My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Yeah, You Know What Happiness Isn’t?

Frigging Daylight Saving Time, that’s what.

I resent the fact that I am losing an hour out of this weekend. If we have to set the stupid clocks forward, why can’t we do it at, say, Monday at 1pm?

Of course, the KOARC pointed out to me that if we lost an hour on a Monday afternoon in March, we’d have to gain an hour on a Monday afternoon in the autumn. So I guess that wouldn’t work.

Even given the loss of one precious golden hour, I finished knitting my Agatha Shawl. Here it is unblocked.



I used Dream in Color Classy worsted weight in the “Blue Lagoon” colorway, purchased from The Loopy Ewe and knit my shawl with a 4.5mm needle. The pattern came from “That Logan Chick” and I purchased my copy here.

I used almost all of 4 skeins of yarn, so close to 1000 yards.

I soaked the completed shawl in warm water with some Soak wool wash, then spun it in my washer to get all the excess moisture out. Here it is blocking:



I made mine quite a bit larger than the pattern directs, and I probably spread it out a little more in the blocking. The onlyplaces I pinned, though, are the points of the edging, so it’s really not stretched at all. The wingspan is close to 80 inches.

As I said while knitting this, it’s a lovely well-written pattern and was great fun to knit.

Here is what Lucy thinks of the time change:




  1. I hate these DST changes too – especially losing an hour! But…I think you have the right idea. Let’s just change by an hour – if we change at noon I think we’ve got it. In the Spring, we just take a late lunch and it’ll end up being 1-2 instead of 12 to 1 and the afternoon will be really fast. In the FALL, we leave for lunch at 12pm and come back at the new 1pm so we get a 2 hour lunch time and can run some errands ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Agatha looks beautiful. I like having some heavier shawls to be really warm when I want to snuggle into one on a chilly day (whether that means it’s actually cold or just an over-active AC unit at work!).

  2. Simple . . . you add the change to Fridays. Friday at noon for the Spring, when you lose an hour (so the weekend starts earlier) and Friday midnight in the winter so that the hour you gain is good for frolicing or sleeping, as you prefer . . . but still gets added into the actual weekend….

  3. I love your shawl. I just end up cranky for a few days when the daylight savings time sarts. Hubby hates it.

  4. How beautiful!! I bought this pattern but I don’t understand the first part where it says ‘don’t turn your work’ and I keep telling myself that as soon as I put it on the needles it will make sense but I’m afraid!!! In other news; I think Lucy has the right idea!

  5. Shirley, in PA says:

    Your shawl is gorgeous, both the pattern and the color. You said it was to be a gift. How does one get on your gift list?????? I also hate hate hate DST. Lucy looks adorable, as usual.

  6. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I’m with you and Lucy–I don’t like the time change either, not at all, and particularly not this early in the year.

    I love your shawl, though!

  7. Hmm. . .looks like I’m in the minority when I say I tend to appreciate the DST thing. . .in the fall, you get to sleep an extra hour, and in the spring, you no longer have to drive home from work in the dark. What’s not to like??

    That said, this year our time change was coupled with the nastiest blizzard. . .so right now, I’m with Lucy. Give me more sleep! And, as everyone else has said, that shawl! She is spectacular, and I’m sure her recipient will forever bless the day she got on your gift list.

  8. Love Agatha!!! Such a beautiful color and pattern. I’ll put my two cents worth in on DST—I love it and look forward to springing forward and falling back. I must confess, though, that we forgot to set the clocks this morning and instead of our clock going off at 6:00 as it usually does, it was 7:00; but, hey, that’s ok! Now here it is 6:30 pm and it looks like mid afternoon. Love it!

  9. Happiness isn’t…losing power for two days in the winter with a new puppy to tend to.
    Happiness is—getting the power back and discovering the lovely Agatha shawl off your needles!

  10. Dr. Jackie says:

    I have a question…do you really block your work by pinning it right on the living room carpet?

  11. i resent losing an hour of my weekend. that means one less hour i have to knit. and i will resent it even more tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off at 6, and my body thinks it’s 5. then haaaaate. hate.

  12. The shawl is just beautiful, Wendy!
    As usual, your speed just amazes me.
    Seven DayS! Amazing!

  13. That’s a beautiful shawl. I bet it would be lovely and warm too. And I love that color. I’ve got a skein of Smooshy in that color but now I’m thinking I need some more. For some sort of wrap or something maybe. Or maybe in the worsted weight once the DiC Sweater KAL frenzy wears off.

  14. Oh, the shawl turned out lovely!

  15. MamaLana says:

    Count me as another Daylight Time hater. Why do we put up with it? I’d vote for the candidate who promises to get rid of it! Phooey. However, Agatha is gorgeous! As is Lucy.

  16. Colleen says:

    How come you didn’t use your blocking mats?

  17. Wow that is so nice. I want one. Will you make it for me??:)

  18. Allyson says:

    Lucy must be hating the DST, she usually poses on a freshly blocked item!

  19. He’s wrong. I like your idea even if it does, theoretically, put us out of balance.

  20. Boy, you’re not kidding ! And the older I get, the LESS I like losing an hour!

    Your shawl is stupendous! Absolutely gorgeous and what a color!

    I’d love to write more, but I’m soooooooooo sleeeepppyyyy ! Especially after looking at the Lucy pic-of-the-day! Time for a little catnap!


  21. This year I stayed on DST year round. When we fell back to PST I changed my work hours and went in an hour earlier and left an hour earlier. I’m one of the weirdos that would like to keep DST year-round. I DO NOT like changing back and forth.

    I also read about a guy who suggested that Feb 29th should be a holiday. Why should “the man” get our extra day?

    Beeyoootiful shawl!

  22. Darn you, I ran out and bought yarn and that pattern!!!

  23. Theresa in Italy says:

    I’m with you on DST—hate losing that hour. And why the heck are you having to change the clocks so darn early this year? We don’t have to change until the end of the month. (Mind you, it won’t be pretty when it happens over here, either.)

    Agatha is beautiful! Looks so lovely and warm. Not unlike Lucy, come to think of it.

  24. Liz in IN says:

    Oh, my. The shawl is lovely.

    Here in IN, we didn’t ‘do’ DST until 2005. Indiana is at the western limit of Eastern time, so DST in high summer means it’s light(ish) until nearly 10pm. Weird.

    What I really don’t understand is…why? How does DST save millions of energy dollars? Anyone got that figured out? I’ve seen it argued both ways, but ehhh, I dunno.

    The only folks who really seem to like it are the ‘workin’-9-to-5′ golfers…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Liz in IN says:

    See? Even WordPress doesn’t like DST.

    The comments still clock in on Standard Time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Moving DST to early March was a boneheaded move, if you ask me. I thought I could get adjusted by setting my clocks ahead really early on Saturday. It didn’t work. I hate that it’s still dark at 7:00 a.m. Grrrr…. The shawl is gorgeous, as usual!

  27. Lovely shawl even with my bleary sleep deprived eyes. I’m coming back as a cat in my next life (no DST and lots of nap time).

  28. I’m with you on DST. But there’s a flaw in the KOARC’s logic. Maybe back when it was the first Sundays in April and October so people could actually remember what was going on without having to check the internet, yes. But now that the dates for the time change are so weird that you need an almanac to figure out the day, why does the time have to be consistent? Take the extra hour out of a Friday afternoon so you get to the weekend sooner. Put it back in at 2:00 a.m. on a Monday morning so we get an extra hour of sleep some time when we really need it.

  29. I’ve actually adjusted pretty well to the time change (she says on the second–Murphy’s law, in other words). Normally I hate it though– and to make it even worse, Mom had to be out of town this weekend. Traveling. Daylight Savings Time. No mixy.

  30. DST works wonderfully for the night workers like me who get left out of every other thing that happens. We are an excluded group not working M-f 9-5…so the gropu I work with Th, Fr, Sa overnights in the ER is the same group who works an extra hour in the fall. Getting the free hour this past Saturday wa a little bonus we who are left out culd enjoy. I would not like it if I didn’t work overnight but it works for us.
    The shawl is gorgeous, I adore the Dream in Color but have not used it for lacework, I am definitely going to purchase that pattern…it is just lovely.

  31. Your shawl is exquisite!!!!

  32. I was lost all day after the time change.

    I love your lace. It blocked out so nicely!

  33. Your shawl is beautiful! I REALLY want to try knitting lace, and decided to start with a scarf in an “EASY” pattern. I attempted it three times, and all three times it wound up hopelessly messed up. Grrrr… Maybe I’ll try lace again later, after I soothe my ego with a few easier projects!

    I HATE changing the clocks. I don’t care which way we change them. I think it should just stay the same time year round. Pick one already!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ My kids do not adjust easily to the time change, and the fact that my youngest just went from sleeping though the night, to waking three times EVERY night, does not endear any time changes to me. Sorry, I’m a bit cranky about my sleep (lack of) right now! LOL!

  34. I actually like DST. It makes it harder to run in the mornings, but if I want to go for a run after work it isn’t pitch black already.

    I actually like DST a little more now than before the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Before I had a lot more time to get used to the early morning light, so when the clocks were moved ahead it was a more difficult adjustment.

  35. Carol Lee says:

    Wendy, beautiful shawl! I’ve purchased the pattern and I’m debating on what color to make it in. I think I’ll use Classy also – I love the other Dream in Color yarns and haven’t had a chance to use the worsted weight yet.

    Question – why did you use so much yarn? The pattern calls for a little less than three skeins of Classy – about 660 yarns, I think If the shawl needs four skeins, I want to be prepared. Thansk!!

    Carol in Prince George, VA