My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

Those Pesky Heel Holes

Last week we were talking about ways to avoid the hole that often forms at the top of the heel. When I was working on my second Six-Pack Sock, I took a few ictures of how I deal with this annoying problem.

In this photo, I’ve turned the heel and I’m ready to resume working in the round:

(Remember, as always, you can click on the photos to see larger versions.)

As you can see theres a bit of a gap between the top of the heel and the instep stitches. So I pick up a stitch:

I pick it up from the center of a stitch so it looks more natural. I knit the stitch.

Then I continue and knit across the instep stitches. Then I pick up one stitch at the other side of the heel. On the next round, I knit each picked up stitch together with the heel stitch next to it.

In the comments, a few of you mentioned that Charlene Schurch recommends picking up 2 stitches on each side. I used to do that, but I’ve found that once I got adept at it, I only need to pick up one stitch and that closes the gap nicely.

Thanks for all your lovely comments about the Six-Pack Socks. I’ll be sure to let you know when the pattern is available.

I’m working on another sock, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow. 🙂

Un-Official Start of Summer Giveaway!

Here in the United States, Memorial Day (which is today) is the un-official start of summer. In celebration of summer, I’m giving this away:

A brand-new still-in-the-box 1GB iPod Shuffle. This iPod was donated by my mom. She won it in a raffle, and offered it to me for a blog giveaway. Thanks, Mom! 😀

To be entered in the iPod contest:

1. Write a summer-themed Haiku. A Haiku is three short lines. The first line usually contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables. For example:

Summer-time is here

heat and humidity now

turn the a/c on.

Yeah, T.S. Eliot I ain’t. But I wrote that on the spur of the moment, so do cut me some slack.

Okay, write a summer-themed Haiku and leave it in the comments for this post. If it is not summer where you are, you can still enter — it may be the start of winter for you, but you can still write a summer Haiku, right?

2. One Haiku per person, please.

3. Leave your Haiku comment by midnight Eastern time, Thursday, May 29, 2008. The WendyKnits panel of judges will select several finalists. These finalists will be published on Sunday June 1 for everyone to vote on, and the winner will be selected by popular vote.

Okay? Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away. My spam filter does not appreciate fine poetry, so your entry might be ensnared in its net. Not to worry, I’ll go in and release comments from time to time.

Lucy is clearly trying to come up with a good entry.

I’ll have to break it to her gently that she is ineligible to enter.


  1. o. m. g. I’m melting
    and gas is so expensive
    margarita, please

    susans last blog post..whooo whooo

  2. Interweave Knits comes
    Ravelry queue gets longer
    What?! No cotton stashed?

    KnittinDoulas last blog post..My Secret of knitting

  3. streetlights popping on
    games come screeching to a halt
    run on home to bed

  4. What’s that in the air?
    Friends, fun, knitting, sharing much
    How’s summer diff’rent?

  5. Sorry, I just counted the syllables, and the last one wasn’t a haiku. At least not in the strict sense.

    So here now the corrected version (is that possible? I can’t count to 11 – how can I knit? argh.):

    High skies and knitting
    make wonderful summer nights
    for spinning fine yarns.

    Chris 😎

  6. Wool and wood combine
    into my very first shawl
    right in time for heat

    Mousewritess last blog post..Iron Man (2008) – Memorable quotes

  7. hummingbirds at dawn
    sunlight late into the night
    gimlets on the deck

  8. monkijan says:

    Here’s kind of a Confusian Haiku (or is that Confucian? Confuscian??I’m confused :^)

    The wise knitter knows
    that a summer full of socks
    makes winter warmer.

  9. And now just as a bonus one in German (sorry, untranslatable, as a lot of poetry):

    In der Kürze liegt
    die Würze – Sommer, Sonne,
    Sonnenschein und Strickzeug – ahhh.

    Thanks again, Wendy, and Wendy’s Mom to make this possible. I enjoy reading all participant’s entries!

    Chris 😎

    Chris 8-)s last blog post..Haiku

  10. Tiffanie says:

    summer socks without
    holes at the top of the heel?
    my dream has come true!

  11. Wool is hot right now
    Knitting will always happen
    Cotton yarn not hot

    yarnsnobs last blog post..Post 149-Land Legs

  12. PICAdrienne says:

    Summer comes gently
    Heat presses down, hot overload
    Moisture all seeps out

  13. Great contest idea! Here’s mine:

    Singing, soaring, flirt
    Tangled endless hours; laughter
    Sunshine of the mind

  14. Sweat drips in my eyes

    Paint old shutters new colors

    Family project

    Mindis last blog post..Origami Sweater Part Two

  15. It is June now, cat
    Why lay in the hot sunshine?
    Must be solar power.

    Camilles last blog post..Prodigal Blogger..

  16. Michelle says:

    Spring left in March, the
    heat grows wearisome. Oh, how
    Florida swelters.

  17. Sailboats on the lake
    riding gently on the breeze
    lazy days in Maine

    Janes last blog post..The Grands!

  18. Yarn slips through fingers
    Cicada song, dappled shade:
    Knitting in summer

    Almas last blog post..It’s Not My Fault 101

  19. Good bye summer dear,
    With winter gone, I’m cold now
    Come back real soon, please!

    Sallys last blog post..Proper post

  20. Lush greens and sunshine
    No more crying of cold tears
    Summer warms soul’s heart

    Karen Ss last blog post..Of moths and knitting…

  21. Time to sit and knit
    Pool lake beach or front porch swing
    Summer knits start now

    jane pollards last blog post..TWO FOs SETTLED

  22. Allison says:

    Blooming summer long
    the sneezing always happens
    hankies are my friends

  23. Hamburgers sizzling
    Refreshing lemonade drinks
    It’s barbecue time

  24. Haha, clearly 219 haikus is not enough, so I’m leaving you another one.
    Cool summer evening
    Gentle breeze on the back porch
    Ow! damn mosquitoes…

    CarolineFs last blog post..It isn’t yarn anymore

  25. Warmer days are here…
    Time to put away the wool.
    Cotton knits are in!


    Cheryls last blog post..Happy surprises!

  26. Too damn hot for wool!
    Sweater projects cast aside
    Lace knitting for me

    Katschems last blog post..Confirmed

  27. How I love summer
    Sunshine, flowers, rain showers
    What could be better

  28. Heat. Humidity.
    Still I knit with woolen yarn.
    Winter will return.

    Sarah Rs last blog post..Oh, So Fine!

  29. Hmm…haiku, huh?

    Summer in Florida
    Too damn warm to knit sweater
    Yeah, right, where’s my sticks?!

    Melanie J.s last blog post..Learning

  30. Once I starting writing the haiku, I couldn’t stop. It was tough to pick just one but here it is:

    July’s heat rolls in
    and humidity grows high –
    Summer knitting gets smaller

    Beckys last blog post..Lazy day… mostly

  31. Sun, socks, school is out
    Sunshine, poolside, warm days here
    Summer fun, cast on

    treks last blog post..Box Topapalooza:    Week 4 Update

  32. The sun is shining
    It’s time to go to the beach
    Don’t forget the drinks!

    Micheles last blog post..Long Weekend

  33. Theresa in Italy says:

    Hot cicadas screech.
    Peaches ripen by the pool.
    My white wine is cold.

  34. thegeorg says:

    Summer heat not fun,
    but time at the beach? I want-
    with marshmallow fires.

  35. lazy, humid days
    lemon iced tea in the shade
    knitting wool on hold

  36. Favorite season

    Time for cotton and bamboo

    Patio knitting

  37. Suellen says:

    Sweet scents of summer
    turn my thoughts to canning jam,
    tomatoes, and fruit.

  38. Summer days are long
    Fine for knitting in hammocks
    Too bad socks are hot

    Muriels last blog post..Spinning Under the Willow

  39. Summer of socks is
    about to begin! Swatch, swatch…
    We need to prepare.

    Cathys last blog post..Magic Loop

  40. Too sticky to knit
    Time to listen to podcasts
    On my new Ipod

  41. Here is my haiku:

    Summer knitting time
    Knit up lots of cotton yarn
    Sip some tea, Relax!

  42. laughing children play
    in corn as high as your nose.
    night sky; fireworks!

    moos last blog challenge, entrance & penultimate

  43. Tucson was too hot
    Now in CO I can knit
    wool ev’ry day – Splee!

    What fun!

    5elementknitrs last blog post..Six Things

  44. Summer’s sun and surf
    spoilt. Cracks, hairshirts and Speedos
    blind me. Oh, my eyes!

    Oh, how I loves the haiku.

  45. I think Wendy’s comments have me confused with another Anne. I think I have maybe 3 comments. I’m sorry if I’ve stolen your identity, Frequent Commenter Anne!

  46. Breanna says:

    Gentle Breezes Blow
    Knitting Under A Shade Tree
    Such A Pleaseure For Me

  47. Socks I knit
    Seem not to fit
    when summer temps hit

  48. Starting a blanket.
    Summer is finally here.
    Dying under wool . . . .

    Anne Ks last blog post..Where does time go?

  49. Hello Wendy; thanks for the fun (I was awake thinking about this half the night!)

    Long days of Summer
    More time to knit socks and mice;
    Cats wait patiently.

    I don’t know how you’re going to be able to choose; I read so many wonderful Haikus already posted! Good Luck!

    Creativehandss last blog post..A little bit of everything

  50. My ode to summer in Haiku (didn’t we learn these in like 2nd grade?)

    Gotta have cool tunes
    For yardwork, sock knits and pool
    Rock it summer style

  51. Okay, here’s my entry:

    Three short months we knit
    With cotton and silk, or we’d melt;
    Wool is too darned hot!

    Now I can go read everyone else’s!!

    CraftyGryphons last blog post..Tiny Circular Needles = Fun!!

  52. On the beach in June
    My iPod Shuffle and me
    Knitting by the sea.

  53. The temp is rising
    the sun is shining brightly
    love this time of year

  54. Winter is now gone
    Days of sipping in the shade
    How I have missed them

  55. Hi Wendy!

    Shawl draped bare shoulders
    Flowers petals dance in the sun
    On the garden path

    Happy Summertime!

    margenes last blog post..Spring Cleaning Jag

  56. JoAnn-WI says:

    Well, here goes…..

    Do I knit or plant
    The decision is futile
    I will have some wine

    I think it’s been since junior high since I’ve had to do this. It was fun!
    I’m curious as to what Lucy has come up with 🙂

  57. fine wool, thin needles
    my queue grows longer each day
    summer of socks, joy

    caths last blog post..Bellatrix progress

  58. I love haiku

    Blue skies, perfumed air,
    Sparkling water, sun-warmed hair,
    Summertime is here

    Kathys last blog post..That which does not kill us

  59. Summertime knitting…
    Wool sweater? I don’t think so!
    Lace or socks for me.

    Natalies last blog post..Bevel, part 1

  60. Linda in Chicagoland says:

    Turn the page to June
    Swimsuits and sun come to play
    Worries melt away

  61. Judy in Mississippi says:

    Job transfer, must eat

    Summer in Mississippi

    Can I live on love?

  62. It’s time to knit with
    Cotton – smooth, cool. Another
    excuse for more socks.

    A great idea for a contest. What fun. Helene

  63. I hope this isn’t too lame!

    The air is heavy.
    I really do hate to sweat!
    No more wool for me.

    I love reading your blog and seeing your creative juices at work. I don’t usually comment, but I thought the haiku idea was interesting.

  64. Clarise says:

    Great contest Wendy. Here goes:

    Scented garden’s swing
    Placed for knitting in sunshine
    Sweet warmth on our backs

  65. Alaskan summer
    Abundant light day and night
    Perfect for knitting

  66. long, breezy days flow
    like bamboo yarn over my
    hands… good skirt weather

    Rachels last blog post..FO: Hild is done!

  67. That’s a brilliant idea. I will have to use it. Thanks for the tip!

    Juanitas last blog post..Teeth, Indy and a little knitting…

  68. Linda M says:

    Florida summers
    last from May to October,
    high electric bills.

  69. nicole/sweden says:

    old boardwalk pier creaks

    while cold water splashes on

    hushed children’s laughter

  70. Sweet ice cream to eat,
    And cool lemonade to drink,
    Summer treats are here!

  71. Fire under noon sky
    Old Woman waits for cool moon
    Weaving her long days to night

  72. sunny days ahead
    winter blues are gone at last
    time to live again

    Kathy in Hollywoods last blog post..Getting Fresh

  73. Green leaves dance on air
    Tossed on breezes warm and soft
    Summer takes a bow

    Kims last blog post..Sock Knitting Continues…

  74. Michele H. says:

    Sun-warmed cat plays outside,
    then darts into my closet, pleased.
    What is in my shoe?!

  75. long days of sunshine
    temperatures going up
    the swelter arrives

    Marshas last blog post..Another birthday

  76. ThatLoganChick says:

    Hot panting dog and
    cats flat on the kitchen floor.
    Too hot to clean, though.

  77. Dead lawn, wilting blooms
    Summer sun too much for us
    Give me November

  78. Christie Emler says:

    Cotton linen kiss

    Sleeveless slip stitch lace cami…

    Summer knitting bliss.

  79. All the rain we’ve had must have addled my brain. Finally, a beautiful weekend. I’m an idiot with pictures to prove it.

    SUN!! Outside to spin
    Lovely lime green merino
    Pass the damn aloe!

    Petunias last blog post..Memorial Day in the USA

  80. The colorway of summer

    Iris purple days
    spiked with arborvitae green,
    mown grass, lemonade.

    courtneys last blog post..Knitting infidelity. . .

  81. Texas surveyor spouse
    dreads summer. I knit cotton
    and wait for autumn.

    PS: my first comment a couple of days ago was numbered my 82nd!

  82. In the summer wind—-
    Listening to my new IPOD
    Won from Wendy’s Knits.

    Thanks, Wendy!

  83. OK – here goes. Don’t laugh. ;0)

    The summer sun shines
    Down on me and my knitting
    Sun and yarn = bliss

    Lindas last blog post..FOs and more pet pics ;0)

  84. Becky Waltz says:

    A bicycle ride
    Quiet country roads, alone
    Sweet smell of deep woods

  85. waiting for summer

  86. waiting for summer
    working cotton and linen
    dishcloths, anyone?

    Yeah, it sucks but it’s the best I can do under pressure.

  87. jennifer says:

    I’m awful at this stuff, but..

    Don’t like the Summer
    The sun makes me hid in fear
    Wrinkles: my worst enemy.

  88. Shaded sun for me.
    Wools can balance on my knee.
    Knitting time, I’m free!

  89. Overcast, Breezy
    Shoulders Itchy and Sunburned.
    Aloe relief – Ahhhhhh!

  90. aspen tree catkins
    raspberry canes leafing out
    not summer yet

  91. Cold, Dreary,Wet, grey
    not really summerlike yet
    perfect for knitting

  92. Summer, already?
    Turn on the A/C, stay in,
    and keep knitting socks!

    Denises last blog post..I went, I flung, I’m looped

  93. ampersandebeth says:

    Summer: Nice long days
    Still sitting inside at work
    but gazing outside

  94. summer days, i fear,
    are coming ever nearer;
    no more wool, my friends.

  95. today is so hot!
    but yesterday, i froze. that’s
    summer in SoCal!

    Thanks for the contest, Wendy. Check out my new blog at

    Lady Ps last blog post..Today’s adventure – Thievery!

  96. Knitting poolside, hot,
    Sticky fuzzy tangled wool,
    Sweater’s done by Fall!

  97. The knit bikini
    So carefully constructed
    Just don’t swim in it…

  98. I hope this doesn’t post twice!

    Leaves blow in the wind,
    the bright summer sun shines down,
    over fields of green.


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