My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


In a Word, Yum.

Thanks for all the recipes all y’all posted on yesterday’s post — keep ’em coming. Dude, I think I need to get a crock pot. Note to self: google crock pot reviews.

After our deluge yesterday it has cleared up nicely today and the sun even came out. After decidedly autumnal temperatures, I think we are back to spring weather for a while.

And I have finished the first Summer 2008 Sock.

This was great fun to knit. The stitch pattern is a snap to memorize and it is easy to knit. The fabric has a tendency to bias slightly, but the presence of one purled row in the pattern sequence helps to keep it on the straight and narrow. And on the foot, the biasing goes away.

This is a very stretchy pattern, so it is very forgiving, size-wise. It’s also —

– – – –

Okay, I got distracted there and lost my train of thought. I have no idea what I was going to say. The world may never know. Such a loss . . .

Hey, if you wanna finish that sentence, do so in the comments. Feel free to get creative.

I was going to tell you that my five new sock patterns (Alana, Costa, Spring Fling, St. Louis, and Twisted Logic) went up for sale at The Loopy Ewe today. But FPS, they are all sold out! I’ll send Sheri more soon, in case you had one of them on your wish list. I’m so flattered that they got such a warm welcome. It’s always a little scary sending your babies out into the world.

Okay, I need to go cast on the second Summer 2008 Sock.

Lucy is in a pensive mood . . .

Actually, she is probably just wishing I’d stop shoving the camera in her face.


  1. It’s also made for my new BFF Pat.

    Pat Quetschs last blog post..A trip back to a better time

  2. HeatherB says:

    1st – love the SoS 2008 sock and can’t wait for the pattern
    2nd – damn! I had two of those patterns in my cart and wandered off to look at something else before checking out and alas, they have been moved to my wish list. Sigh. Serves me right for not finishing what I was doing.

  3. I managed to snag the Spring Fling pattern from TLE before they sold out earlier! 🙂 Yay!

    I’m loving this SoS ’08 pattern. I tend to gravitate toward sock yarns with lots of different bright colors, so I’m always happy to find patterns that look good with that. I can’t wait to knit it! I wish S0S was starting sooner than June 21st actually… *sigh*

    Mandis last blog post..It’s an Addiction

  4. “This is a very stretchy pattern, so it is very forgiving, size-wise. It’s also” –free. (yes, that’s what you meant to say you just don’t remember. All that rain has diluted your memory)

    miss sandras last blog post..Mom’s Day

  5. Philhellene says:

    It is also uber pretty and seems to work very well with variegated yarns. Inspiring. Congratulations Wendy!


  6. Oh yeah Miss Sandra….it’s…FREE. 😉 That sock makes me think of watermelon with the pink and green. Mmmmmm.

    Wendy, I think your book next year is going to be an instant success!

    Self-cooking appliances: bread machine on a timer and a crockpot. Walk in the door after work and be greeted by the smell of fresh bread and something yummy in the crockpot – fabulous 🙂

    Tracys last blog post..Not for the Faint of Heart

  7. It’s also…. an intoxicating blend of fuchsia and leafy greens with overtones of ripe cherries and a buttery soft finish. Mmmm, now I’m REALLY hungry!

    Lisas last blog post..Selvedge Swatch

  8. Beverly says:

    #@!* I need twisted logic! LOL

  9. I was so happy to have a TLE credit of $25 and be presented with 5 of your patterns to buy. Kismet.

    Crockpots are good. Watch your local freecycle list – folks are always giving them away! Otherwise imo the best time of year to buy one is the day after Thanksgiving.

    You don’t think of them for summer cooking, but really – by using one instead of the oven or even the stove you are keeping the kitchen so much cooler! Fix it and forget it is the way to go.

    Mos last blog post..The Reel thing

  10. Love that sock,it is really pretty. Missed all the good things at TLE sneak up but there will be more. I’m glad for you that they sold out. That must tell you that we all love your work. Can’t wait for your book. Time to start a third one. She says yeh, right. As for cooking, I don’t cook, my husband does. Hugs to Miss Lucy.

  11. Miss Sandra, you beat me to it! I was actually going to finish the sentence with “It’s also free, because I love you all so darn much.” 🙂 It’s a lovely sock!

    I have a Rival 4-quart oval-shaped crockpot, and it’s red. That’s an important detail. Candy-apple red crockpot! I’m not sure why that makes me so happy, but darn it, it does.

    juless last blog post..This one’s for you, Sergeant Angel

  12. “It’s also — squooshy!”

    At least the stitch pattern looks squooshy! And I’m glad it’s not just me who sometimes can’t recall what no-doubt-brilliant words were about to flow from my fingers. Or lips. Vaporlock.

    The comments above made me laugh. *Free!*

    I happened to be checking my email, apparently right about the time Sheri sent out the Bat Signal, um, I mean the Loopy Groupie Heads Up. I clicked over without even reading the email just to scope it out, saw your patterns, put the ones I wanted most in my basket, um, bought a little yarn to go with it, bought another pattern and some yarn for THAT, checked out in a leisurely fashion. And I got an email that my order’s already been shipped! (And yes, I got the patterns, no problemo. Helps to be near the front of the line!)

    I had to send a note back to Sheri and the Elves telling them that this was really crazy spoiling me! Same day mailing. Wowzah.

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..1520

  13. It’s also – ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!
    Maria in NY

  14. ….. It’s making me love that yarn even more than I already do!! I seriously think the folks at Shibui should rename this to Stargazer Lily. It reminds me of the many different shades of pink you see on the petals…

    Maybe they should just name it Megan… After me!

    I can’t wait to figure out knitting socks. I mastered knitting with DPNs this weekend. Now I just need to find a baby to wear the hat ….

    Megan S.s last blog post..Sweaters

  15. Make sure you get the kind where the “crock” lifts out so you can put it in the frige or in the microwave if needed.
    Love the bright sock color!

  16. “It’s also . . . . reminding me of a pinky pink cosmo!” Cheers!

  17. “This is a very stretchy pattern, so it is very forgiving, size-wise. It’s also a good example of how talented I am to come up with something so fun and easy to knit.” Isn’t that what you were going to say?

    You definitely need a crockpot.

    And I’ll be watching for more patterns, FPS.

    Sheri whohadtosignupforSummerofSocks

    Sheri at The Loopy Ewes last blog post..Monica Knits in The Loopy Limelight & Happy Birthday Web Guy!

  18. Timmie B says:

    Okay now I have to sign up for Summer of Socks… It’s also a beautifully textured sock… I was F5ing at lunch time and was lucky enough to get the other four new patterns including the well-behaved version of the St Louis sock. Gotta go knit and spin…

  19. Oh my gosh Wendy…the trouble you have gotten me into! I have been quietly lurking on your blog for awhile and just love that sock pattern. well, one link led to another and another and another. Now I have an order coming from the Loopy Ewe, I joined the SOS 2008 and I have been remotivated to spend more time on my Ravelry. Mind you, I have never knit a sock before:) Thanks for the inspiration and happy knitting1

  20. Any hints on what exotic patterns will be in your new book? Or when it will be available?

  21. Well…I had the St Louis and Spring Fling Patterns in my cart and decided to wait to order so that the funds will be there when I order especially since some of the DiC Chinatown Apple will be headed this way for My Grandma’s Cardi she has asked for in the same order. I shoulda ordered the patterns and come back later for the yarn 🙂 So how long till Sheri will have more if the patterns available??? The Boys (Bligh and KooKoo) send Purrs and Trills to Lucy.

    Danielle in SW MOs last blog post..Summer is almost here!

  22. It’s also — dare I say — looking a bit like crochet!

  23. What is that white fabric box Lucy is in? My well loved 14 year old cat Brett loves to play in boxes. This one looks like I’ll be able to move it around and wash it.

    Crock pots are definitely a must for summer cooking. They don’t heat up the kitchen nearly as much as a stove or Oven does. Make enough of what ever interests you and nuke it when you get home for an easy dinner. Or do cold barbecued chicken and a salad for a fast dinner.

    For the chicken either make your barbecue sauce from scratch or use a commercially available one such as K. C. Masterpiece. Using 2 tbsps per piece. Marinate the chicken 12 to 24 hours. Place chicken in the crockpot and follow you model’s cooking instructions.

    Avoid boneless chicken breasts as they will cook to fast.

    Chill the cooked chicken and eat cold on a hot night with salad of choice. May be frozen for consumption later.

  24. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I happened to be online when Sheri sent the Sneak Up email, so I was able to get a couple of your new patterns. Yay!

    Love the new sock! I’m another who decided to sign up for Summer of Socks so I can get that pattern.

    Beautiful photo of Lucy–but then, Lucy can’t take a bad picture!

  25. I was going to say “This is a very stretchy pattern, so it is very forgiving, size-wise. It’s also – variegated yarn friendly” only someone else beat me to it. The story of my day. I wasn’t anywhere near a computer until long after all the new patterns were gone. So I have five on my wish list FPS.

    ronnis last blog post..Binge Weekend

  26. it’s also…light and airy to combat sweaty summer feet? An excellent design? perfectly pink? A colorway I desperately desire now? lol

    Should I EVEN burst the bubble and tell you I watched the weather channel tonight and the thunderstorms start again wednesday night and should last through friday here in VA? ugh…

  27. I love what one person said: “and it’s free!” HA! That’s so funny! I love the sock. Your patterns always sell out before I even get a chance–every time. I hate that. I wish you would send thousands of patterns to the Loopy Ewe! You know they’re going to sell. Sigh. . . . I’ll just look at the Wool Pets until your sock patterns arrive. Aren’t the little pets adorable?

  28. Love the sock, but do you ever have patterns that do not have the pattern part on the foot? The tops of my feet are extremely touch sensitive, and patterns in my socks make them hurt… I’m tire of plain socks.

  29. Frances says:

    I just happened upon the sneak up and managed to snag all 5 of your new patterns. Thank you! I love knitting socks and I am really looking forward to your book being published as well.
    Cosmicpluto often posts yummy and healthy recipes on her blog. I just made the chickpea salad she posted a couple of weeks ago. It makes a great, healthy lunch with some pita bread.

  30. Michele In Maine says:

    ….in my favorite colors! I even had the Orchid till I traded it away recently so i bought more on the sneak up (but they only had one skein left). I, too, was hoping for the Costa pattern but I will be patient. I know it will be there when I’m ready to knit it.

    Crock pots are truly great – they just take some advance planning. And there are a couple of new crockpot cookbooks out there that go beyond cans of mushroom soup. I’ll have to get back to you with links.

    Here’s a tasty snack:

    Roast one large portobello mushroom, a red pepper, and some garlic cloves. Peel off the skin from the pepper. Toast a healthy bagel, squish garlic over it, add a little mayo (or dressing of choice), layer mushroom, pepper, sliced cukes, sliced tomato and feta cheese. Eat. Messy but yummy!

  31. Love the sock! The yarn is very pretty. It looks kind of like a waffle to me. I signed up for Summer of Socks just to get that pattern, but I will participate as much as possible.

  32. Christine says:

    This is a very stretchy pattern, so it is very forgiving, size-wise. It’s also a floor wax

    (sorry an old SNL routine, but I couldn’t resist)

  33. It’s also very similar in appearance to crochet so you can puzzle people at your knit night group.

    Tans last blog post..We go to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

  34. How about “comfy” and goes well with a melon snack.

  35. I LOVE that sock! And what do you mean you don’t have a crock pot?

    They are a godsend. I do all sorts of things in it – mostly stews…and I’m a vegie stew person – what’s the recipe? What needs to be cooked/used up? Toss in the pot, with a bit of vegetable stock and whatever spices I’m in the mood for and work with the vegies I have (and if I’m in the mood, toss in chicken or fish or beef – but not always).
    Bam. Slice & toast some garlic bread.
    Dinner is Done. (and usually so is lunch for the next couple of days at least!) lolol!
    I *heart* my crockpot!

    Knitnanas last blog post..Important Milestone…

  36. “This is a very stretchy pattern, so it is very forgiving, size-wise. It’s also a very good reason to sign up for Summer of Socks 2008″ which I promptly did yesterday 🙂 And now I am lining up patterns and yarn that I want to try and accomplish. (One of course being the Summer of Socks one!)

    A crock pot is wonderful. And a red one would be very happy.

    Janices last blog post..Fun With Fiber

  37. Stephanie says:

    I think this is my favorite pattern of yours so far. It is very cool!!

  38. Others have mentioned getting a crockpot with a removable crock. The most important reason to do so (IMHO) is that it would be so much easier to wash. I hate lugging that whole big thing to the sink and then I worry about getting the power cord, etc., wet. Love the crockpot; am frustrated by the one piece crockpot. Just sayin’.

  39. It also –
    looks like crochet…but it’s not, of course!

  40. Adrianne says:

    I’m curious as to why you don’t publish your sock patterns in an electronic format.

  41. W00T! So glad I’m signed up for SoS ’08! I can’t wait to knit these.

    Melissas last blog post..So True…

  42. … able to be filled with wet circus peanuts and used to smack random passerby over the head.

    What? That’s what I do with all MY socks…

  43. On crockpots. . . be sure and get one with a removable crock, much easier to clean! I have two, both Rivals, a 1.5 quart size for oatmeal and small meals for just me and my hubby, and a 5 quart for bigger meals and chili.