My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


One Down, One to Go

I have finished the first Twisty Bits Sock. Lookie here:

I am quite pleased with how this turned out. I am also loving this colorway — Aegean. The lighter bits in the yarn look to me like sunlight on the water. Very tranquil and summery, don’t you think?

I do love the Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 sock yarn — it’s got a nice firm twist so it’s great for textured patterns. The tiny twisty cables really pop, even though this yarn is oh-so subtly variegated. I was a little concerned about that at the get-go, but after an inch of patterning, I could see it was going to work out just fine.

Haiku Contest

Wowie, wow, wow, we’ve gotten such wonderful entries! Remember, the deadline for submissions for the contest is midnight tonight. First thing tomorrow morning I am closing comments to the contest blog entry so the judges can get on with the business of judging without having stragglers to consider. By rights I should close the comments at midnight, but since my alarm will go off at 4:00 am tomorrow, I have no plans to be awake at midnight tonight. Unless I happen to wake up — then I’ll stagger over to the ‘puter and close comments.

Anyhow, thanks for all your great poetry. I’ve really enjoyed reading your haikus. My judges (who will remain anonymous) have their work cut out for them. Come back on Sunday to vote for your favorite among the finalists!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

While we celebrated last weekend, my mom’s actual birthday is tomorrow (Friday). As you will recall, my mom is donating the iPod Shuffle for the haiku contest. Want some good karma for the contest or just wanna be nice? Wish my mom a happy birthday in the comments!

Speaking of Contests

If you are a member of the WendyKnits group on Ravelry, check out the fun contest that Goatlady (group founder and one of the group moderators) set up in the “Lucy Fan Club” thread. πŸ™‚

Lucy will not be fit to live with when I show her that . . .


  1. Happy birthday to Wendy’s mom. I hope you have a wonderful day and get cake. πŸ™‚

  2. happy happy birthday

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WENDY’S MOM and wishing her many, many more!

    Hop e U had a better day today than yesterday. Your sock is fabulous! I love the pattern!

    I’m still working on my Haiku… I’m not 2 good w/poems and suchlike.

    I now MUST sign up for a Ravelry acct since Lucy has a fan thread; too adorable!

    Luv and have a great weekend! m.

  4. a very happy birthday to wendy’s mum!

    the haikus are very fun to read… i’ve thought of a bunch more since..

    pennys last blog post..writing it down

  5. Hariarmit says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom. I hope you enjoyed that lovely cake she made for you.

  6. noallatin says:

    Happy birthday Wendy’s mom!

  7. A very Happy Birthday to Wendy’s mom. Her’s wishing you many more, filled with health, happiness & peace.

  8. Many happy returns, Wendy-mom!

  9. Valerie says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and all the best for the coming year.
    Beautiful sock, Wendy. I agree about the waves. I was in Nova Scotia a couple of years where they make Fleece Artist and a local yarn shop had a custom colour done which looked exactly like the water and waves around Cape Breton Island. They certainly have a way with colour!

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope she had a wonderful day.
    I can’t wait for this sock pattern! I love it. : ) And the name… I will definitely have to make these.

    Danas last blog post..I’m done…

  11. Oh, love Twisty Bits!! I have to agree about the gorgeous colorway, but Lucy Eyes blue would be nice as well. Nice twisty sock yarn…. I’ll have to check that out at some point.

    Sandra Ds last blog post..In Oklahoma

  12. Happy birthday, Wendy-Mom!

  13. Mellanie says:

    Happy birthday, Mrs. Wendy’s Mom. Hope you have a great day!

  14. Sherilan says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! and many more.

  15. Patricia says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!

  16. I love your vision of the yarn color as sunlight on water! And the pattern is gorgeous too – I love me some cables πŸ™‚

    And Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!

  17. Happy Birthday to Lucy’s Grandma!!!

    May you have a great day!

    Lauras last blog post..When Pigs fly…..

  18. Wishing Wendy’s mom a very happy birthday – thanks for bringing up such a grand girl as Wendy who so happily shares with us! You taught her well! Happy Birthday!

    Wendy – I love the sock, the pattern and the colorway – what fun!

  19. Happy Birthday to Wendys mom…who shares the day with my oldest son Brodi who will be 33 tomorrow…

  20. Happy birthday, Doris! May you enjoy quite a few more, all graced with good health and loving people surrounding you.

    Perry P is debating about being a member of the Lucy Fan Club. She believes she’s The Queen but I’m trying to tell her that Lucy is The Queen of another country, sort of like Bob is the King of Ravelry (don’t tell Casey). Royalty should be nice to each other, so she’ll probably join for the political alliance. πŸ™‚

  21. I didn’t put in a haiku so the karma factor isn’t there but I want to wish Happy Birthday to Wendy’s mom. There is nothing that can ever take the place of a mom, is there? Mine came to visit me when I was 40+ and I got the flu while she was here. I reverted immediately and I felt so much better to have her pampering and worrying over me. Moms are special and I hope you have a very special day Wendy’s Mom.

  22. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Mom, I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Wishing you health and happiness for many years to come. Wendy I just love those socks they are really beautiful and the color is too. Hugs to Lucy.

  23. Happy birthday, Wendy’s Mom!

    Smellyanns last blog post..Dirty Laundry Meme

  24. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Mom, what an amazing woman you must be!!
    Lucy, Emily swears that Buddy is there for you should you ever need him! Isn’t she creative, she wrote every word herself.
    xoxo Stacy

  25. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Wendy’s Mom!

    There’s a Wendy Knits group on Ravelry?! Since I’m an official Wendy Knits Junior Stalker, I better get over there!

  26. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Mom, and many happy returns of the day!

    As for my haiku, here it finally is:

    Summertime is here!
    Barbecues, friends, and fun, yum!
    I can’t wait to start!

    And congratulations on the Twisty Bits sock! It looks lovely. It’s a beautiful pattern, and I love the colorway. Now I just have to get over that initial hurdle and try actually *knitting* a sock…

  27. William says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom! Lucy, today you look as stunning and fluffy as ever!

  28. Dear Wendy’s Mom,
    Have a FABULOUS birthday!
    The doggies send their best keeeeses
    and tail wags.
    The aegean colorway is to *dye* for…

    gretas last blog post..SO thrilled…

  29. Jacquie says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s mum!
    Have a wonderful day.

    Love the socks and the yarn too! Delicious ….. hard to resist.

  30. Happy Birthday and many, many more!

  31. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! You must be proud to have such a wonderful daughter and grandkitty.

    Fuji Mamas last blog post..L’OpΓ©ra!

  32. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom! I remember the Photos from last years party-you were rockin’ it!

  33. If I vote for lucy for President do you think that she might help me to lay hands on a snapdragon sock pat , a close friend of mine has terminal cancer and i would love to make her a pair .I also love salmon, i could grease her paws.

  34. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! : )

  35. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Wendy’s Mom! Hope you have a fabulous day.

  36. Shirley says:

    Wishing Wendy’s mom a wonderful day!

  37. I hope your Mum has a lovely birthday. Mums are precious.

    I ‘m with you on the Aegean colour–fabulous. And the pattern in the sock really does it justice.

  38. Just lovely – both the colour and the pattern. An excellent combination πŸ™‚

    Jens last blog post..Two out of three ain’t bad…

  39. You, Wendy, are lucky to have a mom to wish happy birthday. And Wendy’s mom, you are lucky to have Wendy.
    good wishes.

  40. Maureen says:

    Happy birthday, Wendy’s mom. You have raised a lovely daughter who should shower you with socks. Enjoy the day.

  41. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!

    Annikas last blog post..Another day, another nap in the car.

  42. All the best to mom!

  43. anne marie in philly says:

    happy happy birthday to wendy’s mom!

  44. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom (and a belated one to Wendy’s Dad too!)

  45. Happy birthday Wendy’s Mom! πŸ™‚

    I really like the new sock. I just bought your Asparagus sock pattern at the Loopy Ewe. When will we see this one???

  46. ooooooooo! The way those lattices work into the cabled cuff is practically orgasmic! Lovely, lovely! (all exclamation points well earned). This may be my favorite of all your socks to date. Although there are several other contenders. But I so enjoy a sock that segues itself every so cleverly into the cuff. It just makes my little knitting heart sing!

    And a very happy birthday to Wendy’s mom! Hope all the celebrations are just fabulous (and how could they not be?) That Boston Cream Pie looks scrumptious.

    I can hardly believe there’s another “Shelda”! I hardly ever see one.

  47. Mary G. says:

    happy Birthday to you, dear Wendy’s Mom! The person who wins your IPod will have much for which to thank you. May you have a wonderful year and many, many more.

  48. JoAnn-WI says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!! Thank you so much for donating the iPod for the contest. That’s mighty nice of you.
    I can’t wait to see the finalists and vote.

    I’ve read the comments on the Lucy Fan Club and she sure has lots of interested suitors.

    Love the Twisty Bits Socks and all your creations you come up with.

    To knitting Wendy’s mother
    A most joyful day:~)

    Lanas last blog post..SAINT RITA OF CASCIA

  50. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! Thank you for bringing Wendy into our lives–have a beautiful day!

  51. Happy birthday Wendy’s mom:-) My dad’d birthday is Friday…..he is going to be 80…..happy birthday again:0)

  52. Happy Birthday to Mrs. “Wendy’s Mom” – as usual, it’s also my wedding anniversary (31st, to be exact, to the same frog, to be even more exact!) so it’s a great day for the three of us – ;o)

    margarets last blog post..Finally, A Foot of My Own!

  53. Happy Birthday to your mom! It’s a nice day to have a birthday – mine’s Friday too. :^)

    Cathys last blog post..Friday Night Sewing

  54. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom! Make her buy you chocolates.

  55. Happy Bday Wendy’s Mum!! I wish you lot’s of presents, and a lovely day!! My birthday is Sunday, so I’m in birthday boat too. Enjoy your day! Make people follow you around and give you presents all day. πŸ™‚

    Kelseys last blog post..In Which the Slacker Returns

  56. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Mom – thanks for donating the iPOD. I’m a Gemini too – my B-day was yesterday, and my son will be 21 on Sunday! Geminis are great!!!

  57. Sharon G says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!!!

  58. Danielle says:

    I tried your no pick up stitch heel sock pattern, I counted right ( I think) but when I was working back and forth on the gusset stitches and everything seemed a bit loose. Also, I seemed to have reached on end of needle 2 before I reached the other end. Is that common or did I goof up? Do you have any suggestions for making it tighter and more fitted and is the decrease supposed to be balanced? I see your heels in the picture above and it just isn’t as tight.
    I’m not a pickerupper, so I will make this work πŸ™‚

    Thanks Wendy.

  59. Happy Birthday to you Wendy’s Mom!!!!

  60. Have a perfectly wonderful birthday, Wendy’s Mom!

  61. “I love Lucy” lol

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Thursday, Tried and True

  62. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!! Thanks for such a great daughter!!

    Heathers last blog post..Off to Wooster!!

  63. I LOVE those socks – the color is great, but the pattern is a real favorite of mine!

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! I hope it’s one of the best ones ever.

    Bridgets last blog post..What is Reading, Fundamentally?

  64. Happy birthday, Wendy’s Mom! I hope it’s wonderful. It’s a great day to celebrate; it’s our wedding anniversary, too!

    I love the sock and yarn combination. That style of knitting thrills me to the marrow, it just satisfies something deep inside me somehow. It does remind me of ripples in the shallow waters — or something.

    Off to leave my haiku.

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..I Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

  65. Okay, enough with the lurking. Happy birthday to your mom and toast her with the Tullamore Dew shown in an earlier post. Good stuff, that dew.

    The socks do look lovely. I’ll try them after I complete the tons of baby knitting I have on my plate. Three pregnant colleagues are in desperate need of knitted gifties!

    Lucy is a complete doll, and this from a dog person. My Siberian husky, Duncan, says howdy.

    KathyKixs last blog post..Whittling down the old stash

  66. Happy Birthday Mom! This is your birthday song, it isn’t very long……….

  67. AmyP in MT says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom. Have some spectacular dessert!

  68. Dorothy says:

    It seems like yesterday you gave your Mom that beautiful shawl for her last birthday. I swear time is moving too fast. I wish your mom an absolutely wonderful day!!!

  69. Awww man! I was at play practice until really late and I missed the deadlie. πŸ™ I already have an iPod, but I love writing Haikus. I’ll leave mine here, just for kicks.

    I will be a child

    as long as I can still jump

    splash! Into the pool.
    Tell your mom to have a happy birthday from me!

    Erin in Minnesotas last blog post..Your Vote Matters!

  70. Happy birthday, Wendy’s Mom! I think I said this last year, but it bears repeating – you must be a great mom because Wendy is a great gal! Have a wonderful day!

    Julias last blog post..Tempest in a Teapot

  71. Theresa in Italy says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Wendy’s Mom! And many more! Have a wonderful day!

  72. Vicki W. says:

    Greetings from NJ, Wendy’s mom. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    PS…Wendy, I love the new sock!

  73. Happy Birthday, Doris!! Hope you’re having a BLAST today — and what a lovely thing you did donating your iPod to us (well, not me perse – I can’t write to save myself — but the blog!) you are very sweet!

    Sure wish we could have all shared your cake — it looked delicious!

    TheSockKnitters last blog post..Lest We Forget…..

  74. picadrienne says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! Wow, this year has certainly flown by. I hope you accomplished all you wished for, and have wonderful plans for the coming year.

  75. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! Have a great day!

    Gennys last blog post..An evening of fun and a surprise

  76. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom … hope your day is especially beautiful and full of love today. I wish for you a wonderful surprise that leaves you smiling for days to come, and a special moment in your memories that will bring a smile for many years to come.

    As for Wendy, your sock is lovely indeed. I love the way that stitch pattern stands out so crisp and the colors are vacation summery looking.

    Warmest wishes,

    fireflys last blog post..Baby’s got skills

  77. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom !!!!!!!!!!! Have a great year !!

    Heidis last blog post..Beyond Leap Day

  78. Wishing Wendy’s Mom a wonderful birthday! Have a great day and know you are very special!!!

  79. Yup, that pattern is calling my name. And I have the perfect yarn for it in the stash.
    Happy Birthday to Wendy’s mom! Moms are the best. Mine is flying in for a visit today πŸ™‚

    samoofishs last blog post..Wisconsin Trip #8: Memorial Day/Brookies for George

  80. Happy birfday Wendy’s Mom!

  81. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Mom! Thanks so much for donating the IPod Shuffle and getting us all worked up! πŸ™‚

    Love the Twisty Bits socks!!!

  82. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s mom. She is such a lovely lady and a wonderful knitter, too.

  83. Happy Birthday to you! Mine was on the 29th. I think the best people are born at the end of May!! πŸ™‚

  84. What a gorgeous sock! Happy Birthday Wendy!

    Opals last blog post..Actual knitting content.

  85. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Mom!!! Have a wonderful day.

    The Twisty Bits sock looks awesome! The color shows off the patterning very well. Of course, I’m a bit of a sucker for blue too… but the twisty bits are really cool.

  86. Wishing you a very merry birthday, Wendy’s mom, full of love, laughter, and enough fond memories to bring you arriving youthfully to your next year’s birthday.

    Dees last blog post..No Use Crying Over Spilt Juice

  87. From Holland I`m wishing Wendy`s mum: Happy birthday!
    I loved the Haiku`s, I thought of sending in a Dutch one, but that wouldn`t be wise!

  88. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Cool socks! The Kool Haas hat would be a perfect compliment. One Raveler made it with Socks that Rock doubled – lovely. Also thank you for the audio addition. Also very cool in a techno way πŸ™‚


  90. Medievalneedle says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!!!

  91. Johanna says:

    Happy birthday to your Mom (and happy birthday to me, too)! May 30th is a great day. I hope that you will have many, many more happy birthdays to celebrate with your Mom. You have posted a picture of her in the past – she is a lovely lady.

  92. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! Enjoy your day!

  93. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Astabeths last blog post..I Can’t Believe It’s Been So Long

  94. Happy birthday Mom! We love Mums! And you get to be Lucy’s G’Mum!

    Elysbeths last blog post..The universe gave a little nudge.

  95. Happy Happy Birthday to you, Wendy’s Mom. Wishing you good health in the coming year!

  96. Barbara-Kay says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom. You’ve raised a great gal, so that speaks highly for you. What a Finished Object!

  97. happy birthday mom
    celebrate your special day
    health, wealth, happiness

  98. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!

    (and Lucy is simply ga-ga over having her own fan club!)

    Knitnanas last blog post..FO! Believe It Or Not!

  99. Hope your mom has a great birthday!

  100. Anne from Norcross says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!