My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Again, thanks for all the kind emails and comments you guys have sent me. It really does give me a warm fuzzy feeling to know so many people are thinking good thoughts for me.

I’ve been concentrating on healing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still quite achy and sore — I guess that’s no surprise since it has been less than a week since surgery. I’m doing my best to take things slow and easy.

We have had beautiful weather this weekend. The KOARC took me out — my first trip outside since surgery. We had lunch al fresco on Saturday. I, of course, was ready for anything.

Knitting Bag 102107

Knitting Bag 102107

And just to prove that wasn’t a faked shot of just my knitting and that I really did get out and do some knitting:

Wendy 102107

Wendy 102107

And I did finish that sock.

Lacy Rib Socks 102107

These are knit in Fiesta Baby Boom in the Dreamsicle colorway. Contrary to what it says on the label, I knit these on a 2mm needle for a gauge of 8 sts/inch and loved the results.

Lucy, bless her furry little self, is continuing to do her best to entertain me by striking seductive poses.

Lucy 102107

Lucy 102107

And I amuse myself by attempting to photograph her while she sits in my lap.

Lucy 102107a

Lucy 102107a

Alrighty, time to back away from the computer . . .


  1. Wendy, glad to see you up and about and that you are doing better. You look great. Hope all conbtinues to go well. My Stepdad had back surgery and it is still a struggle for him. I love the socks, they are festive and fun looking. Glad to hear that Lucy and KOARC are taking good care of you.

  2. So good to see you up and about, knitting and smiling. You look wonderful! I’d never guess you had surgery less than a week ago. All this good, positive Karma, plus wonderful caring nurses seems to be doing the trick! Take care…
    (love those socks!! still amazing how you get from what looks like halfway to fully completed so quickly!)

  3. Joan Callaway says:

    You’re amazing! Glad to see you up and about. Back surgery these days is a far cry from when I had mine back in the 70’s…wish I’d waited! (not!)

    I don’t pay much attention to what the labels say about needle size either…swatch! swatch! I say…and ignore the label.

    Take care…


  4. Barbara-Kay says:

    Seeing both you and Lucy in doing familiar things is reassuring. It’s also great to see smiles in the eyes of you both!

    Happy knitting!

  5. Good to see you up and about and knitting. Lucy certainly looks like she’s working hard to entertain you.

    The socks are lovely, as usual. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for that color. It’s scrumptious.

  6. Boy, Lucy up close is rather eye-crossing!

    You really do look good for just having had surgery. Keep taking it easy, of course. But you knew that.

  7. You’re looking good, Wendy. I’m sure it will take a while for you to get completely back on your feet, but with caregivers like the KORAC and Lucy you’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time.

  8. You look great for just having had major surgery. Glad you had some fresh air enjoyment. Now drink plenty of water and have some nice chicken soup ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. It is good to see you up and about. Fresh air always lifts ones spirit. One thing that i really enjoy about your knitting socks is that you use colors and that perhaps I wouldn’t and I love the results. Maybe if I don’t care the colorway then making the sock might make it better.

  10. You look good–smiling through the pain? Chicken soup? Hot and Sour Soup will get you going!!!!!!

  11. Looks like it’s all going well and I’m so happy for you! It’s so nice you had an outing. Continued good luck with your recovery!

  12. I’m so happy you felt good enough to get out a knit a little Wendy!

    I LOVE these socks so much, this is my favorite socks that you’ve knit EVER! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep healing!! ((((Wendy))))

  13. Glad to see you’re up and around. You look really well for someone that just went thru all that. Must be the good male nurse you have, huh? LOL Oh, and Lucy of course.
    Love the sock. I’ll have to check out that color.
    Sheri in GA

  14. I love how you can almost see the camera reflected in Lucy’s eyes…. So glad you’re doing so well!

  15. Wow. That’s a really sharp photo for her being on your lap. I try that and inevitably the damn cat moves at the last second and I get a fuzzy photo. Ah well. Glad to see you out and about AND knitting!

  16. You look like you are doing great! Beautiful socks! Love the colorway!

  17. glad to see you up and about! the socks look great, btw.

  18. Yay! Those socks are lovely, and I’m glad you’re on the mend. Keep getting up and getting out, gently! Make those muscles heal strong and straight. And yes, you’ll keep feeling it for a while (I’m still feeling minor abdominal surgery from May, occasionally), but you can do it! The human body and it’s ability to heal is fantastic.

  19. Glad to see you were able to get some fresh air. Hope you are top notch again soon. Your new socks make me want candy canes.

  20. WOW – That not-a-shampoo-it’s-a-conditioner is amazing stuff! As a recovery surgical patient, your hair looks amazing. Keep rockin’ the recovery, Wendy.

  21. Well Wendy you look terrific! Although this is the 1st time I’ve ever seen your photo while not wearing a handknit ๐Ÿ™‚
    But you really look great and the sock does too. Looks like a little bit’o’Lucy is just what the dr. ordered!

  22. Gosh, Wendy, I’m in worse shape than you after packing out last week. I still haven’t been able to knit. You are a marvel, girl. Get well quick!

  23. Amazing!! Surgery and finished socks in the same week. Hope you keep on feeling better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. YAY !! Escape from the house – and knitting. Sweet!
    I love that photo of Lucy up close.

  25. You look great. Be well and make a full recovery.

  26. I’m so glad you are getting up and around. Make sure you stick with whatever PT they prescribe — it can be the most important part of recovering. I’m sure that Lucy will be your cheerleader!

    If you want to post fodder, you could always give us a shot-a-day of things you bought at Stitches. I looked for you in the market, but never found you. But more than one person recognized my Minion T-shirt!

  27. Sounds like your recovery is going well. Glad to see that you were able to make it out of the house for some sun and air. Take it easy and don’t rush it.

  28. It’s so nice to see you out knitting and enjoying such a great day! KOARC and Nursey Lucy are certainly taking good care of you and you look fabulous! Keep it up — and I like the socks too……

  29. Glad to see that you are on the mind. Knitting always makes things feel better! Have a speedy recovery.

  30. Geez, it didn’t take you long to get out of bed!
    Glad you’re on your way to recovery — hope the pain goes away for good.

  31. So nice that the weather cooperated for your outing. Life can seem constricted and claustraphobic when you are confined and limited for too long.

    Keep up the good recovery. Move. Breath deeply.

  32. You look great woman! I swear I see a sideways W on the left sock! You so smart;)

  33. Wendy, I’m glad you are up and about. Fresh air is always good for what ails you! The socks are beautiful-love the colorway. Continue healing!

  34. Just chiming in that you look incredibly good for having had recent surgery!! I would never guess it looking at you!

    And the socks must be partly responsible. How could anyone not get a lift out of that great colorway? And the stitch pattern just adds to the swirliness. I love it.

  35. So glad to hear that your recovery continues. Thoughtful of the weather to be so cooperative and give you “shirt-sleeve” weather in mid-October, so that you can relax and enjoy some fresh air! FINALLY found Chewy Spaghetti Serendipity at Loopy Ewe – I’ve been doing some serious “coveting” since I saw yours go into a toe-up sock – fell in love with that colorway. Take care – slowly.

  36. I have just started reading your blog. Feel better soon, and your cat is certainly adorable. I am owned by 3 cats myself. Happy knitting!

  37. Yay knitting! Yay blogging! Yay healing! Yay Lucy! Go, Wendy, Go!

  38. I’m glad to see you’re feeling up to going out and knitting. That’s a good sign. I hope the achy leaves soon and you’re swiftly feeling much better than before the surgery.

    Very candy-cane socks. I think I need to go find a peppermint now.

  39. Yay! It makes me smile to know that you were able to get out and enjoy some of this fine weather we had this weekend. Please remember to be kind to your self (yes, I meant it as two separate words) as you continue to heal. KOARC and Lucy must be doing a great job in helping nurse you back to your healthy self! Warm, gentle hugs to you, R

  40. I love that last shot of Lucy – so very artistic! Is Lucy like Chaos, who does his very cutest poses when I don’t have the camera at hand, and getting up to get it is guaranteed to end the pose??

    Glad you’re doing so well!

  41. Theresa in Italy says:

    Wow, you look wonderful! And so do the socks! Glad to see you are doing so well and so quickly. Keep taking care of yourself (and don’t let the KOARC and Lucy slack off, either)!

    Love the Lucy-in-your-lap shot—too funny.

  42. It’s nice to see you outside, ambulatory and knitting ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure the ministrations of KOARC and Nurse Lucy have lots to do with your recovery, so let’s all hope they don’t slack off – obviously they’ve been doing a great job.

    I’ll continue to send good and healing vibes your way, Wendy. It’s hard to not see your latests socks growing magically before our eyes and the other things you make too (when you decide to make ’em!). Take care!

  43. Wendy, you look marvelous! And after back surgery.. You are a Champ!
    I know it was a treat to get out. When I broke my wrists, I was so excited to go to Ukrops with the dh, although I was exhausted after an hour of liberty. Were you wiped out after your excursion? Hope not!
    That pose of Lucy’s always makes me laugh when kitties do it. Yeh, sexy and flirty and sooo adorible!

  44. Those socks look great and so do you! I’m so happy to see you out and about. I hope you’re pain free after all of this. Take care.

  45. Continue to heal!

  46. Glad to know you are on the road to healing and recovery! It’s due to all that special care from Lucy, I’m sure. ;o)

  47. So happy to see YOU in the photo for a change! Love the socks…
    Keep on progressing, okay?

  48. Michele in Maine says:

    Wendy, the nice thing is it doesn’t look like you’re in pain – that’s great! Keep taking it easy – that’s the hardest part. Just keep repeating “what would Lucy do?” (nap, of course!).

    I just snagged some Nature’s Palette in the Lilac colorway in this week’s sneak-up – now I can start my Healthy Spine socks! Yay!

    Keep healing.

  49. Wendy, it’s great to see you out and about! You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers for a sucessful surgery and a speedy recovery filled with better than expected results :>.

    You continue to inspire me to work on socks, so I keep slowly moving ahead. I’m learning new sock techniques, trying toes and heels I haven’t tried before – it’s sometimes VERY frustrating, but in the end worth it!

    Take care and give Lucy a rub for me

    Carol in Prince George VA

  50. Susan Voegtly says:

    Thanks for good medical news – even if the drugs may be talking a bit! Keep getting well.
    I was interested to find out last year how much fun knitting can be when your doped! I find it interesting that the knitting part of the brain still works. Keep getting better! And I was intersted to see that your still knitting on the 2 circulars?! Harder to lose one?
    Heal on! Susan in Cincinnati

  51. How do you resist that furry little tum? Just that would make ME feel better.

  52. My goodness, girl, you look amazing! So do the socks — it’s good to know that you’re up and about ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. You are truly amazing! Mazel Tov on your speedy recovery. I will keep your healing back in my thoughts and prayers. So GLAD that you’re up and about. Love to Lucy!
    And all my Best to you.

  54. Hope things continue to look up! Feel better soon!!!

  55. Yay! So good to see you continuing to improve!

    I love the knitter’s version of “ready for anything”. We do think a tad differently than “normal” folks don’t we?

  56. Wow, you look WONDERFUL, especially for someone that just had surgery a week ago! It must be the knitting that is so healing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am so glad it’s over and dare I say it, your face appears to be free from that “I am in constant pain” look!!! You appear to be completely at peace in that photo ๐Ÿ™‚ That would be fantastic!!

    Glad to see you out and about!!!! Thanks to The KOARC for the photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Hi Wendy! Happy to see that you’re able to get out. Keep healing. Love the socks!!!

  58. I just want to put my face on Lucy’s tummy and give her the rasperries! What does that say about me?