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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


We All Need a Little Loopy Now and Then

I returned home safely from The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling this afternoon.

Yeah, definitely a good idea to leave the computer at home. Every waking moment when I wasn’t teaching a class I was being treated like a rockstar: posing with knitters for photos, autographing my patterns, and hanging out with an incredibly fun group of people.

Although the Flingers have been chatting on Ravelry for months, pre-Fling, I’d only met Sheri and Janice in person. That’s all changed. Within an hour of my arrival at the Fling, I was lunching with Amy (who I met on the flight to St. Louis) and Wollmeise Claudia and we were all laughing together like old friends. Claudia, I will always share my fries with you!

Thursday afternoon I sat at the registration table in the hotel lobby so I could meet as many Flingers as possible as they arrived. I recognized gorgeous Tempted Stacy from her photos as she came through the door and was delighted to meet her wonderful “entourage” — Kaye and Del. Ladies, you must come to the east coast. And soon. And I was delighted to meet the amazingly talented Cookie A. — I only wish I could have taken her class, but we were teaching at the same times, so that was not possible. But I was able to spend some “down” time with her, so that was a consolation.

So . . . many . . . wonderful . . . knitters! We laughed, we swore at our yarn, we oohed and aahed over each other’s socks.

Speaking of socks, we had an ugly sock incident. I started a sock on the plane out to St. Louis, and completed it Saturday night. This was a sock with personality. See?

My sock is making friends with Sarah.

But things turned ugly . . .

See what I mean? I’m afraid to take it out of my bag.

The above photos are courtesy of Tammy. Yeah, I didn’t take my camera out of my bag all weekend. Sheri and I did a podcast with Sarah and Tammy, so watch for that on the Knit Together website. I also did a podcast with Aimee, so watch for that one here. I announced some exciting news on both podcasts. πŸ™‚

I’ll show you some knitting in the next blog entry, but tonight I’m going to hang with this little girl:

She tells me she had lots of fun with her daddy, but she’s happy to have her Momma home.

P.S. To Kellie — should you decide not to return to New Zealand, my offer to come live in my stash room is always open!


  1. Hi Wendy,

    I enjoyed your class. I also have not been able to stop thinking of the sock you were knitting (you know -the ones for me!) and I now NEED Sheri to get the yarn so I can make my own since you weren’t too keen on handing them over!! It was great to meet you!

  2. Welcome home!
    Kellie and I will need bunkbeds! πŸ˜‰

  3. Just saw the cute photo of you over on Cookie’s blog – you look mahhvelous darlink !
    wish I had been there πŸ™‚

    Teyanis last blog post..Deadline knitting

  4. So, the question is – are you going to finish the second St. Louis sock? πŸ™‚
    Thanks again – it was a blast to hang with you!

    Tammys last blog post..Part of Your World

  5. Sounds as if a good time was had by all! Good 2 have U back and am looking forward to the Podcast, etc. I would so like to attend the Fling; maybe next year! Did Lucy play hard 2 get on your return? luv.m.

  6. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I’m glad everyone had such a great time at the Fling! I’m hoping to be able to go next year.

    You ARE a rockstar!

  7. lol, you can tell L-B the bed is safe – I will just make me a little nest of stash yarn in the corner and promise to be very quiet (with lots of tummy tickling for Miss Lucy). Was awesome to meet you in person – you are a very sweet and generous woman. And i now have a fave new heel!

  8. Theresa in Italy says:

    Thanks for the report—it sounds like even more fun than I imagined, which is saying something! Glad it went so well. Wish I’d been there to mob you, rock-star style, with the rest of your loyal fans…

  9. anne marie in philly says:

    ***Every waking moment when I wasn’t teaching a class I was being treated like a rockstar*** – as well you SHOULD be!

    ***I announced some exciting news on both podcasts.*** – for those of us who don’t have pods, are you going to tell the blogreaders?

    looks like a fun weekend. I hope lucy did not snub you all evening for “leaving” her with her daddy.

  10. Welcome Home safely! I sure hope you enjoyed spending time with the Little Miss and that she allowed it, my cats on the otherhand would be ignoring me for being gone so long. Cats, they know how to get the extra loving outa us dont they! It sounds like you had tons of fun! Wish I could been there πŸ™ Oh Well theres always next time πŸ™‚

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..Garden Pics and other items

  11. Glad you made it back safely, I got in at 2am this morning…what a blast!!! It was terrific to meet you and attend your class. Can’t wait for the ST Louis pattern…thanks for such fun.(( mean you’re NOT a rock star??))

    Cheryls last blog post..Less Than One Week

  12. Hee hee!! Maybe if you knit the “Little Sock of Horrors” a friend to play with, it will be more friendly!

    Zarahs last blog post..Time for the Fling!

  13. It was so nice to meet you in person – and remind me next time to inquire further when ordering a steak sandwich, lol… A truly fantastic knitting weekend – special memories that will last me a lifetime… : )

  14. Glad you made it home safely. It was wonderful to meet you , take your class and swap cat tales. Marlena Dcat sends greetings and head butts to Lucy.

  15. I finished my first toe-up sock on the plane and remembered enough to be able to cast on the second! Thanks so much f0r making the information easy to understand and apply. It was great meeting and spending time with you and I’m glad Lucy didn’t OD on the kitty treats while you were gone.

    Lauries last blog post..What’s Going On?

  16. I had so much fun and it was great meeting you. My next sock for sure is a toe-up with the mystical, magical cast-on!
    So did Lucy sleep on your face last night? πŸ™‚ LOL

    Kristins last blog post..Game on..

  17. Hi Wendy

    I now have a new favorite way of knitting socks! Thank you so much for helping to make this weekend so special. I really enjoyed taking your class and having the chance to meet and talk with you.

    Karens last blog post..Loopy Says Goodbye to St. Louis and The Spring Fling

  18. Michele In Maine says:

    Hey Wendy – I just got home – had to stay in NH last night as our flight didn’t get in till almost midnight! Then a five hour drive home today. thank you for teaching a wonderful class. I will send photos of my healthy spine socks when they are done, hopefully pretty soon! I’m glad Lucy was glad to see you – I haven’t been home yet (drove straight to work) but will see my little kitties shortly. Great to meet you and knit with you!

  19. Wendy – thanks for a fantastic class and interview! Had a fantastic time finally meeting you!!!!

    Aimees last blog post..oh, you will like this…

  20. Thanks for the last post/next post links, Wendy. Life just got a little better. πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks so much for showing me that toe-up socks aren’t evil. I’m casting on for my first pair today. It was so much fun meeting you at the Fling!

    Meganns last blog post..A Flingin’ I go