My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happiness is . . .

. . . balancing your checkbook and discovering that, because you cannot subtract worth beans, there is $100 more than you thought in your checking account.

. . . spending some of that found money at The Loopy Ewe on Dream in Color Baby laceweight.

. . . being more than halfway done with the stealth project you are knitting.

. . . having a major crush on your current lace project.

. . . plotting and scheming and thinking about a new lace project to start when you complete your current lace project.



. . . dreaming about the laceweight yarn you just ordered for your new lace project.

. . . Peach Fresca.



. . . looking forward to watching The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which is being shown on TCM tonight. “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”

. . . a purring kitty friend.



What makes you happy? πŸ™‚




  1. … reading the Wendyknits blog everyday πŸ™‚

  2. What makes me happy?

    Cuddling my kitties (of course); knitting my beautiful new sockies (coincidentally the WendyKnits Eyelet Rib free pattern); the lovely Schaefer Anne I’m knitting aforesaid sockies in; trying a new cast-on (the Turkish cast-on) for the first time, and furthermore getting it right; getting a perfect on my most recent Physics lesson (there had to be *one* non-knitting thing). Ooh, and listening to (and singing along to) live music.

  3. For me happiness is a lapful of purring kitties, knitting in my hands and a good show on the telly…

  4. patricia says:

    Sunshine and being outdoors

    My purring kitty Magpie

    Fondling yarn, esp. silk/wool blends

    seeing the pile of accepted manuscripts I need to copyedit diminish drastically

    moscato and cava

  5. …being leaned on by a Great Dane who is falling asleep with her head in my hand.
    …Chicken Alfredo Pizza
    …knitting and watching LOTR…it’s a great combo!
    …watching snow falling while I’m inside.
    …brand new calves nursing, jumping, & racing all with tails upright and waving madly.
    …watching those calves with my farmer husband.
    …observing my teenage stepson.
    …knowing that I am NOT a teenager.
    …reading Wendy Knits first thing at work!

  6. Carol Lee says:

    Purring kitties, fascinating knitting, good friends at knit night, and of course, good knitting blogs!

  7. ChristyH says:

    Sitting next to my husband and knitting, feeling his head after a hair cut, cuddling with my children in the morning in bed, seeing the light in their eyes when they understand a new concept (we homeschool), reading my bible and really, really good cheese. all those thing make me happy Seeing beautiful knitting

  8. Realizing through doing it that I can knit wearable, attractive sweaters for myself.

    Watching Casablanca:
    “I am shocked, shocked to find gambling going on in this establishment!”
    “Here are your winnings, sir.”
    “Oh, Thank you very much.”

  9. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Snuggling with my kitty makes me really happy! Knitting socks and buying sock yarn does, too.

    I love those great old movies–must say I’m partial to Casablanca, too. And Citizen Kane.

    That photo of you and Lucy is great!

  10. My three Golden Retrievers and my two kitties make me happy. I am just back from vacation and missed them all so much. Happiness is also knowing I have time to begin another pair of socks this evening (we won’t discuss the chevron scarf I started last week), watch some TV and spend time with my pets. I also am happy each day there is a new post on your blog.

  11. warm brownies during a raging snowstorm

  12. Mmmm – Peach Fresca. And purring cats. And piles of yarn. And time to knit. And good friends. And my family. And now I want an Alfredo Chicken Pizza (thanks a lot, Jolene…)

  13. Purring Kitties in my lap, Knitting in my hands, free Sock patterns to knit in yummy yarn, good food, baking bread, spending time with family and my wonderful hubby! And My favorites list full of good knitting blogs πŸ™‚

  14. …leaving work before 9 pm.

    …coming home to a purring kitty.

    …being able to knit for half an hour before falling asleep.

    …knowing the weekend is coming.

  15. I have got to run set the TiVo to catch that movie! The badges sequence has to be one of the most quoted (and misquoted and parodied) bits of movie dialogue ever. Once I googled “no stinkin badges” and found a whole page of them, many from sources I hadn’t even heard of.

  16. Goodness Wendy, we are twins separated at birth. What we have in common: knitting, cats, and TCM. I asked significant other to do the dishes so I could view Sierra Madre. Does life get any better? Be well.

  17. Dorothy says:

    oooh peach Fresca sounds so good. What is the sweetner in it? I love purring kitties and this abosolutely divine lace yarn by Malabrigo. So soft and luscious!!! planning my next project with this yarn and yes it is from The Loopy Ewe!!! Have a cosy evening.

  18. sarbah77 says:

    Peach Fresca? That sounds quite interesting!

    What makes me happy?
    -The realization that my friends are exactly the type of friends I’ve wanted my whole life – loyal, dependable, loving… not above telling me to shape up when needed and always there with a sympathetic ear!
    -my husband and my kitties! the three of them help keep the bed warm at night. πŸ˜‰
    -lots of little things

  19. You do! Your blog makes my day.

    And coffee. And my job. And my boyfriend, and yarn and coffee. And coffee.

  20. Under normal circumstances, buying yarn!

  21. cuddling in bed with hubby
    old Twilight Zone marathons

  22. What makes me happy…today…knitting with friends & discovering a cupcake store..yummmiee!!

  23. Patrese says:

    Realizing that I’m on the road to where I’ve planned to be. With lots of creativity, puppy love, kitty love, children love and a general feeling of “I think I’m going to make it”.

  24. I posted a happiness post on leap day. But, if I’m answering again. Flowers, bright colors, candles, mail, and smiles from friends.

  25. Today, Daffodils and lunch with my friends.

  26. Today’s Happy Moments

    *I’m getting a new computer for my birthday (my faithful iMac is eight years old). I’m soooo excited!
    *My cat shoving himself under my arm while I’m at the computer, begging for treats (I like to pretend it’s all about the love, not the treats).
    *Those mini bags of microwave popcorn.
    *And finally, a heated mattress pad when it’s supposed to get down to -10ΒΊ tonight!

  27. The sweet, sweet life my husband and I share – with our two cats of course – Buster and Yoda!!

    My job as medical librarian.

    Good friends and family.

    Beautiful gardens and gardening.


    Knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch – especially when I complete a project! πŸ˜‰


    Being inside with a cat -or two – in my lap, a fire in the fireplace and the latest needlework project (or book) in my hands on a rainy, stormy day.

    Saturday mornings in the local library perusing the latest mysteries/fiction/ arrivals.

    Great movies such as many listed in the above comments! Also, my husband and I are partial to KDOC Saturday night monster movies – they remind us of our childhood!

    Sunday thru Thursday between 3:00 and 4:00 Pacific Time when I check for the latest Wendy Knits and Lucy update!

    C U Sunday. Have a good weekend! luv.m.

  28. Sock Knitter says:

    You, and others like you that are willing to help new knitters (like me) even when the questions are crazy — Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  29. Listening to Hilsong while knitting and playing guitar. Well, I can try! πŸ˜‰

  30. Peach Fresca? I am so going to that bulls-eye store tomorrow first thing to get me some.

    Things that make me happy? Knowing my kitty will be alright after 2 vet visits and $180. Remembering that that’s why I won’t be buying nearly as much yarn the next couple of months. Finding that my hubby had printed off a sock pattern for me at work yesterday because I e-mailed him saying I was having printer problems here so could he fix them when he got home. Watching my 3 boys sleeping ( it’s only when they sleep that you can almost see their halo, when they’re awake, you can only almost see their horns). Knitting something for someone and thinking about the person the whole time and knowing they have no idea you’re working on something for them. Oh yeah, and the old Fannie May candies (specifically Hostess Mints and Peppermint Ice) and See’s candies (thank you MIL for introducing me to these).

  31. what makes me happy?
    -my cat curling up with me (UNDER the covers…lol)
    -sharp pointy knitting needles
    -taco bell still being open for a fix when i get off work at 11pm
    -my most comfortable nightie that i’ve had since high school
    -finding the perfect fabric remnant to add to my quilt squares
    -eating all the pecans out of the can of mixed nuts (hey, you asked!)

  32. Meribeth says:

    My daily laugh from Oscar
    Rolling over at night and hearing Oscar’s whisper purr
    DH coming home
    Watching Ninja Warriors. I know, not very sophisticated, but I love to see and join in the laughter and support the crowd and competetors give eachother. I am also amazed at the grace and strength.
    Fiber?? Seeing the end of Irish Moss for dh and knowing it will fit. And what would make me happy is to find some guilt free $ so I can order Morrocan Days/Arabian Nights

  33. Happiness is getting the new puppy to quiet down long enough to read Wendyknits, which, as you can see, wasn’t until the next morning!

  34. Theresa in Italy says:

    Happiness is the Newfoundland leaning into my lap (and drooling) as I read Wendy Knits with my first mug of coffee in hand, knowing it’s Friday at last!

    Funny, I’ve never come across a Chicken Alfredo pizza over here (but I want one anyway)!

  35. Bonnie H. says:

    Getting up on Saturday morning before hubby and sitting in my chair with a nice hot cup of tea, my knitting or embroidery, and my chocolate Lab spread across my ottoman with his head in my lap. Add a favorite old movie and I’m in Heaven.

    Redbud trees in bloom and bright green, tiny leaves coming out on trees.

    Being in a good yarn shop or a good cross stitch shop.

    I could think of more, but thoughts of getting ready for work keep creaping in!

  36. …my first “formal” knitting lesson at 9 a.m. this morning at LYS. I think this one will be a bit different than having my busia(busha) (grandmother) holding my hands some 55 years ago.

  37. Louise in Maryland says:

    Family, friends, dogs, knitting, cooking, ganrdening. The precious weeks I spend in Maine each year, sitting on the porch, looking out onto Casco Bay and knitting while the kids and gos run around and play.

  38. babyface says:

    Since I am not well, I really appreciate
    your knitting blog and others. It’s keeps
    me attached to the outside world since
    I’m not out often especially with the
    weather we’ve been having. A FO makes
    me kiddy. I love my e-mails. I love to
    look at my yarn; it makes me happy.
    I love the old movies also. Especially,
    Mildred Pierce, Now Voyager, and Citizen
    Kane. Most of all I love my grandchildren;
    they are all special. I love to hear good news. And of course there is always

  39. Alice in Richmond says:

    Your blog makes me happy and:
    ~having new fibery stuff to play with
    ~husband taking out the trash and recycling without being asked
    ~having NO dishes in the sink in the morning (that never happens)
    ~chocolate and aged crunchy Easter peeps (not together though)
    ~clean sheets and a new pillow
    ~the beach!!!

    that was random, no?

  40. … waking up with a warm kitty nestled into the small of my back
    … my husband driving the kids to school so I don’t have to get dressed
    … having friends come over just to knit
    … finding beads that match the yarn just so I can bead my lace
    … seeing lace I designed look better in the yarn than it did on the graph
    … reading comments from my blog
    … getting springboards for positive blog posts by reading blog entries like this one…

  41. Terri P. says:

    Happiness is…

    Watching the mailman bring a Loopy Ewe package to my door.
    Kitties who sleep curled up in a ball with their paws over their eyes.
    An episode of Lost that answers more questions than it raises (is there such a thing??)
    Watching Rear Window on TCM (doesn’t everyone wish they were as smooth as Grace Kelly?)
    The feeling I have when my twins come home from college for spring break.
    That perfect skein of cashmere buried in my stash waiting for its day in the sun.
    Friday nights.
    The perfect cup of coffee.
    I could go on and on…I have a pretty happy life.

  42. ooo–do people still balance checkbooks–wild. Hurray for extra money–like finding cash in last year’s jacket pocket, only more than you would normally lose in a jacket pocket. And peach fresca–also pretty wild.

  43. It’s Friday and I got to wear jeans to work today because I’m not at my regular office. That always makes me happy. Have a good weekend Wendy!

  44. Wendy- Woohoo! Found money- every once in a while, life treats us kindly, and I would do exactly what you did- more yarn.

    Because that’s what turns my crank!

  45. love , love, love that last pic of you and Lucy. (almost as much as the photo of Lucy embracing her inertia …. grin)
    Fresca comes in Peach flavor.. (yummm)
    and blue shawls = oceans of beauty.

  46. The roving I’m spinning right now (BFL from Spunky Eclectic in the Mandy colorway); a few more minutes of daylight every day; family and friends, in all kinds of space; cats; knowing that I may actually finish a stealth project soon.

  47. Today’s blog reminds me of a greeting card that was tucked into a bag of yarn and knitting books my son gave me for Christmas: Three women knitting on front of card…inside: “Swatches? We don’t need no stinking swatches!”

  48. Happiness is…
    … getting a bonus at work AND figuring out my tax refund, all in one week.
    … waking up to a purring kitty and realizing it’s Saturday.
    … laughing over Brit Coms with my DH.
    … trying new knitting stitches and getting them to actually look like the pictures.
    … having a facial done by the most capable set of hands I’ve ever found. And having those hands belong to a sweet, funny person, as well.
    … buying a new CD and listening to it all in one sitting.
    … finishing a book I started over a year ago.
    These are a few of my favorite things!

  49. Doggy kisses! Coming home to my furbabies makes a rough day at work melt away among the kisses and jumps and woo-woo-woo’s. Oh, and Peach Fresca…gotta have my Peach Fresca!

  50. OMG, Peach Fresca!! Those of us up North (Canada) aren’t quite as lucky as you!! Please send some!!!

  51. What makes me happy:

    Being home with tons of uninterrupted knitting time laid out in front of me, purring kitty friends on lap, a package from Loopy Ewe!

    Have a good weekend Wendy & Lucy!


  52. Knitting. Hockey. My husband. Having a doctor who listens when you say that you’re depressed and sends you to a fantastic psychologist, along with putting you on an anti-depressant and then prescribing sleeping medication when you go back two months later and say, “Okay, we’re moving forward on the depression thing, but now we have this other problem to fix.”

    I’d forgotten how much joy there was in smiling.

  53. What made me happy yesterday was this “conversation” between my cat and my 2-year-old daughter.

    “Look Nigel! Cat food! I bringed it for you! I have a yucky finger!”

    And the huge smile I got from her picking her up at daycare.

    Then there is the feel of soft, strong, sproingy wool in my hands making a sweater for my husband.

    And hot lemon and honey when I have a cold, and Singin’ in the Rain.

    And the absolute gorgeousness of knitted lace in a wool-silk blend.

    And purple alpaca!

  54. Peach Fresca?!?! They make Peach Fresca?! I gotta go find me some of that!

    Dang, where are my car keys…

  55. Learning to spindle spin (and doing in the cafeteria before work), singing Gilbert and Sullivan, singing made up songs with weird lyrics, wearing hand knits.

  56. knitting with REALLY good needles (I love the new Signature Arts needles…..),
    spinning REALLY good fiber (and not screwing it up)
    anything that sparkles,
    a good meal that I didn’t have to cook or clean up after,
    waking up and realizing its SATURDAY!!!!
    going out for breakfast
    man.. I’m easy to please aren’t I?

  57. Mellanie says:

    That is the cutest picture of you and Lucy. Watching my dogs play in the snow makes me happy.

  58. Ann in CT says:

    Variations on that theme.
    But substitute a snoring golden retriever keeping my feet/lap warm.

  59. Deb in PA says:

    Happiness is…

    Friends and family

    Friends who knit

    Working in the yarn store on Saturdays. I get to pet the yarn, see what’s new, talk about knitting and no one thinks I’m odd.

    A clean house would make me happy (as long as I’m not the one to do it.

  60. Playing in my stash on a rainy afternoon.
    My two grandsons running to me with open arms, big smiles and shouts of
    “It’s Grandma!” They’re ages two and four.
    My animal family, two dogs named Bonnie and Shiloh, two kitties named Scamp and Mr. Squeaky.
    Seeing a finished lace shawl blocked on my bed.
    The mockingbird who sings his little head off every morning now it’s warmer.

    All these things and about ninety more make me happy.

  61. What makes me happy? Well, folding my 20-year-old in my embrace after a long separation (she’s coming home tonight!) . . . discussing literature with my students and having them point out something I never noticed . . . teasing and joking with my DD#3 . . . in my sister’s breezeway on a summer visit, talking and laughing, with a gin and tonic (extra lime) . . . . looking at a picture of my big bro who just became a grandpa . . . opening my email and seeing “a letter to my lovely mother” from DD#2 . . . watching any movie with my DH . . . talking to one of my four cats (“It’s Kitty City around here!”) and having him/her reply . . . knitting without pain.

  62. I love Fresca. But peach? Does the peach completely replace the grapefruit or is it added?

  63. anne marie in philly says:

    my cat kids (meredith and steven)
    reading books
    listening to music
    a train trip anywhere
    looking at toulouse-lautrec paintings
    listening to baseball games on the radio (bonus points if they win!)
    slurping a vanilla triple malted milkshake

  64. Cat snorgling makes me exceedingly happy. Malabrigo snorgling is pretty high on the list, too. Your post made me smile (and after only one cup of coffee, that’s high praise indeed from me).

  65. JOANN-WI says:

    What makes me Happy?
    – a quiet house to knit, with soft music playing, and my big dog at my feet
    -reading Wendy’s blog every day!
    -bright sunshine
    -baking cookies
    -a beautiful sock yarn and pattern

    I’m not too picky.

  66. Morning coffee. Watching the dogs leap around in the drifted snow from the blizzard. Being in the homestretch of my sock.

  67. …having a new post to read on
    …being almost finished with a first sweater.
    …knowing that I AM a teenager.
    …a new CD.
    …the “shhhck” sound made by sharp skate blades on freshly zamboni’d ice.
    …big piles of soft fluffy yarn.
    …a new pair of needles.
    …clean linens.
    …library books!
    …cable patterns!
    …pouring rain.
    …anything chocolate. πŸ™‚

  68. also, being praised by brother’s friends for making the best chocolate chip cookies on the block! (You know, not to brag or anything…)

  69. Happiness is

    — New sock yarn (Oh, the possibilities!)
    — Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
    — Sunshine (I live in rainy western Oregon)
    — Reading Lucy’s Blog (Oops! I mean Wendy’s)
    — More new sock yarn!

  70. …when the furnace repair person finishes fixing your furnace on a cold winter’s day and turns it back on.

    …blog surfing while drinking a cup of hot of peppermint tea with honey from my uncle’s bees.

    …finally finding out that that constant pain your chest was nothing more than an irritated tendon.

    …loving a small lace project of your own design.

  71. Jacquie says:

    …. feeling pure cashmere for the first time and realizing my cats fee like that
    ….. hugging my husband
    …… seeing my children
    ……. witnessing the first flower on my mad plant that only flowers for one day
    …… knitting something and feeling that sense of achievement that no one else in the house gets (like learning toe up socks, I high fived myself! )
    ….. great chocolate, good coffee,warm apple pie with hot custard


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