My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Peace Out

I finished the Peace Socks last night.

To recap, these are toe-up socks knit on 2.75mm needles using Chameleon Colorworks Evolution sportweight sock yarn, in the “Mourning Dove” colorway, purchased from The Loopy Ewe.

Although the pattern is similar to Cookie A.’s Baudelaire socks, I decided to go ahead and offer the pattern as a freebie because:

  1. The Peace Socks are worked in sportweight yarn and Baudelaire is a fingering weight pattern.
  2. Baudelaire is a freebie, so by offering mine free, I’m not taking sales away from the lovely and talented Cookie A.
  3. They aren’t exactly the same as Baudelaire anyhow.

So, anyhow, the Peace Sock pattern is available here, in pdf format. It is permanently linked to from the Free Patterns page. Didja notice the tabs at the top of the blog? One of them takes you directly to the free patterns page. 🙂 Cool, huh?

I started a new sock last night. Here it is:

The yarn is The Sanguine Gryphon Eidos sock yarn in the Phaedo colorway. It’s 100% merino fingering weight and I purchased it at The Loopy Ewe. I love this yarn. The subtle color changes are just amazing, and I am particularly enchanted by this colorway. It makes me feel quite . . . philosophical. 😉

The design is something I worked up and it consists of twisted traveling stitches on a purled background. Because this twisting and traveling tightens up the gauge somewhat, I’m knitting the sole using my usual size 0 needle, and the instep using a size 1. After I turn the heel I’ll use size 1 needles on both the front and the back because I’ll be continuing the pattern around the back of the sock.

This is one advantage of using two circular needles over dpns — you can easily knit the sole and foot on two different sizes.

I haven’t named this design yet — anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for all the input I have so far on the baby foot sizes. I really appreciate your measuring your little ones for me.

Several of you have pointed out that babies vary quite a bit so age is not a great guideline. I do realize that, but it is a start. I’m hoping I’ll eventually get a range of measurements for a number of different sizes so the chart will be useful to give one a ballpark idea of how big to knit socks. I’ve on occasion been asked to make socks for “a 12-month-old” and I know I’d like to have some measurements for a starting point since I have no personal experience with babies, apart from having been one lo, those many years ago.

Thanks to those of you who mentioned existing resources in the comments. I’ll compile those and add them to my chart page so they’ll all be in one place.

Lucy, however, still doesn’t “get” socks. She prefers bird watching.


  1. For me, your new sock reminds me of the scrolling computer letters in the Matrix. So…therefore…I dub them…the Matrix socks.

    I will dutifully cease doing so when you give them their real name! They are quite lovely by the way.

    And…a shout out and MEOW to Lucy!

  2. PICAdrienne says:

    Further note about baby feet, at birth all of my kids had about the same size feet (the length of my index finger.) By one year, my son (bruiser that he is) was wearing a toddler size 5, and middle child was wearing toddler size 2, oldest child was in about a 3. Oldest child (now done growing) wears a ladies size 6, middle child (still growing) is in a ladies size 8 and bruiser boy (just turned 11, not had his major growth sprut, still growing) is in a men’s 9.5.

    The side travelling stitches remind me of a river, how about Ebb and Flow? Do you mean for one side of the sock to have a ‘crisper’ turn to the traveling stitches? One side seems more angular in the turns and the other is wavier. Is that an optical illusion?

  3. Love the new pattern. It instantly says “Inca” to me. :0)

  4. How about “Elemental”?

    The pattern reminds me of flowing wind and water, and the colour of the yarn speaks of stone. Almost like ancient carved runes.

    My best to you and yours – happy scratches to Lucy.


    Your socks are fabulous! Lucy is, as always, adorable! luv.m.

  6. Patricia says:

    The peace socks are lovely- the color patterns remind me of clouds and I think the pattern accentuates that. I think Bas Relief is a good name for the new pair.

    I like the tabs at the top of the page too!

  7. and keeping an eye on that new bag!!! I love your new website..the tabs are great…the socks remind me of the Rosetta Stone in the British Musuem in London….I like Mythical Stones

  8. Winding paths / winding roads first came to mind ….. traveling stitches make “roads” …. we travel on roads… I don’t know ……..blabbering.. sorry bye

  9. Love the new socks, they are very cool.

    People are right about the baby feet lol but at least it gives you somewhere to start. I’ll measure my kids when they get up from naptime. Although, they both have Flintstone feet…fat, wide, and flat lol. Might skew the results.

  10. I DID notice the tab yesterday and yes, way cool! Also thanks for making the Peace pattern available – it’s gorgeous! Lucy isn’t alone – my girls are only interested in my sock knitting if there isn’t anything to be seen from the “bird seat.”

  11. Thanks for the very lovely Peace Socks pattern. This will be one that I’ll knit for sure.

  12. I thought of serpents when I saw your sock – love the colorway

    Anyhow, Serpentine socks?

  13. That is a particularly calming color!
    I saw it as steel pipes, and thought:
    Metropolis Socks?

  14. LOVE the new template! The tabs are awesome. 🙂 Peace socks are beautiful as always. I agree with Linda and Sue above on the new socks, they seem very Indian to me. They reminded me of arrowheads and snakes. A beautiful pattern. 🙂

  15. The new sock reminds me of Grant Wood’s American Gothic. The side windy things look like the pitch fork and the middle design looks like the window. Beautiful work, as always..

  16. i LOVE this pattern! and the color.

    it makes me think of a willow tree twisting in the wind.

    Winding Willow Socks

  17. Wendy – the Peace socks are absolutely perfect. I love the colourway and think its suits the pattern to perfection. A name suggestion for the new socks : “Kalakmul ” which was the major seat of power for the ‘Kingdom of the Snake’ in the Mayan civilisation.

  18. I’m loving the new sock; any guess why? LOL
    I hope to get my hands on that colorway. Just name the new sock after me. 🙂

  19. Love the socks.

    How’s about “Hokey Pokey” for the name of the design. (You know, you put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, etc. . .)

  20. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the peace sock pattern! I’m trying to become proficient at using 2 circulars for socks.

  21. Love those Peace Socks. I just began some socks last night in the Chameleon Colorworks yarn also, and was wondering how the pooling might look in the end – it’s actually quite lovely.:-)

  22. Deb in PA says:

    I started out thinking hieroglyphics for a sock name, but the more I look at it, I think it looks like runes.

    I’m weird. I admit it. Beautiful patterns by the way.

  23. It looks like a labyrinth path or maybe a fork in the road, as in Yogi Berra’s line “when you come to a fork in the road, take it”. So… fork in the road.

  24. Thanks for the Peace Socks pattern! I thought these looked great and the yarn is so pretty. It just looks soft!

  25. Mellanie says:

    The Mourning Dove socks are beautiful. I like the new pattern too.

  26. Looks like Teddy’s taking off—Rocket socks?

  27. Those Peace Socks are lovely. Thanks so much. They reminded me of designs like runes, too, maybe from The Lord of The Rings, when everyone went down into the mines where the dwarves used to be.

  28. How about Loch Ness? The color looks like murky water and the pattern, and the pattern looks like something emerging from it. Well, it likes like that so far….

  29. Even though the color is pretty sedate, it is still light enough to remind me of spring: and since the center motif looks like tulips to me, I think you should call the socks “Tulip Toes”. Kind of encourages the spring weather to keep rolling in!

  30. I see arrowheads and snakes…how about desert dusk, or indian story socks? I like them! But I always like geometric more than flowery.

  31. Thanks for the freebie!
    I immediately thought “happy trails” since a sanguine is a happy, cheerful person – so how ’bout Happy Trails to Ewe?

  32. Theresa in Italy says:

    Thanks for the Peace Socks pattern! The new sock pattern makes me think of architecture, particularly columns—Ionic? Corinthian? And it’s sorta in keeping with Greek tone of the yarn’s name. I’ve got some of that yarn marinating in the stash; after hearing how much you like it, I want to get it out and start playing with it myself!

  33. Victoria says:

    Thank you for putting the peace socks up, they are lovely.

  34. Since the socks make you feel philosophical how about Socrates?

  35. Meribeth says:

    I almost fell out of the chair when I saw your socks. I am working my way through Starmore’s Irish Moss. Nothing but twisted stitch cables. Sooo, the first thing that came to mind is Spanish Moss.

    And the center cable, with the zig zag to the side reminded me of Poseidon. Not the movie, but the dude with the trident and an occational thunder bolt. Yeh, I know. He had three prongs, and yours have 6, but yours is the formal wear trident! heehee

  36. Thanks for the free pattern! Also, I love the new sock you’re knitting and hope you’ll consider making that available as well.

  37. I don’t think anyone has yet mentioned that in Cat Bordhi’s ‘New Pathways’ book there is a chart that has standard foot measurement info for everyone from newborns up to men’s sizes. I just found it last night when poking about in the book – it’s in the back. I think it has more ease than I like in a sock so I would knit using the numbers for a size below my shoe size, but at least it’s a rule of thumb (toe?).

  38. I was thinking Ivy League socks – that’s what they make me think of. But I like the Matrix suggestion, too.

  39. How about Meandering?
    or Philosopher’s Stone.

    Thanks for the peace socks pattern!

  40. I wonder if it would be a good idea to ask for weight as well as age and see what kind of pattern develops there? Or doesn’t, as it might turn out…better extra info than not enough, though!

  41. SO in love with that colorway!! (and thank you for the personal reply about that yarn!)

  42. Michele In Maine says:

    I think the sock reminds me of rivulets.

    Nice to get a scale view of the Lady B next to the Lady Lucy!

    I hope to start my homework today for the Fling. Needles are due to arrive today (I had 0’s and 1’s in matching pairs but not 2’s).

    The Peace sock is also lovely – love the shades of gray.

  43. Wow – great name suggestions from everyone! I can’t wait to see what you end up naming them. Either way, I love both new patterns!

  44. Lucy looks very majestic and regal! Love the color of the Peace socks, too!

    Daisy’s last blog post..A new direction

  45. Wendy, the Peace socks are gorgeous! I like the new ones even better….I’m reminded of designs I’ve seen on native American tepees. How about Prairie River?

  46. Kathleen says:

    Philosophical–people have already suggested Socrates and Meandering –how about Peripatetic? The school of philospophers who walked and talked and thought.

    Love the Peace Sock, too. You are very generous!


  47. Sock name suggestion: Lyre

    Nancy’s last blog post..It’s Bobmas!

  48. Awesome Peace socks! And by the way I love the your cat looks He or she is sooo cute.

    You such some times visit me and my sisters blog. =)

  49. Sisterlyknits says:

    Sorry fro posting two times, but I didn’t look at the top right of your site and when I did… I found out that your kitty is a girl ^.^


  50. Traveling Woolberry Socks

  51. Laura Sue says:

    I am trying to start my third pair of socks and finally have an intelligent question to ask. Do you knit loosely in general? I tried to start sock pair #3 using size 0’s because — well, because so many of you do! — and found that I was getting a gauge of 9.5 stitches/inch! It seemed a bit, well, tiny to me. But I’m a tight knitter. Sock pair #1 was too big. Sock pair #2 was too small, so I’m trying hard to get it right for sock pair #3, but have frogged about 4 times now. Sigh. I so want to get to the point where so many of you are…you just cast on for a pair of socks like you’ve been doing it for years. Oh yeah. I guess you have!

  52. Hey, thank you so much about the yarn, I’m very glad you like it! It’s named for the Plato dialogue Phaedo, and I’ll be sure to dye more as soon as more base yarn arrives (there’s a little backorder issue). For anybody who needs some right away (Phaedra!) there are still two little skeins left in my shop.

  53. You are very generous to provide us with the Peace socks pattern. Thanks. They are so pretty. As usual, you have another winning photo of Lucy. She is quite the photogenic model cat!

  54. I’m thinking Parthenon. They look like Greek muses, dancing on a rhyton. And the name of the yarn… it just leapt to mind.

    claire’s last blog post..Tastes like home

  55. Ooh, I love socks with twisted stitches. This makes me think of combs (I was trying to figure out what the middle elements most looked like to me) in waves.

    Seanna Lea’s last blog post..More Goodies

  56. How about “Clef” or even “Treble Clef” for the socks…

    Always enjoy the blog. Lucy’s a bigger girl than I realized, looking at her sitting on the chair to watch birdies out of the window.

    Linda “K”‘s last blog post..So Where’s the Snow?

  57. I thought of the elements also , but more Geo rytyhmn.You do beautiful work.

  58. I am glad you are still making socks, I can not tell you enough how wonderful is to come and find a new pair of socks you are working on. I have not started mine yet, maybe late October lol!

    Andres P. Nevarez’s last blog post..2008 Reunion 2008 Pt 1

  59. They remind me of the socks that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was working on – I think they were called something like Rivendell. Maybe Galadriel instead??? They’re very Art Nouveau.

  60. My son has a BS in Philosophy and loves to debate every topic. (Luckily he has a great sense of humor.) In honor of his (oft) convoluted paths to the point of his argument, er..debate, I immediately thought “Twisted Logic”. Love the colorway. And the Peace Socks are pretty cool, too.

  61. I really like how that Mourning Dove yarn pooled — very tie-dye ’70s kind of look which goes quite well with the Peace theme!

    About about “Philosophical Socks”? Yah, it’s boring, but much easier to say than “Philosockical” – 🙂 or, Platoes ?? or, Sockratees ??

    Dave’s last blog post..Zombies!!

  62. May I web-adopt your adorable Lucy. No papers necessary, but your translations of her thoughts-a must! (She makes me miss my old kitty!)
    Really love the peacesocks! You should have a knit-along…it would help me to finish my other 4 socks on the needles…not that I couldn’t start another pair…**socklover’s giggle**
    Do let us know when you’ve found a sock that is suitable to Lucy’s tastes.
    The other sock looks like a thistle, very english garden. Just my thoughts.

    Mrs. C.’s last blog post..Ravelry!

  63. How about the name navajo for your bavarian twisted stitches sock

  64. How about Tulips on Your Toes?

  65. ‘Phaedo’ is one of the trial and death of Socrates dialogues and opens with Echecrates asking Phaedo if he was with Socrates when he drank the poison. So there’s my name proposal: When He Drank the Poison. Might not those be little cups full of hemlock?

    Hey, have you made publishing plans for this design yet? I don’t suppose you want to offer it to me for my pattern collection…?

  66. I immediately saw hieroglyphs (bad spelling), so why not Glyphs? Kinda has an ancient world feeling to it!!

  67. Is that film clip perhaps what you would call a “director´s cut” ?
    It should be nominated for next year´s Oscars. And you can wear your fabulous Lismore when you receive the prize.
    It would look awfully good on the red carpet, too.

    Johanne’s last blog post..Diamonds and Purls