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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Just a Quickie

Just a quickie post today because I’m feeling rather worn out, due no doubt to pesky seasonal allergies. That on top of my already weakened state has led to no energy whatsoever.

We did have a nice birthday celebration for the  KOARC this weekend. Lucy gave her Daddy a book of Lucy stickers (ordered from Moo) and he obligingly stuck one on his forehead to amuse us.

KOARC 102807

KOARC 102807

I made a giant cream puff filled with chocolate mousse and glazed with chocolate for his birthday cake. (It’s actually made as a ring with a hole in the middle like a doughnut, rather that one giant puff.)
Cream Puff 102807

Cream Puff 102807

And let me tell you, consuming that just about killed us!

I did finish the first of my Diamond Gansey socks:

Diamond Gansey Sock 102807

Diamond Gansey Sock 102807

Made from Louet Gems fingering. Here’s a close-up:

Diamond Gansey Sock Closeup 102807

Diamond Gansey Sock Closeup 102807

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go lie on the couch with  You-Know-Who:

Lucy 102807

Lucy 102807

Someday this blog will return to full strength.  Just not this week.


  1. Melissa B. says:

    I LOVE those diamond socks! Will this be available at Loopy Ewe anytime soon!?

  2. weekends are for relaxing, so go relax!

  3. Kathy Sue says:

    I looooove the diamond gansey socks. Don’t ask me, but I will watch for the pattern, even though I am money poor and in possession of many nice sock patterns!
    Remember that, for a while, every time you go wild with the fun, it will take a day or so to recover. Keep resting and healing. (I know–I’m a nurse)!

  4. Kathy Sue says:

    P.S. I have pictures of my DD with Chiquita banana stickers on her forehead that I hadn’t thought of for years till I saw KOARC with the Lucy stamp!!Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Good heavens! What an absolutely decandent-looking cream puff!

    Lovely socks. I like the color.

  6. …with Lord Voldemort? (You-Know-Who). j/k, couldn’t resist… just finished rereading the last two books. sure wish i had my kitty here with me. 🙁

  7. I totally ditto MelissaB’s comment.

  8. Your gansey sock is the same color as Lucy’s eyes!

  9. Hang in there!! Loved the socks; loved the birthday cake even more!

  10. I so ditto Kathy Sue’s comments about the fun and recovery time. (That was aa fun sentence!) It can still take me a week to recover from one busy day. Sleep and relax all you want and don’t overdue it in the work department. Getting work done is not as important as your health. Believe me, I speak from experience. Relax and heal. Listen to your body.

  11. I know EXACXTLY what you mean about the seasonal allergies. They are kicking me but good…

  12. I noticed the same thing as Melissa. Your sock IS the color of Lucy’s eyes!

  13. Happy Birthday to Ian, what a delightful dessert! Gorgeous sock in a pattern friendly color. Do you return to work tomorrow already? I hope all goes well for you (and Lucy, she may suffer a little withdrawal after having Mom all to herself).

  14. That looks so freakin’ good. I want that for my birthday cake next year!

    And guess what? I won your patterns from Aimee’s Lupus Walk fundraiser! Woo Hoo! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have them. I believe there are some strange pictures of me dancing around SAFF clutching them tight after she gave them to me! Yay RNG!

  15. LOVE the new sock pattern. Do we get to buy it? Pretty, pretty please?

    Oh, yeah, it MUST be the allergies and not MAJOR BACK SURGERY that has you feeling tired.

    We call this “denial,” Miss Wendy.

  16. That cake looks wonderful!

    As for the apologizing, please stop. 🙂 Take care of yourself and get better, I’m just glad you feel good enough to blog at all so we know you are ok!

  17. love the new socks 🙂
    and hey.. the doctor prescribes lots of snuggles with Lucy this week.

  18. Beautiful sock pattern. Do you like the Louet Gems?

    You did a fantastic job on the cream puff too! My sister had a huge pile of profiteroles one year for her cake! Wonderful.

    Take care of yourself.

  19. What a fabulous birthday cake!! And how beautiful are those new socks. And that lovely cat. Keep getting well!

  20. Wow, cream puffs are pretty ambitious when your feeling perfect – I’m totally impressed you pulled one off in your weakened state! Looks yummy tho!

  21. That is the best birthday cake I’ve seen! Yummmm
    The new socks are gorgeous!

  22. My allergies have been awful this last week, too. So, naturally, I picked today to clean my room, dust, scrub the bathroom . . . all of which has wreaked havoc on my asthma, too . . . Because, why be sensible and do these things on a day when I feel healthy to begin with?

    Glad you’re mostly doing okay. The energy level should return soon! At least you’ve got Lucy and KOARC looking out for you. He looks dashing with his sticker, by the way. Glad he had a good birthday!

    That cream puff ring just looks heavenly, by the way….

  23. Is that seed stitch I see in those ribs? (You know: like “mistake stitch” ribs?) Love how they mark off the gusset.

    A good recovery to you.

  24. Hey Wendy, Do you ever go to Knit Happens anymore?

  25. Those are some really lovely, simple socks. They look beautiful. And, I love your cat. Yay!

  26. The cream puff looks awesome. Did you just use an ordinary cream puff recipe?

  27. Paula in Iowa says:

    Adding my 2 cents worth to the others who have advised Resting! Also, do whatever exercises prescribed for you, please. Will make recovery much better, I promise. What socks??? All I saw was a Beeyoutiful cream puff. Yum!

  28. Cream puff looks awsome. Socks are just beautiful. Hope that you don’t have to work tommorow. I’ll repeat, listen to your body. My allergies have been miserable for the past few weeks. Stay home and cuddle with Lucy all day.

  29. I heart cream puffs. I made some pumpkin custard ones a few years ago for a November party, and they were divine. Any kind works for me.

  30. YOWZA! I love that cream puff b’day cake! Pretty socks–do they match Lucy’s gorgeous eyes?

  31. oh yum! that cream puff donut looks delicious! i love the diamond gansy sock, the pattern and the color. take it easy this week….

  32. Go slow and take care of you this week. Going back to work and allergies on top of everything is going to be oh so much fun!

    Those socks are out of this world! Absolutely gorgeous! Must do those … must!

  33. Theresa in Italy says:

    Wow, that cream puff/birthday cake would have done me in, too. But what a way to go.

    I second all the others telling you to take care of yourself—allergies, back surgery, unbelieveably decadent dessert, whatever, don’t push yourself too hard!

  34. While the socks look amazing, the Giant Cream Puff looks heavenly! Happy Birthday KOARC.

  35. Beautiful sock. Will the pattern be available? Take care of yourself; time on the couch means time with Lucy. Enjoy.

  36. Wendy- KOARC is very amusing.

    But what a way to go- death by chocolate!

  37. Hey, I wonder if I can have cream puffs for breakfast… 🙂 Happy birthday, KOARC!

    The sock looks *wonderful* and you shouldn’t worry at all about the blog. The Lucy pic is sweet enough for a whole week!

  38. Happiest of birthdays to Lucy’s Daddy and to L-B!

    Mmmm…cream puffs….mmmm!

  39. The cream puff looks like a wonderful birthday cake substitute. Too bad my allergies include all things milk-based so I can’t copy the idea. Fall is killer for breathing properly to begin with, as you know.

    Both as a nurse and as someone who found that even at the age of 19 major surgery sucks your energy for months, I wish you lots of lovely naps this week.

  40. Lucy looks like she’s about ready to jump out of my computer at me. Great stalking!

  41. Considering you’re recovering from surgery AND are suffering from allergies, I’m blown away that you cooked any cake at all, let alone a cream puff! But now that I’ve seen that adorable photo of KOARC, I can see why–what a nice-looking face he has.

    Here’s to more continued recovery!


  42. Great stamps! You probably already know this, but you can get actual postage stamps printed with “your choice of photo”. I have one with my kitty Circe’s picture, sure stops people in their tracks when they see it!