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Calling All Babies

Well, to be more accurate, calling all moms/dads/grandparents/guardians/custodians of babies.

A little while back, Norma mentioned on her blog that she had a hard time finding standard foot sizes for babies online. I’ve had the same experience. Recently, I’ve had the need to make socks for a 12-month old baby, and googled my fingers to the bone trying to find standard foot sizes for babies.

So, can you help me create a baby foot size chart that I can post on my site for all to use?

If you have a baby handy whose cute little feet you can measure, leave me a comment with the following information:

  • baby’s age (in months)
  • length of foot
  • circumference around ball of foot
  • circumference around ankle

I’ll compile the info in a chart and post in. The more babies’ measurements I can get, the better the chart will be. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

Lismore Update

Yes, I’m still slogging along. I’ve slowed down dramatically the past couple of days in my knitting, but I have cast off the steek stitches and am ready to join the shoulders.

I think I will go ahead and knit the neckband next. I’ll be happy I did once I finish the sleeves. But I decided to set Lismore aside until the weekend. For some reason I’ve been particularly tired every evening when I get home from work (and how is it possible that it is only Wednesday?) and have gone to bed early. I’ll pick Lismore up again Friday night, when I can stay up late.

I’ll work on socks in the meantime. My little sock model has been pestering me for a new toe to model.

And my little helper is just waiting to see what I do next.


  1. well, here’s info for both my girls. ftr, they both have tiny feet (about a size smaller than “normal” for their ages)
    baby’s age (in months) = 32
    length of foot = 12 1/2 cm
    circumference around ball of foot = 13 cm
    circumference around ankle = 15 cm
    US shoe size = toddler 6

    baby’s age (in months) = 7
    length of foot = 10 cm
    circumference around ball of foot = 11 cm
    circumference around ankle = 11 cm
    US shoe size = 02

    i have to say this was easier than measuring bunny thumpers since i didn’t have to wield a camera too! they send love to “woo-see” as always.

  2. My “baby” is 23 months old! I’m not sure how that happened, but I do know that the last socks I started for him were outgrown before I finished turning the heel on the first one.

    His feet are 5.25 inches/13.5 centimeters long; 5.5 inches/14 cm around the ball of the foot, and the same around the ankle (I think–he squirmed).

  3. patricia says:

    No baby foot measurements to report, but I will appreciate using the chart. Thanks for compiling and creating one!

    The sweater is gorgeous!

  4. Here are the measurements for John and Maggie:
    John (age 35 months)
    Length of foot 6″
    Circumference around ball of foot = 5 3/4″
    Circumference around ankle = 5 3/4″
    Shoe Size = 8

    Maggie (age 13 months) (Maggie has small feet)
    Length of foot = 4 1/4″
    Circumference around ball of foot = 5″
    Circumference around ankle 5 1/2″ (her ankles are chunky)

    I’m so glad you wanted this tonight as my babies are going home tomorrow! Good timing, Wendy. Anxious to see the chart when you finish.

  5. baby’s age (in months) –6 months
    length of foot — 4 inches
    circumference around ball of foot — 5 inches
    circumference around ankle –5.5 inches

    From measurements of my neice, for socks last summer. I won’t have access to more babies for a few weeks. My “baby” is 52 months (!) and probably beyond your definition of baby.

  6. Awww – Lucy’s pretty eyes!!

  7. Forgot to say that Maggie’s shoe size is a 3 (and they are a little big on her)

  8. Kimberly says:

    My 12 mo daughter measures as follows:

    Foot length 4.25 ”
    Circumference around ball of foot 5″
    Circumference around ankle 5.5″

    Her feet seem to be rather small as her brand new 6mo size booties are falling off.

    Hope this helps.

  9. suzanne says:

    I think today’s pictures are my favorite Lucy pics yet!

  10. The littlest one is 8 months old
    Foot Length=4″
    Circumference around ball of foot 4.5″
    Circumference around ankle 5.5″
    Hope this helps. If I can grab the two year old later I’ll get her measurements as well.

  11. I really like today’s picture of Lucy. Very nice capture of her face.

  12. Rose is 6 months
    Length of paw= 3.5″ Ball of paw=5″ Ankle=4″
    She requires two pairs

  13. Little girl is almost two months, but she is a chunk

    Foot length 3.25 ”
    Circumference around ball of foot 4.25″
    Circumference around ankle 4.25″

  14. Jean Marie says:

    Kids come in so many different sizes, and grow at different rates…perhaps the chart could use length rather than age? Or foot circumference, which would allow for customizing the length for a particular child.

    (My four year old won’t hold still for measuring at the moment – and is perhaps a bit older than you want for your chart…he’s on the bottom of the weight chart and wears a larger size on top than on bottom – I get to make pants for him so the waists fit and the length is correct – so I have direct experience of the drawbacks of sizing by age!)

  15. delurking because I can actually contribute to this line of thought!
    Baby M:
    age in mos: just under 1
    length of foot: 3.5″
    circumference, ball of foot: 4″
    circumference, ankle: 4″

    Interested to see what you can put together, here. I’m with Jean Marie. The way babies and kids grow, it’s hard to do an age-based standard. All the best.

  16. Teddy looks so naked without a sock!

  17. Here’s the stats on my average/slender little boy.
    Age: 17 months
    Length: 5″
    Ball of foot: 6″
    Ankle: 6″ (expanding quickly to a chubby 7″ calf)

  18. Gap has some great sizing info on their website. Visit

    to link to socks – click on “size chart” and it gives info based on age and weight/lengths of the baby.

    You will also want to look at their shoe reference chart (click on any of the shoes to access it) it is a PDF with clearer access to the length of the foot in inches (if you look at the sock chart, it looks like several of them are the same length, but they are not).

    Hope it’s not too confusing, but I find it really helpful. 🙂

  19. My “baby” is also not a baby anymore at 26 months, but here are the measurements from the last time I made socks for him:

    age: 18 months (at the time)
    foot circumference: 5 3/4 inches
    length of foot: 5 inches
    (I didn’t measure the circumference of his ankle, as I just did a short-row heel. They fit great!)

  20. The Sprout is 12 months old
    His foot is 4 3/4 inches long
    5 1/2 inches around the ball
    and 6 inches around the ankle

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  21. Great Idea Wendy! I’m an grand auntie of a 2 1/2 year old – who is more than half my height (I am 5’2″ , my grand niece is 35″ tall – she has some great height genes!). I find it’s always a guess as to how big her foot is. She will be moving to South Africa soon and your chart will come in very handy for us long distance knitters!

  22. Can’t believe how fast you’re knitting the sweater. It’s just beautiful.

    Hope you’re feeling better. Hope you don’t have a bug!

  23. Baby boy 12 1/2 months
    4″ long
    5.25″ around
    5.5″ ankle

  24. I wonder if age is as important in determining foot size as weight? (at least for the first 12-24 months) I’ve seen one month old babies from 5 to 12 pounds and boy, that’s a big difference!

    I love the new supersized random photos of Lucy 🙂

  25. Theresa in Italy says:

    Great idea and I’ll be curious to see the results; I’ve got a 7-month-old niece (whom I don’t see very often) to knit for and so far I’ve just been guessing.

  26. If you are feeling ambitious, it is not just babies with odd feet. I have knit 100’s of socks, no newbie here, but am having a hell of a time with my 9 year old. Skinny ankles, wide feet, flat. I keep telling him I will work on the math and make him socks, so far I keep returning to the frog pond.

  27. I measured my daughters foot while she slept…sneaky sneaky
    baby’s age (in months) :24 months
    length of foot :5 1/2 inches
    circumference around ball of foot :5 1/2 inches
    circumference around ankle :5 1/2 inches

  28. I think its just this week. I have been tired every night too. Too tired to knit anything more than basic, and too tired to read more than a page of my book without falling asleep. Bring on Friday!

    Sorry I dont have any babies to measure…

  29. claybustinprincess says:

    Wonderful! As a small sock knitter for charity, I run into patterns that say — measure the foot and knit to . . . . . . And since I’ve never had kids — I haven’t the slightest clue!

  30. Hey L-B! That includes toe fluff tufts?
    sorry Wendy, no babies to measure.

  31. I have two links for you! I found these by accident when going through old posts on the Toe Up group at ravelry. (scroll down past the hats)

    Hope they are of some use to someone!

  32. Hey after you get the socks finished, maybe try out some Babylegs they keep my granddaughters legs warm.

  33. Baby girl
    17 month
    4.75 inches for all measurements

    That was one of the cutest things I’ve done in a while.

  34. Sorry only babies I have to measure are furbabies!! But the bunny thumpers on my 6mo old boys are 5.25in and 5.5in long. They are gonna be big boys I am willing to bet as theya re already as long and as tall as my 11yr old Manx Mix 🙂
    Gotta get back to work now, Have A Nice Day!!

  35. Zoe Mellor’s Book, 50 Baby Booties to Knit has a schematic on the back — if that’s of any help!

  36. I have Sock Wizard by I blinly follow her lead.

  37. hi there!
    My little Oletha is 3 months old. The foot that I was able to stop from kicking so much was 9 cm from heel to toe. 11cm around the ball of her foot and her ankle is 12 cm around. She’s big for her age, but her feet still fit in the 0-6 month shoes from Kaya’s Kloset, so she may be average in foot size.
    Good luck find the averages and making a chart. You sure have your work cut out for you 🙂

  38. I love how your Lismore is coming along. I don’t even particularly like the colors but I just LOVE that sweater. I guess something about putting it all together that works.

    As for babies, alas my youngest is now 3. I can’t believe I don’t have any babies anymore.

  39. Thomasean says:

    Hi Wendy,
    I didn’t see this reference listed on my way down to the comments.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  40. My little monkey’s info:
    baby’s age (in months): 21 Months
    length of foot: 4.5″
    circumference around ball of foot: 4.25″
    circumference around ankle: 4.25″

    Your Lismore is beautiful.

  41. My little baby girl was happy to help!
    Baby’s age: 15 months
    Length of foot: 4 1/2 inches
    Circum. around ball of foot: 5 inches
    Circum. around ankle: 5 1/2 inches

  42. Great idea! I have been trying to find the same thing, without much luck. Here are my baby boy’s measurements:
    * baby’s age (in months): 7.5
    * length of foot: 4.25″ maybe a little more, he wanted to eat the tape measure…
    * circumference around ball of foot: 5.25″
    * circumference around ankle: 5.25″ and then it gets fatter fast

  43. Here’s my baby’s info:

    baby’s age (in months) : 2.5 months
    length of foot: 4″
    circumference around ball of foot: 4″
    circumference around ankle: 3.75″

  44. nicole/sweden says:

    wow, double wow, i LOVE the way your blog is soo fancy it makes me feel like i know what i’m doin and livin large. i double click on a photo and not only does a crisper-then-life enlarged image pop up but the background gets darker? this blog really is the cat’s meow… thank you for all the bells and whistles (even if they’ve probably always been here & i just noticed them.)

  45. I have always used this handy little chart developed by the people that use it to sell shoes:

  46. That is a wonderful idea to have moms send in their babies foot/ankle measurements. My kids are teens but I remember the frustration of buying baby socks only to find the ankles were sometimes way too small. So even some sock manufacturers are not getting it right. I’ve noticed this buying adult socks, one must be aware that the ankles are not too skinny or have a super tight or inflexible band at the top. It is as if the obvious shape of the leg is not observed; the leg is much wider as one moves up from the ankle. My ankles are average but I still have to check the dimensions before buying socks. Another good thing about knitting your own, you can make sure those ankles are comfortable!
    Lucy, as always, is adorable.

  47. THANK YOU for making a chart of baby foot sizes! This is ‘the year of the babies’ around here (4 friends are expecting!) and I love making booties. :)K

  48. So I’ve been a reader for a while yet only felt the need to comment a few times, due to the large amount you already have. But this I thought was a great reason, so here is my sweet little girl’s stats:

    * baby’s age (in months)~ 14montths
    * length of foot~ 4 3/4 in or 12cm
    * circumference around ball of foot~ 5in or 12 7/10 cm
    * circumference around ankle~ 5 1/4in or 13 3/10cm

  49. The chart sounds like such a good idea, but every baby I’ve ever seen has had such wildly differing feet that it seems like this would be hard to pull off. With the feet being so small, the standard deviation from one foot to the next would be relatively high, yes?

  50. Given how much babies of the same age can vary in size, a weight of the child might help make sense of the foot measurements.

  51. Thanks for compiling a baby sock size chart. It will really come in handy, even if it’s just some general guidelines. I never know how big to make those things!

  52. baby’s age – 13 months (he’s a big’un, though)
    length of foot: 5.25″ (possibly slightly larger)
    circ of foot: 5.5″
    circ of ankle: between 5.75 and 6″ (squirmy little bugger)
    not sure of his shoe size since he isn’t walking yet. I’d guess a 4 or 5.

    my older is 44 months, but the size of your average 6 year old, so she would probably *really* throw the curve.

  53. So, I will admit to just skimming your last 10 or so entries but I was out of town without computer access so my blogroll is overwhelming. That is to say, if you already answered this forgive me. Are you just knitting Lismore with the rainbow Kunai starting at different colors or are there two colors there. I have a bit of this yarn that I bought in a magpie moment and can’t decide if I should use a solid background or stagger the yarns. Any suggestions? Sorry, no babies handy.

  54. Here is another size for you:
    Nathan (age 25 months)
    Length of foot: 6″
    Circumference of ball of foot: 6″
    Circumference of ankle: 6″
    Shoe size: 7 toddler

  55. Onemagicmummy says:

    i have some measurements for you
    baby’s age (in months) almost 7 months (girl)
    length of foot 3 1/2 Inch from Big Toe to Heel
    circumference around ball of foot: 4 1/2 Inch
    circumference around ankle 5 Inch
    My Addition is Circumferance around Calf as i jsut made a pair of crochet socks that fit her foot/ankle but on her calf lol so 1 inch above her Ankle measures 6-6 1/2 inche (sorry its not accurate she getting wriggly

    hope that helps,
    off to fix the socks i made lol


  56. This chart will be very useful!
    8 months:
    foot length: 4.25
    circ ball of foot 4.5
    circ ankle 5
    circ calf 7.25

    and from my notebook
    3 months:
    foot length 3.5
    circ ankle 4.5
    circ calf 6.75

    5 months:
    foot length 4
    circ foot 4.5
    circ ankle 4.5
    circ calf 7

    Sarah-potterknitter’s last blog post..9 Months

  57. Edit that first one, that’s actually 9 month sizes!

    sarah-potterknitter’s last blog post..9 Months

  58. * baby’s age (in months)
    4 months
    * length of foot
    * circumference around ball of foot
    * circumference around ankle

    Lucy did not like this process at all. 🙂

    Kristine’s last blog post..This is one of those weeks.

  59. Pearl is 10 months.
    Circ. ball of foot 5″
    Circ. ankle 5.25″
    Length 3.75″
    We are a little chunky 🙂

  60. i don’t know if anyone mentioned this but the knitting zone has a huge database of foot sizes already in place for anyone’s use. there are tables for men, women, children, and babies (

    it covers narrow, wide, and normal width feet and has info about heel and sock height.

    anne’s last blog post..pear and trellis

  61. My girl is 5.5 months old, and her measurements are:

    10 cm from heel to top of toe
    13 cm around ball of foot
    13.5 cm around the ankle.

    It should be noted, though, that her pediatrician, in her charts, describes her as “chubby”.

    Expat knits’s last blog post..Colour explosion

  62. How old do you want these babies to be (i.e. how extensive of a chart do you want?) I have a 12 month old, 3 year old and 4 year old that I could measure for you.

    Faith’s last blog post..The First Week (And a new sweater)

  63. My kids are not babies anymore but they were so big they would have skewed your results anyway!

    Daisy’s last blog post..A new direction