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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Pumpkin Pie

Today was pie day.

For the past 20 years I’ve used the “Autumn Pumpkin Pie” recipe from the October 1987 issue of Southern Living magazine. I found the recipe reproduced online here.

Pie Ingredients 112107

Pie Ingredients 112107

Yes, in addition to pre-made pie crust I am using canned pumpkin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I used to make pie crust from scratch all the time. But the Pillsbury ready-to-use pie crusts are, in my opinion pretty darn good. So they are my Thanksgiving timesaver.

Here’s the pie ready to go in the oven.

Unbaked Pie 112107

Unbaked Pie 112107

And here it is coming out — showing why I love this recipe so much — the topping! YUM.

Baked Pie 112107

Baked Pie 112107

In addition to my culinary exploits today, I managed to finish the first of my Cable and Lace Socks.

Lace and Cable 112107

Lace and Cable 112107

It has tiny cables running up the sides.

Lace and Cable Closeup 112107

Lace and Cable Closeup 112107

And a lace pattern up the front.

Lace and Cable A 112107

Lace and Cable A 112107

Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S. I won’t be posting. But I want to say that I’m thankful that you all stop in here to visit and comment and tell Lucy how adorable she is.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lucy sez:

Lucy 112107

Lucy 112107

Wake me up when she starts messing with the turkey.


  1. Barbara-Kay says:

    Oh, don’t worry, Lucy. Your nose will wake you!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your Meowmy, and KOARC, too.

  2. I love the little cables on your socks! I never imagined combing lace and cables, what a beautiful sock. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Lucy, & Ian.

  3. Wendy – having your BLOG to read is one of the things that I am thankful for. Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. I’m with you on the Pillsbury RTU crusts, Wendy! And, if it makes you feel better, I never use anything but the Libby’s pumpkin…even Martha Stewart uses it! At least she did on her show today. Good enough for me! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I love the side detailing on the socks. Those will be available at the Loopy Ewe in the future I assume. Its the extra details that some patterns so great.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving and likewise gratefulness, your posts always cheer me up. Pecans and pumpkin, yum. I haven’t seen one of your socks I don’t like — are you trying to knit up all your sock yarn? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Does Lucy ever try to steal a piece of turkey? Of course, she’s a lady and wouldn’t steal. She might borrow a piece.

    One of my now-defunct cats was hell on wheels whenever it came time for any sort of poultry.

  8. Lucy looks like she’s trying in vain to focus on her tail.
    Or maybe she’s saying to herself, “There’s that dang camera again when I’m trying to sleep! Oh, for a pillow to put over my head! But I do love my Cozy Cushion….”
    We’re thankful for you and the whole blogging community! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    (The pie looks smorgalicious.)

  9. Hugh Neutron says:

    Mmmm, pie! I love pie!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I’m making sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin this year, but I hope to make up for it by baking pumpkin cookies after the kiddos go back to school next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the tiny cables on those socks!

  11. Your pumpkin pie looks delicious and I don’
    even like Pumpkin pie. I also love your new
    socks. Will you ever make top down socks?
    I have two of your patterns. One is a top
    down sock and one is toe up sock. I thank
    you for telling me how to knit it. I’m not
    well and trying to prepare for Christmas so
    I have not been working on too many socks
    lately. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you
    and yours and Lucy too.

  12. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Your new socks are lovely–but then, they all are!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, the KOARC, and of course Lucy.
    I hope she gets lots of turkey!

  13. Raye in NY (mother of the other jan 2nd Wendy) says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Wendy. I am so thankful that you are feeling better. I hope that you, the KOARC and Ms. Lucy have a wonderful day and enjoy all the goodies you made.



  14. I too use the ready pie crusts, but not for pies. Have you ever had Cinnamon Ditties?

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    And thank you for continuing to blog for the reading pleasure of the rest of us.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving Wendy, Lucy and KOARC! Enjoy that pie! It looks fabulous. Not as fabulous as Lucy, but then, I’m not thinking about eating Lucy!

  17. I’m thankful for you and your blog. You and Lucy are a bright spot in my day.

  18. Those socks are just beautiful! The pie looks delicious. I went and looked up the recipe because my husband loves punkin pie.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  19. Cathy Johnson says:

    Can you think of any(one) cuter than Lucy? I dunno…

  20. The socks are very beautiful. I want to thank you again for sharing so much with all of us. I hope that you, Ian and Lucy have a wonderful day. The food you made looks yummy. Happy Thanksgiving.

  21. Okay, it doesn’t get much better than this: pie AND socks.

    I baked an apple pie today, my sister is in charge of the pumpkin–I will have to direct her to your recipe.

    Thanks, Wendy, for all the patterns, blogging, Lucy-a-bilia, etc.


  22. great socks!…….maybe that will be a new saying!………and what will KOARC be contributing to the annual festivities???…..did my cranberry sauce, made crackers and roquefort dip, will do the apple bavarian torte and Grandmother’s fabulous (our family thinks this is true!) baking powder biscuits then off to the first born’s abode………big fun!…..and to all: thanks for giving and merriest soon!

  23. The socks are very pretty and the pie looks scrumptious. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. That little dough-boy does good work…no reason not to take advantage when you need (or want) to.

  25. Ok being the smarty pants cat lover that I am….

    You mean this isn’t Lucy’s blog?????????????

    Happy T-day!

  26. Yes, Martha Stewart touted the splendors of Libby’s canned pumpkin for her pie on her show today. So both of my idols use it! I am also thankful for your blog and for sharing your beautiful Lucy with us; an awful lot of people really love that kitty of yours! Happy Thanksgiving, Wendy. You are a marvel; I love the new socks.

  27. I’m not so much for pattern stitches on socks but I really, really like those. Just enough pattern to be interesting, not so much as to overpower the lovely yarn.

    The pumpkin pie recipe in the orange-cover Betty Crocker cookbook, circa about 1970, is my standby. Tastes just like my mom used to make. She probably used Betty Crocker’s recipe, too. I find that Pappy’s frozen pie crust has a better taste and texture than the Pillsbury ones, although you do have to defrost it and roll it out.

    Happy T’giving to you and Lucy and the KOARC — enjoy your day together!

  28. Theresa in Italy says:

    I’m thankful you’re feeling well enough to share your pie recipe and your lovely new socks with us!
    Not to mention the ever-adorable Lucy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  29. I want some PIE!

    Looks so yummy–when it sez LibbyLibbyLibby on the labelLabelLabel, etc. etc. etc.

    So glad you’re feeling better, Wendy! Happy Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Wendy Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your wonderful blog and the photos of Lucy. I’m glad you are recovering well.

  31. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful for the very quiet day I’m about to have, since I am in Canada, but working for an American company. Not likely to get a lot of work coming my way today!

    I love your tiny cables, by the way!

  32. Love the Lace and Cable sock – Have a wonderful day with your loved ones.

  33. Thanks for the great Pumpkin Pie recipe! I love pumpkin pie and pecan topping is just that much better!!! Your new socks are great! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for giving us all such an interesting blog to read!

  34. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the KOARC. Psst, Lucy…she’s messing with the turkey!

    The cable and lace socks are pretty.

  35. I love the cables up the side of that sock. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the KOARC and Lucy!

  36. Wendy
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    I love the new sock pattern and hope you will send to Loopy for purchase.

    Also, I have a question. Now that you have moved to the two circular needles, have you tried to do two socks at a time? I’ve just had a class at Woolwinders and love the circular needles. It does fell like I’m working with a long legged spider but the needles don’t fall and get lost. Must be great for you on the Metro. I want to practice more but I am interested in your thoughts about doing both socks at once.

    Thanks for the recipes, the patterns and the knitting lessons and it’s great to know that you are feeling better.

  37. Happy Thanksgiving to you, ROARC, and Lucy. I read your blog every day. Thank you for sharing.

    I love the Cables and Lace socks!

  38. These socks are awesome! In my opinion one of your best!

  39. Marianne Y says:

    Your pie looks yummy! Southern Living has come out with some awesome recipes over the years. I’ll have to try that one. The custard part itself is almost identical to mine. Adding a pecan topping on top would be wonderful!

    I love your blog. I’m glad that you got back on your feet so quickly after your surgery!

    I love you new Cables and Lace Sock. And, I like the colorway, too!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, KOARC, Lucy, and your wonderful parents!

  40. Happy Thanksgiving to you, the KOARC, and Lucy. I’m thankful to have discovered your web site this year. You’ve brought a lot of enjoyment to my days.

    (P. S. I love your latest sock!)

  41. The sock is beautiful, yes, but I want some of that pie! And of course, I would love to make friends with Lucy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  42. Oh, how can we NOT tell Lucy how adorable she is?? Sometimes I actually stop myself from commenting yet AGAIN [in case you think I’ve gone mad or am obsessed with her!]

  43. Those socks are spectacular!

  44. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! The pie and the socks are simply yummy!

  45. I looove to cook and bake… on Thanksgiving I always spend so much time cooking I forget to EAT… God, I love this holiday!

  46. The pie and challah look yummy. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. My 2 cents re: brining a turkey. It’s one thing to brine something small like a pork tenderloin but a turkey? So not worth it! I did it once. Trying to lug the 12 pound turkey and gallons of brine down to the basement refrigerator and up again…ugh. And then spilling the brine on the kitchen floor. Never again!!!! I discovered the solution this year…. Kosher turkeys (Aaron’s Best is No 1 according to Cooks mag) are salted which has the effect of brining. My guests who always swear by fresh-killed farmer’s market turkeys thought this year’s turkey was delicious.

  47. You know? I’ve had pumpkin pie made with fresh roasted pumpkin, and it really didn’t taste that different from mine using canned. I found myself nodding in agreement reading this post. My family was shocked to learn that my gravy came from a jar and my stuffing came from a box, but I just explained to them that the feast they were about to wolf down is a HUGE meal, and when you’re cooking alone, you gotta cut corners where you can. Me? I love making pie crust and biscuits, but my gravy and stuffing never come out the way I have planned. It’s all about compromise!

  48. All this American Thanksgiving coverage – I ran out and bought a turkey breast so I could join in on the fun.

  49. My father-in-law’s secretary made this very same pie for him every year for his birthday (with real pumpkin). She has moved away but I have made the pie with canned pumpkin,and real, and can’t really tell the difference, except it is a real pain in the you-know-what to cook a pumpkin.


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