My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It’s All About Socks

Thank you for all your very kind and congratulatory comments about my upcoming sock book. I am very much looking forward to its release. I’ve seen some sample layout pages for it and am beyond thrilled with how it looks, so I hope you’ll like it too.

And speaking of socks, I finished the St. Louis Socks.

To recap, these are knit from Neighborhood Fiber Company merino wool sock yarn in the “Logan Circle” colorway, using a 2mm needle.

I started a new sock:

(That’s Lucy’s fluffy paw modeling the toe.)

Knit from The Sanguine Gryphon Eidos sock yarn (can you tell I like this yarn?) in the “Agathon” colorway.

In other sock news, sign-ups are now open for the Summer of Socks 2008 over on Jessica’s blog. Run, don’t walk, over there, get yourself signed up, and snag the very cool button for your blog. Why? Because I said so!

Well, no, you don’t have to sign up because I said so. But I do happen to know that there will be extremely cool hijinks associated with the SOS 08, and it is a stress-free event — you only have to do as much as you wanna.

And all the cool kids are doing it.

And speaking of socks, the Knit Together podcast that was recorded at the Spring Fling is now up — here. Go! Listen! I listened to it and I didn’t make too much of a goober of myself in the interview.

Lucy is now worried that the sock I started is for her.


  1. I can’t wait for the sock book. Poor Lucy, she doesn’t want to wear socks!

    Marions last blog post..Yarns and Yards

  2. If the socks WERE for Lucy, they’d be small and knit up real fast… ;0) specially if you did anklets. HA!

  3. Patricia says:

    Can’t wait for the sock book either!

    Lucy says “I have perfectly adequate seal point socks thank you.”

    I think I will do SOS in spirit only- no blog, ravelry/flickr account, or digital camera. Call me a retrogrouch…

  4. Of course she wouldn’t want to wear socks. It would mess up the cute tufts of fur between her paws.

    So, when can we pre-order the book? I don’t want to miss it!

    turtlegirl76s last blog post..WiP Overload

  5. Listening to the Knit Together podcast right now!

    Ians last blog post..Picture Potpourri

  6. I look forward to your sock book release and to attending your book signing, I can only see more Rock Star moments for you. Thank you for the info about the Summer of Socks, I have already signed up as I managed not to last year. Your Logan Circle socks are very pretty and remind me that I have some Brookland in my stash.

    Roseanns last blog post..Tofutsie Mini Socks

  7. Loved the Pod Cast! I really enjoyed listening to you and Sheri talk about the Fling and all that you do. Dont worry Miss Lucy your mama wouldnt dare put you in socks and cover up your lovely tufted toes!

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..Sock Updates

  8. Wow, since your book has already gone into publication, how may new designs do you have ready for a 2nd book of sock?
    Love the St Louie socks

    KSees last blog post..LOL

  9. Already signed up — does that make me one of the cool kids??? Cool!

    Dees last blog post..Wednesday Washcloth

  10. Well, if all the cool kids are doing it, I guess I better stroll over there, lol. : ) St. Louis socks look great, btw!

  11. I just listened to the podcast and you were great! I’m even more excited (if that is even possible) about your book after hearing you talk about it.

    Diannes last blog post..Hello, Goodbye

  12. You are really cranking things out!
    Wondering how you do it.

    Mo Bargers last blog post..Back to DPNs

  13. Don’t know if I ever was one of the cool kids. Guess I’d better grab the chance now. I have sock yarn, but still have to make my first real sock, so I wonder if I’m eligible. But, as a Californian, socks are one of the few knit items I could wear, so I’m gonna try it. I’m thinking of going the two circulars way. Definitely have to learn before your book comes out.

  14. Well, poor Lucy has a reason to be worried! You didn’t use her colorway, so you can’t really blame her, can you? ::gg::

    Love the new sock (of course!) Can’t wait for it to be available!

    Sock Knitters last blog post..WOW! What a great ride, eh?

  15. I can’t believe you already finished the other sock!!! I am ready to ply the yarn I was spinning this weekend so I have made a little progress. Of course I have dyed about 30 skeins of yarn, I got way way behind. Del and Kaye send their love, me too.

  16. It is hard to wait for your upcoming sock book…but I will! I”m also excited to say that I didn’t miss this year’s SoS…what fun for us all.

  17. I just signed up for SOS ’08. Wonder if I’ll actually find any time to knit…

  18. I feel certain that Lucy would know that if the socks were for her then they would be made from only the finest yarn in the most flattering of colours. Very nice though.

    alisons last blog post..Excuses for not working

  19. I didn’t know I was with the cool kids!

    Last summer I would have adamantly denied I was a sock knitter even though I had knit socks. This year, when I told my (sock knitter) friend that I felt like I was going to Sock Camp under false pretenses because I wasn’t a sock knitter, she just looked at me and asked me how many socks I had on the needles. Oh yeah. And then I realized that in the last month I had knit two different slightly patterned socks without a pattern (one toe-down and one toe-up, even) and have a more complex sock design in my head which will emerge some day.

    I guess I can’t use that excuse any more!

    When I saw how low key Summer of Socks is, I definitely signed up! Since my socks will be going with me on vacation. Socks and lace this summer, baby!

    Lucy, dear, I think that sock is a bit big for you, tell Momma.

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..Blogiversary with a Cause

  20. Theresa in Italy says:

    It’s a holiday over here, so I may not get to the podcast right away—-too many other humans clamoring to use the computer—but I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll sign up for SoS ’08 ASAP. (Never too late to be one of the cool kids. Or so I tell myself.)

    Seeing the layout pages must be so exciting!

  21. Congratulations on the sock book, I am looking forward to purchasing it.

  22. I’m loving the new blog format. On the old one my computer wouldn’t let me comment…so I just gave up. And now I can. =0) I love the bigger Lucy at the top too. I cant wait for your book. I’m new to socks…and I have so much to learn. 2009 is so far away. I hope SOS is for the newbies too.

    KMs last blog post..Out my window.

  23. Just listened to the podcast. I agree, you didn’t make a goober of yourself. Very well done!!! Oh, and you don’t pick up your wraps on a slip stitch heel? I’ll have to try that one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Elizabeths last blog post..And the Winner Is………

  24. I am going to purchase your sock book, that’s a definite. I’m bound and determined to learn to knit socks over the summer, and I can only imagine how helpful your book will be! Yay for me!!
    I can’t wait until I can proudly pull up my pants and show all of my friends a “Wendy” sock. I’m sure they will have cat hair on them… Just like all of my clothes =)

    Megan Ss last blog post..

  25. Since I have never knitted socks (not yet anyway), I’ll live vicariously thru you and the others readers of Wendy’s blog. It’s always very interesting to read about their socks/projects.

    Do U think there will be another WendySOSContest? Last year was fun. And I agree w/SockKnitter – you didn’t use LucyKitty’s colorway – she’s pouting!

    I really, really enjoyed the podcast – you were most definitely NOT a goober! Funny! My best friend and I used that word (goober) to DEATH in high school – brought back memories! ๐Ÿ™‚ luv.m.

  26. GinnyZ says:

    So, this St. Louis knitter of socks wants to know (as I’m sure do many others) where and when will the St. Louis Socks pattern will be available to the public. Will it be in the New Book or on Loopy Ewe? Inquiring minds NEED to know!!! Thanks, Wendy!

  27. Timmie B says:

    Those St Louis socks look much tamer on those blockers than they did on Sarah’s hand at Fling. Lucy would look very nice in that Sanguine Gryphon colorway but I suspect her best color would be blue to match her eyes.

  28. Hey! Thats a Mac keyboard on your page! Say it aint so!
    … and I started to like your site! grrrr

    steveballmers last blog post..EVIL, Pure and Simple!

  29. Blame it on her imaginary friend who can also be Evil!