My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Hot Stuff!

The votes are in, and the name Millefiore Mittens was the popular favorite, so Millfiore Mittens they are. Or rather, I have one Millefiore Mitten so far.

And I flitted over to a different project, this:

Hot Stuff 012908

Hot Stuff 012908

I had no problem thinking of a name for this design. It’s “Hot Stuff! Mittens.” Because, you see, those are supposed to be flames on the back of the mitten.

The palm has a simple all-over pattern. And there will be a flame on the thumb.

Hot Stuff Palm 012908

Hot Stuff Palm 012908

The black yarn is Socks That Rock Lightweight in the “Shadow” colorway, from the Raven series. The flames are knit from Wollmeise sock yarn in the “Campari Orange” colorway. I think it makes great flames!

I’m not sure how the idea for this mitten design entered my head. I just sort of found it there one night. I then looked at some photos of car paint jobs with flames down the sides, mentally rotated one photo 90 degrees, and charted the flames freehand.

One good thing about this design? If I make a mistake, no one will ever know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lucy seems to have settled down a bit, now that she realizes that I’ve discovered her plan for world-wide domination.

Lucy 012908

Lucy 012908

She looks so innocent, doesn’t she?


  1. Alice in RIchmond says:

    I have found that the Emperor likes boundaries. He is relieved when he can trust his superiors. Maybe this is true of Lucy

  2. Has Lucy been plotting with Crazy Aunt Purl’s Sobakawa? Are they going to publish their manifesto?

  3. Love your mittens. I’ve never made two color mittens. Do nails, rings, etc. ever bother the floats?

  4. the new mitts are great. I was surprised to see you start something new before finishing the previous project, but maybe this counts as a sock and other project. Maybe you are keeping us on our toes. Perhaps Lucy is resting before her big campaign.

  5. Ooh, those are fantastic! Makes me want to try colorwork again – I never seem to be able to get my tension right. Are there any patterns or books you recommend for the easily frightened?

  6. Oh no! Now I’m going to be singing “Hot Stuff” all night long as I think about these dreamy mittens. They’re the bomb. Love ’em. Simply love ’em.

  7. Your mittens are awesome! Could you show a picture of how the inside of one looks? Thanks.

  8. I love all of your mitten patterns. I wish you’d print a pattern book of them all!

  9. those colors together just make the flames pop! Awesome!

  10. Is it weird that I see ghostly faces in the flame pattern?

  11. Possible the most gorgeous mitten design I have seen ever. Yowsa.

  12. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Those mittens are just incredible. Color knitting intimidates me, but those mittens are the coolest I’ve ever seen.

    Lucy is resting…and plotting…

  13. That’s hot!!

  14. Awesome! Just so you know, I’m gonna need that pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Love the Millefiori mitten. I voted for that name ๐Ÿ™‚ But if you only have one, shouldn’t it be called the Cinquecento mitten?

  16. Oh my god those flame mittens will be to die for! They’re brilliant!

  17. I’m with Tara – I am in love with those mittens and they are definately to die for ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Maybe the flames will keep your hands warmer. They look great! Would Lucy dominating the world really be such a bad thing?

  19. WOW! The HOT STUFF pattern/mitts are indeed HOT STUFF!
    Luv it!! luv.m.

  20. Wendy those mittens are fabulous!

  21. It’s a great idea. Sort of like the SNB sweater but more likely to worn by more people I’d bet. Can’t you just see these babies with a black winter coat?

  22. The palm reminds me of Blackwood fireplace sparks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. I love the image of flames on mittens. What a brilliant idea!

  24. I love them! They are very appropriate for the new Project Spectrum. The first color/element is fire!

  25. Love the flamers!

  26. Oh my, I am in love with the new mittens. They would look great with the flame hat I have been designing in my head! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. CHAR ming.

  28. Sunnyknitter says:

    LOVE the colors! LOVE the flames! Okay, no more caps lest you think I’m a pyro…
    (Also love Tan’s comment! Cracked me up.)

  29. Once again, you have blown me away. You never fail to amaze me with your exquisite work. You are truly an inspiration to knitters everywhere and raise the bar for all of us to reach new heights with our own work. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. My teens would love those! Awesome.
    Caption for Lucy pic: She’s on to me, enter plan B…

  31. Wow. I’ve looked at all your other fair isle projects and thought, ‘That’s very nice,’ and moved on. This though? *I* would totally knit this. Most excellent. ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Awesome! Did ya know there’s a flame skirt on Knitty? Not my pattern, but way cool. You could make a mittens-and-skirt set or just save yourself some charting next time. ;o)

  33. LOVE them!

  34. Brilliant, flamey goodness!

  35. Peggy in Chicago says:

    I am a traditional mitten-knitter, and am glad to see you knitting mittens! I just had to write to let you know I think your mittens are fantastic. What a great idea you came up with! I especially love the picot edging. Is that Channel Island cast on? Look forwarding to see it completed! Keep up the great work!!

  36. Lovely!! I particularly heart the picot edge!!

  37. Theresa in Italy says:

    What can I add to all the other comments? All the good adjectives have been taken…those are seriously cool mittens (all the flames notwithstanding).

    And I agree that Lucy is just working on Plan B—stay alert!

  38. Super duper ‘cool’ mitts. Love the name of the orange yarn – campari orange.
    Cheers Wendy.

  39. anne marie in philly says:

    the first thing that came to mind was “go greased lightning, you’re burning up the quarter mile” (from GREASE).

    as for lucy, perhaps she is contemplating a run for the white house. a better choice than anything I have seen so far! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Drat! I lost my sanity over Millefiore, found myself chanting..”must have, must have..” Now you come up with these over the top, out of this world gloves! The colors you posted yesterday got my attention…but your pattern put me over the edge! I Will Have Those Gloves!
    You are no longer known as Wendy to me….you are now known as The Temptress! Enabler? Ha! You passed that designation a long time ago…

    Me thinks that Lucy has finished speaking to the Mother Ship and all is over. Nothing worse than when the hired help foils the plans… Of course, Lucy might be a good choice for World Leader…

  41. I am in love with those mitts. Please are you going to make up a chart (or pattern) Pretty please!

    The colors are perfect too!

  42. Dude! Those are going to be some wicked cool mittens!

    Glad Lucy is backing off on her plot. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Although she might do a better job than some world leaders these days….

  43. VERY cool mittens (no pun intended). What a great idea — you MUST wear them with that awesome black coat you bought a couple years ago.

  44. Michele In Maine says:

    Sizzlin’ hot mitts!

    Don’t be fooled by Lucy’s quiet facade – she’s secretly plotting!

  45. Must. Make. The. Mittens…its getting cold here! I agree Lucy is quietly plotting her take over cats are like that ๐Ÿ™‚ The mittens are lovely so far, is there anyway to make these as fingerless gloves? I bet my son would love em that way esp with blue flames!

  46. Those mittens are BEAUTEOUS!


  47. I would DEFINITELY buy that pattern if you ever write it up! *Crosses Fingers*

  48. But Lucy IS innocent! Anyone with that darling fluffy belly that she showed off yesterday could not possibly be plotting anything. I’m sure it was all a ruse because Momma was too busy knitting and not pampering her baby nearly enough!

    I love mittens, and yours are beautiful! Now if someone wanted to take her fabulous sock patterns from this summer, and convert the basic designs over to mittens, that would be a good thing. I have absolutely no desire to do socks, but mittens are another story.

  49. Those are way cool mittens, Wendy! I love it how you seize on a particular type of project and just do it and do it until you’re done

  50. Love the Hot Stuff mittens! The pattern itself is nice, of course, but your yarn selection is superb.

  51. One of my favorite songs by The Bobs is “Fluffy’s Master Plan for World Domination.” Somehow I think Lucy would approve.

  52. Wow, fantastic!! Love the flames.

  53. I love the flames on there! hmm, Lucy is looking notoriously suspicious!

  54. Your knitting is amazing, I love watching your projects take shape. I also love Lucy. I’m a mom with little time to knit and currently without a cat, and Lucy’s antics brighten my day whenever I see her. Thank you!

  55. Geez, love the mittens! (All of them…)
    I’ve been on a mitten kick myself and I’ve figured out how to make the graph paper on excel. But how do you get the mitten shape to work from? I’ve been playing with excel for 2 days. It’s cutting into mitten knitting time! And the symbols?
    Any chance you’d just share or sell the blank mitten?
    You taught me to knit socks, I know I can figure this out too!

  56. can’t wait to see the finished product for the newest mitten creation.

    you are such a prolific knitter, what do you do with all of your FOs?

  57. I tried to make some flame mittens last year after making a GREAT felted ice scraper mitten with flames (pictures on my blog, probably Jan 07 or Dec 06)…but I used about 5 shades of red/orange/yellow and it just became a nuisance on the smaller sized (kids) mittens. I like the handpainted yarn idea instead!!

  58. I don’t usually comment (I lurk), but I just wanted to pop on and say I LOVE those new gloves. And I have a skein of Shadow in my stash. I’m hoping you’ll make your pattern available for it, I’d like to knit them!

  59. Ann in CT says:

    Ooooh, those are cool mittens. I don’t do mittens, but I bet those flames would look cool on socks too.

  60. the mittens are so good, and you are right she really looks innocent.

  61. Jenny Stewart says:

    Love the picot-look on the cast-on edge! How did you do that?

  62. Hot Stuff is right.

    Lucy will rule the world – someday.