My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Wednesday, No Foolin’

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments about my blogiversary. It was indeed a special day – I went to work, endured a two-hour meeting, had UPS completely botch up a delivery I was eager to get, and then dined on a microwaved a Lean Cuisine.

So, onward.

Just for grins, here are photos of Lismore’s insides. Here is the inside of the ribbing:

(We’re fiddling with image options. For now, click the thumbnails for bigger.)


And inside the body:


It really is a compelling knit – I want to keep going because the color changes are just so much fun.


Barbara commented: I wonder if you made the non-symmetry of the narrow vertical columns (to the left and right of the middle one with the big flower motifs) intentionally. At least they are symmetrical in the original pattern.

I’m following the original pattern chart exactly.

In the pattern, they are symmetrical, but not side-to-side. If you were to divide the whole chart with a diagonal line from the upper right corner to the lower left corner, the two triangles created are mirror-image of each other.

Interestingly, I got an email from someone who seemed sure I was knitting the design “Alba” from The Celtic Collection, not “Lismore.” She said she pulled out her copy of the book to check and said that she’s certain I’m knitting Alba.

And I’m just as certain I’m knitting Lismore. Particularly since my Lismore matches the photo of the Lismore on the Virtualyarns site, here.

But that leads me to wonder — are there some copies of The Celtic Collection with the photos of Alba and Lismore switched? Has anyone else had that experience?

Oh, and I finished the first of the Peace Socks.


Speaking of socks, in the comments, Marjorie asked if I ever frog anything. The answer is: very rarely, and mostly just on socks.

I’ll frog back on socks if I don’t like the way the pattern is working out. But I usually make adjustments and reknit until I’m happy. I did recently give up on a pair of socks – the ones I was knitting in red Fleece Artist merino a month or so ago. I kept knitting and frogging and knitting and frogging and never was satisfied, so threw the sock aside and started something else.

Lucy wanted you to see her paw fluff:


And then she took a nap.



  1. Oooh, your sweater makes me want to cast on with my Kauni right now. I’m trying to be good.
    And if you don’t spin with Lucy’s fur, maybe you could auction it off or something for those of us who would love to incorporate her into our spinning. It would go well with my malmute’s fur. My kitties are shorthaired, bummer.

  2. Oh please, just do the regular sized photos. It’s so much nicer to look at your lovely knitting when its in pictures large enough to see and we don’t have to click and wait for things to load. Reading flows much better with the regular sized photos. Thanks.

  3. According to my copy, you’re making Lismore. It’s a hard back, but I didn’t think to check the publication date.

  4. Ann Rose says:

    Your reinterpretation of Lismore in the Kauni yarn is so clever and colorful, and watching it grow on your blog is better than anything on television these days (though my Edgar cat is still partial to golf). Thank you, Ms. Lucy, for showing off your paw fluff — it is divine!

  5. Hmmmmmmmmm. I’ll have to check my copy of The Celtic Collection when I get home. You’re knitting a rainbow! Too wonderful and lovely. I love the socks too! Very stylish!

    I love Lean Cuisine food! Especially their four-cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza! When I was working evenings in a Medical Records Department (in one of my previous lives) it was my regular din-din – that and a salad! Now, if the old man is out flying model airplanes, I pop one of those puppies in the micro and chow down! Fast, good and low-cal, what more could a girl want?

    I just want to kiss Lucy’s wittle fluffy paws!!!! luv.m.

  6. patricia says:

    the sweater- wow! It gets cooler cooler. Reminds me of a black light poster today.

    Paw fluff! CLEAN paw fluff. My cat has litterbox toes- she drinks from the tub faucet, and then the litter sticks to the wet paws -ick.

  7. Happy blogiversary! I’m really liking how the sweater is coming along, the colors are wonderful. And Lucy truly does have the best toe tufties.

    If you click on this link and scroll down, there is an Alba sweater pictured and the author mentions that she has a book where some of the pictures were printed with the wrong designs.

  8. Lucy has a toe-hawk! (And I spend too much time at Cute Overload.) 🙂

    Lismore and the Peace Socks are both gorgeous!

  9. So cool how the colors swirled through the Peace Sock!
    Lucy has the best paw fluff!

  10. Your Peace sock has such pretty pooling and Lismore is looking more beautiful everyday. I really enjoy watching your progress and appreciate some pics of the inside. Congratulations on 6 wonderfully successful years and a delightful book. I look forward to more of your books & blog entries.

  11. Juliette says:

    I appreciate the thumbnails because they are not blocked on my work computer.

    The peace socks are my favorite yet! Nice work.

  12. The Peace sock is gorgeous and the inside of Lismore is almost as pretty as the outside!

    Wuv the Lucy paw fluff. Want to kiss the wittle toes!

  13. Lucy has such adorable paw-fluff! :3

  14. Lynne E. says:

    Yes, there are indeed some copies of THE CELTIC COLLECTION that have “Lismore” and “Alba” switched. I purchased an early hardcover copy of CC at Straw Into Gold when the store was still located in Berkeley, and got one of the defective copies. Straw later sold the “bad” copies off at a discount. Whether there were any such copies distributed elsewhere, I do not know.

    Your Kauni sweater is glorious! I’d never in a million years have thought of knitting an AS pattern in Kauni, and if I had thought of it, I wouldn’t have had the courage to actually try it.

  15. Milissa says:

    My copy also has Lismore and Alba switched. I have an erratta page that indicates that the charts are switched. Published 1993. I had to check again, when I read today’s blog. Happy blogiversary to you!

  16. In my book it’s Lismore. I LOVE the way this is turning out. I am wondering whether the quantity of yarn used for the background is roughly equivalent to the quantity used for the foreground. In otherwords, does the color progression for the background go faster or slower than the foreground? If so, will you correct for this if, for example, you should ever find that your foreground and background colors have converged and suddenly it is all green? (I think I know the answer!) Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Thanks for showing the pictures! I love the way it’s turning out! 🙂

  18. I have two copies of the Celtic Collection; and both have the picture of Lismore switched with Alba, but only one has the errata slip that says so. The pattern names and patterns are correct; only the pictures were exchanged. Both copies were purchased on the East Coast USA.

  19. The sweater is absolutely fascinating to me! I am enjoying watching it grow. one of my favourite things are toe fuzzies (on felines) It is always so soft!!!

  20. Leslie - knitting therapist says:

    My copy of Celtic Collection has the switched photographs. I purchased at Lichtman’s in Toronto in 1993 or 1994. There was no errata slip.

    Caused quite some confusion when I went to a store to buy yarn for what I thought was Lismore, but was actually Alba!

  21. oh for good grief, you had me at paw fluff!!!!! Doesn’t it just make you want to kiss her paws until she waps you in the head? *sigh* maybe it’s just me…or maybe it’s only MY cat that waps me in the head for playing with his paw fluff.

    P.S.-how INCREDIBLE is that sweater turning out?!

  22. Theresa in Italy says:

    Happy Bleated Blogiversary (gee, my day was almost as much fun as yours and I wasn’t even celebrating anything) and let me add my voice to the chorus of accolades for the Lismore sweater. It really is stunning. I agree with L-B about the Peace Socks, too. Can’t properly judge Lucy’s paw fluff except to say it’s much cleaner than any kind of fluff our dog is producing these days (although he probably surpasses her in sheer volume).

  23. Theresa in Italy says:

    Whoops, that was supposed to be “Belated” Blogiversary….

  24. Sock Knitter says:

    Not that you asked or anything — but I prefer the larger pictures on the blog as well….I want to see every detail possible in your items 🙂 and with the smaller picture, it’s hard….

    Of course, if it’s a matter of bandwidth or something, and it comes down to either smaller or fewer — I think I would like smaller…but like I said, I know you weren’t asking and I hope it was ok to comment about it?

  25. I really like the larger pictures too! I simply like your blog. Since I feel like I don’t have much time to knit, it is special to read about successful knitting!

  26. My copy of The Celtic Connection has the Erratum slip pasted on the reverse of the title page; it’s the first British edition, London: Anaya Publishers, 1992, ISBN 1-85470-118-5. The photographs for the Alba sweater and the Alba jacket are clearly different stitch patterns, but the charts are correct: you are knitting Lismore. I think one of the things that may have contributed to the switch is that the Lismore sweater and the Alba jacket are knitted in similar colourways, so someone has put them together. Gorgeous book anyway.

  27. You are even more astonishing than I realized. I’m a “two steps forward, one step back” kind of knitter. Lismore is beautiful.

  28. LOVE the pooling of the colors on the Chameleon Dove…was wondering if you’ve worked with this yarn before and if they pool like that on other colors…

  29. That sweater is so beautiful, I hope you bring it to the Fling. Bet it is breathtaking in person.

    Got to love the paw fluff!

  30. Sharon T says:

    Beautiful Lismore. I love your idea of using the Kauni. And Lucy’s paw fluff – well it make me want to trim off with a little scissors.

  31. Love the color play in your Lismore, it is beautiful!! Kitty Paw Fluff, awwwwwww, its so sweet 🙂 My kittys are all short haired so I dont get to nuzzle the softness…unless of coure we are at my moms where Paw Fluff Rules!

  32. Check out my Kauni on Ravelry – I’m Mountain Purl. I’m knitting using a Dale chart. Our sweaters are very similar.

  33. Kristin says:

    Ooooh, Lismore is stunning! Count me in as one of the folks with a “bad” copy of CC. I wanted to try knitting Lismore (or what I thought was Alba) years ago, but when I noticed the pattern chart didn’t match the sweater in the pic, I was worried I was going to buy the wrong yarn to complete the project :p

    I can’t wait to watch your progress on Lismore, it’s gorgeous!

  34. The paw fluff is awesome!! 🙂


  35. Please go back to the larger pics. It’s hard to see the cute face of Miss Lucy in the samller ones. Your knitting is beautiful, as always.

  36. According to my copy of Celtic Collection, you are most definitely making Lismore. Mine is a hard cover book, and was published by Trafalgar Square here in the U.S. in 1993.

  37. Hiya, I have the Celtic collection, and my first copy was bound together totally incorrectly. I had a picture of one sweater next the the chart of another, etc. etc. I ended up returning it and getting a new, correct one. Perhaps your reader is experiencing another binding error of this book!

  38. Michele In Maine says:

    I am working very hard to resist ordering the kauni (at least till my other sweaters are done).

    Lucy’s paw’s are very cute. My long haired tortoise only has fluff on her back paws.

    And to report on the reception of the Wildside Salmon – the kitty (calico – “Wabi”) who never eats treats devours as much as I will give her! The tortie (“Ella”) who is a total treat hound, just looks at them and walks away. The tiger (“Honey” – also not much of a treat kitty) reacted similarly. So Wabi will get them all!

  39. A belated congratuations on your blogiversary. and Lismore, (or Alba) is lovely. thanks for sharing!

  40. SQUEEEEEE! Toe fluff! Just what I needed!

    Oh, yeah, nice knitting, too 😉

  41. I love the peace sock, I really like how the colors are working out in the pattern, it looks peaceful too. I love how the aweater looks as well, the colors are just beautiful.