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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lucy’s Double Life

Y’all may think that Lucy spends all her time keeping tabs on me and my knitting, right?

But that’s not all she does. Lucy is quite the little artiste: when she can find no other outlet for her creativity, she turns to interpretive dance.

Such style! Such grace! Such emotion! Such raw talent! (Hey Bloglines readers — there’s a YouTube video embedded above this paragraph.)

The prima ballerina was quite happy to see me when I returned home from the office yesterday. In fact, she slept draped over my face for a good part of last night. Apparently comfy for her, not so much for me. But perhaps breathing Ragdoll-fur filtered air is good for you. πŸ˜‰

It’s not so good for the sleeping, though. Very little sleep was had by moi last night. But I can’t blame Lucy for all my insomnia. Sheri did a shop update at The Loopy Ewe last night and after the rush of scoring some good yarn, I was so hopped up I couldn’t sleep.

Do you suppose that there is a 12-step program for that?

(Psst! Thanks, Laurie, for the Loopy Ewe gift certificate — that definitely enhanced my shopping experience!)

My knitting mojo returned last night and I was able to complete an acceptable chunk o’ scarf knitting. This bad boy will be done in another day or two. I’ve got other stuff to do tonight, but there’s always tomorrow!

Wave Scarf 010808

Wave Scarf 010808

Lucy sez:

Thank you, Daddy, for filming my dance!

Lucy 010808

Lucy 010808


  1. Amazing talent Lucy!!!!! (((((((applause))))))

  2. Lucy,

    That’s just pornographic!

  3. I just love Lucy!

  4. Sign me up for season tickets! I’ll watch Lucy ballet anytime!

  5. Love the Dance, kittys are so fun to watch as they do interpretive dances πŸ™‚ Sheri put up lots of gorgeous yarns and rovings last nite, I just wish I had the money to get as much of it as Sheri can mail in one day!!!!! Enjoy all the glorious yarns and Kitty dances everytime you get a chance!

  6. What’s the music?

  7. Are you sure there isn’t a little catnip on the carpet there? πŸ˜‰

    Bravo, Lucy! Encore!

  8. So cute I just want to squeeze her!

  9. What a hoot! After watching a minute I started to think she looked like a fuzzy caterpillar πŸ™‚ Lucy is definitely a ham, isn’t she?

    I scored last night too. It was hard making choices (with my post-holiday budget) but I even got a Loopy mug (sight unseen since the server was getting hit so hard for awhile that images weren’t coming up – I just didn’t want to miss out).

  10. My cat, Tiger, caught a glimpse of Lucy’s dance and….this is so cute…. nosed the computer screen! Then, he, quite inappropriately, pawed at Lucy! (I hope she wasn’t offended. I did let him know that a lady would prefer to be asked before one tries to, uh, hold her paw or stroke her fur.)

  11. Lucy, you’re so entertaining & of course beautiful. If your Mom figures out how to sleep comfortably with you on her face, have her let me know. I can sleep quite comfortably with my 2 dogs beside me, but when a feline sleeps on my pillow, it throws me for a loop.

  12. Lucy is such a hussy!!

  13. I guess several were trying to post at the same time because I was just told to slow down and my comment dropped! Calli just loved Lucy’s vidio. She hopped up here and studied her on the screen. Mind you Calli is on Valuim so she often has weird attacts. Oh I got some goodies on the Sneak Up too!!!

  14. I’ve told all my cat friendly friends to see Lucy dance. Amazing, with the style and grace, she’ll go far.

  15. I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed Lucy’s video. I have to admit I cried. I lost a Himmy that reminds me of Lucy on June 4th and I miss him so much! I love your site and seeing that precious baby!! Keep up the videos and pictures!!


  16. Wow, Lucy is a regular Baryshnicat!

  17. It’s just that trying to wash her little furry chest is sorta hard unless you really wiggle . . . um . . . dance. What a beauty!

  18. That is too funny! or rather cute!

  19. krayolakris says:

    Aww she’s so pretty! How many other ballerinas have to stop & lick their tutus back in place?

  20. Susan Lutsky says:

    Love the video! Lucy’s a natural! I was part of the feeding frenzy at TLE, too. After 2 no-sneakup-weeks, I’m surprised that we didn’t all crash the servers! Love the scarf, too.

  21. And Lucky is so hopped up over Lucy’s video, I’m afraid he won’t sleep tonight.
    He’ll probably keeping pawing me in the face all night to coax me to turn the computer back on!

  22. Brava, Miss Lucy!

    I liked the tiny breaks she took to make sure that she was just perfect. Holy cow, does she have a lot of coat! It doesn’t come across so much in her still photos, but I guess she was a little bit ruffled up from the workout. I was getting worried that her back was going to get all matted up! πŸ™‚

  23. Quite the little Isadora Duncan isn’t she!

  24. I was having a very down day, but Lucy’s dance but a HUGE smile on my face. Obviously, she’s got great talent.

    Beautiful scarf.

    (I placed my first Loopy Ewe order – I can’t wait.)

  25. Lovely ballet, Whorlene! (Ruby does the SAME dance, Wendy.) She is such a scamp.

  26. Brava! Brava!

  27. I really enjoyed this post and especially the Lucy dancing! Thanks to the KOARC for filming.

  28. Your cat is precious!

    I am looking for advice. I knit my husband a hat with 100% wool. Unfortunately, the band is too big, but the rest of the hat fits perfectly. How can I shrink just that part without ruining the hat? I would love to hear from a more experienced knitter like yourself!

  29. I was Sneaking Up there with you and think I just set a personal best for amount purchased at TLE. So much for not planning to buy any more yarn for a while. (I didn’t make any formal promises or resolutions or Knit From Your Stash public blog declarations; but — still!) Some wonderful stuff is already, per Sheri and the elves, on its way to me. Whee! But I should not have stayed up so late.
    Please tell Mlle Lucy that she has lovely port de bras (carriage of the arms) and line. Not to mention a built-in tutu.
    (Real tutus have fuzzy butts, too, did you know that? After discovering this, having to wear one last spring, I felt impelled to share the butt ruffles with the world:
    But you know what, Lucy? Real tutu butt ruffles are itchy and scratchy, not fluffy and soft like your bloomers! I like yours better!) Keep on dancing, Lucy! But maybe reconsider sleeping on Momma’s face. Fur up the nose is tickly.

  30. What an artiste! Wonderful interpretation! What a wonderful, precious kitty! Buster does the rug dance when he’s been especially bad and is warding off the flyswatter – the kitty equalizer- I have to laugh at him! He knows when to be “cute” after he’s been “bad”

    Your knitting, as usual, is simply lovely! Knit on! Blog on! luv.m.

  31. I caught Gibson buying a plane ticket to see Lucy….first class, no less!!!

  32. Honest to God…Lucy reminds me of Gelsey Kirkland! Only Lucy has a touch of the Tease in her performance… Great video!

  33. That video of Lucy is too funny. I’m just curious, but was she shooting sparks from the static buildup? (Miss Lulu becomes ELECTRIC when she does that.)

  34. Wow, impressive cat dancing. Was that really inspired by music, or just the need to stretch and bathe? Thanks for the video heads up, too. Us Bloglines readers appreciate it.

  35. Yarn Nerd woke me up this morning with a shop update too. I think it happened yesterday but I was still excited that I was able to get some of his sportweight merino. Yay! However, the actual act of waking up was not as pleasant. Calvin decided my cheekbone was rather tasty looking and chomped on me.

    I feel the love.

  36. Your kitty is a master of the art of interpretive dancing!!! HOORAY!! My buddy Dawn told me that Lucy is a rescue kitty, which makes me super happy! That’s the only way to go in my opinion πŸ™‚

  37. Such Style, Grace and…. Static! An electrifying dance! Kitty shocks for everyone!

  38. Michele in Maine says:

    It’s warmer now, but last week I definitely had a three-cat night (in the bed). One in particular likes to sleep on my chest and lick my chin (or nose).

    Lucy is the image of grace!

  39. Lucy is quite the performer! Great timing! πŸ˜‰

    I wish my Simba would just sleep on my face. At least then she’d be quiet. Instead, I listen to incessant licking at 4am. *yawn*

  40. Igor is entranced.

  41. knittymonster! says:

    hehehehehehehe……!!! i love lucy!! the computer i watched it on doesn’t have sound… so sad….. *weeps*…!
    hehe, oh my goodness golly gracious! hehehe. LONG LIVE QUEEN PRIMA BALLERINA LUCY!!!! luv ya lucy!

  42. Kimberley says:

    Beautiful Lucy! Cats and knitting go together like… well, like wine and cheese or like Lucy and Ethel! Wendy I just bought your book and I have a burning question for you. How on earth do you knit and read???!!! I love to knit and Ilove to read, but for the life of me I am unable to do both at once. I have read in other books and blogs that other knitters are able to do this as well… I need guidance!!! Please enlighten me!!!!! P.S., love the books ; )

  43. anne marie in philly says:

    brava, lucy, brava! (cheers loudly)

    tip o’ the hat to the KOARC for the brilliant filming; anybody want to second an oscar nomination for this cinematic excellence?

    (sound of crickets chirping)


    (more crickets chirping)


  44. That video is one of the most charming things I have ever seen. My rescue cat Ruby was watching darts last night on TV.

  45. Some days it’s just good to be the cat.

    On the sleep thing. Could be the same thing that’s running your personal furnace. I can’t sleep without some (ahem) medical assistance these days.

  46. The knitting gods have smacked me down– remember my comment yesterday about how my knitting is “humming along?” well, you can guess how last nights knitting went. I’m STILL trying to figure out where my boo boo is, and of course this is very fuzzy alpaca, so picking back is challenging to say the least. I hope to be back on track by lunchtime today. Kudos’ to the dancing queen, and I’m glad to hear your knitting mojo is back on track!

  47. Lucy is a self-petting cat! Just like Adah. Digit only dances in the catnip box when he thinks I can’t see him.

  48. Bravo! Bravo! Maestro! (The crowd roars….) Roses are being thrown upon the stage from all directions. Lucy sniffs them, and walks away.

    I think my favorite part was when she stopped midway to lick her paw. Such inspired genius!

    I have learned that I must stay away from the evil temptress Sherry and the siren song of the Loopey Ewe. But I enjoy admiring others’ stash enhancement, so please show-and-tell, once it arrives….

  49. Ann in CT says:

    Is that like the happy dance she does when you get home? It’s funny. And I thought about fuzzy caterpillars too (I hope Lucy isn’t offended). Back when I was a cat person, I didn’t have a problem with them on the bed, but the purring freaked DH out. Now that DH has turned me into a dog person, I have to fight them for space on the bed since they are as big as me.

  50. Bravo Lucy, an inspired performance

  51. Oh, Lucy, what a talented girl you are! Tee hee hee. I’ll have to show this to my dh tonight. We have a Ragdoll named Annika, also from an animal shelter. She does this same movement, but not for nearly as long. Clearly Lucy has been classicaly trained and has kept herself in top form.

  52. Wow! I love Chopin too. And I sometimes do interpretive dance, but I’m not nearly that good!

  53. How ADORABLE!

    She continues to get more so each day too πŸ™‚

  54. Brava, Lucy! Brava!

  55. Such interpretive movements – I’m impressed! πŸ™‚

  56. Bravo Lucy! BRAVO!

  57. I”m blown away! She’s so talented!!

    Oh, and the knitting is pretty impressive too! ;o)

  58. Glad you had fun! I missed that update, alas. Always good to spread more yarn around.

  59. Lovely extension – she has quite a nice turnout πŸ™‚

  60. oh my, Lucy! What a talent you have…

  61. I would say that the video of Lucy is so wonderful and amazing that it gives the first real competition for the hilarious piano-playing cat on YouTube! And that’s saying a lot! Lucy is wonderful and inspiring! And you as well, Wendy. Thank you.

  62. Encore, Lucy…! Encore..! Bravo! Applause!

    Hello Wendy, thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

    I really appreciate all your work you put into it!