My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Heh. None of you got #8 in my list of movies. It is:

Home at Seven (1952)

Here’s the plot summary, courtesy of IMDb:

David Preston, a bank official goes missing for 24 hours and has no memory of the lost time, but when he learns that the steward of his local club has implicated him in a robbery, and has been found murdered, Preston finds he has no alibi, and the police want him to account for the lost hours.

Directed by and starring the incomparable Ralph Richardson, it is known as “Murder on Monday” in the U.S. Not available on video here but I have a copy, obtained by nefarious means.

But we’ll speak no more of that.

Several of you asked about the sock yarn pictured in last Thursday’s blog entry. It is Chameleon Colorworks Evolution sportweight sock yarn, in the “Mourning Dove” colorway, a recent gift from L-B. Here’s the description from The Loopy Ewe:

“Evolution is 100% merino that has been mechanically stretched to enhance the softness, shine and drape. Evolution is lofty and warm like wool, yet sleek and buttery soft.”

It is indeed very very soft and quite a pleasure to knit. Here’s the sock I’m knitting from it:



Because the colorway is called “Mourning Dove” I thought a pattern that looked like wings was in order. Because there was a request in the comments, Teddy agreed to model the sock in progress.



The pattern looks familiar to me, like I’ve seen a sock pattern out there that is the same or similar – anyone know? I drew this one up myself, but that doesn’t mean that someone else had a similar idea.

But That’s Not All!

I finished the shawl. Here is the pre-blocking photo:



And blocked.



As I expected, it is large: 100 inches across the top and 42 inches down the center back. Just about what I wanted — and I am not blocking it too severely either. A close-up:



And another:



Yes, I started my Kauni Lismore. No, you have to wait until tomorrow to see pictures. Gotta stretch out my blog fodder, ya know?

Lucy knows it is spring — here’s how much fur her Daddy got out of her in one brushing!



And yet she still looks pretty darn furry.




  1. Shirley, in PA says:

    Your shawl is gorgeous – please provide of photo of it draped across your shoulders, I want to see the wings in motion. Isn’t it funny how our animals know when the lose the excess fur. Lucy has her own a/c.

  2. Darned pretty knitting! But the Lucy fur……. looks like it should be spun.

  3. Oooh, pretty!

    Yes, Lucy, of course I mean you.

    (Psst, Wendy, the shawl too!)

    I had the same thought about spinning as Sandra D did, and I don’t even spin. I’m sure people have mentioned it before.

    The shawl *is* really lovely.

  4. I think your new sock design looks a little like the Padded Footlets in the Interweave Favorite Socks book.

    At least that’s what came to mind for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The socks are so pretty! And the shawl is *gorgeous.* I covet that purple. I think the socks look a bit like the “Embossed Leaves” socks from IK’s Favorite Socks book. Yours are symmetrical, but it’s the leaf-like quality that I see. Pretty.

  6. Amazing Lucy !
    And beautiful socks…

  7. Something tells me you should also like “Green for Danger” if you haven’t already seen it.

  8. The shawl is spectacular! Will the pattern be for sale?

  9. Joyce Riedesel says:

    The sock looks like Baudelaire from Summer 2006 Knitty. I, too, am combing out tons of winter fur out of Oberon (a 22 pound part Norwegian Forest Cat). The idea of wearing spun cat hair makes me itch big time!

  10. I agree with Elinor: your sock resemble the Embossed Leaves pattern.

  11. I love this shawl. It’s just beautiful. I hope you’ll sell this pattern, please please please! It really appeals because you said the back is not all purl all the time which is so boorriinngg!! Let us know if you’re going to sell it, please. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to tackle this. Thanks.

  12. I just came home from Barnes and Noble with The Little Box of Socks and there is a pattern in there called Small Wings Socks. It’s not quite the same though, because the wing pattern is all over the sock and it looks like yours is just up the middle. I like yours better. I agree with the others who say it looks like the Embossed Leaves pattern.

  13. Oh, LOVELY shawl! I Love what you did with the edging…STUNNING!!!

    And thank you so much for the Evolution scoop!! It sounds very much like SWTC’s Optimum (that has, unfortunately been disconnected!!!) that I am completely and totally in lust with — if this is anywhere even close — I will be thrilled!

    And I hope you’re saving all that lovely Miss Lucy fiber to spin a yarn! Looks pretty perfect for that purpose to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Aye! As you can likely tell, I am a bit disconnected — and what the previous message _should_ have said is Optimum has been discontinued.

    It’s been a rough one — and it shows ๐Ÿ™

  15. Aren’t cats amazing that way? I can brush enough out of mine to start thinking about how best to construct an emergency backup cat … and they look just like they did before I started. Yet another feline mystery.

    Nice knitting!

  16. Mellanie says:

    Beautiful shawl! Have you ever thought of spinning Lucy’s fur?

  17. That grey is just—perfect. I have this thing for blue and grey, and that is just divine. Like, I’m not just saying that. It’s like Oceanwind Knits Splash, which is perfection embodied in blue. I want to knit it in syntheasia (spelling?) socks with it.

  18. Oh, so not fair! I want to see that movie. I love Ralph Richardson. Since you sound like a David Lean fan there is an excellent piece on him in the current New Yorker.

  19. KatieBug says:

    I’m a bit new to the Wendy Knits fan club, so please excuse if this has been asked and answered previously, but I am intrigued by the blocking method in the pics above. Do you pin directly into the carpeting? If so, how does KOARC feel about this? And would this work with something heavier than a shawl? I have a pullover that I keep putting off working on because I am getting close to the end and am dreading the known wet-block techniques that require extra “stuff” for the process. Just blocking it to the floor could be so much easier.

    P.S. The shawl really is lovely. I adore the purple!

  20. I confess I didn’t know a single one of your clues! I think mine are easier ๐Ÿ™‚

    The sock kinda resembles Cookie A’s Baudelaire.

    I ♥ that shawl!!

    Yep, the cat hair tumbleweeds have begun at Chez FKD too!

  21. Lovely, lovely knitting! I just love that sock and color! Your shawl is beyond words! Just beautiful!

    I hope you will answer KatieBug’s question on your blog… do you block directly on your carpet? Why do I think my cats would immediately ralph on any knitted project of mine? Lucy, of course, has wonderful manners and wouldn’t do that, I know.

    Kitty fur, kitty fur! Spring must definitely be in the air there! Both our cats shed like mad! Brad keeps’em brushed, but still they leave little furballs all over!

    I’ve never heard of the #8 movie but sounds wonderful. Isn’t it a bummer when one must resort to “nefarious means” to get a cotton pickin’ movie? I did that for Brad awhile back; a movie called “Manila calling” A hokey WWII war bonder that was really, really dumb. Like Brad said: “Gee… it was better when I was 12” Some movies are like that! For me, the Beatles movie H-E-L-P immediately comes to mind! luv.m.

  22. Wow! I love the way those diamonds look in that shawl. It came out great!

  23. Love the shawl and the socks. In fact, I think I’m making the same socks from a pattern from Spinning Bunny called Roses for you. They look very similar.

    I’m always amazed by how much you can brush a long-haired cat and still find cat fur tumbleweeds the very next day.

  24. This has been the worst year ever for Chief’s fur. I think the cold made it extra thick. I started a baggie of Chief fur but it’s almost full. What do you think – half merino – half ragdoll yarn?

  25. Has Teddy gotten taller? (hehehe)

    Lovely shawl.

    What’re you gonna call the dove socks?

  26. Definitely save the fur and spin it up! If you’re brushing out mostly underfur, it won’t be too scratchy, more like (Angora from the bunnies). It’s only clipped hair, like from dogs after a visit to the groomers, that is really pokey-itchy. I’ve been spinning Chiengora and making Shelty hair mini teddy bears for a shelter group to raffle off…too much fun!

  27. Your shawl is beautiful & so is the sock. Lucy can have her fur spun into yarn to make something furry for her!! a nice pair of socks or a kitty blankie maybe..UMMMM

  28. Theresa in Italy says:

    The shawl is gorgeous; the socks are beautiful, I apologize for saying the yarn looked like twine! And if you are blocking the shawl directly on the carpet, I don’t wanna know about it. No carpets over here so that’s not an option for me!

    The dog is also leaving tumbleweeds of fur all over the floor; I wouldn’t even consider spinning it, though, because it burns very easily. And in any case it’s not as pretty as Lucy’s fur.

  29. Still no blocking squares? I like setting up the squares on my kitchen table (it’s a large table, but the squares are bigger, but I can push and pull them,so I’m always leaning on the table for support where I’m pinning). Then I stand the whole thing up on it’s side and lean against a wall to dry without the cats lying on it.

  30. Beautiful shawl…..

    I did actually blend some of my cat’s brushings with wool and spin…very soft….now what to make with it?!?! Confess, do you have any Lucy yarn?

  31. My gosh, that shawl took my breath away. So very pretty. The colors are so different in the photos, is it closer to the bright purple color or the darker maroon?

    Have a beautiful day.


  32. You have Lucy hand dyed yarn from STR, now if you spin her fur you can have some pretty Lucy handspun:-) USe em both todether to make a lovely pair of house slippers, the cat fur spun up like that would be to warm by itself for a reg pair of sockies. My 4 are also shedding copiously but since they are short hair kitties the onlu way i would be able to spin the undercoats would be to mix it with alpaca or merino rovings. The Shawl and Sock in Progress are both Lovely!

  33. Love the new sock! And the shawl is just gorgeous. I’ve been jonesing for lace lately.

    I think you should totally try to spin the lucy fluff! Simba has been molting in clumps lately. It’s crazy and my vacuume is not happy.

  34. Georgous!! Both the socks and the shawl.
    I agree with spinning the Lucy cast offs, bet it would be a little like Angora bunny. Yummmmmm

  35. Denise in Kent, WA says:

    The shawl is beautiful. I especially love the border! It looks like fringe, only better.

    Don’t you love shedding season? I recently washed the blankets that I keep draped over my couches and despite vacuuming them first I still picked enough fur out of the dryer filter to build another cat. LOL

  36. I might not know old movies, but I know Mourning Dove when I see it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m making a pair of socks in the same colorway out of Chameleon Colorworks’ Footsie, and I just can’t put them down. For being brown and grey, it’s surprisingly spring-y knitting!

  37. Dr. Jackie says:

    Love your work as always. Still trying to find the “blocking blocks” in the archives…no luck yet…want to give me a hint?

    Have you a “Furminator” for Lucy?? Works wonders and comes in cat, dog, and even horse (!) versions!

  38. Kathy Sue says:

    Sooooo….Are ya gonna spin those kitty tumbleweeds? Just to know how it feels as yarn? It’s a shame to just throw it away. And I’m sure Lucy would agree.

    The shawl is gorgeous!! Can’t believe still how much lace changes with blocking. Like little miracle.

  39. Every time we brush our dog we build ourselves a new kitten. At this time of year, that new kitten is quite large.


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