My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Flower Power!

Thanks for all the nice comments on my mitten. I completed the second one Sunday night. Behold, Flower Power Mittens!

Mittens Backs 011408

Mittens Backs 011408
To recap, these mittens are knit from Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Yarn in the Lime Granita and Chocolatier colorways at a gauge of 9 sts/inch.

Mittens Palms 011408

Mittens Palms 011408

A number of you commented on the color combination — I love it too. Like you, it makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream (even the KOARC commented on that). Browns and greens are my two favorite color families, so I love putting them together.

Mitten Closeup 011408

Mitten Closeup 011408

Roseann asked what brand of needles I used for these mittens. I used the Knitpicks Harmony wood circulars in the 2.75mm size, 16 inches long. I chose to use wood over metal because I like the little extra grab from wood needles when I’m doing colorwork — it makes it easier to spread out the stitches so that the stranding along the back isn’t too tight.

Thumb 011408

Thumb 011408

Anne commented that she prefers longer circulars for colorwork. While I did these on 16′ long circulars, I can see her point — I think I’d like the longer circulars too. So I ordered some Knitpicks Harmony wood circulars in the 24″ length to try out. I’ll let you know what I think when they get here.

Mitten Acrobatics 011408

Mitten Acrobatics 011408

Several of you commented on how quickly I finished the first mitten. I started the first mitten Thursday evening, and completed the second mitten last night. So yeah, that’s pretty speedy. It is a small project, though, and I always knit faster when doing colorwork, because I find it so darned entertaining.

And a bunch of you asked if I was going to write up the pattern. I will . . . eventually. But it is way on the back burner, so please do not hold your breath. ๐Ÿ˜‰

A Note About Contacting Me

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So if you’ve asked me a question and I haven’t responded, it’s quite possible that a typo is to blame.

Just sayin’.

Bunny Thumpers!

Bunny Thumper 011408

Bunny Thumper 011408

Lucy’s Bunny Thumpers are a dainty 3.5″ long

Lucy sez:

Lucy 011408

Lucy 011408

“Okay, why is she measuring my feet? FPS!”


  1. You’d almost think the colourwork would slow you down some, since it’s more fiddly than just one colour, but I can definitely see your point about it being so entertaining. The same way that lace entertains me, I guess. The changes keep me occupied more than just a plain pattern would, and so before I know it, there’s more finished than I imagined!

    Lovely mittens! They look nice and cozy!

  2. Bee-yootiful! I just got my copy of “Folk Mittens” from the fine folks at (couldn’t find it in a local bookstore), so I’ll be embarking on my first pair of colorwork mittens soon. I hope I’ll be good at it by the time you write up your pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I will have to give two circular needle color knitting a try. I thought about getting a set of Harmony dpns and I appreciate your extra information about the needle length for the two circular needle method. Al wonders how I can want/need so many different needles.
    I love the color depth in the chocolatier yarn and with our colder weather, these pretty mittens will come in handy. With so many delightful patterns, maybe there will be a Wendy Knits II someday?

  4. Why ARE you measuring Lucy’s feet????

    (and yes, I too like the color combo!)

  5. Luuuucy – I think you’re getting some mittens!

  6. Your mittens are beautiful. I know the pattern is a way off but I’m going to get the yarn and earmark it NOW!!

  7. OK. Those ARE dainty bunny thumpers! We have Cleo, whom I thought was the world’s tiniest full-grown cat and HERS are 4 inches.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! That color combo is my favorite. Please tell us you aren’t knitting Lucy some socks!

  9. “FPS” – love it!

    And I don’t care how you explain it away, I’m still mind-boggled that those mittens are done. Holy cow.

  10. I *heart* Lucy’s bunny thumpers!

    I also *heart* those mittens to pieces. I have a personal issue with mittens in general but all the lovely possibilities are starting to win me over. And thanks for always interjecting tidbits about the tools and/or yarn you use. I find it helpful. (I’m considering ordering some Harmony needles)

  11. OMG, what Roseann said, about a Wendy Knits II, would be fantastic! However, I can’t wait that long for that mitten pattern! Love it!! I also ditto everyone by saying that the colour combo is fantastic. I just finished your Asparagus Cable Socks, and I’m so pleased with them…another lovely pattern. This is the first pair of socks I’m keeping for myself! Thanks for all you do Wendy. You really keep me inspired.

  12. Those mittens are gorgeous! I think I may love the backside and thumbs even more than the frontside (I’m odd that way). I just got myself the Selbuvotter book from Schoolhouse press (I’m probably spelling it wrong, but I’m too lazy to get up and check it). Colorwork mittens just make me happy to look at, even though they’re totally impractical for where I live!

  13. I would love to have this pattern, I would knit this in a hearbeat. Perfect colors, gorgeous clarity to the design. My Ballerina Sister thinks Lucy has a gift. I’m still sorely tempted to knit the Ingrid Pullover. (Saving for yarn) I love your colorwork. I hope to see this pattern soon. *hint*aroundMaysoIcanknititatcollege*hint* Even if we don’t see it soon, I look forward to a year of lovely knits to be awed by here at WendyKnits.

    Longtime Lurker, Few Time Poster,

  14. Those mittens are lovely – the colours you chose are perfect together ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. The mittens are lovely! I was wondering if you blocked them or steamed them before you took the pictures?

  16. My cats would play with the ruler if I tried to do that. I’d have to get them strung out on catnip first so they’ll pass out long enough for me to prod. =P

    LOVE the mittens. Chocolate and green is one of my fav color combos.

  17. Lisa in Georgia says:

    You are a speed demon. nuff said. Love the mitts and the colors and Lucy.

  18. Beautiful mittens!

    Lucy must be wondering if socks will be gracing her dainty paws before long.

  19. Woman, you’re fast! They’re gorgeous! OK, this time, I’ll wait until the family is out to measure Linus, cause now I have to know…

  20. Beautiful mittens!

    But oh dear… what is ‘FPS’? The Google suggest ‘First Person Shooter’? ‘Federal Protective Service’? ‘Frames Per Second’?

    Sincerely interested in knowing (and being able to do such beautiful colorwork),

  21. You know what? Browns and greens are my LEAST favorite colors, and I still adore those things, and yes it must be the whole “mint chocolate chip” connection …

  22. I have a feeling “FPS!” is “For pete’s sake!” As in “For pete’s sake women, why in gawdz name are you measuring my feet?!”

  23. those mittens are making me drool! ๐Ÿ˜‰ marvelous! and perhaps the most even knitting I’ve ever seen….

  24. Ooooo those mittens look like Mint Slices. Do you have them over there? Chocolate covered chocolate biscuits with creamy minty stuff in the middle? Also, the bunny thumper challenge rocks. Thanks for telling us about it!

  25. I’m am in awe! These mittens are so gorgeous! I love your color combo! I’m thinking they even remind me of clovers, and would be just perfect for St Patty’s day in March (we would still have to wear mittens in March, here in PA, so that’s OK).

  26. I’m so glad you call Lucy’s feet bunny thumpers. I’ve been calling my boyo’s paws rabbitty feet for ages and most folk think I’m nuts….go figure. My boys are Birmans by the way, seal point and blue point. I have told Baci that Lucy is rather gorgeous and if we even lived in the same country he could see her in the fur….he would probably pass out.
    I am again amazed at your knitting prowess…you inspire me to try.

  27. Gonna hold my breath ’til I turn blue! (didn’t work for my parents, it’s not going to work here. but what the heck)

    I tried two circs a few times and it was just to spazzy for me. Think I;m goin to give it another shot.

    I found your comment about wooden needles for color work very enlightening. Cool! I plan on sitting down with Ms. Starmore this year and learn FI. Out of curiosity, would you try two circs for a larger project? Or stick with a single circ.? In other words, how big would you go?

  28. Your mittens are gorgeous, congratulations

    *Very* cute bunny thumpers

  29. LOVE the mittens and especially the color combination! They look great. And I can’t believe how fast you got them done. Did you sleep between Thursday and Sunday night? Inquiring minds want to know!

  30. I don’t know which I’m marveling at more: the fact that you finished the mitten so fast, or how exquisite it is. I have a soft spot for ethnic-insipired stranded stuff. I’ll have to take a photo of Charcoal’s back paw-sies, though, so we can compare with REAL bunny thumpers….

  31. I do think it is a bit indelicate to be measuring Lucy’s dainty little bunny thumpers. And we all know that Lucy is nothing if not delicate. Okay, she does get a bit wanton during her interpretive dance sequences, but that’s just the artist in her! Speaking of artists, the mittens are divine!

  32. those are lovely! I love the color combo.

  33. I completely understand with the colorwork. It does take me longer but I knit longer because I find it so enjoyable or maybe it just seems to go faster because I enjoy it so much. I can’t wait until the pattern is available. I am thinking brown and pink for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Those mittens are gorgeous! I didn’t even think about the mint-chocolate chip ice cream connection…I must be feverish to let that one pass me by!! I really like the photo of the acrobatic mitten. Lovely, lovely.

    Well, clearly we’ve been challenged…now, I will have to measure Mr. Gibson’s bunny thumper ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Hey, any chance of you coming to visit and giving me a lesson or two? PUHHHLLEEEZZZEEE!?

    I have quite a stash of what seems to be your favorite weight yarns here (fingering/lace) to keep you company — and I will let you have your pick ๐Ÿ˜‰

    AND — I will cook for you too (used to be a pro chef, so there isn’t much I can’t do with a bit or practice) PLUS — you can even bring Lucy with you if you agree to come! I would LOVE to see those adorable tootsies in person!

    (yeah, I am beggin’ — wanna make something of it? )

  36. Is that corrugated ribbing on the cuffs?

    If it is, do you find it a little, um, un-stretchy? I personally have me some large hands but want my delicate little wristies to be comfy……

  37. Boy! Look at those dainty little feet ๐Ÿ™‚ The mittens are lovely, am lookin forward to the day when I feel comfortable enough to try that sort of Colorwork. Good Luck on KitKatKnit’s contest to you and MS. Lucy!

  38. You are a faithful friend at helping me to deplete my husband’s income. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And I appreciate it! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I just ordered one skein each of Hazel Knits sock yarn in these colorways to make matching mitts for my 5-yr-old daughter and me. The yardage is generous, and so it should be plenty for the two of us.
    Actually, I’ll make gloves for myself and mitts for her; We’re not exactly into matchy-matchy, but we *are* into Andes mints, which instantly came to mind upon viewing your gorgeous creations. There’s just about nothing better than knitwear that reminds us of sweets. No wonder yarn is so delicious!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    (Btw, one of the things I purchased for myself for Christmas was a Carpetbagger purse not unlike your own that LB gave you quite some time ago. I suspect that it would be wise if hubby never discovers that I read your blog. Shhh… our secret.)

  39. Oops. That was my last coment.
    The commenter info didn’t make it through…
    Maybe wordpress is protecting my anonymity.

  40. knittymonster! says:

    comment 40! hehe. i LOVE the mittens! i finally recieved emails from the Knitlist and wow. i had over 50 emails when i got home today! theres a great rush knowing that you’re going to have an emails waiting for you when you get home! i never get to used to get emails. ๐Ÿ™ poor me. hehe. :-). long live queen prima ballerina lucy!

  41. you inspired me…to measure my kitty’s bunny feet. PJ, a fluffy calico, has a 3.5 inch left bunny foot and a 4 inch right bunny foot.

    I saw your mouse-along. going to make PJ a mouse (or 2 or 3…) since she *loves* catnip.

    gorgeous mittens!!!

  42. Your mittens came out so perfectly! Gorgeous.

  43. Ok, fine, I won’t hold my breath quite yet, but I am totally in love with that mitten pattern, have not tried two-color knitting yet, and would commit small crimes to be able to learn on those mittens…make pattern soon, please, nice lady?

  44. What fabulous mittens! Especially the thumbs. Such a delightful little touch! ๐Ÿ™‚