My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


In the Zone

I had a Very Long Meeting, so I put in 2.5 hours of overtime yesterday. (The Very Long Meeting continued into today, but we wrapped things up in time for me to leave the office at my usual time.)

So when I got home yesterday, I didn’t feel much like knitting. Do you ever have one of those days when wrapping the yarn around the needle is a struggle? Yeah, that’s how I was feeling. So I knocked off knitting early and passed out.

I picked up the Pinwheel Sweater this morning before I left for work — I always allow a few minutes between getting ready for work and actually leaving the house to sit and watch the early, early news, with Lucy in my lap. In that bit of time I did more knitting on the sweater than I managed in the couple of hours I struggled with it last night. I was definitely in the zone. I briefly considered calling in sick so I could sit home and knit, but we did have the continuation of yesterday’s meeting, complete with a contractor who traveled here from parts north specifically for said meeting. So I reluctantly set the Pinwheel aside and trudged on in to the office. (Pinwheel is too unwieldy for commuter knitting, otherwise it would have come with me.)

Here it is, on a 32″ (Addi Turbo Lace) needle. Time to switch to a larger one.

Pinwheel Sweater 112907

Pinwheel Sweater 112907

And here it is on a 47″ (Knitpicks Options) needle.

Pinwheel Sweater 2 112907

Pinwheel Sweater 2 112907

Amanda commented:

Lovely edging – a really good idea. But before you get to knitting it on, have you considered whether to add a bit of flare to it? Looking at the pattern photos, the laid out flat sweater as well as the two of it being worn, it seems to me that the edging continues the increase rate of the circle, and that this is necessary to get the right drape especially at the back neck. But you probably have this all worked out already.

I’m expecting that blocking will take care of this. It has on the circular shawls I’ve knit. The edging I’m going to use is pretty stretchy, so I don’t think it would be too much trouble to bend it to my will.

Katheryn asked:

Does Lucy have fur between her toes? One of my girls does and its my favourite part to pet!

She does! Cute little tufts of fur!

Lucy 112907

Lucy 112907


  1. I totally know how you feel when you say that sometimes its a struggle to even pick up your needles and your project is sitting there, glaring at you because you are neglecting it. I seem to have temporarily lost my mojo, and the second sock of a pair is languishing on the needles. I’m using your river run pattern and while I really enjoy it, I can only manage one pattern repeat(9 stitches and six rows to a repeat) at a sitting.

  2. Hmmm….if the pinwheel is too unwieldy for commuter knitting does that mean you’ve got a sock in progress that we have not yet seen?


  3. Definitely on the knitting (or anything else) malaise! Sometimes it’s work doing it to me and lately it’s a combination of work and the short, short daylight hours (I think I have a bit of SAD already this winter 🙁 ) I have Christmas projects to finish knitting and I’ve had one night already this week where I couldn’t muster the energy to do anything more than flop on the couch with the remote control.

  4. Our Ragdoll kitty, Dolly, we had (she got attacked by a couple of dogs one night) looked just like Lucy, I check your blog everyday not only to see whats goin on but also to see Ms Lucy. I bet Lucy just melts in your arms whenever you pick her up, thats one of the sweetest things about those kitties. Anyways, The Pond Scum Pinwheel sweater is lookin really good, cant wait till you get the lace edge on and it blocked.

  5. Wendy, I really like the pinwheel sweater, so much so that I printed out the pattern and ordered the yarn. I think it will be quite a conversation starter wherever it’s worn. I’ll be looking for your knitted lace edging chart when you get it finished. Thanks for offering to post it.

  6. I haven’t knitted in two days. I’ve been sick. My husband knows I’m not kidding about being sick when I’m too tired and feel too bad to knit.

  7. Those Lucy toes are such delicious little morsels!

  8. The pinwheel is going to be gorgeous.

    I blog in the morning before work. I wish I could give myself enough time to knit a bit first but well, that would require me waking up even earlier. Screw that.

  9. Pinwheel is looking wonderful. Now I need to go over to Ravelry and see what the completion looks like (grin)
    and that Lucy.. such a cutie… I just love that you sit and snuggle with her for a few minutes in the morning before work. Such a nice routine (smile) I think I shall try to incorporate that one into my life as well.
    Hope you are hanging in there being backat work. I bet you’ll collapse in a small puddle at the end of tomorrow… be good to yourself dear Wendy.

  10. The technical term for that inter-toe-pad fur is “toe flooff”, and it’s essential gear. Says my springer spaniel who won’t let me trim it, even though she wouldn’t slip as much on hardwood floors.

  11. Hi Wendy – I know we’re supposed to be talking about your sweater, but are you selling your sport weight sock patterns at Loopy yet??

  12. I have a question about your switching needles. I know switching from wood to metal or vice-versa can really mess with your gauge. Do you anticipate having any trouble switching from one brand of metal to another? And did your gauge change when you went from dpns to the circulars?

  13. Paw fur is the best. Infinitely better than long meetings.

  14. I have that pattern printed out, and I think seeing yours completed might push the design into my Ravelry To Do Queue!

    I’m with you on the crochet…I’m all thumbs, so I’d probably opt for the knitted edging too.

    My little Mae has fuzzies between the toes too!

  15. I definitely hear you on the zone and lack thereof. Those meetings can suck a lot out of you when you aren’t coming back from major surgery. The sweater is looking wonderful. I really enjoy reading about your process and watching the progress.

  16. Oh, I just love to mess with the little toe tufts but Mr. Mew gets quite annoyed.

  17. you know those endless meetings wouldn’t suck the life out of us if we could take our knitting, but alas most workplaces have not yet embraced knitting as acceptable meetingplace activities yet. Twiddling with your pen, staring out the window, banging your head on the table are still considered acceptable bahavior during meetings.. go figure. Lovely sweater, cute kittie-toes! glad you’re back in the zone.

  18. The fur between the toes comment makes me wonder if Lucy had tickilish toes. Our cat and dog both have tickilish toes and don’t want you to touch them.

  19. I’m working a probable 50-52 hour week this week so I am thrilled about no knitting time too. My baby girl cat Ruby has fantastic toe tufts and the best jammie bottoms ever.

  20. Love the sweater progress, and thanks for answering the question about the edging increases. I was wondering that, too.

  21. I love those toe fluffs — my boy Sam has those too. Cutest part of kitties everywhere!

  22. I’m surprised you manage to knit as much as you do. I find that although I knit about two hours almost every night, there are days I just like to take a break. And I actually like to sit and watch a movie from time to time on video instead of knitting to TV shows.

    As always, I love your choice of projects and watching your progress.

  23. Oh man, I love those Lucy toes! Our Lucy has long “wings” coming out of her feet too. I call them Mercury wings.
    And Very Long Meetings suck. There should be a rule about how long they can last.