My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Knit Goes On

I am knitting along on Agatha — see?



In yesterday’s photo, it was on a 32″ needle. In this photo I have switched to a 40″ needle. It’s a regular Addi Turbo, not a lace needle. Partly because when I am knitting lace with worsted weight yarn I find I don’t need a particularly pointy needle, but mostly because I don’t have an Addi Lace needle in size 7.



So that’s pretty much it. Nothing much else going on here . . .

So I’m reduced to taking photos of gas station signs. This Exxon station:



is directly across the street from this Shell station:



Why would anybody buy gas at the Exxon station?

Oh, and this Sunoco station is two blocks away:



Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lucy sez:





  1. PICAdrienne says:

    Wish we had your gas prices, ours are about 30 cents a gallon more.

    The shawl is lovely. The color is amazing.

    Lucy, you really should not work so hard. Your fur might get ruffled.

  2. Agatha is very pretty. It’s a nice color after all the grey of winter.

    Gas is cheaper in Arlington ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure lots of people will chime in with their gas prices and then we’ll both really feel bad.

  3. Agatha’s lovely — such a nice color after all the grey of winter.

    Gas is cheaper in Arlington ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure you’ll hear from a bunch of people with lower prices, and then we’ll both feel bad.

    (Apologies if this shows up twice; I hit submit the first time and my comment disappeared!)

  4. Dang girlfriend, it’s been a LONG, LONG time since gas has been that low in SoCal! It’s running about 3.49 a gal here for regular. I saw 3.65 for premium this a.m. on the way to work! I paid 3.39 (for regular) last week and thought that was good ๐Ÿ™

    Love the shawl and am amazed at the progress. I’ll never be able to knit like that! That colorway is just gorgeous!

    Lucy, you darling kitty! Such a happy contented cat! luv.m.

  5. This shawl is going to be beautiful!!

  6. Do you have a favorite needle for lace? I find k3tog difficult with what I have. I am looking to upgrade. thx.

  7. Agatha is lovely — nice Springy color after all this winter grey we’ve had to put up with.

    Gas is definitely cheaper in Arlington ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (This is my third attempt at this comment; don’t know why it won’t let me post…)

  8. I paid $2.97 tonight, and not a mile away, it was $3.17. Why would anyone go to the second station?

    And I’m currently working on a baby blanket with a similar needle change. Why am I using that size? Because it’s what I had. Still, I like how it’s turning out, and that’s what matters!

  9. Ditto on the 30 cents comment – It’s hard to find gas here in the Seattle area (at least without driving to get to it which seems kinda stupid) under $3.50….for *regular*. I’m already resigned to this being a summer of gas in the $4-5/gallon range and since Europe is paying way more than that already I don’t suppose we can really whine. I’m just glad I have a SMALL car. And that I have enough yarn in my stash to have choices when I may need to devote more “disposable” income to things like gasoline, electricity, and, oh, FOOD.

    I really like the subtle color play in that yarn – can’t wait to see the shawl when it’s blocked!

  10. gee, reading the comments from other places than VA I guess we don’t have it as bad as ithers. But it is a racket around here that the prices are all over the place. When I drove home today one station is .10 higher than when I left for work. Lucy has the right idea. I’m getting up for a stretch!

  11. I worked out yesterday that we’re paying $4.50 a gallon. Why would anyone buy gas in Canada?

    I’m going to have to this weekend — I’m using my dad’s car for the FibreFest. I’m seriously considering whipping over the border on the way back (it’s not far) to gas up again.

  12. Check out CNN’s global gas prices site for an interesting perspective!

  13. I need to quit bitc*** about gas prices 2.96 here, there are perks living so close to the refinerys.
    Love the shawl I need to find a sport wt shawl pattern and get busy!

  14. Yikes, we also have about 30 cents more per gallon, at least last time I checked, which was this morning. It changes pretty quickly around here, it’s probably up to 3.50 by now. (Seattle area)

  15. I do declare. The only thing more beautius than a stretching kitty would be one all curled up on her/himself with the head tucked between the paws. You really should charge $ when the pictures are that cute.

  16. I may have to plan a road trip! And I’d buy at the Exxon–Premium R Us in this stupid enviormentally friendly Volvo.

  17. Aussie Rosemary says:

    Regular petrol here at the moment works out at about $5 AUS per gallon.That would make it around $4.50 US . I heard this morning that Canada,US and Mexico are the only countries cheaper than us.

  18. cathy johnson says:

    I love the shawl pattern; tell me, do you like the dream in color yarn?

    Gas in Minneapolis is $3.05 as of today, everything went up 15 to 16 cents from the weekend.
    It’s a great reason to stay home and knit.

    I love a rationalization, don’t you? Recall the quote from Jeff Goldblum in Big Chill about rationalizations…

  19. As others have said, your gas is so cheap! We’re in the $3.35-3.40 range and apparently it’s going to get worse! Oh, I’m in Seattle, in case anyone is deciding where to live based on gas prices. Here is NOT the place!

  20. Juliette says:

    In the same movie Jeff Goldblum said his magazine’s editorial policy was not to write anything longer than the average person could read during the average shit.

    Love that movie!

  21. Hi Wendy – I love your Agatha! Are you alternating between 2 skeins of DC Classy at once to avoid color chunks? If so, about how often are you switching? Thanks!!

  22. Love your new shawl. Our regular gas in No. Cal is $3.45 for regular & $3.95 for diesel.
    Appreciate the $3.11!! Onward to spring. have a good day

  23. Here in Finland gas is 95 octan 1.42โ‚ฌ/litre, diesel 1,21โ‚ฌ/litre (and we pay yearly tax for diesel motors, depends on motors size, example Volvos yearly tax is 500โ‚ฌ+yearly tax for only using car is on Volvo 112โ‚ฌ

    And most people here in midlle western Finland need car every day to go work!

  24. Don’t feel bad, we’re still hovering around the $3.35 a gallon mark…

  25. I have long known our gas prices were lower than most of the rest of the world’s, but I still do object to ExxonMobil having that outrageously high profit while many people in this country can’t afford to properly heat their homes in the winter. stepping down off the soapbox now

  26. Our gas here IS. ALL. THE. SAME. PRICE. Every single gas station regardless of brand or location in town. And truth be told, we’ve got a lot of them for the size of the permanent population.

    It’s like they pass around a memo each week. Can you say collusion?

  27. Hubby is a consultant and did a pricing study for a “large international petroleum co.” so I know the rationale for different prices at different stations but we have a Citgo that is 25-30 cents less than the Mobile across the street. I never see a car at the Mobile. There’s another place 2 blocks away that is cheaper than the Citgo.

    My theory? They have to be doing something illegal- selling drugs, money laundering. Otherwise I can’t see how they stay in business.

  28. Wendy, just FYI, I’m an American living in London and the gas here is about $2 a LITER!!! So, consider yourself lucky!!!
    Hey, I love the shade of blue you’re knitting!

  29. Here in SW MO gas prices range depending on the brand from 2.96/gal to 3.05(or so)/gal for the 87octane gas. Everything else is 3.10or higher a gal. I well inagine it will be taking a jump here pretty soon since spring breaks start in about 2 weeks and then of course theres summer comin up too.

  30. Agatha is beautiful. Question for you – why aren’t you using your Knit Picks? I thought you bought the whole set and therefore would have size #7. I so love my Knit Picks over Addi any day of the week.

    Also, don’t be alarmed but I had a dream about you!! You were at my house visiting and you were completely bored. I was horrified that I wasn’t being a good host.

    Strange I know.


  31. Oh man, I just shopped my stash. Love this pattern and it’s perfect for a little experiment I have in mind. Worsted shawl body with a heavy laceweight mohair border. Do you think it would work?

  32. When I was a kid, my parents would only buy Shell gas. My friend’s parents would only buy Exxon. Gas allegiance was like political party allegiance. My (tightwad) parents would never have bought anything other than Shell gas, no matter the cost difference. When I got my driver’s license, my dad presented me with my very own Shell credit card.

  33. Here’s a website that tells you the best gas prices in your neighborhood:

  34. Kind of interesting that you have gas price “choices.” In my small-ish city/town (Columbia, Missouri), when the price changes, everyone in town has the same new price within about half an hour.

    Agatha is looking good! I have that pattern too.

  35. Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy says:

    Y’know, it’s over 10 years since the Exxon Valdez spill, and I still won’t buy that brand — regardless of the price. I”ve noticed that there are very few Exxon stations in Seattle — only two that I know of, both in the South End (lower income areas).

    Give me the bus whenever possible!

  36. We have that same gas phenomenon where I live – I can get gas from Exxon, or I can go up the road 1/2 mile and get gas 5 cents cheaper, also from Exxon. Personally, I avoid the confusion and go to BP. ๐Ÿ™‚

    (BTW, I love the Agatha shawl you’re knitting. I ordered the pattern yesterday and am looking forward to making one for myself.)

  37. I work on the boarder between states, so if you drive 100 yards down the street the price drops 10 cents a gallon. Go figure.

  38. please send some of that cheaper gas our way – I think I paid 3.85/gallon yesterday filling my “borrowed” car… eek!

  39. Woooah, is that how much petrol costs in the US??? I’m moving! If I change it into Euros per liter, it comes out at 45 cents per liter, while we pay a whopping (hold on) 1.45 EURO a liter, which is around 6.5 Euros a gallon, or more than 9 dollars!

    (Yes, I love converters on the Internet…)

    I love Agatha, by the way!!!