My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I got home yesterday from my weekend away with a few other knitters. I, of course, never took my camera out of its case, so you’ll have to depend on others for photos.

We had a great group — Sheri, Janice, Alice, blogless Julie, blogless L-B and I headed down to Graves Mountain for some knitting, spinning, and  general trouble-making. 😉

I finished my Diamond Gansey Socks before we left.

Diamond Gansey Socks 110507

Diamond Gansey Socks 110507

And I finished a new sock as well:

Serpentne sock 110507

Serpentne sock 110507

This is knit from Fiesta Boomerang in the “Painted Desert” colorway, on a 2.75mm needle.

Pardon, my brevity, but  I need to get back to other things here.

Lucy sez:

Lucy 110507

Lucy 110507

“I’m going to curl up and sleep since Auntie Sheri and Auntie Janice aren’t here to play with me!”


  1. LOVE the new Serpentine Sock. The design and colorway are a really nice combination. Hope you had a good weekend and got some rest, too. Lucy looks like she is exhausted…maybe she and Dad partied while you were gone…

  2. I knew it! you were with sheri from the loopy ewe. I’m so jealous, but I’m not sure who I’m more jealous of, you or Sheri, I wanna hang out with both of you. Love the colorway on the new sock, I’ve been contemplating ordering it but wanted to see it knit up first.

  3. Trying to get into the mood to start on my sock stash again….yep almost there….
    Love your blog

  4. Both pairs of socks are awesome! Lucy’s happy you’re home! lol.

  5. What a fun group! I know you guys had a great time!
    I am tres jealous. I vote for a Loopy retreat! Camp Loopy!
    Those new socks are wonderful – I am looking forward to buying these patterns as well (if they should become available)!

  6. Sounds like a fun trip!

    The serpentine sock is gorgeous!

  7. You’re a pattern-writing, sock-knitting machine. That’s all I can say. And I got to witness it firsthand. 🙂

  8. You are so productive! Lovely socks. Welcome home.

  9. Wendy – I have a question – am working on Baby Norgi (It’s too cute!) and have already ripped out the yoke pattern once and am ready to do it again….too much of the pattern color is showing through – have been weaving about every 3-5 stitches. I could just strand the whole thing – but am concerned that the Baby Ull will not felt to itself and since Baby’s fingers get caught easily – total stranding might be too much…..any suggestions would be helpful.
    Thanks for the help and the great pattern!

  10. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I hope you are feeling much better and now more rested.

    Love the socks!

  11. I like the serpentine sock – looking at the heel that doesn’t look like one you usually use, am I right? I’ve seen a heel like that before – I call it the “fleegle heel” as fleegle ( has directions for something that looks like that. I think it’s similar.

    What are your thoughts on the various ways to turn a heel? I know your generic pattern uses a short-row heel but I have some of your patterns that use a gusset & flap, and now here’s the fleegle heel. Do you have a favorite?

    (I’m kind of obsessing about heels today … been working on trying to fit my apparently weirdly shaped feet better.)

  12. Thanks for inviting us this past weekend! It was GREAT! And a special Thank You to Lucy for sharing you with us! Please give her a big hug. See you this Spring at the Loopy Retreat!!

  13. Lucy looks like she is in a diving pose.

  14. Theresa in Italy says:

    Oh fine. Just when I thought it was safe to visit the blog again—another sock pattern to covet.

    Seriously, I’m so glad you all had such a great time together! (Jealous, too, but I’m trying to get over it…)

  15. I love the serpentine sock, will this pattern be availabe eventually? I think I really want it. 🙂
    Glad you had a good weekend.

  16. Hi Wendy,

    The Diamond Gansey Socks are such a pretty blue, and I love that Painted Desert colorway of the other sock … reminds me of a pretty drive across Arizona one autumn.

    Hope you and Wendy and the daddy are all doing well.


  17. Hi Wendy,
    Glad you enjoyed your retreat! Congrats on turning Sheri on to spinning!! I do two spinning/knitting retreats a year and they are just not enough! I hope you didn’t over-exert yourself over the long weekend, I doubt that you are fully healed yet!


  18. I love the Serpentine sock. Is that your original design or is available elsewhere? A knitting weekend sounds like a delightful idea! Glad you had a good time on yours.

  19. i love the gansey socks. i’ll be buying that pattern (and garden path) sometime soon!