My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I am a firm believer in Karma.

Why is it then that I haven’t won the MegaMillions lottery yet? I’m giving away a skein of Wollmeise, for Pete’s sake!

I guess it’ll take a bit more than one skein of Wollmeise to pour enough goodness into my karma-pitcher to enable me to win the lottery. How about this then:

I, WendyKnits, do solemnly swear on Lucy’s widdle furry head, that if I were to win a lottery jackpot of millions of dollars, I would contact Claudia in Germany — the Wollmeise herself — and commission a special WendyKnits colorway, order at least 1000 skeins of said colorway, and give all but one skein away to my blog readers.

Are you listening, Karma?

Okay, to tell the truth, I did have a recent lottery win. See?

Lottery Check 031908

Lottery Check 031908.jpg

Speaking of Wollmeise . . . a few of you asked in the contest entry emails what special superpower I have that enabled me to snag some Wollmeise when it went up for sale at The Loopy Ewe. I was fortunate enough to be at a computer with a fast internet connection and checking the site when the Wollmeise went up. And I have the ability to shop at the speed of light. Ask anyone who knows me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

There was no email sent out to the Loopy Groupies for the Wollmeise update, by the way. But plenty of people were stalking it!

If it makes you feel any better, I totally missed yesterday’s Loopy Ewe shop update . . .

Hey, I finished the first Alana sock!

Alana Sock 031908

Alana Sock 031908.jpg

Here’s a close-up of the top:

Sock detail 031908

Sock detail 031908.jpg

I really really like it, but I thought of a little tweak, so I will likely knit another pair with the tweak before finalizing the pattern. I am, however, knitting the second sock of this pair to match the first sock, otherwise it would look odd. If I were knitting the socks for me, I’d likely knit the second sock with the tweak, but because these are gift socks, I want them to match. (See how thoughtful I am, Karma?)

Lucy wants to know what you would do if you won the lottery.

Lucy 031908

Lucy 031908.jpg

Well, really, she wants some Wildside Salmon treats. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I just sent you an entry email ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing the wealth!

  2. Lucy I would buy you a years supply of Wildside Salmon treats if I won the lottery, really I would. Then I would pack a suitcase and walk out my front door with my dogs and never look back.

    Where is karma when you need it?

  3. I can’t believe they wrote you a CHECK for a $5 winning. The last couple of lottery states I’ve lived in (WA, CA) pay cash out for much higher winnings than that. You just need to be able to add a few more digits on to the end ๐Ÿ™‚

    Win the lottery….oh my. This is a favorite road trip mind game for me and it usually includes a “family compound” where I can have my parents and sisters near me all in fab homes, a big rec area (pools, stable, tennis, giant community rec area), etc. The personal stuff would be travel, indulging my hobbies, etc. And…maybe opening that fantasy yarn/fabric/book/bakery/coffee combo store ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wildside salmon treats….I’ll have to look for those for my fur-kids.

  4. I don’t want to sound too goodie-two-shoes but I have a few things planned for if I ever do win the lottery. Two friends would find the deeds to their houses, and enough cash to pay the income tax on the gift, in their stockings; my house would get razed and rebuilt and my Church would find themselves possessing a nice endowment if they would agree to give up the very handicapped unfriendly building they currently clutch like life itself (then I could actually begin to go to church again). Do I sound like I’ve pondered the actuality ?? LOL And let’s not forget the animal shelters, Heifer International (a few knitting baskets a year) and Doctors without Borders ๐Ÿ˜€

    But since I won’t, I’ll just give to the local animal shelters (and knit a few cat mats for the crates), and send small sums to Heifer & Doctors w/o Frontiers.

    It sounds hokey I know, but you asked, Wendy!

  5. Pay off Bills and then See how much is left before anymore is spent. Practical and boring I know, but unfortunately thats how it has to be.
    Now If I didnt have a bunch of bills that are behind and needing paid I’d use it to buy yarn, patterns and all sorts of Goodies for Brian and Josey!! Well, I guess I could be persuaded to spend it on the rest of my family too, ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. PICAdrienne says:

    If I were to win the lottery, I would make sure my Mom’s house/property was paid off, my brother had a nice place to live, free and clear, and buy a place for me and my kids, with enough property to have a garden patch and some livestock. As creatures, I am not a huge fan of sheepies, my Grandparents had them, there is a reason people say sheep are stupid. However, some llama and some alpaca, then we may be in business.

    Oh, there are many other things I would do with the money, but those are the first (selfish) things that come to mind, education funds for my kids, a hybrid vehicle, gifts, donations, but they are not necessarily as much fun to think about, although they are far better for the soul.

    Tazzy, our kitty, would have LOTS of treats…whatever flavor he wanted.

  7. I love the sock pattern…the top is adorable. Any chance it can be knitted top down?

  8. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I bet you’ve received a huge shot of karma into your karma pitcher for even thinking of Wollmeise for all!

    Those socks are great! I love sparkle and I love Lucy’s colorway.
    Alana is very lucky!

    If Lucy is recommending Wildside Salmon treats, I’ll have to get some for Jenny.

  9. Hmmm If I won the lottery. The school my kids go to would be overhauled. I would also by a huge piece of land and make a whole sports complex for the school… kind of like the Y, but for FREE!

    I would then get a nice piece of land and build a Mother/Daughter type house. So my parents could live near us.

    Then I could see having a nice knitting retreat with some of my on-line knitting friends… and a retreat with my CAPP moms. Heck, I’d buy a nice island, perhaps near 1,000 Islands for retreats.

    Yep, that all sounds good!

  10. If I won the lottery, I’d get the money in a lump sum. Then:

    1. I would pay all of my bills off and throw a huge party.
    2. quit working for a month or so, then find a part time job I really love.
    3. finish paying for my mom and dad’s house plus some extra for land taxes.
    4. look for a nice place to live and buy a house there.
    5. start college/trust funds for my nieces and nephews.
    6. Give my brothers some money.
    7. Travel.
    8. Donate some money to favorite causes.

    and last but not least, buy yarn, needles and books. Maybe even start my own personal gigantic library of things I like to read about.

  11. and I would definitely make time for Tracy’s “fantasy yarn/fabric/book/bakery/coffee combo store” she mentioned above.

    I would most definitely hit some yarn stores.

  12. Yes, I can vouch for Wendy’s cart skills!
    Whenever we’ve caught a sneak-up at the same time, she’s in and out with her treasures before I’ve barely opened up the What’s New pages!
    I won’t entertain the lottery fantasy tonight. I only won $4.00 this week.

  13. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. first let me say that I firmly believe in Karma and what goes around, comes around. However I also believe Karma works in its own time…. so you MAY win the lotto (and I hope you do), but it may not be in THIS life; maybe the next life. A long wait, I grant you but to Karma it’s just a drop in the cosmic bucket! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sometimes I think many of us have already won the Karmic lotto (but we may not be aware of it) – but we keep hoping for the Megamillions lotto too. I’m not sure if that will generate good Karma or not. But I digress…………..

    If I won the Money Lotto I would make sure my sister (whose health is not the best) had no worries. I would also put my mother-in-law in one of those fancy schmansy skilled nursing facilities for dementia patients… they cost upwards of $3000.00 per month. It would be a shame to quit my job since I just got it and am very happy with it; I would have to think about that one. Definitely do something for needy and homeless animals too ! And I would buy a horse. I’ve always longed for one. And learn to KNIT SOCKS… maybe offer Wendy an all expenses paid trip to SoCal to teach me… and bring Lucy and the KOARC of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The sock is just too beautiful! Have a most excellent weekend/Easter, etc. luv.m.

  14. If I won the lottery, I would quit my job as a librarian immediately, but to ease their pain I’d also write them a big damn check. And then I would set off for Scotland, where I would knit to my heart’s content for most of the time, and the rest of the time I would stalk good-looking men in kilts.

  15. My karma ran over my dogma.

    What would I do if I won the lottery? All the boring stuff: new house, new car, college fund. THEN, we’d be taking alot more trips. We want to go to Cooperstown to see both the baseball Hall of Fame and the James Fenimore Cooper stuff. We want to go to Colonial Williamsburg. I want to go back to Belgium. Visit friends in England. Have fun!

  16. Oh! The very first thing I would do –and, so fast it’d make your head spin– is head to the nearest Porsche dealer! SERIOUSLY! Ya gotta have a good set o’ wheels to visit deserving family, friends, and favorite organizations with those BIG checks! ;^)

    It’s fun to think about this once in awhile…

  17. IF i bought a lottery ticket (which I rarely, if ever do) and IF I won a significant amount of money (which would surely signal a potentially diasterous rift in the space/time continuum), I would purchase a piece of property where I could have a retail shop in part of the house and live in the rest. I would open a fiber-related shop and spend my time immersed in fibery, crafty goodness of any kind I could fathom. i would concentrate on spreading my fiber-madness to anyone who came within ten feet of the doorway and anyone I could snag via a kick-ass Web site, too. And I would not transcribe any more boring medical conferences!

    Oh, and I’d probably send some Karma coins ( to anyone who had seen fit to send me some Wollmeise out of the kindness of their heart! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Isn’t this just fun to contemplate? And I’d better start buying lottery tickets if I think I’m going to win…

    Travel. I’m putting off grand adventures while I pay off the student loans and the house, but I’d bicycle across New Zealand and then Canada. Instead of the probable future of camping while I’m doing this, I’d stay in nice places along the way.

    Donate: I already donate to medical charities, but I’d love to buy up a big piece of old-growth forest and have it administered by the Nature Conservancy or somesuch.

    I’m happy to report that my craft life is full enough that I wouldn’t need to buy a lot to enhance it. That is the good part of this fantasy, is realizing that not everything needs money!

  19. Donna Wingfield says:

    If I won the lottery, I’d pay off our house, buy houses for our children, set up trusts for the current and hoped-for future grandchildren, send dh on his dream trip around the world— I’d revisit Paris and Scotland while he’s off to places I’m not interested in— and join him for the ones I want to see. Even after giving a tenth to our church there would be enough for yarn!

  20. Here’s rooting for your mega-lottery win ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just curious though – if you had free rein, what would the WendyKnits colourway look like? Inspired from Lucy, or colours from your book cover perhaps?

    Just ask Claudia to go ahead, because we would buy it anyway!

  21. Speaking of custom dyed yarn, can anyone recommend a place that custom dyes yarn? I’d love to have some sock yarn to match my beagles colors. I’d never dye it myself.


  22. I love Alana’s sock, especially the crap at the top.

  23. I would pay off my house, my in laws house, give some money to some special people, buy my sons’ new cars, put some away, and give generously to a few charities.

    I love the sock, the yarn, everything.

  24. You have my grandparents’ old kitchen floor!!! I always tear up when I see that flooring.

  25. I have long discussions with my roommate about what we’d do if we won the lottery. We have an agreement that no matter who spends the money on the ticket, we’d split the winnings 50/50, since we share everything else.

    But anyway, if I won the jackpot and had millions of dollars at my disposal, I’d first buy a new house with some land attached, even just a bit, so I could have a nice garden and grow nice tasty green things. I’d adopt a few pets from the local animal shelter, because really, I could afford it, and I have plenty of hugs to give. I’d pay off any lingering debts I have. I’d take a couple of trips, likely to England to see my family, and to Japan because I’m a big Japanophile. Then I’d use what’s left to go back to university and be a professional student, because I love learning and miss being in a structured academic environment.

    And of course, once my roommate finished university and got a job as a vet, the way she wants, we’d have a big house in the country with a decent plot of land attached, and have a flock of sheep and some goats and horses, as well as yet more animals from the shelter. Specifically big dogs, because alas, people tend to get them when they’re little and cute, and then abandon them when they get big and hard to care for. But with plenty of land to run around on and play on, big dogs would have a fine home with us!

  26. Hmm, If I won the lottery…I would put part of it in savings so that when I finish college I can buy a house, I would give part of it to charity, and the rest I would go shopping (at the yarn store…) with….sadly, I have a little over two months until I am actually eligable to buy a lottery ticket.

    Oh, wait, and I would take a trip around the globe.

  27. ellen in indy says:

    my coworkers and i regularly pool our resources once the pot gets big enough. usually we win a piddly amount that we “re-invest” until the lottery has swallowed it all. but in the meantime, we imagine the line outside the boss’s office as everyone who played queued up to quit. i for one do not understand the west virginia tax-office women who plan to keep their jobs after winning about $12 million apiece after taxes.

    yeah, i know the value of the dollar has slumped, but on that $12 mil i think i could manage to pay off my daughter’s student loans, send my son to the culinary school of his dreams, buy each of us a hybrid car and a place to live where we wouldn’t often need to drive, and set aside enough money for my grandchild(ren?)’s education. that would take less than a million, with plenty left over for yarn.

    then would come the fun part: taking service-vacations to places where i’d learn more spanish while helping people in a depressed area. making small grants for startups of micro-businesses. buying enough fiber-bearing animals to start herds for small villages interested in spinning and perhaps dyeing yarn. funding knitting classes (and providing materials) in depressed cold-weather areas — native reservations, appalachia, afghanistan, slums in northern u.s. cities, parts of the former soviet union, etc. like the aphorism about teaching someone to fish rather than giving him a fish, i’d want to teach people to knit what they need — and what eventually they can sell — rather than have to hope for someone else’s charity.

    it would be tough to keep tabs on more than 1/4 to 1/2 a million worth of these projects a year, so i’d invest the rest to keep some funds flowing in each year to continue such projects.

  28. Well, then of course the first thing I would do is get Wildside Salmon treats for Lucy AND my 4 furry feline girls.

  29. hmm if I won the lottery…. first I would faint.. because I only play whenever it is like a zillion dollars.
    Then I would pay the bills put as much as the gvmnt allowed aside per kid for school..
    Hire a maid/professional organizer to clean up my act!!!!

  30. I never buy lottery tickets, which makes my chance of winning only slightly less than those who do buy tickets. I actually wouldn’t want to win the mega-millions lottery. I firmly believe that kind of money has the power to ruin my life by taking away what peace and quiet I do have. And I believe anonymity is one of life’s greatest gifts, especially these days. So, if I could win, oh, say, 3 to 5 million, I’d be happy. I used to think 1 to 2 million, but that was when, as Malcolm Forbes said, a million was worth something. I just filled up my gas tank today and I doubled my old amount.

    First, I’d fix up my house, maybe buy a second one in the mountains. Up the donations to my favorite charities, Nature Conservancy, Doctors Without Borders, some others.

    For fun, the British Isles beckon. A new wardrobe would be nice. A cat like Lucy, but it’s got to be a rescue/pound adoption. Books, and knit lessons, oooh, Meg Swanson’s knit summer camp. Wouldn’t that be fun? And I could fearlessly buy yarn to try, without worrying that I’d be wasting my money. And I could go to Rhinebeck even though I don’t wear wool in California.

    Maybe I could even find some lovely pretty yarns that perform well even though they aren’t wool.

  31. You know those people who hand out $50.00 bills, but then you open them up and it is really monopoly money with the lord’s prayer printed on it? I’ve always really wanted to dress up, get a booth set up on the sidewalk somewhere, and hand out REAL $50.00 bills. I actually think that most people would be more impacted by the cash than the prayer.

    It would be an interesting social experiment anyway.

    Oh, and I’d probably pay off the ol’ credit card.

  32. Personally, I don’t care how you got the Wollmeise – I think it is awesome that you are giving it away!
    You are so right about Karma – what goes around comes around.
    As for the lottery, I would take care of business and then never worry about paying the bills again.

  33. I would quit my job, buy a dreamhouse with a dreamier kitchen and take care of my 67 yo brother who has terminal cancer and my mom (93 years young!!) – who at the moment is taking care of my brother. Mom survived the depression and colon cancer and never had anything beautiful and I would love to see her live out the rest of her life in a dream house! I probably will eventually quit my job and take care of my mom when my brother is gone but it would sure be nice to be able to give her the dream house. I don’t know what I would do with the rest but I imagine I could think of a few ways to spend it!! Only trouble is I rarely buy a ticket…

  34. So.

    What colors would be in the mythical lottery-win-Wendy-commissioned colorway?

    Just in case, ya know…..

  35. If I won the lottery, I would help my family. Buy my sister a house, She has been a very sick person..get her a housekeeper to help. Pay off relatives homes..give to church & a few other do all this I would have to win the mega bucks.
    I would retire!! Give some away to strangers..I think that would be a blast!!
    I love your sock pattern. I got some wollemeise by ordering directly to Claudia.

  36. Theresa in Italy says:

    I love the sock, especially the crap at the top! And since I am a firm believer in karma, too, I’m ready to sign on now for the Wendyknits Wollmeise! (Whatever colors you come up with—I trust you and Claudia!)

    I’m not surprised by how many people, upon winning the lottery, would donate a good part to charity; it just reinforces my opinion that knitters are among the most generous people on the planet. And very aware of karma.

  37. If I won the lottery – well, it depends on the amount. Just a little would go into my normal budget. Over 250$ I would do something nice for my friends and family. Over 200.000$ I’d save a lot of it up, and do something nice and personal (and expensive) for each of my family members and good friends.
    Over 1.000.000$ I’d be in the market for a house or my own flat, buy myself a dream horse (and set aside funds for it). I’d buy some land and build a nice area for our scouts on it. I’d put some money in closed accounts for my nephews/nieces and my 13 year old sister.
    And of course I’d save some money up to do nice things for all of those that I love, and to be able to donate generously every time somebody asked me for help.

  38. I live in Hawaii, so I would pay my electric bill, buy some groceries, fill my car up with gas, and then go buy some gum with what’s left. If there was any left, that is. This might be more fun for me if you said TEN million dollars! Then I could stop by Starbuck’s too.

  39. Wendy- I sincerely wish you the best karma- and hope your dreams come true.

    I just want enough to get by. The REAL question is, how much yarn does it take to get by?

    I haven’t figured that one out yet.

  40. 1. Quit my job
    2. Open a yarn store

  41. I would quit my job, because I don’t earn very much, and try to open an Etsy store instead. I’m trying to figure out how I could open this store anyway.

    There are a few cat related charities I want to send money to, including Wee Paws in Las Vegas and Wildrun in Spencer, NY. I’d also be able to afford the gas to go to Wildrun weekly or so and photograph her cats for going up on Petfinder. I would also go photograph cats for the local no-kill shelter here in my town to help get them on Petfinder too. Right now, it’s hard to find the time because of work.

    I’d also probably do a little traveling in Europe to research some more in depth knitting history, because it’s fascinating.

    And maybe I could send some money to Franklin for his travel expenses for his 1000 Knitters project.

  42. Lee Cockrum says:

    I almost never buy lottery tickets, but I have already made my promises to Karma and God about what I would do with it. I would NOT quit my job, as I actually love my job! I might pay for a dictation service to transcribe my notes!

    But the two things that I would do are:

    build a huge handicapped accessible camp on the water somewhere in Maryland for the MDA camp that I have been a part of for approx 25 years.

    Start a benevolent fund for people with disabilities that need equipment or services that are not covered by insurance.

  43. Hum… depending on the size of the jackpot – quit my job, redecorate the house, cars for the girls, buy some kayaks, pay college tuition, take care of family and friends. I’d have to go back to work eventually – can’t imagine not working at least part time… even if it was as a volunteer someplace.

  44. If I won the lottery, I might actually finish the pair of socks I have been working on since Christmas. And they’re just basic socks. And I’m still on the first one.

  45. This is one of my favourite games! Pay off all the debts that my husband and I have (student loans, anyone?), pay off my little brother’s student loan, buy a smallholding with all the trimmings and a flat in London. Take four years out from work, get a Master’s degree and complete the Royal School of Needlework’s 3-year apprenticeship.
    Have kids, since we’d actually be able to afford it. Start the businesses that the hub and I have always wanted to start from our smallholding (mead for him, organic herbs for me).
    Give a lump of money to the library I work for to do the things that they want to do but can’t afford, like hiring a permanent full-time archivist. Create a scholarship fund for the university I attended to support students who want to study obscure languages.
    Work to purchase wastelands and reclaim them as organic farmland or public space, depending on where they are.
    Eventually, go on sabbatical for a few years and write a PhD.
    Invest everything left over, and make donations to smaller charities annually from the interest.

  46. Michele in MN says:

    If I won the big one, i would live a life like the main character in the Cat Who mystery books and set up a foundation to invest in community projects. I always thought that would be fun.

  47. Carol Lee says:

    Wendy, I’m actually responding to the comment left by Kate regarding a “by request” yarn dyer. Ray at Knitivity does at great job and a good part of his business is doing by request colorways. Google will get Kate his website!

    Hubby and I have frequently had the “what would we do” conversation – we’re pretty much like everyone else. Pay off the bills, take care of family, put plenty aside for lifelong security and THEN indulge ourselves!

    It’s always a pleasant way to spend a few minutes – planning for life without money worries :>


  48. If I won the lottery I would buy a house. Right after I burned all my clothes and bought all new ones. Same goes for any craptastic yarn in my stash.

    Then I would, naturally, open a yarn shop and hire someone else to manage it. I’m just in it for the yarn…not the stress.

  49. Tell Lucy that if I won the lottery, cats would rule the world!

    Actually, hmmm… my husband and I sometimes say that if we won the big one, we’d have a house in Arizona and a cottage in England. And we’d endow a scholarship somewhere, for history students. One thing we’d do for sure was to quit worrying!

  50. Michele In Maine says:

    This is a favorite past-time for me as well.

    I would adopt five more children, make a large donation to my adoption agency so they could build more orphanages and maybe help other families adopt, enlarge my existing house to accommodate said children, build an adjoining studio so I could paint when I wanted. Build a barn so we could have some horses, alpacas, angora bunnies and goats, and hire help!

  51. I would donate to one charity like Medicine Without Borders and then an environmental charity. Then I would build a giant extension onto my kitchen which would turn it into a knitting/meeting place for knitting, studio. Of course stash would be seriously increased.

  52. Martha in DC says:

    I know what you mean about using up your Karma. I too hit the Loopy Ewe Site just as the Wollmeise was posted and because a friend and I had discussed what we wanted the night before, I went for it clicking the add to basket and then check out as fast as I could.

    So even though I bought a lotto ticket last weekend; I did not think I would win.

    If I won the lottery……
    1. pay off all bills and mortgage.
    2. donate to a shelter for battered women
    3. donate to the nuns who taught me for their retirement fund
    4. help my nephews and neice with whatever they want to do (buy a home or go to graduate school)
    5. retire and start using up my knitting stash.

  53. First I’d pay off my children’s debts (college loans, cars). Then I’d buy my husband a new truck, quit my job as a medical coder, and spend the rest of my life knitting and playing Mom to my dogs.

  54. Michelle from Arizona says:

    Hi Wendy. Funny you should ask what I would do if I won he lottery as I have been planning that out lately. Ha! After the obvious stuff (bills and blowing a little on a vacation) I would fund some lobbyists or whatever to enact more legilation for prosecution of animal abusers. Yes, child abuse, poverty, medical needs abound. But animals are nearest and dearest to my heart so I would try to help them. Also try to fund local police efforts to make sure the legistlative efforts were backed up with force.

    Surely that helps with my Karma. Hehe. I do NOT say this for that reason though. That really is what I would love to see done. I hope *someone* who wins does that someday.

  55. Hi Wendy,

    I love the top of the sock as it looks rather sweet.

    Tell Lucy that if I won the lottery I would give some money to all my friends and family, some for us to have a special treat and then donate a sizeable chunk to several charities (some for animals/cancer research/children/homeless, too many to mention) including the main one I raise money for in memory of my mum (the Alzheimer’s Research Trust). Oh and I’d send her some special salmon all the way from the UK!

  56. “If I won the lottery” is a favorite game at my house… usually involves alot of travel, no work, and better “stuff.”

  57. I have thought about winning the lottery many times (I only play when the $$ get super high).

    I would give all of my family, my friends and their children the highest legal gift you can give without needing to pay taxes. I would pay off my condo and then go house hunting without needing to worry about having a place that we might not be able to sell, oh, and I’d pay off all of my debts and donate a huge amount to my local aquarium and Helping Hands. If there was anything left over would go into retirement fund land and I would never think about touching it again.

  58. Hoo boy. If I won the lottery..

    I’d pay off my loans, buy a house, buy a bunch of super-cool crafting things, make sure my dad is taken care of for the rest of his life…

    And then put the rest away and not work unless I WANT to.

  59. I’d travel. I’d go to France every year and take my kid to every continent. I’d opt for first-class tickets (OK, a couple of times).

    I’d buy an electric car.

    I’d set up things so I could actually retire when I am still young enough to appreciate it.

    And donate, you know, to stuff.

  60. Liz in NoWhere PA says:

    Assuming it’s the BIG one…
    I’d set up a foundation that makes grants to academics at small schools in nonsexy disciplines that need small grants ($5,000 or less) to continue their research or development. Projects that involve student growth are given a priority. As part of the application process you would need to submit a photo of you and your family–just to show that you have a real life.

    Can you tell that I work at a small school and that I’d love to see the excitement created by an influx of money to philosophy, history, and social work departments. Let those biochem people put that in their beakers and smoke it.

  61. Mary Anne says:

    My co-workers and I pool $4/week for a total of 10 tix each drawing. We actually won $200,000 6 months ago!! However, if we’d had that darn Powerball number we’d have split $141 million. We all have nightmares about the number 9 now ๐Ÿ™‚ I gave away 10% off the top. I’d just paid off all my debt but my house a few months before that so I invested some and bought a new car with the other 90%. It was so much fun to be able to write a check for my car! We still play every week hoping for the big one…

  62. I’m late to add my fantasy, but if I won, I’d somehow invest the money so I could live the rest of my life without haveing to work, so i could SLEEP IN in the mornings, get up and do all the things I wish I could be doing right now, but I’m at work, — you know, knitting, spinning, going on yarn crawls. Oh, and I’d move. someplace COLD so I could actually wear all those lovely handknits that I would now have the time to work on, if I won the lottery. ๐Ÿ™‚