My current work in progress:

Geiger by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway, using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

Okay, So I did a LITTLE Decorating . . .

2125887152 1821c34ea9 m Okay, So I did a LITTLE Decorating . . .

Santa Sheep 122007

I’m in the middle of some non-bloggable (but non-holiday-related!) stuff, so I’ll be back on Sunday.

Lucy wishes for all of you a lamp that casts a golden glow.

2125887062 b760b24023 m Okay, So I did a LITTLE Decorating . . .

Lucy 122007

Serenity Now

 Note: Nope, I don’t work for Justice (well, I do work for justice, but not for Justice, if you know what I mean) nor do I work for the FBI. But the agency I work for does a lot of stuff in collaboration with that section of DOJ, hence the invite to their holiday party. Nope, I’m not going.

I work in a large Federal building. There are flyers for holiday parties everywhere. In fact, I think one could spend the first three weeks of December doing nothing but going to holiday parties given by the various offices and agencies (and I’d be willing to bet there are people who do just that) and still miss out on half of them.

Have you noticed the distinct lack of holiday knitting around these parts? That’s because I’m not doing any. No one is getting handknit gifts — I ordered 90% of my gifts online. I haven’t wrapped anything yet (apart from the stuff I had to mail), but I’ll do that over the weekend. I put up no holiday decorations, nor did I do any holiday baking, apart from some chocolate chip cookies for my office’s holiday party (which I didn’t attend).

Boy, do I feel relaxed. 😀

I’m not dissing anyone’s holiday preparations, but this non-preparation sure works for me.

Here’s my favorite of the holiday cards I’ve received thus far (okay, I did send out cards):

2123797906 37fc5d7a2e m Serenity Now

Festivus Card 121907

It’s the holiday for the rest of us. Thanks, Margaret!

Precious little knitting was done last night because a certain furry somebody required a lot of attention. Here’s the shawl, arranged artfully over my laptop:

2123798570 a2ccdbdf69 m Serenity Now

Pacific 121907

Since I have precious little knitting to show you, you get a potpourri of stuff I happened to photograph.

Anyhow, speaking of that certain furry somebody, there was a question in the comments about whether she was as docile as she is now when I first got her.

When I first got Lucy, she was extremely affectionate, but timid, and extremely well-behaved. I got the impression that the people she lived with before me yelled at her for everything and anything. She’d jump on the couch and look at me anxiously to see if that was okay. (Little did she know what a pushover I am.) Now that she is secure in her position here she is less well-behaved, but even more affectionate and sweet-natured.

She left one of her favorite toys on my bed for me to find when I got home today:

2123798852 1a2617f763 m Serenity Now

Toy 121907

2123798104 3c8aedf4ce m Serenity Now

Lucy 121907

“Who? Me?”

And for grins, here is a photo of my computer monitor at work:

2123279345 e79072b1f1 m Serenity Now 

Monitor 121907

If you look at the enlarged photo over on its Flickr page, you can see all sorts of interesting stuff in that picture. Okay, well, maybe the stuff is only interesting to me.

Speaking of stuff that is only interesting to me, my hair is still poo-free — I’m still using and loving the Chaz Dean WEN Cleansing Conditioner. Hair update photo:

2123797976 d92d2f1ddd m Serenity Now

Hair 121907

Photo taken 12 hours after washing.

Spotted at the Office

When I got to the office this morning, I saw this flyer posted near the reception desk:

2120814905 1de56fb8cd m Spotted at the Office

Party Announcement 121807

Maybe I am strange (maybe?), but I find this hilarious and also slightly ludicrous.

Of course, ludicrous is a word I use to describe a lot of stuff at the office . . .


Lookie! I made some progress on the second half of my Pacific Islands Shawl!

2121592380 78a8e4f919 m Spotted at the Office

Pacific 121807

I made such good progress because I took Monday off from work. I am at the office for the rest of the week, so the progress will slow down quite a bit.

It was nice to hear from other map geeks in the comments to yesterday’s post. I love maps, always have. I recently got this book as well:

2121591956 02c8a94d20 m Spotted at the Office

Book 121807

This is London: A Life in Maps, and it’s got reproductions of lots of antique maps in it. It’s sort of a history of the city, revolving around its maps. A very fun read!

In other news . . .

Didja see that Sheri posted information about Loopy’s Spring Fling ’08 sock retreat? And did you see who one of the “celebrity guests” is? It totally cracks me up that Sheri refers to me as a “celebrity.” 🙂

Anyhow, sign-ups are open for the retreat — I’m really looking forward to it!

The photoshoot of Lucy in yesterday’s blog post was, of course, done with her flopped down on her back in my lap. This is a relatively new “thing” for her. If she wants me to flop her over on her back, she will stand in my lap, meow insistently, and head-butt my hands. I am generally required to do this at least once a day.

Lucy would like you to know that keeping her cataloons fluffy and pretty takes a lot of grooming.

2121592106 2eb6643d68 m Spotted at the Office

Lucy 121807


Laura has released the Pacific Islands pattern for sale. You can purchase it from her site here. I recommend this pattern — easy enough for a lace newbie and fun enough to keep the interest of a more-experienced lace knitter. And the resulting shawl is gorgeous!

There’s also the option to make a scarf, if you are an immediate gratification kind of knitter.

I’ve made a start on the second half of the shawl.

2118479133 6cf8f46045 m FYI

Pacific 121707

It probably makes me a total geek that I bought this book:

2118478925 38be70fd42 m FYI

New Book 121707

Today was one of those days that I had a less-than-successful photo shoot with Lucy. Wanna see?


2119254614 291a946af3 m FYI

Lucy1 121707

And this:

2118478331 387d1745b0 m FYI

Lucy2 121707

And this:

2119254816 2afb513487 m FYI

Lucy3 121707

And this:

2119254954 240ecb1ee3 m FYI

Lucy4 121707

And this:

2118478717 1fe08b2c76 m FYI

Lucy5 121707

But it sure was fun trying!

Half Done

My Pacific Islands Shawl is half done.

2116036156 0d3a9eef21 m Half Done

Pacific 121607

It’s on a spare needle,, waiting for me to knit the second half. Then the two halves are supposed to be grafted together in the middle. Though I might cheat and attach them using a three-needle bind-off. 😉

This has been great fun to knit, and I’m very much looking forward to having the finished shawl!

We real lucked out with the weather this weekend. The storm that was dumping ice and snow over the Northeast was simply rain for us. And the rain stopped this morning, and our only worry now is high winds which are supposed to start up soon.

And the highlight of my weekend? This:

2116035538 050b85d731 m Half Done

LG Voyager 121607

My new phone — an LG Voyager. It has an external touch screen, and inside a full keyboard.

2115257881 c45d227996 m Half Done

LG Voyager Open 121607

Makes text messaging a lot easier! The service includes mobile internet, email access, and GPS software.

I love new toys!

When she is not posing for photos, Lucy prefers to nap.

2116027268 4d33cde2ce m Half Done

Lucy 121607