My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Ice Ice Baby

The Washington DC metro area had an ice storm last night and all I got was some lousy rain.



But apparently in the outlying areas there was some serious icing going on. So much so that the federal government announced a two-hour delayed opening and unscheduled leave. I looked out my window when I got up this morning and saw cars zooming along I-395 at their normal speed, so I plodded in to work at my usual time. Nay, actually, I went in 15 minutes early.

Why am I telling you this? No reason, except that it’s Random Wednesday.

Dudes — Chill!

I’ve been blogging now for nigh on 6 years and I really ought to know better than to make a statement like “I’ve been particularly tired since the start of the year” in my blog. Because a statement like that always brings on a spate of kindly, well-meaning, but un-asked-for medical advice.

I mentioned pervasive fatigue as an excuse for not doing much knitting on my current project (not that I need to make excuses, but that’s another issue), but what I have not mentioned (well, I might have alluded to it) is that I’m working on approximately seventy ga-jillion things that are not bloggable, and that situation is in a large part contributing to said fatigue and issues with not getting enough sleep. Nnnnnnnnnnn-kay?

Fortunately, sixty ga-jillion of those things will be over and done with by mid-March so things should ease up. In the words of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley: “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

Of course, I could go all negative-y and think like the immortal T.S. Eliot:

“April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain”

But now I’m just rambling, aren’t I?

Poo free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows . . .

A few of you asked me if I’m still shampoo free. Yep, I am, and very happy with it, thanks very much. I’m still using the Chaz Dean Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner. How committed to it am I?



That would be the gallon size.

Hey! An entire post with no pictures of knitting. I think that’s a new personal best for me.

But my day would not be complete without a picture of Lucy.




  1. Here in the Canadian Maritimes, we’ve got a horrible storm raging, with icy rain that followed snow, and it’s supposed to freeze overnight. I can only imagine how hellish it’s going to be for both street and foot traffic for the next while, until snow covers it again or until it melts away. But winter is slowly wearing itself out, at least, and that’s something to be thankful for. As you say, can spring be far behind?

    It’s awful that you are so stressed out and harried by the million and one things you have to do right now. I hope mid-March gets here quickly so you can have a well-deserved break!

  2. And our day wouldn’t be complete either without a picture of Lucy!

    I prefer rain over an ice storm anyday. Our snow is melting and now we have to think about flooding!

  3. I second the motion By Ria that mid March get her quickly and you get back to your normal reduced stress life. Even Lucy seems to be saying “Mama come sit with me, rub your figers through my fur and let the stress flow right on out the door”! Dont you just love how stress free kitties make our life seem when they sit in our laps, purr, and allow us to pet our cares away ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sounds like a new book in the offing to me.

    I actually took the day off due to this weather. North Central Mass had freezing rain on top of a night’s worth of snow this morning to be followed by heavy rain and flooding this afternoon. Driving 76 miles round trip for a day when absolutely nothing was scheduled to happen at work did not appeal at all, so… Between the shoveling and drain clearing I got one fiber trends clog all knit ๐Ÿ™‚ so I count the day well spent.

    And, as was said so aptly above, a day without a Lucy photo just isn’t complete at all!

  5. Geez, I guess I should refrain from stating it’s about 60+ degrees here in the South Bay area of California; a cool down from the 80+ degrees earlier this week. Typical February in SoCal when we get a mild Santa Ana condition which is now fading fast. I shudder to think how people would drive if we DID have snow/ice here! Rain is bad enough!!!

    Here’s to a time – coming soon I hope – when you can take more catnaps like SOME who look just adorable when doing so! ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucy is just too adorable for words! luv.m.

  6. Barbara-Kay says:

    …and Lucy is Poo free, too! A Pair!

    Of course, if you were to use lots of hair spray and such, I bet she’d wash it out for you, this minute!

  7. I miss the picture of your knitting but I don’t know what I would do without my daily shot of Lucy. She never fails to bring a smile to my lips no matter how gray and cold it is outside. By the way we had ice and snow flurries this morning in Alabama! Brrrrrrr!

  8. Yep, gotta love the wealth of health care advice a little busyness can bring on. Hope things settle for you by spring so you can take advantage of the warm not icy or cold weather.

  9. I’ve been meaning to thank you for blogging the Chaz Dean hair stuff. I’d never have found that without something like a knitblogger posting about it. And I really like it too. Oh, and thanks for getting Sheri hooked on spinning too btw. It’s nice to be able to get a side of roving braid with my yarn order.

  10. I hope you, Ian & Lucy all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  11. My day would not be complete without a picture of Lucy, either!

  12. Alice in Richmond says:

    Once a lit major always a lit major!

  13. Another book underway?

  14. Thank you for planting that song in head…I’d rather do what Lucy does.

  15. I say go with Chaucer and “April’s showers sweet.” T.S. is a bit too depressing for a day that’s gray and foggy, even in Santa Monica, CA.

  16. Wish that T. S. Eliot’s words were not on par with how I’m feeling today, but … what can you do? The sun will come out for more than a day. It will stop raining & the basement full of water will dry. The cold really isn’t so bad as long as the sun is out.

    I’m going to get my raggy doll girl, Twyla Twinkle Berry & put her on the back of the couch. That’s where she hangs out every night while I knit. Does Lucy stay on the back of your chair/sofa while you knit?

  17. *You* may not have medical issues, but there are thousands of women of a certain age reading this blog who *may* have medical issues. it isn’t always about *you*.

  18. Hmmmmm, WendyKnits isn’t about Wendy??? How odd. I would have assumed by the title that it was. Of course, I’m the one that writes horrible hurtful things about how I think I’m going to enjoy working with a yarn that a former friend professed to hate so what do I know?

  19. Having just experienced this wonder-filled snow-sleet-freezing rain-snow February gift, I can just wish we’d had only the rain we had to start off with all last night. This weather has made me very sleepy. Hugs and scritches.

  20. Please be sure give Lucy a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow from all your loyal BLOG readers.

  21. My sister (Sally of The Rainey Sisters) took some great pics of the ice in her Washington DC yard — they are pretty amazing.

  22. Darn. Can’t think of any medical advice.

    Oh well, I do have a question. How many items did you knit from stash last year? I think you said that sock yarn purchases didn’t count–and then you knit a lot of socks as part of the “Summer of Socks”. What about this year? Are you planning to reduce your stash at all?

    Actually, that’s three questions. Rest assured that I’m not being judgmental–my own stash continues to increase at an alarming rate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Thanks from me, too, for the Chaz Dean recommendation! LOVE it. The only problem is the stuff at the bottom of the bottle that doesn’t want to come up the pump, but other than that, it’s miraculous! I like the lavender.

  24. anne marie in philly says:

    word to your mother!

    another thoughtful picture of lucy; wonder what she’s thinking?

    happy birthday, lucy! from cousins meredith and steven

  25. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  26. Yesterday here, it was 65. Today, 33 – with flurries! Despite the lovely flowers trying to pretend otherwise, it’s not Spring yet. But at least we didn’t have ice. Hope it warms up for you soon.

  27. Bonnie Rosendale says:

    I LOVE LUCY! You can post anything you want – even no knitting as long as you never leave out Lucy!
    (But I do miss your beautiful knits…)
    BTW, here in the lovely Tampa Bay it was a delightful 81 today, but it will be cold tonight – down in the 40s!!! Br-r-r-r-r-r!

  28. Ice, Ice Baby…how many of us remember that reference!!??

    I have a question…I must not have been reading your blog yet back when you explained what being “poo free” means. Judging from the context, it must have something to do with your gorgeous red hair? Might you enlighten me, please? Thanks!

    BTW…loved the Loopy interview…and the very stunning photo of you!

  29. Sorry ๐Ÿ™

  30. Hey Windy~

    I just want to say wishing you best Valentine’s Day!

    (Check my kntiting blog too!)

  31. Theresa in Italy says:

    Sorry about the unwanted medical advice! And a very happy birthday to Lucy! Yes, you can get away with no knitting on the blog, but not without a picture of Lucy.

    We’re having a scirocco here, I’d gladly trade you for the rain.

  32. I’m so glad you mentioned the shampoo thing. It was a recent topic of discussion in the lunch room at work the other day. Your hair looks great.

  33. Of course it’s all about you, Wendy! This isn’t a public service announcement, it’s a weblog called “WENDYknits”. And very glad we are of it, too.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Wendy, KOARC and Lucy. Hope things settle back into calm, peaceful, warm, knitterly goodness verrrra soon.

    Happy Birthday to Lucy, tomorrow. Pssst, Lucy, it’s actually all about YOU. But then, you knew that.

    PS: Am I the only one who absolutely REFUSES to follow any commenter’s blog link, when the only point of the comment was to suggest I do so? Hmmm? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. We had ice, the black ice stuff. I ended up face down in my driveway. Great way to start off the morning. To top it off I was soaked because it was rain and ice, let’s just say if I wasn’t leaving my job in the next couple of weeks, I’d have called in.


  35. Ooh, I love Shelley. And Eliot. (“Winter kept us warm…”) Feel free to blog literary fluff whenever you want!

    I’m glad you didn’t get the ice. I actually thought of you because I know you leave so early in the morning — where I am it was terrible that early, but by 8 or 9 things were warm enough that the roads were safe. It just meant getting rained on if you had to go anywhere (like I did). (Blah.)

  36. I live just south of you, and we got ice… and Georgetown got ice. Thankfully, my husband let me know 395 was closed Tuesday night, so instead of taking the bus from Pentagon (which just *wouldn’t* have worked), I took the #401 north from Springfield Metro. Still took 4h to get home, though. Thankfully, I had my knitting with me, and got a LOT done!

  37. After seeing your last hair picture, I may buy a gallon jug of Chaz Dean’s poo free cleanser. I have curly hair that is so weighed down by Poo and Product. I have a child that has double my hair count and could benefit from it too. Thanks for the recommendation.

  38. Hmm, I must have missed the shampoo free post. Your hair looks lovely so I assume it is working well. I must go back and investigate the blog to see when you posted it. I will learn something and get to see more pics of Lucy….a win-win situation.

  39. Michele In Maine says:

    The only good part about the snow/sleet/freezing rain/rain/then cold combination is that it completely resurfaces the local pond where we ice skate! I had the misfortune of needing to drive for three hours through all of the above and it was not fun! I had to knit for several hours upon returning home to recover. I even started a long-postponed sweater (urban aran cardigan).

    The cats had a much better day!

  40. We just love ya Wendy!. Since knitting is tough to blog- you could start a “Hall of Fame” and pull out some oldies but goodies that newer readers haven’t seen. I’m curious about the log cabin sock blanket.

  41. Wow. I was just wondering if you were still using Wen. Because, not half an hour ago, I JUST USED IT FOR THE FIRST TIME!! We likes it!

  42. I live in Lake Havasu City. um, it was 80 something or other yesterday. I used to live in Landover. This time of year back then, I’d be wishing I was somewhere warm. My wish came true!
    About the “spate of kindly, well-meaning, but un-asked-for medical advice”… IMHO, you have the option to disable the comment section of yor blog. You brought yourself into the spotlight, un-asked-for advice, opinions, ect, ect, are the price you pay for the profit you get in return. Just saying…

  43. Ha, I’ve finally learned not to even tell my own Mother when I’m tired, lest I get the whole “are you taking your vitamins?” talk, or the “when is the last time you’ve had a good check-up” talk, or even the “mary jo smith just came down with cancer, and she was soooo tired” talk. Nice, no?

  44. I loved the ‘unwanted medical advice’ in this post! It reminded me of my father. One time, I was telling him a story about some silly thing happening in my life. Mid-story, he interrupted me to say, “What makes you think I’m interested in this?” I’d thought since we were swapping stories about work, I had something fun to say. Turns out I didn’t.

    Since then, before I comment online, I think, “What makes me think this blogger wants to read what I type?” You know Lucy is pretty, your knitting is wonderful, there’s links to answer all our knitting questions, and you have a doctor already. So, no comments necessary.

    I think your ‘unwanted medical advice’ statment is a great PSA reminding everyone that what they type isn’t inportant to anyone else but them.

  45. Regarding the medical advice – just got that from my Mom last night. I mention I’ve had a headache and haven’t felt 100% the last 2 days and I get back, “you’re not having headaches very often are you?” Left me wondering WTF, first I didn’t say I was having headaches all the time and second, don’t you think I’d see a doctor if I was? Geez.

  46. I laughed when I read this post because I got to work about 15 minutes early yesterday too. My office is one of the few that doesn’t follow the government so I left at regular time and arrived in my office on K to find a message on my voice mail telling us all to go slow and get to the office at our leisure. Of course, by the time they sent it out I was already in a car flying up 395. Bah!

  47. Remember Kindergarten Cop? “maybe it’s a tumor…”

  48. Yeah, the weather here in wisconsin hasnt been at its best either… but we beat the record for snow!! 79.9 inches baby!

  49. Happy Valentines Day Wenday, Lucy and KORAC, as well as birthday wishes to Miss Lucy :>

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog, the free patterns you publish and the fact that you read all your comments and respond!

    Carol in southside VA

  50. I also suspect another book in the works! And my day wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Lucy either! My kitty Puma and I moved from Arlington, VA to Monterey, CA two months ago, and we’ve already forgotten what an ice storm ice! =^-.-^=

  51. I’ve been poo free for 6 months now. I started with the Chaz Dean stuff, but I’ve been experimenting with quite a few other conditioners….JUST CONDITIONER. Anyhow, I know you’re set in your ways, but I did want to share that I got the same results using regular conditioner that I got with Chaz’s stuff.