My current work in progress:

Pitch by Emily Greene, knit from Elsawool Cormo worsted on a US 6 needle

Spot the Error

I finished the first of my current mittens-in-progress.

Mitten 012708

Mitten 012708

It wasn’t until I downloaded theย  photos to my computer that I spotted the error in the pattern on the back of the hand. Can you see it?

Here’s the palm:

Palm 012708

Palm 012708

And with the thumb up:

Thumb Up 012708

Thumb Up 012708

Anyone want to offer a name for this pattern? Leave all suggestions in the comments, please!

I also finished the second of my Temptatio top-down socks:

Temptation Top Down Socks 012708

Temptation Top Down Socks 012708

To recap, these are knit from Tempted sock yarn in the “Roxanne” colorway, on 2mm needles. Top down. The free pattern is available in pdf format here.

Lucy seems underwhelmed, doesn’t she?

Lucy 012708

Lucy 012708


  1. Ikura…..yummmm.

  2. I dunno – they do look like bubbles – but the look way more fish eggs – or caviar! I like ‘Caviar Mitts’ way more… oh wait, like a million other people suggested that too. Oh well.

  3. Doughnuts and holes. I think the holes on the palm are chocolate.

    That mistake row, someone took bites out of all of the doughnuts. How rude!

  4. I’d vote for honeycomb as well. I had to enlarge the picture before I could spot the error. I’d love it if my mistakes were so hard to find.

  5. “Daisies in a Row” …

  6. Dianne in Western WI says:

    Looks like fish eggs… how about Caviar Mittens!

  7. Barnacles…to me they look like barnacles on a rock with seaweed at low tide in a tidal pool!

  8. I would say Tidal Pool or Dryad’s Bubble as a name for these lovely mits. The error isn’t very obvious. It’s there, but until you pointed it out, I didn’t notice it. Lovely overall.

  9. Alice in RIchmond says:

    Yep I see it, looks like my Handtowel the Red. Darn it, but I am not taking it out.

    I think it is so cosmic how you can go along creating something, do the thing correctly for miles and miles then one tiny momentary lapse of reason creates chaos. I think I just got philosophical. Maybe I should lie down.

    I like Millefiore Mittens (like Tish said above).

  10. “Programming Mittens” ‘cos the pattern reminded me of computer programming language with all the 0’s and 1’s!

  11. Keep the “Feature” and call it Double Vision ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I think they look like nonpareils (the candy)

  13. Daisy button.

  14. I want to say frogspawn – all the little dark dots in the white circles – although I guess it’s not a terribly attractive word. Still, reminds me of spring and being a child and being so, so excited to see frogspawn that turned into wee squiggly tadpoles and then tiny frogs. It’s kind of like the excitement I have now watching knitted things grow and take shape.

    Lovely mittens!

  15. This popped into my head…Here’s Mud in Your Eye.

  16. I do see the mistake but I have to admit that if you hadn’t mentioned that there was an error, I wouldn’t have noticed it. Anyway, the circles remind me of sea creature eggs. I just saw a “Nature” special on cuttlefish and I thought the wee little hatchlings were so cute. I think something like Cuttlefish Nursery would be a fun name.

  17. I spotted the error right away which if correct is between the 9th and 10th “circles” from the cuff. I also paint which is probably why I notice things more than some.(LOL) I still like the mittens. Besides, the “error” is the thing which makes them unique!

  18. Dotted Swiss or Spotted Path Mittens?

  19. I see the error and i’m with the others who said that they would’ve missed it if you didn’t mention it. If you want to leave it in and incorporate it you could call the pattern Hidden Halves. It has kind of a nice ring to it.

  20. Well, I thought of “Fish Eyes” but wasn’t the first or only one to comment. Very pretty, error or not.

  21. I apologize if someone else already suggested it, but I thought of Argus immediately when I saw your photo. Argus was the giant with 100 eyes in Greek mythology, and Hera’s trusted servant. When he died, she placed his eyes on the tail of the peacock. Kind of a cool story, and a nice name i think.

  22. a spot o’ the Bubbly mittens

  23. How about Doubled Up Bubble. I think the “error” makes them more special. It’s what I tell my husband about his favorite hat with the one extra purl stitch. It’s special.

  24. Found the mistake (I’m OCD lol).

    It makes me think of Oreo cookies.


  25. “Chocolate and Cheerios”

  26. Call them Pebble Beach mitts! You have both warmth AND luxury!

  27. They remind me of tentacles, so I’m thinking “tentacular mitts”. That may be from watching too much Spongebob Squarepants. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. helena handbasket says:

    How about “Mosaic Daisy Mittens”?

  29. I first thought of fish eyes, but that’s not very flattering…. I do like the nonpareil suggestion!

  30. So are you gonna rip out or make the second one match?

  31. I would call them ‘Naught Naught’. Keeping the design element.

  32. Ruth Martin says:

    Can’t believe no one else thought of this – Amoeba Mittens – although I guess it’s close to the Mitosis suggested above! They’re lovely, Wendy!

  33. The Duh-O-nut mittens:~)

  34. the ‘error’ looks like a great design element, this will be a lovely pair.
    there’s an oldies song, I believe by Bobby Vee, called “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes.” Perhaps the mittens do too!

  35. I think milla-flora (or however it’s spelled) – you know, those little flowers in the paperweights …. Yeah. It’s been a LOOOONNNGGGG Monday.

  36. Lesley Weihs says:

    Well, the thumb reminds me of Squidward’s nose on Sponge Bob!!! So my suggestion is for Squidge mittens!!! Now that I’ve admitted my love of Sponge Bob to the world, I’ll go crawl back to the Cartoon Network…..!!!!

  37. Millefiore, exactly! I second the vote for that!

  38. Roundabout Mittens. (Little tiny roundabouts!)

  39. Celeste Culpepper says:

    The ‘eyes’ have it.

  40. Yes the mistake is noticeable to a knitter. non knitter no way!!!

    and these are powerfully bold


  41. Late to the party as usual… you’ve got lots of good suggestions already, but what popped into my head was “Haddock’s Eyes.” (Or maybe “A-Sitting on a Gate.”) (Busted. Lewis Carroll geek.)

  42. They look like buttons……

  43. What about Caviar, since they are luxurious and cause they remind me of fish eggs… in a good way! Shame about the error, and I hope it doesn’t keep you up at night. They are still incredibly beautiful and you should be proud.

  44. I keep thinking “tiny daisies” when I look at the mitten back.

  45. I havent read all the comments so if it was mentioned before I apologize. I think the mittens should be called “Eye of the Storm” like a winter storm obviously or
    “snOw Mittens”
    I love the pattern its lovely and I think the error makes it OOOriginal. OK that was a bad attempt at humOr. Sorry I cant stOp myself!

  46. I’m a bit fanatical about fixing mistakes, particularly on larger projects (sweaters or shawls) where the error seems to me to make more of a difference (the sweater might not fit). In the case of the mittens, I’d probably leave it.

    But there have been occasions where I didn’t see the mistake until I looked at the photo, and I thought my brain was losing its error-detection abilities. I guess it is just easier some times to examine the photo than the actual item.

    Those mittens are so beautiful.