery. I was checking in on her; she was on my mind. Sending her warmth and caring for an easy recovery.

  47. That’s great news! Thanks for the update ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sending healthy back thoughts your way (and happy caregiver thoughts to KOARC)!

  48. Lois Allen says:

    Can’t believe you are home already. Sure hope this solves all your problems.

  49. Very glad to hear things went well. Being a veteran of many surgeries (back included) i can empathize. Good luck Wendy!! and come back to blogging soon. I so enjoy them. Pat

  50. Just swinging by to wish you a speedy recovery and lots of time in Lucy’s company!

  51. Thanks for the update. Wendy, hope you are back in the race soon.

  52. Home already??!! Guess that is good…just rest, pet the kitty and take care of yourself.

  53. Best wishes, Wendy, for a speedy recovery. I know having Lucy looking out for you and by your side will hasten things greatly.

  54. hey wendy! rest rest rest. i hope this does the trick for you! get well soon! xo, kristin

  55. I knew you could do it!! Happy and Healthy Recovery!!

  56. Hurrah! Good to hear all is well so far. Thanks for the update KOARC!

    Take good care of your momma, Lucy- lots of purrs and snuggling.

  57. yes, gentle hugs, tea, kisses, foot rubs…all of it, all good thoughts and wishes.
    Claire, RN

  58. focus on getting better. we wont be hurt if you dont say hi to us personally. we will knit socks in your honour!!

  59. PICAdrienne says:

    Wendy, I am glad for you that you are home for loved ones to help you heal. I am sure you will get much loving attention.

    Take care

  60. Glad to hear you are home, Wendy – thank you KOARC for the update!

  61. farmgirlnow says:

    It is nice that you have Lucy and KORC to take care of you while you recover!
    Get well soon!

  62. Glad to hear the patient survived! Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  63. Glad to hear things went as planned and she is resting comfortably I hope.

  64. whoooo! It’s good to know the surgery went well and our Wendy is home already with Nurse Lucy and KOARC looking out for her. She’s a nice lady who deserves good health, good friends and good yarn. Please feed her chicken soup so she’s up to par soon.

  65. I hope this surgery fixes you all up and you feel as good as new in a short time! Just remember to take it easy and get all the pampering you can!

  66. glad to hear you made it out in one piece! get better soon!

  67. Thanks for the update, KOARC! Now you need to set her up with software that reads her emails and lets her dictate her own emails…

  68. Marianne Y says:

    I’m really happy that your surgery went well and that you made it home so soon. Home is sure a lot more comfortable than all of the interruptions in the hospital! I hope you continue to rest comfortably, Wendy! Take it easy and heal well. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery! Thank you, KOARC for letting us know she made it through ok. Please take good care of her, and you do your magic, too, Lucy!

  69. No need to reply, just glad things went according to plan! Get well soon!

  70. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery!

  71. Good vibes from the North too!
    I know Wendy is of Viking heritage, so I’m sure she’ll be ok soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Go-o-oh kitty. Go-o-o-o-oh painkillers! Hope you’re up and felling better soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Get well soon Wendy!!! Sending you get well vibes! Lucy, sleep beside mommy and take good care of her!

  74. I’m sure Lucy is glad to have her mum home! Glad everything went smoothly.
    Ofcourse the doctors did tell you that triathlons were fine, but housework is off limits–right?!

  75. I’m sure Head Nurse Lucy is on the case. Glad to hear the good news.

  76. Thinking of you and wishing you a very speedy recovery. We will miss your humor and wit in the coming days until you feel up to being back in the blog saddle. Take care!!

  77. Thank-you, KOARC! Much love to Wendy and Lucy and hugs/many thanks to you for being there for them and for all of us! Wonder if you can find some Swedish goodies for her comfort food???

  78. {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}

  79. Glad to hear the good news regarding the surgery. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  80. I’m glad all went well with the surgery. Rest up and enjoy some knitting time.

  81. It’s always nice when it’s over. Enjoy being relatively pain free!

    Now just remember that no matter how much better you feel, do not (I repeat: DO NOT) walk several miles today or tomorrow. You probably won’t feel like it today, but tomorrow is likely to be a different story and the taxis that rescued me are much more common in downtown Chicago than in the suburbs of D.C.. Learn from my mistakes. I got home and promptly passed out on the bathroom floor after my little excursion.

    The next time you see your doctor, ask about P/T and tell them that they are idiots if they try and blow you off. Seriously, I could touch my toes again within a couple months of surgery thanks to P/T. Before surgery I couldn’t come within a few feet of my toes.

  82. Thanks for the update!

  83. I’m so glad, Wendy! Hope to read you soon again in great shape. Be well!

  84. Wendy, Glad you are doing fine from your surgery. I read your blog often. Take care…enjoy the rest.


  85. Glad to hear your surgery went well. Take care and rest up!

  86. Happy Healing!

  87. I am so glad you have two great nurses to take care of you, it almost guarantees a successful outcome.

  88. Raye in NY (mother of the other jan 2nd Wendy) says:

    Thanks for the update KOARC.

    Wow…sounds like the doctor operates as fast as Wendy knits . Please tell her we’re all happy it’s over and she’s on her way to a very speedy recovery (with you and Ms. Lucy taking great care of her)!


  89. Yay, Wendy!
    Yay, Wendy’s doctor!
    Yay, devoted nurses Lucy and KOARC!
    Now Heal, Wendy! Heal!

  90. Hooray Hooray! Thanks for the update! Glad all went well (We knew it would!) Feel better real soon. Lucy – take good care of momma! Thanks KOARC! luv.m.

  91. Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery! x

  92. ladyoftheloom says:

    Yea for the KOARC and Lucy! Oh, is that the Wendyknits Wendy? Good for you too!

  93. I’m glad to hear your surgery is over and you are back home already. I hope the surgery did everything for you that you needed it to do and that all your pain will very soon be just a memory.

    Love to you and Lucy and a hearty cyberhandshake to the KOARC.

  94. Home is best. Rest, relax, heal, and don’t worry about the rest of us.

  95. Whew! I’m glad it went well!

    Now. Mr. KOARC Sir, are you sure Princess Wendy has enough chocolate? Enough sock yarn? A way to fend off the excessive affection of the Lucy-fer?

  96. Robyn Australia says:

    Wendy I am glad to hear that the surgery went well.
    Wish you a speedy recovery, rest and relax.


  97. WOW!!! You are Super Woman! I had to stay in the hospital 3 days!! So happy you are doing well and you have such good care takers!!

  98. Glad to hear your surgery went well. Hoping you have a swift recovery. Take care.

  99. Glad to hear your surgery went well. Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery.

  100. Gail Lucille says:

    As I raise my Pepsi bottle in the air to you, Here’s
    to a speedy recovery…You go girl.