My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I am smitten with my new project . . . because it is mittens.

Mitten Front 011308

Mitten Front 011308

(Get it? I am smitten with a mitten. So clever am I . . . )

Mitten Back 011308

Mitten Back 011308

I winkled together this design, based on Scandinavian mitten designs and incorporating a traditional Fair isle motif along with my own doodlings.

Mitten Front2 011308

Mitten Front2 011308

In the past, I always knit mittens on dpns. This is my first time using two circulars and I am quite liking it. I’m finding that colorwork on 2 circulars easier than on dpns.

Thumb Up 011308

Thumb Up 011308

Now, in the past when working on a fair isle sweater, I tried two circulars for the lower sleeves (where the circumference is too small for a 16-inch circular) and did not like it. I wonder if I tried 2 circs again for a fair isle sleeve would I have a change of heart? I’m betting yes.

Lucy sez:

Lucy 011308

Lucy 011308

“Mittens? I don’t need no stinkin’ mittens!!


  1. knittymonster says:

    first comment of the day!! i was just on in the archives and i found the Baby Norgi pattern! its cool!! i LOVE the mittens!!!! see ya l8r!!

  2. I love your mittens..that is on my learning to do list this year!!! I like them better than gloves. Have a wonderful day & thanks for sharing.

  3. I love watching your wonderful knitting projects and my daughter (age 9) absolutely adores watching Lucy. She was entranced by Lucy’s interpretative dance…you have a fan for life. Whenever she sees me at the computer she asks to see Lucy…three and four times/day!

  4. Ooooo…mittens! Nice… And a great motif!

  5. Okay wendy, those mittens are the best thing evvvaaa! You just know we’re all gonna want the pattern … any thoughts on writing it up?

    Did you mention the gauge of that lovely yarn you used? I just finished Bird in the Hand mittens with worsted wieght and yours look so nice and smooth not to mention much less bulky.

  6. Wow! Fantastic mittens.

  7. And also rhymes with kitten! They’re beautiful Wendy, but I’ve come to expect nothing less from your needles.

  8. I can’t stop looking at your mitten, it is amazingly beautiful! I had tried Fair Isle socks using one long circular needle and it did not work well at all for me. What circular needles are you using? I love your little doodlings around the motif, was Lucy’s theatrical endeavors your inspiration?

  9. I am smitten with the color choice of your mitten! What a pretty combo.

  10. I’m in awe — not only is your work beautiful, but you finished a mitten in three days! I’d still be fussing with the color changes.

  11. LOVE the colorway! What classy mittens. I’ve wondered about color work on two circs – I definitely don’t like doing it on dpns, so I think I’ll try and see what I think. Lucy doesn’t NEED mittens, but my Terry would like her to know that fingerless mitts are wonderful “prey” to haul around the house and brag about.

  12. Your work on the mitten is beautiful (as always). I love the color combo & the design. I’ve yet to try Fair Isles knitting. Maybe this will be the year. (Last year, I finally tried Lace).

  13. Mmmm! Chocolate Chip Mint Mittens!

  14. Alice in RIchmond says:

    Mitten!! I recently got a thing for mittin knittin but haven’t started it yet…gotta get the right yarn. Maybe I’ll try it with the circs.

  15. I can easily see how you would be smitten with those mittens! Very nice.

    It’s also interesting to hear that you find colorwork easier on 2 circulars. I’ve been looking for a better way to do small circumference colorwork. Knitting with 2 circulars just hasn’t really worked for me in general. But maybe I should keep trying.

  16. Holy crap –easy to see why you’re smitten! Stunning, Miss Wendy!! You have such a way with colors, awesome!!

    I am wondering if I tried two circs with the Knit Picks needles if I would be converted like you’ve been — I too, am pretty hooked on DPN’s, just like you used to be — but I wonder the needles would make a difference — maybe it’s time for me to break down and get a couple…

    OY! I have soooooo many Addi’s though ๐Ÿ™

  17. Love your mittens and the color is stunning! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job!

  18. I can’t imagine NOT using circs for mittens/socks/caps/etc. When I do use dpns – I will try to find a way to do the projecrt with circs – they are addictive. Now, maybe you’ll be able to make socks with circs – it’s as easy as making mittens with them.
    The mittens are beautiful and I do like the colorway.
    Chloe and Stylle ( my resident dogs and keepers of me ) say ” HI ” to Lucy.

  19. I tried using two circular needles — and didn’t like it — I later found out that it’s better to use longer circulars — and once I tried that, it was great. I now do my smaller circumferences on two circulars — you don’t have to keep changing needle sizes as the sleeve gets smaller. I do still, however, like to knit my socks on dpns – go figure. I think it’s because I’m just getting into sock — imagine LOL!

  20. It’s gorgeous! I love the color combo!

  21. WOW ! And, of course Ms. Lucy don’t need no stinking mittens… she has tufts on her wittle toesies! ๐Ÿ˜‰ luv.m.

  22. Beautiful mittens. Please make a pattern for us! They are unique and lovely.

  23. Oh, Wendy – that is stunning! And I absolutely adore the color combination. I love a chocolate-y brown with a pastel color like green, blue, pink, etc. Your mitten colors makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream! And I really love the design — makes me think of Danish sugar cookies.

    (No, I don’t have a sweet tooth — why do you ask?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. WOW Wendy, Fantastic gloves.

  25. The pattern is really cool, but I especially like the thumb. I agree with Mary – the colors are making me hungry for comething chocolate mint flavored.

  26. What absolutely fabulous mittens!! I adore the pattern and the color combo is wonderful!! Mittens are nearly as much fun as socks and such a fun alternative…

    Thanks for sharing! Amazing quick progress!

  27. I’ve been itching to try those mittens. I even have a copy of selbu….you know….were they easy? They’re lovely.

  28. You’ve really outdone yourself this time! Those are gorgeous.

  29. Score: KOARC 1 L-B 0 I was expecting another wonderful video starring Miss Lucy,but Yikes!
    That’s no cuddly Lucykins!

  30. Love the mittens. I’m taking a 3-part class beginning a week from Wednesday at my LYS (Knitting Central) and can hardly wait. I’ll have to keep the 2 circs in mind when determining the best needle method. Thanks for the tip.

  31. Awesome mittens, dude! They look delicious!

    Are you going to write up a pattern, pleeeze?

  32. The mittens are adorable! I really do love the Scandinavian-themed mitten patterns. One of these days, I might actually make a pair (grin). Although, now that I think about it, I did a Tvaandistickning pair back around 1990 . . . one color, but that should count, right?

  33. These cute mittens could actually tempt this semi-tropical, fairisle virgin gal into knittin some smitten mittens – who’d of thunk it? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Isn’t Wendee’s yarn delightful?

  34. Love the mittens, I thought that might be the new project. I am in a few mitten groups and the desings are amazing. I love your colors and design, great job as usual

  35. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely pattern and color choice. Looks like you’ll need your new mittens for tomorrow’s snow.

  36. the nice, not naughty, kitten clearly has not lost HER mittens……….these are on my list (ok…..have been for a while!)…………lovely!!

  37. Very cool mittens! I’ve had a real mitten craving lately. Have you seen the mittens in the new Piecework magazine (all knitting issue!), the ones with poetry knitted into them? I’ve been wanting to make something like these for years, since I bought Folk Mittens, where there is a pair of mittens with a Bible verse knitted in. The possibilities are endless!

  38. Lucy the kitten does not need a mitten? OK enough. I love the mitten. It’s beautiful. And I love the colors.

  39. Those are really fabulous!

  40. Theresa in Italy says:

    I’d be smitten, too! The colors are so tasty!

  41. Those are so pretty! I love looking at colourwork but seem to find it hard sticking to the project. I suppose I’m a texture person…. Love that pattern though!

  42. Please, please write up the pattern. Love FI and want to learn it this year, and those mittens started my day with an OMG..I want …

    Wendy, are gorgeous!

  43. Nice mittens, I’d be smitten with them too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. I’ve never tried colorwork before. I’ll admit I’m intimidated by thte prospect. Your mittens are the first colorwork items that make me want to throw caution to the wind and try it. I hope you’ll post the pattern. They’re just lovely! Not as lovely as Lucy but they come a close second.

  45. Beautiful! I’ve been itching to try Scandinavian type mittens myself. And, no Lucy doesn’t need any mittens, but I bet she enjoys cuddling while you knit!

  46. Michele In Maine says:

    Those mittens are genius! I never would have thought to pair those colors and they are perfection!

  47. Wendy, you seriously kill me. I had a very productive knitting weekend (for me). I did the body of an adult size raglan pullover, up to the place where the sleeves will join. I hauled some knitting butt, you know?

    But, girl, you just consistently Crank. It. Out.

    A fabulous Scandinavian mitten–of your own design, no less — in THREE days???

    I am slain.

  48. Gorgeous. I’m just knitting my first pair of Norwegian mittens. After being given a pair I found them to be the warmest (surprisingly wind resistant) mittens I’ve ever worn. How do you knit so fast? Your pattern and colorway are particularily beautiful.

  49. That’s a very nice mitten. I’m curious. How is colorwork on two circs different than on DPNs? I haven’t made the leap to working on two circs yet, but there is colorwork in my future. Maybe I can be persuaded.

  50. Beautiful mittens, and I like the color combination. The best detail is the twisted rope on the sides.

  51. I heart the mittens!! The colors are luscious!!!

  52. meeeeee! knit@9 says:

    cool! I’m only 9 and love knitting ! I’ve never tried knitting with two colours , it looks hard!
    I’m from england . I think your kat is realy sweet she’s sooooooooo cute! bye!:-):-):-)

  53. meeeeee! knit@9 says:

    she’s sooooooo cute my E mail is E mail meeee

  54. The mittens are wonderful, love the color combo, and I am constantly amazed at the amount of knitting you accomplish…do you have a maid and chef living with you…do you use a machine…lol I can’t imagine doing as much as you, I think of myself as speedy but certainly don’t get nearly the amount done as you do…although I do have three siamese resue cats, and a wood stove to feed while my dh is at sea, maybe that is slowing me done…chuckle

  55. love the mittens….the colors work so well together…

    any plans to post the pattern??

  56. Ohhhh, I am smitten with your mittens, too!!

  57. Oooh those are pretty! Nice work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Awesome mittens.

    Typically what size needles do you use for fingering, dk, and worsted weight sock yarns? I know you have listed it before, but I cannot find the info on the blog.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  59. Oh, now, these are exceptional! Love, love, love the colors…and the design!

  60. knittymonster! says:

    hehe. first and 61. i just joined the Knitting Novices knitlist group and i am sitting around the computer just waiting and waiting. hehe. again i say, I love the mittens! long live queen prima ballerina lucy!

  61. THAT is a beautiful mitten pattern, Wendy!

  62. Wendy, what a beautiful pattern and so neatly executed. The colour combination is simply divine.

  63. Christine says:

    WOW! I had mitten questions and just hadn’t asked them yet. What great timing.

    What type of yarn?
    What size needles are you using? For cuff, for hand?

    What is the “ease” measurement for mittens? If a hand circumference is 7 inches, what should the width of the mitt be?

    And when you measure a hand for mittens, do you measure around the bottom of the hand i.e. all 5 fingers, or do you measure just the 4 fingers ignoring the thumb?

    How much longer should a mitt be than someone’s hand?

    Did you get out graph paper draw the mitten and chart?

  64. Gorgeous! I don’t need mitten either Lucy, but there’s so manypretty ones out there, I just may make them anyway! ๐Ÿ˜‰