My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Why I Made Little Knitting Progress Yesterday

There is a new baby in the house. Behold:

MacBook Air

My new MacBook Air. Isn’t that the cutest baby you’ve seen in a long time?

Because I spent a lot of my knitting time last night playing with the new baby, Lismore got short shrift.


(Several of you in the comments yesterday confirmed that there are some copies of The Celtic Collection that have the photos of Lismore and Alba switched. I had a vague memory of hearing about that years ago, so thank you for the confirmation.)

Frncie commented:

I am wondering whether the quantity of yarn used for the background is roughly equivalent to the quantity used for the foreground. In other words, does the color progression for the background go faster or slower than the foreground? If so, will you correct for this if, for example, you should ever find that your foreground and background colors have converged and suddenly it is all green? (I think I know the answer!)

Yeah, that crossed my mind, too. The background seems to take more yarn, and there are three rounds in each pattern repeat that are background color only. However: when the colors reverse themselves in the progression so that what was the background sequence is now the foreground sequence, I’m hoping that it will even itself out. Does that make sense? It does in my head, but that usually doesn’t mean it will to others.

Of course there are some unknowns. Are the lengths of each color in the sequence identical? Are there any knots or splices in the yarn that would screw up the sequence? That’s part of the excitement!

So far, I haven’t diddled the colors at all. But if things look like they are going to go out of whack, I will.

I’m finding this knit so entertaining that I’m actually disappointed when I get to the boring but faster plain color rounds.

Blogiversary Contest Results

Here, without further ado, are the answers to my trivia quiz.

1. What is Wendy’s brother’s first name?

My brother’s name is David, or Dave.

2. What is Wendy’s middle name?

My middle name is Doris, which is my mom’s first name. (Her middle name is her mother’s first name.)

3. What was Wendy knitting when she made her first blog entry on April 1, 2002?

I was knitting Norge 2000 from Dale of Norway

4. How many iPods does Wendy have and what are their names?

Ha! Got most of you on this one. I have three iPods: Irving, Neville, and Sheldon.

5. What was Wendy knitting during Hurricane Isabel?

Alice Stamore’s Marina

6. What was Wendy knitting when she bought her current car?

Dale Design # 10903, which I named Frida.

7. On what date did Wendy first mention The Loopy Ewe in her blog?

August 8, 2006

8. Name a rock and roll legend who was born in the town in the UK where Wendy lived as a child.

This was interesting, too. Most of you got the answer: Elton John, (or Reginald Dwight). A few of you mentioned that Simon LeBon lived there as a child (though he was not born there). And I was impressed that one of you knew that Rick Wright (of Pink Floyd) was born and lived in Hatch End. I counted that, as Hatch End is part of Pinner, postally speaking. (But that person missed at least one of the other questions.)

Fifty-four of you entered the contest, and to my very great surprise, five of you got all the answers right. So the Random Number Generator stepped in and drew a grand prize winner. That winner is Mandella, who will receive the $50 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe.

The other four winners, Lisa, Alicia, Rachel, and Nicole will receive a sock kit consisting of one of my patterns and yarn to knit it. I’ve emailed these four. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest!

And Lucy is pleased that you all admired her paw fluff!



  1. What a sweet contest! I did not enter at all, only having found you a few months ago. How nice of you to give out 4 prizes too.

    PS, I just finished your Double Eyelet Rib socks, and I have to say, what a fun pattern! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are so very welcome Miss Lucy, You do have lovely Paw Fluff! I cant wait to see the finished sweater!

  3. Wow, FIVE people got all the questions right! I’m so impressed. I think Kauni Lismore is my favorite of all your projects (and she’s not even done yet!). You’re going to have to plan a vacation to someplace cold so you can wear it when finished!

  4. That sweater is so gorgeous. I’m not tempted to make one yet, but I’m sure tempted to try and bribe someone else to make one for me….. 🙂

  5. A MacBook Air! Your recent pictures of your iMac sent DH and me to the local Apple shop to ooh and ahh. I’m still being tempted to move to the Mac side, but they are pricey. Our old Dell can be updated a lot for about $150, so it’s difficult to justify. That iMac, though, that’s amazing! So is the Air, but we don’t have a need for anything that lightweight.

    The new sweater will be gorgeous, and I was fascinated to watch the way you knit. Annie Modesitt is the only other knitter I’ve seen that doesn’t wrap the yarn around her fingers, and she’s really fast. I know you are, though you were going slowly for the demo, since you get so many projects done so quickly.

  6. awww man, i only missed sheldon! darnit!

    boy you really do love apple products, don’t you? 🙂 and you just got a new computer two months ago also! what’s the macbook air’s name? which model did you end up getting?

  7. Is there a prize for those of us , namely me, who read you regularly but apparently do not retain anything except the great knitting tips and the video….I think that deserves an award too…like the person with the least trivia should really be the winner…chuckle

  8. Sock Knitter says:

    CONGRATS to the winners!!!

    And THANK YOU for making the photos larger again! That sweater is FAR too gorgeous to look at in those tiny photos from yesterday 🙂

  9. That MacBook looks phenomenal. You must be having fun. The Wendy Trivia contest was delightful. Congratulations to the winners. And hope you had a happy Blogiversary. We all have to thank you for the work you share with us.

  10. As a relatively new regular reader (versus occasional lurker) I knew I had not hope in yarn heaven to answer any of these questions…..but I do find the answers in themselves entertaining.

    My Westie Daisy loves to look at the photos of Lucy!

  11. So jealous of your macbook air, but with my macbook being less than a year old I can’t really justify a new one – yet!!!
    Loving the kauni lismore, I am planning on knitting the venezia pullover by Eunny Jang in Kauni but just waiting for the owner of the shop I am getting it from to go to denmark and get a skein of a contrasting solid for the trims.

  12. Hey… My middle name is my mom’s first name too! Probably won’t continue the tradition though, there are enough Sarah’s in the world already.

  13. Lisa in Georgia says:

    Woweee… I’m one of the five winners – and I never win anything!! Thanks Wendy for your generosity. I can’t wait to get my sock pattern and yarn.

    Lucy looks very serious in today’s photo. She’s wondering what you’re going to name the new MacBook Airbaby…

  14. Okay, I’m totally late to the party but… CONGRATS on your blogiversary!

    I am so impressed that you discovered the Loopy Ewe in 2006. Although I guess if I’d known about Sheri earlier, I’d be a lot poorer!!

    Love the Kauni…

  15. Jocelyn says:

    I saw a commercial for the MacAir the other day, and my DH mentioned a funny item he heard. Some guy who writes tech reviews got a free one from Apple. Before he had much chance to play around with it, it got left in the newspaper pile…You guessed it – it was thrown away! That’s one light laptop. Have fun!

  16. ooooooo! Very sexy! Looking forward to hearing how you like the AirBook … OK, I feel guilty typing this on my perfectly nice MacBook… like it will be jealous. 🙂

  17. DANG!! I only missed Sheldon’s name (I knew you had 3 ipods) and NORGE. Oh, well. Congrats to the winners!

  18. Cool! Did you get the solid state drive or the regular one? I’m using my income tax return to get a MacBook Air, but it will have to be the regular drive — the solid state drive is neat, but even though I’m a dedicated Mac user (except at work, where they force me to use windows) I can’t justify that expense….

  19. Love the Lismore. Boy that is almost looking 3-D. It’s gorgeous.

    Congrats to the winners.

  20. Theresa in Italy says:

    My sister’s middle name is our mom’s first name—I think it’s a nice tradition. Congratulations to the winners! The only one I already knew was your brother’s name, but I’ve taken notes of all the answers and will be prepared for the next pop quiz/contest!

    That sure is a cute new baby you’ve got there. Although I think Lismore is cuter.

  21. You lived in Pinner? Mind if I ask where? My hustband grew up there (Meadow Road) and actually went to play at Simon LeBon’s once. He apparently had all the cool toys. Many years later we lived in Pinner ourselves (West End Lane) and the children went to West Lodge school just as their father did. Upon learning that Amy was attending Year One in the same classroom as her father did thirty years previously, she asked “and did you have the same teacher?”. The teacher was not amused.

  22. Lismore is amazing.
    and congrats on the new addition. (grin)

  23. Yeah, I would like to know whereabouts in Pinner too. My cousin lives there (Barnhill) (she’s 40 now) and we used to visit regularly and go to Ruislip Lido.

  24. Shucks, I got them all but Sheldon! It was a trick question! The only instance in the blog before today is this odd little anonymous comment: “Comment by Somebody: Hi, Sheldon! Stay out of the washing machine,okay? February 22, 2007 @ 7:32 pm” Can someone explain? Pretty please? LOL

  25. I am SO behind..first a Happy Blogiversary! What would my morning be without you.
    The years fly!
    I am a PC gal. But, this little toy, oh my. It might convert me. I am in love with it, no sleek.
    I really enjoy watching the color progression in this sweater, planned (sort of), but seemingly unplanned.

  26. Shirley, in PA says:

    Oh, I love the new Macbook Air. I bought the new 24″ iMac two days after they came out, updated to Leopard when it was available. This is my second Mac, would never go back to Windoz. I love it, but am thinking I need a little baby to go walkabout with. Your sweater is looking very inspirational.

  27. I love the look of the MacBook Air. It’s on the list for one of the mythical days when I have more money than I have things I need to buy or when my desktop computer finally says it has had it.

    I did think about trying to enter the contest, but I only started reading regularly within the last year. I would have needed to research each question.

  28. Daniele says:

    Hi Wendy. I just got done reading your book. (I’m behind, but catching up quickly with this knitting thing). Lovely pictures and wonderful knits. Thank you for sharing! Daniele

  29. Kristin says:

    Question about Lismore: When you’re ready to do the sleeves, are you going to attempt to keep the color progressions symmetrical on both sides by trying to start the yarns in the same spot in the color progressions? Or are you just going to knit it up however it comes off the ball and see what happens?

    I absolutely *love* the way it looks so far. GORGEOUS!

  30. Allyson says:

    Ooooh MacBook Air! It is very cool looking but I read that it cannot do as much as iBook. Do you think it is more practical as a secondary laptop or can you get away with it as your only computer?

  31. My husband would be envious of your new toy–although we came home with a 24in iMac last night–to replace our 6+year old iMac (old OS, not worth upgrading, whoops guess we need a new computer to do our taxes). Fun toys!

  32. Re: babies. I somehow missed the gene that many women have that has them squealing at the sight of an infant. All babies look like Winston Churchill to me. Or Ross Perot. Sometimes Queen Victoria.

    In any event, that is a darned cute laptop, and I feel compelled to squeal at its baby picture. A high-pitched squeal, in Japanese. Kawaii !!

  33. Happy happy MacBook! My first computer ever was a PowerBook and even though I cheated once with a ThinkPad, I have been LUSTING after those new bombastically FAB units…

    Are you going to name it!?

  34. Hi Wendy –

    My first pair of sox was your Fingering Weight Toe-Up Gusset Heel pattern and they came out AWESOME! Credit to my friend Deb (, a fellow avid knitter, as she directed me to your patterns.

    I do have a question for you, your Lismore piece looks AWESOME! But….I am a 10+ year product manager in the needlecraft industry, and as such I not only want to see the front of projects, but also the BACK, especially on something knitted. Is that being too bold….to ask to see your back???? I would call myself an experienced knitter (some day I’ll share the pix of the Neil Diamond sweater I designed and knitted when I had front row center tix to his concert – hint: 62 song titles are knitted into the sweater). However, the ability to compare my back to someone else’s would be a huge treat.

    Thanks for the sock patterns. Between you and Deb I find myself insanely hooked on sox, and am currently working my second pair from the same pattern. I’ll be experimenting shortly with new patterns since I have yarn for 6 more pair….