My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


On Edge

I finished knitting the body of the Pinwheel Sweater early Saturday, and decided to knit the edging on the body before starting the sleeves.

I started with a provisional cast-on.

Provisional Cast-on 120207

Provisional Cast-on 120207

I knit the first row of the edging andΒ  attached it to the sweater by knitting the end stitch together with one stitch of the edge of the sweater.

Edging Start 120207

Edging Start 120207

Here’s the edge with three repeats done.

Three Repeats 120207

Three Repeats 120207

As of right now, I’m a bit more than halfway done. I spread the sweater out on the floor for a photo-op.

Pinwheel Sweater 120207

Pinwheel Sweater 120207

Of course my little spokesmodel had to help.

A close-up:

Edging Close-up 120207

Edging Close-up 120207

I steam-pressed the edging a bit so I could see how well it was laying. I think it’s just fine. And the reverse side of the edging looks good too.

Edging Wrong Side 120207

Edging Wrong Side 120207

So I will continue on with knitting the edging and after that, the sleeves. I have a couple of adjustments to make to the edging chart, but I’ll post it here soon, probably tomorrow.

Stay tuned . . .


  1. I think the knitted edging looks lovely. Nice job! πŸ™‚

  2. Marianne Y says:

    I like your lace edging. It looks very nice. It looks like Lucy likes your new sweater, too. πŸ™‚

  3. Be—-uuuuuuuuuuuuuu—te—–ful!! I have been a lurker of your blog for a very long time, but this edging brought me out of hiding!!. Thank you for all of the time you spend ‘teaching’ all of us through your blog. BTW—you are responsible for my ‘addiction’ to sock knitting. You are always very motivational to me!!! Thanks to Lucy, also. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh wow Wendy, I love the lace edging. Much better than crochet – :D!

    Hi Lucy *pat pat pat* !

  5. Very pretty doily! (Just kidding.) Very pretty Lucy, too.

  6. I think your edging is much nicer than
    a crochet edging would be. The sweater
    looks lovely. I can’t wait to see the finished
    product. Is the edging your own pattern,
    or did you use a guide from one of the
    knitters edging books?

  7. I really wish sometimes that I could sit beside you and watch and learn from you first hand. I love the way you have made the pattern your own. I am also rather impressed that “pond scum” shows off Lucy’s colourings beautifully….she is such a diva.

  8. The sweater looks wonderful! I like that edging on it. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  9. Wendy- your edging is gorgeous. My 16 year old thought “pond scum” was an interesting colorway for yarn! She often leans over my shoulder when I’m on “the blog with the cute cat!” Lucy even rocks the younger set! She says Lucy is “adorable”-adorable must be replacing “awesome” as the adjective of choice of the HS crowd. I guess Lucy could be awesomely adorable! But you knew that already-

  10. That looks AWESOME (the adjective of my generation)! As someone who has been crocheting since age 7 and has only converted to knitting in the last 2 years, I was skeptical of the knitted lace border, but I stand corrected. It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful sweater could start off like that little circle you had on your needles–what, like 3 days ago? You go, girl.

  11. Lovely edging, and I love the color of the sweater! I had rejected making this sweater because I don’t crochet. Thanks to your adventurous knitting I now have another possibility.

  12. Hi Wendy

    I really love the way you have done the edging on the on the
    jacket. It just goes to show what one can do with basic patterns
    and turn it into something different. I admire you with the way
    you adapt patterns and design your own.

    Robyn (Australia)

  13. The edging is beautiful Wendy – it really suits the yarn.

  14. That edging is gorgeous. Are you going to write up your pattern for the edging?

  15. I think you got another winner. The edging really sets it off. Great job.

  16. It’s gorgeous! And the color is great- Lucy looks nice on this one;-)

  17. I like the look of the edging. It looks really good in that yarn.

  18. Wendy, I am a crocheter and I disliked the sweater because the crochet edge made it look like a doily (took away from the knitting) Your knitted edge is just beautiful, and I love the ‘seamless’ join you have done. Must go stash digging for yarn for this pattern.

  19. Very pretty edging. I like that pattern with the crochet edging but I think this looks even better. Is the edging pattern one of your own designs?

  20. I happen to like both the crocheted and knitted edge versions and the only dilemna I see is that now I want to make it both ways!! I’ll be interested to see how much yarn you used since knitting generally takes less than crocheting. Did you get 4 skeins of Pond Scum? Thanks for posting your edge directions (in advance)!!

  21. Pretty pretty pretty!!!

  22. Leslie too says:

    Breathtaking! Your spokesmodel is lovely too.

  23. The knitted edging is turning out even better than i imagined, it is lovely!! Esp with your precious model. Nugggles to Ms Lucy for helpin your mama with her sweater.

  24. Oh, nice choice on the edging! It looks great. Dammit! Now I’ve got visions of sweaters with pretty edgings dancing through my head. As if I didn’t have a long enough line of things in my “to be designed” fantasy list!

  25. The edging on your sweater is exquisite. You are so creative, it just blows my mind how fast you knit, just beautiful. I see that Lucy loves it too.

  26. Wow – your sweater it just gorgeous!

  27. Now you’ve done it! Just when I was looking forward to showing off my crochet skill, you toss that beautiful lace adging in my face and you know I love that even more!
    My poor crochet hooks feel so neglected…..

  28. OOOH, nice work! That lace edging is a great choice. And thanks, Lucy, for showing the sweater off so nicely.

  29. The edging is just beautiful and really enhances the sweater. Thanks for sharing it.

  30. Wow, Pinwheel is turning out to be a real stunner. I’m very impressed with the edging. I think that would’ve given me a panic attack.

    I see that Lucy likes to lounge on your projects sometimes. Does she ever snag them? My cats are not terribly careful with the knitting but I figure Lucy must not have snagging issues since she sometimes poses with your knitting.

  31. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    The sweater is beautiful, and I, too, love the knitted edging.

    Wow,what a spokesmodel!

  32. Oooh, I really love that edging! Where on the sweater will the edging seam (where the provisional cast-on is now) fall? I figure either at the neck or at the bottom, but I’m not sure which would be less noticeable, and I’m curious what you chose.

  33. That edging is beautiful! Simply perfect for the sweater πŸ™‚

  34. That is a beautiful sweater. I just love it. It’s in my ravelry queue now. πŸ™‚

  35. booooooootiful! The kitty and the knitting!

  36. Wow. just wow. And clearly, pond scum has geen under rated!

  37. I’m stunned by the georgeousness of your sweater! It’s so lovely and that edging is beautiful. I just have to say that I adore your blog. I look forward to every post…sometimes reading yours first, and others, saving it for last…like a dessert! (the parting shot of Lucy always makes me smile.) Your knitting is so wonderful -things just fly off your needles…I’m getting faster, but a pair of socks every 5 days, for three months? Really now. It’s amazing…yet another example is a knitted edge on a round sweater. Look how far you are! Okay…fawning is over. Sorry ’bout that!

  38. That is so beautiful and feminine, too. I think you picked just the right color. Bravo, as usual!

  39. Theresa in Italy says:

    I thought the crochet edging looked fine until I saw your lace edging! Of course, having a lovely spokesmodel doesn’t hurt!

  40. Wow! The edging looks fantastic. I had looked at this pattern many times, but put it away as “far off in the future” project for when I finally learn to crochet. Thanks to you (in advance, for the edging pattern) it can move right up my list! It looks gorgeous, and given my current fascination with lace knitting, I can’t wait to start!! Thanks again, Wendy – you are inspirational, as always. πŸ™‚

  41. Congrats both the edging and the supermodel are both gorgeous.

  42. Darla - Detroit says:

    Beautiful sweater! I am at this moment anxiously waiting for my yarn to cast on for this lovely sweater. I see that a previous poster asked my question: please let us know how much yarn you save by knitting your lace edge instead of crocheting. I always order an extra hank of yarn when having a specific project in mind – I’m thinking if I save enough yarn by knitting my edge, I might have enough for matching hand warmers or hat!
    Skritches for Lucy!

  43. Very pretty, and so professional looking … as always.

    The spokesmodel is divine, which of course is no surprise either.


  44. Lovely, Wendy! I’m no good with crochet and any time I see a beautiful pattern with crochet edging my heart falls. But you’ve made such a nice edge. If only I were so talented πŸ™‚

    Know that you help keep me warm and fuzzy up here in Maine (as we’re getting dumped with a foot or more of snow right now).

    Have an excellent day!

  45. Your lace is SOOOOO pretty! I’ll bet you will hate to see this project be done, you seem to be enjoying it very much!!! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos with us. And the ones of your little “helper”!

  46. I wonder what it is with cats that they are positively compelled to make a bed out of any kind of fabric we lay on the floor. The sweater is lovely. πŸ˜‰

  47. I have a love/hate relationship with crochet. The hate part is – I HATE to do it! I love the sweater and now even more so with the knitted edging! Will definitely add to my queue at Ravelry.
    Denise and the Six-Pack + 1
    (Who send purrs and headbonks Lucy’s way)

  48. I too, really love the knitted edge. My crochet skills are just AWKWARD and thus, take forever to complete even an edge.

    I used this type of lace edge for the top of a sock. I knit the edge first and then picked up the stitches from the edge on DPN’s and knit the sock from the top down. Now I see how this same technique can be used “in reverse”.

    I hope you get a chance to answer the questions today. I am very interested in your answers.

  49. Your edging looks great – I stand corrected about testing your crochet skills…

    and I LOVE the colour – I am making socks from the same colourway, but really love how it looks in a bigger piece – kind of like a paint chip vs. a whole wall…

  50. Wendy do you think this pattern would be adaptable to those with a very generous bustline? Most patterns that are (one size fits all) do not fit me as I am really an XL but I really want to knit this after seeing yours in a semi-solid instead of the striped ones I’ve seen on Ravelry.

  51. I love that edging! But I don’t understand how you attached it to the sweater. Could you elaborate?

  52. Wendy, so good to see you getting back into the swing of things!! The pinwheel sweater is definitely a wonderful piece of knitting (to knit and to wear). Thanks for the lessons learned on that project..

    Give Lucy a tummy rub for me and continue to take care of yourself!

  53. Wendy, I love it. I had rejected the Pinwheel sweater a long time ago because the most interesting part had to be crocheted — I’m so glad you proved me wrong. I even have multiple yarns in my stash that would work for it! πŸ™‚

  54. I do love me a knitted lace edging! This one suits that Pinwheel elegantly. Very nice.

  55. I think it looks wonderful! That edging really does make the sweater so much better. And hey, if Lucy likes it…..(o;

  56. gah! That is SO incredibly beautiful!
    It is a kitty bed, right?
    I mean, then no *sleeve island*
    to speak of…
    You must be feeling a bit better,

  57. Oh Wendy that sweater is going to be just gorgeous! The edging is fabulous and the color is perfectly lovely. I wonder who will enjoy the sweater more, you or Lucy? πŸ™‚

  58. The edging looks fantastic & it’s great that you are sharing the pattern. I love the sweater but does not crochet & now you have make it possible for me. Thanks a million!

  59. Wow, I’m impressed, Lucy is SO well behaved, such a little lady….I have 2 very naughty TomCats, and they shred everything, including each other…..I can knit when they’re around, they know not to get on the wrong side of SheWithCanOpener, but if I put knitting down and leave the room….mayhem….and they look SO innocent after too. BadLads!!!!