My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mommy’s Little Helper

ย I have to tell you: Lucy is one helpful kitty. She always helps me write my blog:

Lucy at the computer 013108

Lucy at the computer 013108

Last night I headed into my bedroom early, to sit on the bed and knit in front of the bedroom tv. At one point I got up to read email or something, and came back to this:

Lucy on the Bed 013108

Lucy on the Bed 013108

The next time I got up, I came back to this:

Lucy's Toy 013108


That’s one of Lucy’s favorite toys: a paper ball. She brings them to us when she wants to play. Sometimes she just discreetly places one near you and disappears.

And you wonder how I get so much knitting done? Look at all the help I have!

Speaking of getting knitting done, I am now knitting a thumb.

Thumb in Progress 013108

Thumb in Progress 013108

I’ll show you the finished mitten on Sunday.

Colleen asked:

Do you use regular cast on and sew it down for the picot hem for a particular reason, as opposed to prov cast on and knitting it together with the 13th row? Because you feel like it, because it looks better, because you can’t stand the juggling when knitting from two parallel needles, some other reason?

My reasons are two-fold.

1. When I do a picot edge in the manner you describe, I find that it sometimes pulls in on the row where you knit the cast-on to the inside and I don’t like the look of it.

2. When I started this mitten I was watching a movie with Lucy in my lap and was disinclined to get up for a crochet hook and a piece of waste yarn.

Honesty compels me to tell you that it was more of #2 than #1.

10 Bloggers Who Make My Day

When cruising through Bloglines this morning, I was pleased and honored to see that my longtime online buddy Liz listed me as one of her 10 bloggers who make her day. Thanks, Liz!

I’ve composed a list of 10 bloggers (out of many) who make my day. I’m cheating a little because reading Liz’ blog definitely makes my day(go see her beautiful twins!) but since I linked her up there, I am listing ten more blogs, in alphabetical order.

All Tangled Up — I’ve been reading Polly’s blog forever, and love her socks, her scientific approach to knitting puzzles, and all the wonderful places she travels to.

Black Dog Knits — Nora’s blog is filled with beauty and creativity. I wish I had half her skill as a photographer.

Born to Knit — My friend Johanne likes to knit the same sort of things I do, so her blog is always a pleasure for me to visit. Apart from the knitting, she has two beautiful children who sometimes make an appearance on the blog.

Cabin Cove — Dave is daddy to the beautiful Miss Lulu Kitty, so Lucy visits there for photos of her online buddy. I’m also in it for the spinning and glorious color!

Go Knit in Your Hat — Carol’s blog is always a pleasure because of her sense of humor and way with words, not to mention her great “No-Bull” Book Reviews.

January One — I admire Cara for her beautiful photography, her color sense, and her open and honest writing style.

Lady of the Loom — I’ve known Alice since the world was new. She knits, she spins, she weaves, and she has a gorgeous new kitty!

Mason Dixon Knitting — Do I really need to say anything here? When I see a Mason-Dixon update on Bloglines I save it for last because it is always a treat.

Sheri at the Loopy Ewe — I never read Sheri’s blog without feeling good afterwards. I love her lists, her positive outlook, and her enabling ways. And who else could get me saying FPS instead of WTF?

We Heart Yarn — I love that Neuroknitter updates almost daily with beautiful artsy shots of her socks. Lucy loves the occasional glimpses of Gibson kitty!

So there you have it, kids. Ten blogs that make my day.

Something else that makes my day? I took the day off work tomorrow. Woo-hoo! Why? Because I am going shopping.

Yes, I plan to go over to the dark side . . .


  1. Thanks for the leads on more interesting blogs to read. They look like fun.

    As for the dark side, my daughter has a Mac and absolutely loves it. She is trying to get me to buy one, too.

  2. About the iMac, it looks just like the new one I got at work this week, and it’s fabulous! Hope you love it as much as I do.

  3. I just went Mac and I LOVE it. I got an iMac and it was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. It’s not really the dark side. It’s the right side. I’m now thoroughly convinced that PC’s are the ones on the dark side.

    Love the mittens, too!

  4. I went from Mac to PC a few years ago, and am seriously considering going back. Macs in general are just easier to use. I’ll be interested to see how you like yours and how the transfer of all the computer “stuff” goes.

  5. I just got a new computer with Windows Vista. My best advice is go Mac!!! I wish I had! Ah well, next time.

  6. Ha – that made me laugh! I’m honored to have converted you to FPS. You know you can always use FCOL, too, when need be. (Thanks for the rest of the nice things you said, too.) And a Mac? Wooohooo!! We’re a Mac family. So glad to have you over on the Dark Side!

  7. Maybe Lucy is planning to join a softball team and use your Hot Stuff mitten as a catcher’s mitt!

  8. Thank you so much! I’m so honored. Blush!

  9. We have 3 Dell PC’s and have never had a problem with them other than the oldest one doesnt like a few programs cuz its almost 4 yrs old. Cant afford a new comp anyways so wont be lookin anytime soon. Lucy looks like she really wants to help mama finish the mitten so she can go play in the snow!

  10. are you going shopping for YARN by any chance? hmm?? LOL!

  11. I have a MAC and a PC…I LOVE the MAC….I think you will too.

  12. Welcome to the Dark Side!!! But it is really an awakening. I’ve had an Imac for about a year now. Leopard installed last fall. And love it. Although to tell the truth, I haven’t run windows for four years or more now. Before the Imac – I had Linux. You will love it!! I do!! I will never go back to a PC!!

  13. I am a Mac fiend and always have been. They switched out computers at work from Mac’s to PC’s a couple of years ago. We have nothing but problems with them! Our Macs at home run forever!
    I’m glad your kitty is helpful. Mine try to distract me from my work!

  14. Ditto everything good about iMac. The only thing I use my PC for is to play certain games; it’s all Mac all the time. In fact, I just bought a Macbook for teaching, and I’m in LOVE.

    Come to the dark side – we have cookies!

  15. I’m curious — I can’t figure/find out what FPS means. Do tell!

  16. Wendy goes Mac! We’ll expect more techno from you now;-)

  17. It’s good here on the darkside.


  18. You’ll love the dark side! I promise! And everytime you have to use a PC after that, you will curse them because you will realize what pieces of crap they are! Welcome to the dark side because we have cookies too!

  19. You took the day off of work, and you’re using it to Mac shop…I LOVE IT! Make sure you check out the sexy AirBook while you’re there.

  20. ellen in indy says:

    i’ve used pcs at work and macs at home for more than a decade. the macs have been far more dependable . . . and i don’t have IT pros one floor away at home.

    if someone offered me the most advanced pc, i’d accept with thanks — if the donor said it was ok to sell it on ebay and buy a mac. otherwise, i’d decline.

  21. Welcome to the “Fruit Side.” I’ve been a Macophile for a long time. At least at school and my laptop. Our home system has to be a PC so hubby can log on to his work station from home. Even my long-time Apple hating son says that his first system after he graduates college will be a Mac. You’ll love it. So intuitive.

  22. I had a Mac once, and I R A N back to a PC. Ugh, I really didn’t like it! My Puma also loves paper balls. And they’re so cheap!

  23. I’m glad the mitten wasn’t hurt! I have a Pomeranian who loves yarn, in every form. Are you going to come out with a new book soon? I’d love to see a book full of modern mittens and socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. They make me use Windows at work, but I’ve always been a Mac person at home. You’ll love it!

  25. And here I thought you’d started taking valium.

    Tyberius always tries to help me by sitting on my ball of yarn and attacking it as it slides past. So very helpful.

  26. anne marie in philly says:

    lerve how your choice of bed linens match lucy’s fur so perfectly!

    meredith and steven like yarn so much that sometimes I have to go behind closed doors to work out something complicated. of course, the whining and the scratching ensue…until mommy reappears.

    an apple a day…

  27. Oh, thank you! This was totally unexpected – and truly made my day! x

    PS: I noticed you’ve been nominated over here also:

  28. Seems like a lot of folks are moving to the Dark Side! We have a Vista, and for my uses it is fine. But the dh had that certain “glow” when he saw the skinny and really sexy laptop in the store. So, that will be what we get when his laptop fries. PC is just to damn lunkey.
    There is nothing sweeter than finding a favorite toy placed where you sit…serious awww and melt..

  29. There is no “dark side” with Macs. The sun will come out tomorrow!!!!!!
    (sorry-Macs make me sing!)
    You will never regret it!

  30. A new Mac, huh? I ALMOST crossed over, but got stopped by a REALLY nice, new and shiny laptop. Maybe someday, just not today. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And thank you for saying I was in your top reads, that is SO sweet. Miss Lulu thanks you and Lucy, too.

  31. Awww… you mean Lucy didn’t knit the mitten?!? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy your shopping day!

  32. Funny how many design decisions are made based on the location of our cats! I’ll be interested to hear about your venture into MAC world. We’ll be getting one with our tax refund.

  33. Our new kitten has fast become a little helper too. In fact last night I got worried because he was no where to be found while I was knitting! I found I missed the little lump who occassional woke up to play with my needles!

  34. Thank you! I really appreciate your reading the blog! Have a GREAT day!

  35. Yes, do it! Do it! Mac is the new Black, you’ll never regret it! I have to slum w/Windows at work, and I can’t wait to get home to my iEnvironment! Can’t wait to see what you get.

  36. Wendy, Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back!
    We have 3 Macs, and Apple TV. Love them!!

  37. I’m so jealous, I’ve been dying to go to the dark side but just haven’t been able to yet. At the rate we are going I’ll be saving for another year before I get mine but it’ll be worth the wait.

  38. Like Kati, I’m wondering what FPS means too. No doubt as to WTF means ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the heads up on the all the neat blogs! Something to add to my “favs” list! For the past 18 months I have been working on my Master’s in Library Science. I finished in Dec of 2007. I also started a full time library job in April of 2007, so it was a challanging time! I must say no matter how tired and difficult the school work and regular work became I always took time to read your blog. It lightened my load considerably! Sometimes I answered, sometimes I lurked, but I always read!

    My kitty Buster brings me gifts too, but his are “catnip mice” which my husband and I call “mouuusssieeesssssss” We find them on our bed or on our pillows or chairs, or at our feet, etc. He is just too cute when he fetches his toys for play!

    Enjoy your shopping spree! I can’t speak on the the disadvantages/advantages of PC vs. MAC, so I will remain neutral on that. Whatever you purchase, enjoy! luv.m.

  39. Wendy, you’re not coming to the dark side, you are LEAVING the dark side! ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ll like it over here. Give it a week to get used to the mouse and such, though.

    And that mitten is to die for. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Good for you, I’ve been a Mac user since the original, I think I was 8 when my Dad bought it. I miss those old games, sigh.

  41. Lucy, as always, is adorable, and Wendy you have mad knitting skillz…

    so all of y’all on macs–how do you handle interfacing with PC programs, such as word and excel? I would love to get a mac, but I and hubster do a lot of word and excel docs. He will probably ramp up on powerpoint within the year.

    Learning new “office” programs is fine with me, but hubster’s brain has a lot of trouble thinking that way.



  42. Ohhh! Welcome to the “Dark Side”. We are a multi-computer family but the Mac has been mine since 2000. I never want to go back to a PC. I do wish the Mac would come out with a palm top for portability but I am content with my 12″ laptop.

  43. Why are Macs the Dark Side? They run faster, they’re more intuitive, less buggy and you don’t have to worry about viruses. And if you are doing creative stuff like design work or photo manipulation? Macs are better at that than PCs anyway. WHY do people consider that to be evil? I bought a 15″ Mac Book Pro last spring for my personal use, and am now working on a second 15″ MBP as my work computer. Hooray!

  44. The dark side never tasted so good. Welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Well, aren’t you the sweetest? Back atcha!

    (I hope Lucy has enjoyed our birds lately.)

    xox Kay

  46. My favorite blogs, Wendy’s and Sheri’s both make my day. I should get use to saying FPS instead of WTF. Thanks for the incentive. Great mittens and I bet Lucy thinks so too.

  47. Go toward the light! Our newest Mac, the MacBook Pro is the best. Have had 5 previous Macs and keep updating.

  48. I bought a MacBook Pro a little over a year ago, but as I had quite a bit of Windows-based software I wanted to use still, I wanted to be able to run both operating systems. I have been running Parallels and can easily and quickly switch between XP (I haven’t upgraded to Vista and don’t know when or if I will) and Mac OS X with a keystroke – no rebooting!

    Info on Parallels can be found here:

    Just wanted to let you know you can have the best of both worlds on a Mac!

    Love the latest mittens, and thanks for the links to new blogs to discover!

  49. Marianne Y says:

    Welcome to the Mac side! I’ve been using a Mac since 1986, and love them. We have 4 active Macs in our home, and my College Guy has at least two more up at his university. He has converted a number of his friends, both from his computer science major interests and his audio interests, to the Mac, side, too. I feel vindicated that he, who works on all computer platforms, still chooses Macs as the best, and now, it is not because that is all Mom will buy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. May the Force be with you! Enjoy the shopping. Love the mittens, will you be posting the chart? My short term memory is so bad I can’t remember if you said so already.

  51. I went from PC to mac over the summer – best move ever!! I was getting a new laptop from University and as Vista had only just come out I didn’t want all the teething problems and a friend of mine had just got a macbook and loved it. I would so love an imac but can’t justify the cost as my macbook is more than adequate for me. Welcome to the world of mac.
    Loving the mittens, they are all so cute!

  52. Welcome to the Dark Side! I went there three years ago and recently subverted my husband as well. He has the newest iMac and has installed Boot Camp in order to telecommute: even XP works better on a Mac! No more blue screen of death to bring dread to the heart and place a damper on the available yarn funds!