My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Confession Is Good For the Soul

Thanks for all the comments on the Pinwheel Sweater. Guess what? I haven’t tried it on since I finished it.

This often happens when I complete a sweater. Once it is knit, I lose interest in it. Part of the problem is that for the past couple of years my internal thermostat has been completely wacky, so wearing sweaters is impossible. I still like to knit ’em, just can’t wear them right now. Hopefully that will change sometime. Soon, I hope.

That’s one reason why I like knitting non-sweater items — lace and socks? Those I can wear.

Speaking of lace . . .

Angel Lace 122707

Angel Lace 122707

That’s my current work in progress. It’s Evelyn Clark’s Angel Lace Shawl.

Angel Lace Pattern 122707

Angel Lace Pattern 122707

The pattern is available for purchase as a leaflet published by Fiber Trends. I bought mine from

The yarn is pure luxury — Handmaiden 2-ply Cashmere. I’m knitting it on a US 6 needle. It’s as light as a feather and exquisitely soft.

If you look at the lace from the wrong side, you just see little circles formed by the lace pattern.

Angel Lace Wrong Side 122707

Angel Lace Wrong Side 122707

But on the right side you can see that the decreases form little angel wings. Cool huh?

Angel Lace Closeup 122707

Angel Lace Closeup 122707

Meanwhile, Lucy contemplates the stupidity of humans.

Lucy 122707

Lucy 122707


  1. That pattern looks interesting to knit; love the Lucy pic!

  2. Has someone in particular irritated Lucy? I hope not!

  3. I have some of the handmaiden cashmere too and I’m totally afraid to use it for fear of the finished item being way too delicate for use! It snaps fairly easily if you tug on it. Have you noticed this? If so, how are is it for knitting? Lots of breaks? Or is it ok once the item is finished?

  4. That is a very pretty lace pattern! In cashmere, I imagine it’ll be heavenly to wear, too.

  5. Arent cats all the same….mine are constantly comtemplating how stupid we humans are πŸ™‚ Love the lace and cant wait to see it finished and blocked!!

  6. What a lovely pattern and colorway. My internal thermostat has been off kilter for a few years too. Since I am the world’s slowest knitter I don’t have to worry too much about making stuff for myself (or anybody else). However, I love shawls – easily removed and easily put on. I frequently wrap a small afghan my mom made for me around my shoulders in the evening. When my internal thermostat rises, I just remove the afghan from my shoulders. About three minutes later, I’m snuggling back down into it. Aw menopause, ya gotta love it! πŸ˜‰

    My cats are constantly contemplating our (my hubby and mine) stupidity – such as – why did they put up a tree if not to let us climb it? Why don’t they feed us mesquite turkey cold cuts? Why do one – or both of them – decide to move just as we’ve made ourselves comfortable on their respective laps? Yes, the list is endless, our stupidity boundless! πŸ™‚

    Wishing you an early HAPPY NEW YEAR! Luv2all.m.

  7. I’m the same way about sweaters, Wendy — I don’t own that many because I rarely wear them — I’m just too hot-natured. And that’s why I’ve not yet knit one, and don’t really have plans to do so in the near future. There are some great patterns that tempt me, though. I’d like to knit at least one sweater in my life, before I die.

    I have some handmaiden cashmere that I just walk by and fondle every day. What a lovely use for it! Love the colorway.


  8. Yeah, you finish a sweater and suddenly it’s not this special yarn, or this amazing pattern, or this fun project. It’s just one of the sweaters. I kind of like knitting things to give away because I still get a good feeling when I see the person wearing it. Maybe to them it’s just one of the sweaters, but it doesn’t go there for me.

  9. Do you know how much yarn the shawl takes? I’d like to order the yarn in the next day or so – I think Loopy has it . I have the pattern at home (unfortunately I am NOT at home for a few days!).
    APpreciate the help!

  10. Heavenly!

  11. Unfortunately, Lucy will need much time for contemplation. The shawl is lovely and I sure understand wacky thermostats. Shawls are perfect for that πŸ˜‰ The only good thing is cold weather is welcome!

  12. Oooooh, love the new WIP! Beautiful.

    Wacky internal thermostat? Check out Pro-Gest cream (plant-based estrogen). It helped me a lot.

  13. PainterWoman says:

    Gorgeous. I must get more expertise re blocking before my next “lace”..
    Hope your inner thermostat learns to give you more warning so that you can wear your sweaters!

  14. Your lace is lovely – make sure you post a picture of you enjoying it! Lucy is too much of a lady to let us humans know she thinks we’re stupid.

  15. Beautiful. What a wonderful pattern. I haven’t been brave enough to try this yet. I’m jealous.
    Lucy, I’m sure, will love it.

  16. The shawl is beautiful & the color is lovely. Since I’ll be embarking on the “too hot to wear sweaters journey” in the next few years, I’m curious as to how long/years the warmth lasts, i.e. it does end, right? Personally, I’m usually very cold & wear lots of layers, so a little heating by the internal parts might help me shed some clothes. Maybe I’ll actually be able to wear just a turtleneck with a shawl vs a turtleneck & a heavy sweater.

    Oh Lucy, humans aren’t that stupid, afterall they work hard to think of ways to keep you happy … chicks, fishing poles, etc. BTW, your eyes match the beautiful blue of your Mom’s shawl.

  17. Love the shawl. I can’t see the angel wings yet, but will keep trying. BTW, I’ve had the wacky temperature thing for 20+ years. That’s why I love cardigans. The temp thing gfoes both ways for me. I’ve had goosebumps at 90 degrees F and been hot at 50 degrees F. Love the pinwheel sweater as well, specially the back and your lace edging. That’s now on my list.

  18. Gosh, do you knit in your sleep too? You are so amazingly FAST!! I’m so inspired by you, but know that I’ll never be able to knit as fast as that! LOL!! Lucy is about my speed. Rest and more rest and then a nap! haha!

  19. Dang – I hadn’t thought of that issue. Is this God’s little joke on female knitters? Whatever you knit is always interesting to see – the lace is fantastic and the socks are always a good time. I believe Lucy would agree.

  20. Michele in Minnesota says:

    I didn’t get the hot flashes like everybody else I know. Lucky me! So here I am with a turtle neck and a sweater on to keep warm in a 65 degree room. I will be one of those people you see on a 90 degree day walking down the street with a sweater on. I love your blog, keep up the great work. You inspire me.

  21. I’m just catching up now on my blogroll and I have to say, the Pinwheel sweater is gorgeous! (I love that color!) The lace shawls are beautiful as well. The angel wing effect is very cool. Glad to see you had a great holiday!

  22. Beautiful shawl! I love the look on Lucy’s face! Pricesless.

  23. Michele in Maine says:

    I love sweaters and turtlenecks (and have a few sweaters and shawls on the needles but have only managed to complete baby-sized ones), and I love winter, but my co-workers insist on keeping the thermostat around 70 degrees – too hot for me! My own internal thermostat is similarly wacky (hot flashes come and go no matter what the weather), so I’m constantly peeling off layers!

  24. Love, love,love the shawl and colour.Have never knit lace,now I will have to try. I was on HRT to get through the “change” so minimised the flushing thank goodness. Before, I always had cold extremites, but now I wear only a T shirt in bed and toss off bedclothes because I get too hot! The shawl sounds a good idea though as I sometimes have a scarf handy for the back of my neck.
    Enjoying the photos of Lucy!

  25. Theresa in Italy says:

    That shawl is gorgeous. And I understand about losing interest in the sweater even though it’s quite pretty as well. And boy do I ever understand about the wacky internal thermostat! My mom has finally reached the stage where she’s too cold more often than she’s too warm, maybe there’s hope.

  26. I love the yarn. I have some of the silk cashmere, which is similarly delicious to knit with. I have a hard time working with it, because I know that once the skein is gone I won’t be getting any more (unless I save a lot of pennies). It’s well worth its cost just for pettability alone.

  27. I really love those colors and how they are working on that pattern. Really beautiful. I’ve been thinking about knitting that shawl as well. That is after I recover from the stress that is “the Flower Basket Shawl”. I’m a lace newbie so all lace is stressful until I get a few more successes under my belt.

    I love the angel wing-ish motif. It kinda reminds me of the lotus blossom heads on the Lotus Blossom Tank. Very pretty.


    I can SO relate to the no sweaters comment — I am still running around in summer clothes and it’s been about 15ΒΊ here some days. Mine is menopause I am almost sure, but it sure does blow — especially so since I just started knitting at about the time this started!

    I have a question if I may — Do you have a special way of choosing which yarn to use for a pattern? They are always perfect, but I am pretty sure it’s another gift you possess and something that can’t be taught πŸ™

  29. Yeah, I understand – kind of. I’m fourteen so I’m really just now dealing with the OPPOSITE problem- yikes!

    Nice Lucy pic.

  30. Oh how pretty! I was just looking at her Flower Basket Shawl, but I think it will have to wait. I’m starting a mystery one soon and the Icelandic. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


  31. Ah yes! The internal thermostat shift! Mine shifted to the heat intolerant side too, and appears to have settled down to a permanent level. Sweaters have now become my winter coats and I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of going without a coat. Just slip the aran on and I’m off!

    Stunning colorway…and cashmire yet! Lovely shawl..

    Cat’s have not forgotten that they are Gods…and contemplation of human stupidity is their job. Lots to contemplate, ya know.

  32. Your Pinwheel Sweater is beautiful! I really like your edging better than the original.

    The Pacific Islands shawl is also gorgeous especially with Lucy on it. Cats make everything nicer. Even when they are secretly thinking we are stupid.

    I like how the two side of the Angel Wings shawl are so different, but still quite pretty.

  33. Lucy is so funny –
    I was glad to see that you are as easily amused as I am (wings versus circles on the other side… heh heh) That shawl is going to be beautiful!
    Evelyn Clark writes wonderful patterns, doesn’t she.
    and I have always wanted to try that Handmaiden yarn. Glad to hear it is so lovely.
    Have a wonderful New Year.

  34. You know, Wendy. I was really glad when you kept the Pinwheel sweater. If you would have gotten rid of it, I think that I might have cried a little bit.

  35. I refer to the wonky internal thermostat as my personal furnace. Oh do I live for the day that it will run a little cooler. Going on 3 or 4 years now but getting a tad better.

    The shawl is beautiful.

  36. so much beautiful wool, and all I can wear is T-shirts and go barefoot. I’m questioning WHY on earth I’m knitting a wool/merino blend sweater for myself right now. Will I EVER be able to wear it??? At least I can’t be blamed for wasting energy in the form of having the thermostat set too high πŸ™‚