My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Let Me Entertain You

I called in sick to work today, with sinus issues — bleah. While I am busy shoving salt water up my nose, Lucy offered to entertain you.
Here’s a video her daddy made of her, playing with the new toy he gave her for her birthday.

(There’s a video embedded there, Bloglines readers.)Thanks for all the nice comments on the photo of my pile of paper and CDs yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚ I won’t say anything else about it for the present, except that it won’t come to fruition for about a year, I think. These things take time. Oh, and it is not a monograph on tool use among Sumatran apes. A million years ago when I worked for this organization (long before it was computerized) we abstracted an article on tool use among Sumatran apes. Some science team received a grant to research that topic. During the time period of the study, they observed one instance of tool use: an ape broke a branch off a tree and used it to scratch his butt.That was a article that got passed around the office, lemmee tell you. Along with “The Ergonomics of Toilet Seat Sitting.”Yeah, good times.Where was I?

Here is the slightly different sock heel I was working on. It fits the foot very nicely. The increases are on the bottom of the foot instead of on the sides.



The Numma Numma Toasty sock yarn I’m using is very aptly named. Boy, is it ever numma numma! Very soft and lovely to knit up. Almost makes me forget that my face hurts.

Pass the salt water, please.

Lucy sez:

“When Momma doesn’t feel well, I lie on the dining room table. She is powerless to stop me!”




  1. Oh! Am I the first?

    Loved the video! Also, my cats walk all over the dining room table and both my husband and I are powerless to stop them! They don’t need me to have a sinus infection!

    Hope U feel better soon! I have major sinus issues and just go with the flow when I get’em. I take allergy shots, but does it help? Hard to say ! No medical advice intended! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Am looking forward to the new book and LOVE the nummy socks – or nummer socks.. whatever! luv.m. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. PICAdrienne says:

    I am sorry you have a sinus infection, they are really not fun. As for Miss Lucy, if our cat tried to lay on a table that way, well, we would let him, because he would end up falling off. Our cat is a total klutz, and is so funny that he is very undisciplined. I will watch the video later.

    Feel better soon.

  3. Hello, I just found your blog ( I was looking for sock blockers ) and noticed we have a couple of things in common. of course we both knit, I live in the DCmetro area and have a cat I adopted from a rescue that I adore. And we both took our cats to the vet over the holiday weekend!! Mine is in good health too but one (1) pound overweight (can you imagine) Your cat is beautiful, mine is just a shorthair but she has one blue eye and one green eye which makes her pretty special.

  4. Loved the Lucy video ๐Ÿ™‚ and I cant wait to see the finished socks. Theres some numma numma just callin my name at The Loopy Ewe hope its still there when I get back to finish my purchase!

  5. The new sock heel looks wonderful; hope to hear more details about it. Looking forward to another book from you – exciting! Hope you’re feeling better quickly; those sinus things are awful. Good thing you have a snuggly kitty to help you feel better.

  6. Kitty tetherball!

    My sympathies on the sinuses. I’ve been whining about mine all day since the tree pollen has gone into pretty high gear here in the Puget Sound area.

    Great socks! (and yarn)

  7. Re sinus problems: You know about the Neti pot, no? Saved my life, I tell ya. Weird? Yes. Effective? Yes. If you haven’t heard of it (or already have one), get thee to the nearest Whole Foods or Google “Neti pot” for online sources.

  8. Sinus issues are no fun.

    So, where does one get said kitty toy? I have a kitty who needs to let off some energy without knocking stuff off of shelves and shredding paper….

  9. Barbara-Kay says:

    Of course she can get away with the dining room table…and how do they know?

    Sorry you’re under the weather. I’m certain you know what works for you, so I’ll just say take care of yourself.

    Oh, and cats redeem themselves by being warm and comfy when you need them.

  10. I love Numma Numma too, almost as much as Dream in Color. Love the heel.

  11. I loved Lucy’s video. What type of toy is it? I think my cats need one. And yes my cats are all over the dinning room table too.

  12. Hope you feel better soon. Lucy is too cute!

  13. The toy is readily available at most drug stores. It’s a Hartz “Birds of a Teather” toy. Here’s the product detail:

  14. It looks like Lucy is somewhat underwhelmed by her lovely toy. Usually they like the wadded up wrapping paper better.

  15. My kitties would love one of those wind-up thingies. Cabin fever seemed to set in with them at around Thanksgiving this winter — you can imagine just how nutso they are by now.

    Feel better soon!

  16. Lucy is a true Ragdoll; not about to expend any more energy than is absolutely necessary!! I have a friend who has 3 Ragdolls; they seem to spend most of their time upside down looking cute or asleep.

  17. Hope you feel better soon!

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about that sock construction, too!

  18. hope you feel better soon – i just wanted to ask where the toy is from..great stuff

  19. I also hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections are the pits. The only thing that helps me is to take quercitin, a bioflavinoid supplement, sort of a vitamin c relative, twice a day when I feel sinus pressure beginning. And to drink a lot of water. If you google sinus pressure points there are pictures of where to press to reduce pain and encourage draining. And drug stores sell wonderful Therabeads packs that you heat in the microwave for pain relief and drainage. It really helps. Sorry for all the sinus tips but if even one helps it will make Lucy happy! The sock looks wonderful. And the photo and caption of Lucy disrespecting the rules about the dining room table is so cute. Our kitty, who looks like a distant cousin of Lucy’s, only she isn’t a long-hair, has the same attitude about tables.

  20. Feel better. I must get that toy for Devil Cat…errr, Carli. I am sure she may love it more than unearthing my stash!

  21. Sorry you are under the weather. Lucy’s new toy reminds me of teatherball in grade school. I always got bashed in the head. Hope you & Lucy are having more fun!

  22. CUTE video! I need to get my kitties one of those.

    What kind of spinning wheel do you have? (The one you can see in the video). You have another one too, right? I think I’ve seen/heard you mention it before.

  23. Theresa in Italy says:

    Hope the sinus pain eases soon (my whole family suffers from sinus problems). Nice looking heel! But what wouldn’t look good in that yarn—Sheri’s nearly sold out of it already!

    Too funny about the Sumatran apes and their tool use!

  24. Ow! Face pain isn’t fun. Hope you feel better soon.

  25. Even though I have humidification on the furnace I added a room humidifier this winter and have felt better.

  26. The music absolutely makes the video.
    I hope you feel better soon. I suggest tea. And brandy. Maybe more brandy than tea. And honey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Loved the video. Our dining room table is cat friendly–have to feed the cats there to keep the dogs from eating their cat foot.
    Hope your sinuses are better. I suffered through that last week.
    Hoping for more info on the heel. I’m not a big fan of gussets.Sally

  28. Stupid sinuses! I don’t know if you’re near a vitamin or health food store, but if you are and you can find some myrrh capsules (I know, it sounds biblical, doesn’t it?), they work wonders for the sinuses (and bronchitis, too). Sometimes it is called “myrrh gum” — same thing. There is a liquid which also works great, but it tastes bloody awful, so unless you have a strong constitution, I wouldn’t recommend it for the uninitiated. The capsules are the way to go. It will help keep it from going from your sinuses to your ears, too. (it has an astringent-type action and it seems to, in my layman’s terms, gather and suck up the crap and get it out)

  29. Feel better! And thanks for the giggle. I had to go to the Bronx Zoo to watch gorilla locomotion for a class. The silverback rode a tricycle while I was observing! I was the only one who mentioned it and got extra credit. Ah, academe.

  30. It’s amazing what we let our cats get away with, isn’t it. I never thought I’d let a cat sit on my table, but we let our Smokey do anything, and we thought she was so cute doing it.

    Looking forward to hearing more about that heel you’re working on. And, btw, I’m glad your picture thingy is back.

  31. Michele In Maine says:

    Sit on the table? And, walk over my face in bed, walk on the kitchen counters, hog the couch, you name it, they own it! It’s their cuteness that saves them.

    Feel better. Neti pots do seem to work, though they’re not so fun to use.

  32. sorry bout the sinus stuff, can’t wait to hear more about the sock construction. Lucy as always, is a star.

  33. A whole YEAR?! piff!
    It looks like the toy is making Lucy dizzy and slightly annoyed. I know it made me dizzy.

  34. Do we dare hope for a new book by you??

    MsLucy is adorable as always. The video definitely shows her attitude…”I can’t be bothered to move, the toy can come to me!” What a cutie

  35. Ahhhh the Neti Pot and I are also having fun this week. I blame it on this crazy weather… the dry cold outside is killing me!!

    Love Lucy!

    Hope you feel better soon. Sinus trouble stinks… no pun intended…

  36. Hope you feel perkier tomorrow. Sinus problems are ‘orrible.

    I smiled at the disdainful way Lucy walked away from her toy when she’d had enough.

  37. Somehow, I doubt that you’re able to keep Lucy off whatever she wants to be on even when you’re well. Hope you feel better soon – sinus problems suck!

  38. Love the video but I’m sorry to hear you are sick – you have had more than your share of health problems.

    The sock heel sounds/looks similar to Mary Ann Beattie’s (Queen Kahuna) Crazy Heels and Toes method. I’ll be waiting to see how it turns out.

  39. Wendy, hope you’re feeling better soon. The company i work for is moving our whole office because (partly) so many folks stay sick with allergy and sinus problems. We’re told that the bulding we’re in heavily contributes to the problem. Makes me pause when I come in the door some days!!

    As we say in the south, I’m so tickled that you’ve got another “writing project” in the works! Hopefully, you’ll let a few hints slip over the year to tease us with whats to come??

    The sock heel looks great – I”m with the rest of the crowd and would love to see actually what you did.

    Get well !

    Carol in Prince George, VA

  40. I’m just coming off a sinus infection that was struck down in its prime by sinus irrigation (OK, and antibiotics). I didn’t believe this would make any difference at all, having tried the little Neti pots with no effect whatsoever except a damp mess, so I was quite amazed when it did. I don’t know whether to be really happy it worked or really peeved that I was so wrong.

    I got that Grossan HydroPulse from Amazon, at my allergist’s recommendation, and it made an astounding difference. My face stopped hurting in about a day and I quit waking myself up coughing. Now, with just normal allergy stuff going on, I feel better and my husband swears I snore a whole lot less.

    Feel better soon.