My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Persistence of Memory — err — Knitting

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Lismore. A number of you have commented on how quickly I knit.

I still maintain that I do no knit particularly quickly. I’m just persistent.

I believe in project monogamy. I work on only one large project at a time, hence the illusion of speed. (I also like saying “hence.”)

For example, I knit only on Lismore all last weekend. While I do have a sock in progress. I did not touch it all weekend. so I made a lot of Lismore progress. Also, I’m now knitting sleeves, which go a heckuva lot faster than the body.

I have noted that I tend to finish colorwork projects more quickly than one-color projects. I don’t knit any faster on them, but I find them more entertaining, so tend to knit for longer periods of time when doing colorwork.

Several people have asked me if the Kauni wool is scratchy. Off the skein it is not what you would call soft, but I understand once washed it softens up nicely. As this is my first experience knitting with it, I can’t tell you how much yet. But I will after I wash and block the completed sweater.

Here is my Lismore progress from last night:

As you can see, not so much as over the weekend! Weeknight knitting time is sadly much abbreviated. But I’m hoping to get this sleeve done by the end of the week.

The inside of the sleeve:

A close-up:

I decided to try to make the two sleeves match. So far, so good:

Baby Feet!

Thank you to all of you who submitted data for my chart of baby foot sizes. I’ve put all the data into a chart, and it is available, in pdf format, here. I’m also linking to it from my free patterns page. I’ve put the measurements in inches and centimeters, and where there was more than one entry for an age, I listed them all.

While I realize that babies vary in size, it’s something to start from if you need to knit for an unknown baby.

Cha-cha-changes . . .

If you are reading this blog from my site (and not in Bloglines) you’ll have noticed some recent changes, courtesy of my awesome web guru. The template changed to a lovely new layout. I no longer have two sets of photos posted — the photos that are now in the blog entries are stored at a location other than Flickr, so should not be blocked for people reading at the office. And if you click on each photo in the post, a larger version displays. And of course we have the large rotating photo of my lovely spokesmodel.

But wait! There’s more!

There’s a feature in the comments that will now insert a link to your latest blog post (assuming you put your blog url in the appropriate box in the comment form) at the bottom of your comment — unless you tell it not to.

Another new (and I think wicked cool) feature is the ability to subscribe to my blog via email. The link to do so is up in the top right corner of the page. By subscribing via email you get each blog post emailed to you. And (now this is way cool) there is a graphic of a tiny speaker at the bottom of the email. If you click on that, it takes you to a site where you can have my blog post read to you. The automated reader is not perfect, but it does a pretty good job, I think.

Anyhow, you may have noticed some wonkiness here and there over the past few days, but I think the end result is worth the wonk.

In Other News

I’m thinking about quitting my job to travel around the world, appearing at small venues to perform dramatic recitations of Monty Python and the Holy Grail whilst turning the heel of a sock.

Whaddya think? Yes? No?

Lucy thinks I am nuts.


  1. I’d say GO FOR IT! I’m totally there. And if you get bored, you go always go with a comic opera presentation of the Life of Brian while kitchner-ing a toe.

  2. Mellanie says:

    Lismore is truely beautiful. The colors just glow! Does this new career idea have anything to do with Monday’s “user unknown”? Are you lining up your options? The new blog features are really neat. Thanks for taking some of your weeknight knitting time to blog. You are always a fun read and I have long admired your consistency.

  3. so will we be the first audience at the fling?

  4. As long as you’re not the Black Knight – it would be a little hard to knit without arms (or legs) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. YES!! I think YES, YES, YES!!!! Sounds like a plan to me ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I am crazy, so you might not want to take what I say too much to heart!

    LOVE the changes!!!! I will subscribe to the email just so I can hear the reader — that is AWESOME!

    You’re always a few steps ahead of the crowd!!! LOVE it! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sock Knitter’s last blog post..Ravelry โ€” Ravelraiser!

  6. Patricia says:

    Lucy seems worried about this new plan- but as long as it keeps her in Fancy Feast, I’m sure she’d say go for it!

    Thanks for explaining the new blog features!

  7. If that’s your dream, Wendy, go for it!

    I’m sure as long as Lucy will travel in safe style it will work out fine. I know I’m planning to attend a reading ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the explanation on the new blog thingies.

  8. Can I come along?
    I’ll do one of the characters.
    As long as there is more knitting time involved, it would be sweet

    sharon’s last blog post..Sunday – a time to PRESS ON

  9. You might not think you knit fast, but you do!

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Lucy won’t let you travel around the world. She needs you at home to cater to all of her daily needs.

    Sherry’s last blog post..H is for Handsome, Hilarious, Humble

  10. Wow! The sleeves look great. The Kauni yarn gods shineth!

  11. Love the blog changes Wendy. I’m fascinated with the color progressions on Lismore—absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for the Baby Foot Sizes Chart. It will certainly be a big help.

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Happy Anniversary!

  12. Uh…it’s that bad around the Ides of April AKA Tax Day, eh? A knitting project, furry paws and liquid cheer should help!

    Nancy’s last blog post..Armenian Hat FO

  13. I’d go the Spamalot route instead! A little music, a little dance, a little seltzer down the pants!

    lv2knit’s last blog post..From Susan โ€” Back to Normal (?!)

  14. Hmm, if it weren’t for the whole royalties issue, I’d say record Monty Python and the Holy Grail as a podcast. But then, the Pythons would want a cut for every download.

    KOARC’s last blog post..Curb Your Enthusiasm

  15. Anything Python is Holy. Go for it!

  16. Please don’t….I really used to love Monty Python and the Holy Grail…then came my advanced art class my junior year. Each time we would get a free day we voted and always had to watch it, most of the class would act it out right along with the movie…..funny, but too many times I guess. Isn’t there anything else you would like to recreate dramatically?

    Heather’s last blog post..unimpressed by myself today

  17. cool new changes! i’m curious as to how the automated reader would pronounce “wonkiness” and “heckuva.” ๐Ÿ™‚ i might have to give it a try!

    mai’s last blog post..t-minus 11 days

  18. I would pay to see the sock-knitting rendition of Holy Grail. Especially the “Witch and Duck Test” routine. (“She turned me into a newt. . . I got better.”)

    Julia’s last blog post..Meant To Be

  19. PICAdrienne says:

    How about you quit your job, and travel the world writing sock patterns for publication, and lecturing on the virtues of project monogamy?

    Just a thought.

  20. I am amazed at your knitting speed, and enjoyed reading your blog greatly.
    The revamped web site is great !!
    As for quitting your job, I say , YES Go for it!!! Do something you really enjoy, but promise you will continue to knit and blog ??

  21. Monty Python while turning a heel? Can I see that next week when you teach at the Spring Fling please?

  22. Um…I hesitate to point this out, but I don’t see Rose’s puppy paws measurements in your pdf. And Lucy looks so innocent as if she hadn’t just hit the delete key…..

  23. Beautiful Lismore!! Question: How many stitches do you allow the non working yarn to float when you are knitting in fair isle? Oh, and puleeeze don’t quit your day job!

  24. Wow. Love the Kauni Lismore. And your baby chart is quite helpful — more so than anything else I’ve seen!

    lauragayle’s last blog post..Oh so true

  25. Wow! You’re Lismore looks fantastic. I like the changes that you are making to the blog and no you’re not nuts. Everyone deserves to “run away! run away!” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shea’s last blog post..Drop Spindle and Pre-Drafting

  26. Wendy! That’s brilliant. Something for both Mathboy and me!

    The more Kauni I see, the more I need some . . . just to look at.

  27. Yep, that’s definitely a “momma’s nuts” look! I know that look. But hey, I think you should do what makes you happy. But, could Lucy go with you? New blog stuff is cool – thanks!

    Sandra D’s last blog post..Riverbed Socks

  28. Would it include any references to cheese (perhaps a nice Stilton or Mongolian beaver cheese?) or parrots/budgies?

  29. Wow! First of all, thank you for the baby feet information. You are so good to us. And I’m all for the Monty Python/heel turning show. I think knitters could start our own vaudeville circuit with talent to spare.

    sulafaye’s last blog post..Mashup KAL!

  30. I do so love the Comment Luv! Isn’t that one of the niftiest widgets ever?? And the new look is great–what big, blue eyes Lucy has!

  31. I think Monty Python was fabulous before you added turning the heel of a sock – now it will be stupendous!

    Oh! And might I just say that I have seen the pattern from your latest sock creation as a scarf in my dreams… Knit with a pretty teal color… Yes, I’ll be dreaming about it…. I may become obsessed…

    Megan’s last blog post..Ohh! Look What I Did!!!

  32. Yep: it’s a doer…….an American/British comedy: woman with cat & knitting needles meets Monty Python……..move over Jane Austem!!

  33. That Daisy does such a nice job. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the sweater!

  34. Delurking due to the wonder that is Monty Python. Tis but a flesh wound! Can I come along and sing back-up as one of the knights who say ” Ni”?

    Kelley’s last blog post..What I’ve been up to

  35. yeppers everyone is right Lismore is beautiful!! I found with my kauni cardi it did soften up a bit, maybe I was just hoping that it would be super soft… but it’s nothing I’d like to cuddle with thats for sure…

    Vicki’s last blog post..Super Sprial

  36. Sounds like a fine career change to me. Need anyone to bang the coconuts at the appropriate time?

    taphophile’s last blog post..Seven Things Week 32

  37. Persistence! THAT is what I lack. I keep saying I’m a slow knitter, but now I can just say I’m not slow, I’m whatever the antonym for persistent is… impersistent? irresolute? easily distracted?? Also, I use too many question marks. About your jaunt as Monty Python knitter/orator: I would happily pay to witness that.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Now with More Socks

  38. Lucy is looking quite happy this evening… some extra good goodies, or another milk jug ring?

  39. I’d pay to go see that show.

    Rabbitch’s last blog post..Picture. Worth Thousand Words.

  40. I think you’re too modest. You ARE a fast knitter. Just that little video clip showed how lightning fast your moves are! I, too, am monogamous w/ my projects but that doesn’t mean I can finish anything anywhere near as quickly as you can. That’s why I’d love to see how you hold your yarn, form your stitches, etc.

    As for quitting your job and taking off, I say, if you’ve got the money, go for it. Sadly, my husband was one of those IT people laid off after 9-11 and he’s been having a hard time finding a job (primarily because of his age). So our “retirement” is now. He’ll get a job eventually and go back to work and that will be that! Hell, ain’t it?

  41. I have my own coconuts and know the ins and outs of the South African Swallow. May I join yo?

    Terri’s last blog post..tumtooray

  42. It’s a nice gig, if you can get it.

    Sarah’s last blog post..G is for Gauge

  43. I am completely in love with the Lismore!!! Incredible! And it’s ok if Lucy thinks you’re a little nuts…it’s a cat thing, I think.

  44. Your sweater is probably the most awe-inspiring piece of knitting that I’ve seen since the first time I saw someone knitting! Beautiful!

    Purl’s last blog post..Alpaca Mitts

  45. Theresa in Italy says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, but Lismore is quite beautiful.

    As for the Holy Grail tour, I volunteer to play the watery bint lobbing the scimitar…

  46. Meribeth says:

    Yes, quit. Do something your really want to do, even if it is nothing. I’m serious.! Even if you are traveling with a carnival (or Carnival as in HBO) doing Monty Python and knitting. IF you wind up with Carnival, watch out for the dude in the greenish trailer…..

  47. Definitely grabbing those socks when available. Loved the photo of the sleeve pickup, so smooth. The video of the steek however made me anxious,had to eat a chocolate chip cookie.

  48. I have images of flying Scotsmen right about now…heh. OK, so not Holy Grail, but the first thing that came to mind!

    If only I knew what project monogamy was all about… *sigh*

    Brigitte’s last blog post..Hiding In Plain Sight

  49. “Killer Rabbit! Killer Rabbit!”
    (did you know you could get Killer Rabbit Slippers for your tour?)

    miss sandra’s last blog post..Signs of Spring

  50. Absolutely. And add a little Meaning of Life in there while you’re at it.

  51. Oh, but clearly you’re nuts in a good way! I’d go to see that.

  52. Cool blog changes.

    But I had to comment – now granted, I haven’t knit anything in about a thousand years, but I’m truly impressed with the color match up you did with the sleeve on your sweater. I don’t know if I would have ever thought that much ahead, but it’s looking great!

    Mia’s last blog post..Tonight’s feature

  53. Oooh, yes, quit your job! I’ll quit mine, too, and I’ll be one of your groupies. Won’t you need someone to carry your yarn for you? Someone to spoil sweet Lucy while you are on stage?

    Dianne’s last blog post..A Tale of Nine Chickies

  54. Do it. Now. I quit practicing law after 20 years and bought a yarn shop last month. Best thing I ever did. I’d host an event for you at the shop, complete with wine and pastries! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Diana’s last blog post..Yet Another Shrug (No Photo)

  55. Lismore is lovely! The new blog layout is great, and I am impressed that you not only worked ‘hence’ into your post, but you also included ‘whilst’.

  56. Carol Lee says:

    Wendy, I gotta ask – how long before you’re eligible for government retirement (smile, this is not a specific amount question)? I work for a BIG defense contractor (as you can tell) and understand the issue :>. Have to admit, the older I get, the more I consider these issues, but I’d hate to see you lose any of those long term benefits you’ve worked so hard for. Enough serious stuff!

    Love the knitting, as always. You do inspire!!

    Carol in Prince George, VA

  57. Yes, quit! I have a pair of the Killer Rabbit Slippers – can I join you? A friend and I were going to start our own live art installation. I was going to knit a scarf around her neck, and she was going to crochet a scarf around mine. We could do it while reciting lines from The Meaning of Life….

  58. “Iโ€™m thinking about quitting my job to travel around the world, appearing at small venues to perform dramatic recitations of Monty Python and the Holy Grail whilst turning the heel of a sock.”

    Hey, it did well on Broadway with singing and dancing. Why not with knitting?

    Tan’s last blog post..Always Optimistic

  59. Heh, I love the word “hence” AND the phrase “project monogamy”.

    Michelle’s last blog post..Blue Lagoon

  60. Sounds like a good plan to me Wendy, but then I am completely barking! Love the way Lismore is progressing and the new layout. Very modern.

    susie hewer’s last blog post..A Weighty Issue!

  61. Lucy doesn’t like your plan because you’d be away too much and not there to pet HER.

  62. Colorwork is more fun, but I discovered I never wear it so I stopped. I used to knit Fair Isle vests for my father who wore them and loved them(skinny old men are sensitive to the cold; maybe when I get to my eighties I’ll wear my Fair Isles) but then he went and died on me. The nerve!
    New career sound like fun but could you keep Lucy in cat food?

  63. “Project monogamy”… I may have to try that. After I finish the 61… no, 62 projects I’ve already started, of course. (This is projected, based on age of oldest project (16 years) to occur some time in 2037.)

    CraftyGryphon’s last blog post..A Visit from the Crochet Fairy

  64. I’d come see you… if Lucy got to play the Rabbit of Caerbannog ๐Ÿ™‚

    aija’s last blog post..spinning catchup

  65. I love all the technie stuff, I don’t understand it, could probably never do it, so I’m in awe of those that can and do! as for quitting your job? go for it. I’m so ready to jump off the 9 – 5 train and jump on the “do my own thing train” but alas, one must have resources to ride that train.. Hence I’m still a passenger on the 9 – 5 train – couldn’t resist sticking in HENCE ๐Ÿ™‚ … Lismore is loverly…

  66. Thank you keep me motivated with your knititng and new blog changes. Can’t wait to check it all out ..right now.
    as for the job change- Go for it .. I love being retired after teaching over 30 years but my new full time job is knitting

    kathleen’s last blog post..Lace addict/ Spanx

  67. I think you probably ARE nuts, but in the good way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, Re: Kauni Scratchiness- I don’t find it at all scratchy after washing, but I just had to say that even if it was, the colors are probably the only thing on earth that would be worth dealing with the scratchy for.

    Bronnie’s last blog post..Inspiration, where are you?

  68. I request an Oklahoma stop on your tour!!!! Pretty Please :-))

    Stacy’s last blog post..What a day

  69. I love the Lismore sweater. And the Twisted Logic socks are great. The yarn shows off the pattern just perfectly. (And I second Stacy’s suggestion that you stop in Oklahoma.)

    Marion’s last blog post..Bad News

  70. About the baby foot sizes: Are you planning to give an average or a most common size (would that be the mean? Been too long since math class.) A guess at the average size plus a smallest and biggest baby of the given age might be most useful. Knitters can guess whether the baby in need of sockage is a petite little sweetie or a sturdier sort.

  71. I love the idea of project monogamy, but it doesn’t seem to work with my craft style. I just get bored or frustrated and then I’ve started something else. Though I love seeing what other people manage to finish this way. Many more projects than I do for certain.

    Seanna Lea’s last blog post..More Goodies

  72. Wow. Some nifty new blog techno stuff round here. Very inspiring!

  73. I love saying the word “hence” too. *hee!*

  74. Wow, I go away for a few days and I come back to all these technological changes. VERY nice. I saw the little speaker in bloglines and was wondering if you also narrated your posts. (I’m glad you haven’t taken time away from your knitting for that, though.) Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.5? The tagging faeture is pretty cool, and works REALLY well with search engines.