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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Serenity Now

Β Note: Nope, I don’t work for Justice (well, I do work for justice, but not for Justice, if you know what I mean) nor do I work for the FBI. But the agency I work for does a lot of stuff in collaboration with that section of DOJ, hence the invite to their holiday party. Nope, I’m not going.

I work in a large Federal building. There are flyers for holiday parties everywhere. In fact, I think one could spend the first three weeks of December doing nothing but going to holiday parties given by the various offices and agencies (and I’d be willing to bet there are people who do just that) and still miss out on half of them.

Have you noticed the distinct lack of holiday knitting around these parts? That’s because I’m not doing any. No one is getting handknit gifts — I ordered 90% of my gifts online. I haven’t wrapped anything yet (apart from the stuff I had to mail), but I’ll do that over the weekend. I put up no holiday decorations, nor did I do any holiday baking, apart from some chocolate chip cookies for my office’s holiday party (which I didn’t attend).

Boy, do I feel relaxed. πŸ˜€

I’m not dissing anyone’s holiday preparations, but this non-preparation sure works for me.

Here’s my favorite of the holiday cards I’ve received thus far (okay, I did send out cards):

Festivus Card 121907

Festivus Card 121907

It’s the holiday for the rest of us. Thanks, Margaret!

Precious little knitting was done last night because a certain furry somebody required a lot of attention. Here’s the shawl, arranged artfully over my laptop:

Pacific 121907

Pacific 121907

Since I have precious little knitting to show you, you get a potpourri of stuff I happened to photograph.

Anyhow, speaking of that certain furry somebody, there was a question in the comments about whether she was as docile as she is now when I first got her.

When I first got Lucy, she was extremely affectionate, but timid, and extremely well-behaved. I got the impression that the people she lived with before me yelled at her for everything and anything. She’d jump on the couch and look at me anxiously to see if that was okay. (Little did she know what a pushover I am.) Now that she is secure in her position here she is less well-behaved, but even more affectionate and sweet-natured.

She left one of her favorite toys on my bed for me to find when I got home today:

Toy 121907

Toy 121907

Lucy 121907

Lucy 121907

“Who? Me?”

And for grins, here is a photo of my computer monitor at work:

Monitor 121907Β 

Monitor 121907

If you look at the enlarged photo over on its Flickr page, you can see all sorts of interesting stuff in that picture. Okay, well, maybe the stuff is only interesting to me.

Speaking of stuff that is only interesting to me, my hair is still poo-free — I’m still using and loving the Chaz Dean WEN Cleansing Conditioner. Hair update photo:

Hair 121907

Hair 121907

Photo taken 12 hours after washing.


  1. Is that a rear view mirror on your monitor? Back before I retired, I had a bike
    mirror on my desk because I sat with my back to the door. I hated having
    someone standing behind me without my knowing it. People would walk in
    and wonder what it was there for.

    The shawl is looking good and Lucy, of course, is gorgeous.

  2. Hi Wendy
    I’m with you on the holiday preparations this year. I’ve not done a lot, but have wrapped and sent out all overseas gifts. I’ll be spending the weekend wrapping gifts for the family and have set aside Monday to bake all day for Tuesday. I do feel this xmas to be a little more casual than previous and enjoying it too.
    Merry Xmas to you, koarc and of course the gorgeous Lucy (extra tummy rubs for Lucy!).

  3. I had a good chuckle out of seeing the fan on your desk. When I retired, my little desk fan was coveted by many and I ended up having a drawing. All the participants were “women of a certain age.”

  4. What an hysterical invitation!!!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog to let me know that House of Eliott is available on Netflix! boy, am I a happy camper! the first disk will be in my mailbox anytime now. and you saved us $100.

    Your hair looks beautiful!

  5. The shawl is looking so lovely!

    I’m still trying to see if Wen is for me. I got a sampler type kit with a variety of different scents, read and re-read the directions to make sure I was applying it correctly – sometimes it looks okay, sometimes it doesn’t dispite what I think is a correct interpretation of the directions – maybe its the frizz issues I still have with my hair (and I don’t even blow dry, FPS!). So, to make a short story long, jury is still out for me…
    And, it really is the little interesting things around one’s desk that make a person happy during the workday…mine is the mini stuffed Snoopy I have sitting in front of me…just makes me so happy to have it there. : )
    Oh, I also skipped a few work holiday parties – while I do enjoy them, I had too much work to do before I am off – tomorrow is my last day until after the new year and I can’t tell you how exciting that is. But, I’m pretty sure you understand.

    Love the Festivus card!

  6. I love the Lucy wallpaper, and really like the little rear-view mirror you’ve got on your computer — what a great idea! I may be about to start an office (cube) job, so will have to get one of those, for sure.

    By the way, the extra-large version of your photo on Flickr makes it somewhat easy to read the numbers and names on your phone list, if that matters to you….

  7. Why did you put poo in your hair?

  8. I wondered if maybe you were knitting gifts on the sly, and not blogging about them. Enjoy your slo mo xmas.
    ‘ ‘
    U T
    hat’s supposed to be a reindeer. Guess I should stick with pre-made emoticons.

  9. What a great screen saver! I’d be dropping into your office just for a look at Lucy.

  10. Yay for minimalist holiday preparations. Lovely Lucy is so sweet. And so are you! Relax and have a Merry One.

  11. I believe you are very smart. This knitting for others is for the birds. I covet everything I have knit for others for christmas, but if I want my own I have to knit it again,a nd take another two months. Next year I might buy store bought and rip off the tags πŸ™‚

  12. No knitted Christmas gifts here, either. My kitties love those little plastic rings, although I have the feeling one or more may have made their way through the floor vents into the furnace. Oops.

  13. I love that card! May need to use that phrase in our Christmas letter…

  14. Theresa in Italy says:

    Shouldn’t it be that you work for truth, justice, and the American way? (Although we all know you really work for Lucy!)

    Can’t comment about the work monitor (that photo seems to have gone away) but that’s a great card. I only wish I could get my hair to look as good as yours. No WEN products available over here (yet).

  15. I have to share: I read the Wen saga, ordered some because I’m not happy with almost any conditioner for my kind-of-oily-but-in-need-of-detangling long hair (and the one I liked was discontinued not long ago). Liked the Wen, ordered more. My younger daughter asked to use it, and now actually wants to wash her hair (she’s 9 and generally does not like to get her head wet). Then, wonder of wonders; after scoffing for months (Months, I tell you!), my husband used the Wen without telling me. I complimented him on his hair, at which point he sheepishly told me that I was totally right about it! Wonder of wonders! He has turned, by his report, about two dozen people onto it just in the last week. You and he ought to get a commission from Chaz!
    Loving the shawl; wish I’d bought a little more this Christmas (oh well, it’ll all work out, I’m just a cockeyed optimist always); hang in there with work; and give Lucy a head massage or whatever she’s looking for, from me and her other fans here.

  16. Cute card!

    My Phoebe brings her cat crazies into the bedroom (all the way from downstairs) and leaves them beside the bed where we step on them first thing in the morning. It really hurts! We have smooth floors downstairs and she likes to toss them in the air, watch them bounce, and then chase them all over the place. It’s a good workout for her.

  17. When I lost my Siamese of 17 years a while back I went to the shelter looking for another. They have such delightful personalities. Anyway I was in luck. I had raised my first kitty from kitten stage and Truffles was 10 months old. At the time I had two ferrets. They were free little spirits and when they left their cage Truffles was in it. I came to realize she had been kept in a cage for breeding and not handles very much. She is now very secure and would not allow anyone to put her in a cage. Now if she is left alone for the day she demands attention as soon as I come through the door!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  18. Hi Wendy, have been lurking your blog for weeks now and finally have to comment after seeing your desk! Perhaps it would make a good meme to show your computer desk as is (with no tidying allowed!) it would reveal a lot about you doncha think?
    Lucy is as always totally adorable (doesn’t she just know it) and I love the screen photo.
    Agree with you 100% about Christmas parties, don’t go there.

  19. GingerMoth says:

    Dear Wendy, I just have to say that I love Lucy! I look forward to any picture you post of her. I am so glad you rescued her, I cannot imagine anyone yelling at that sweet little miss, thank goodness you have her. Enjoy this holiday season! You did good in the stress-reduction-simplify-one’s-life department! {{Hugs}}

  20. Hi–Your Pacific shawl looks gorgeous. The colour is rich and the design of
    the waves is beautiful. Today there was a description on the Knitting Daily email for a graft different from the Kitchener grafting. It uses 3 dpns, but seems to be less of a ridge than the 3needle bindoff you’re planning.
    In Knitting Daily it was used for sock toes. You may want to consider it
    for your shawl as it may be a smoother join. Just saying.
    I enjoy your blog and your anecdotes about Lucy.

  21. Your office must be awfully dangerous if you need a rearview mirror πŸ˜‰ Good idea!

  22. Very nice desktop wallpaper. πŸ˜€

  23. Theresa in Italy says:

    Ah, now I can see the desk! Thanks for alerting me…Like the fan, love the rear view mirror!

  24. I wouldn’t be able to post a picture of my monitor — I’m embarrased by the junk, and it’s junk, not fun stuff around my desk. Right now I’m trying a new keyboard, so I’ve got the old one sitting next to the monitor. Glad you are having such a relaxing holiday!

  25. Let’s hear it for non-preparation! I slid into a minimal prep mode this year and I’m loving it. It is SO relaxing! I have a small family, so shopping was minimal to begin with. And I haven’t decorated. AND, given the dietary requirements of the folks showing up for dinner on Christmas, I had to pare the cooking down considerably. I’m enjoying this time much more than I remember ever doing so before!

    Gonna have to get me some of that non-shampoo you’re using. Looks fabulous! Merry merry and happy happy!

  26. We use the shiny side of CD discs in my department, but the rearview mirror is an excellent idea! We all sit with our backs to the open area of our cubby-hole desk areas. It takes about three places judiciously… of course we just want to see who’s up walking around. LOL ;D
    Thanks for the full view of your monitor area. I haven’t seen one of those power things yours is sitting on in a long time… but, what we really want is the full-size of the Lucy picture! πŸ˜€
    Merry Christmas to one of my favorite bloggers!

  27. Your hair looks great. I love the color, and its *so* shiny!

  28. Michele in Maine says:

    My holiday preparations have been schizophrenic. On the one hand, I’m trying to do less – shop less, bake less, knit less. Put less pressure on myself overall. So I let a bunch of stuff slide. But that meant a lot of rushing around at the last minute since I felt I needed to at least send gifts to family members (all live away from here), and some got cookies (the ones that didn’t tell me to not to bake!). But I only make one kind – soft ginger cookies with candied ginger from an old Bon Appetit recipe. I only sang in one concert (I usually do a lot of this). But preparations for that put me behind in terms of mailing.

    Long story short, while I have been knitting all year for various Christmas gifts, there were still a bunch of last-minute things (like the hare-brained idea to make Clara Parke’s “Maine Mitts” for four of my daughter’s teachers – due tomorrow and I’m on the last one!) So we could have done without that one.

    Online shopping is the only kind I do, the rest are hand-made/home-made. But then there’s the stress of will it arrive in time, etc.

    I am looking forward to a weekend of just hanging out, listening to favorite music and eating and knitting!

  29. I made three scarves and purchased two gifts. I’m done. Of course it helps that I and mine don’t actually celebrate. It’s glorious.

    WHERE did you get Gromit? I lovelovelove Aardman. It’s a toss-up on whether I love Gromit or Shaun best.

  30. Deborah C. says:

    Amen to the easy holiday preparations! I only knit 1 gift this year – a sweater for my sister, because she wanted something very specific. 90% of my gifts came from Amazon, most of the rest were gift cards – so much less difficult! I have to wrap the presents, which will happen a little at a time over the next few days, and on the 24th stuff the stockings. Happy Festivus to you and yours!

  31. I love all your little “collectables” under your computer monitor! I, too, have little fun items under my Mac screen, most of which are of a “crabby” theme! I love to see how other people “decorate” with their “stuff”! LOL!!! I still need to try that WEN Conditioner!!! Your hair looks great! Lucy does, too!

  32. My cats, whenever they jump up on anything they’re not supposed to, give me a look like they’re saying, “Tell me to get down, I dare you.” Defiant little buggers. They know all too well that they own the apartment. And when I do nudge them off things like the kitchen table, they stare at me indignantly and meow like I just offended them somehow. *shakes head*

    They’re more than welcome on the couches and the beds, though. Nick loves to sleep on my pillow, curled around my head, and Jakob sleeps at my feet quite often.

  33. I just LOVE that you love Lucy so much. Made me sad when you described how you think Lucy must have gotten yelled at by her previous owner. Doesn’t that kill you? She is so sweet and loving – – how can anyone yell at her? I’m so glad she has a wonderful mom and dad!

    Have a wonderful holiday Wendy. Oh, yeah, I’m with you about all the decorating and fuss. I did put up a tree for my son and a few other things but I’m done with stressing over the holidays!


  34. Oh wow. I just love that card! That’s one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. πŸ™‚

  35. Okay, maybe you’ve convinced me to try WEN. There is nothing that will keep my hair from looking like an oily and frizzy yet flat (yes it is possible apparently) mess by the end of 12 hours.

  36. OMG, that invitation was on the level??? I thought it was the sales dept cracking a joke at themselves.

    Too funny!