My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Can Haz Banana

For some reason I have been thinking in LOLSpeak lately.

I have completed the first Nanner sock.

I have made a start on the second one, but will wait until tomorrow to show a progress photo.

I originally had a little fantasy that I would finish this pair moments before the stroke of midnight Friday night, thus enabling me to start a new sock project at the beginning of the Summer of Socks. Yes, well, that’s not going to happen, unless I call in “busy with sock knitting” to work, which I am not planning on doing.

Not that it matters . . . I’ve set no goals for myself nor entered any contests for the Summer of Socks, so it’ll be just freestyle knitting for me!

In other news, boy oh boy, are you gonna be jealous when you see my new Ravelry shot glasses:

Lucy is surprisingly unmoved.

I will attempt to be more coherent tomorrow, but I make no promises.


  1. nanner, nanner, nanner…..

    Karens last blog post..

  2. I love the nanner sock! I also love the shot glasses. I can haz whiskey and bacon?

    Opals last blog post..Lost Cause

  3. You can haz nanner, but today, no can haz bacon!!

    Tammy/DarthKnitters last blog post..Hidden Gem

  4. Well if the nanners aren’t for general public consumption, do we get peanut butters, a la Elvis?

    Lisas last blog post..Heading for a finish, I hope!

  5. mmm nanners! hope my rotten nanners come out ok.

    those shot glasses are made of awesome!

    Nicoles last blog post..Like omg, Iโ€™m knitting again!

  6. Wendy must be very thankful that I can’t share dancin’ nanners in her comments, but I am sending the vibes!

  7. Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ *patiently waits for yarn to arrive* I love the k2p2 rib w/ the sock. I’m going to do that, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mandas last blog post..3-Day Update, FOs, and other stuff

  8. HeatherB says:

    Yes LOLCat speak (or as we like to call them…Cheezburger Cats) is very addictive. I find I has a difficult time saying has, I mean HAVE, now. ๐Ÿ™‚ And what’s cuter than “oh noes”. kthxbai

  9. Nanners! But no Bacon for you! Kthbai

    Cheekyredheads last blog post..All thew cool kids are doing it.

  10. Beautiful sock!!! Love the shot glasses too! Somehow, I don’t think my non-knitting friends would get them, but what fun to pull them out for parties. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nathalies last blog post..AuburnChick Finishes Some Projects

  11. How pretty! Makes me want to learn toe up even more!

    Katy/Katybatyboos last blog post..Some randomness for a lazy Sunday…

  12. naomimimi says:
  13. You mean you can’t call in ‘sick with socks’? Which is very different from ‘sick of socks’! Sockitis. It can be very nasty, you know.

    A sock bit my sister once….

    Ok, I’m degenerating here. Liking Nanner, though.

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..The Power of Bob

  14. MORE coherent? Who are you kidding… you just got new shot glasses!

    I’ve never seen a more lovely nanner. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jesss last blog post..Moms Cabled Mitt’s

  15. naomimimi says:

    i can tries 2 leev u cheezberger luv.

    FAIL! *sob*

  16. Love the sock. Glasses should be judiciously applied with Bailey’s Irish Creme. Civilized!

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..Flood News On My Mind

  17. Love the glasses! I have a friend that has four cats and they will only drink water out of shot glasses. She has to refill them every day… I bet hers don’t have cute knitting stuff on ’em though! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Danieles last blog post..A Cardigan for Katina and Stick Storage

  18. MsKnitSox is jealous of those new shot glasses! Enjoy! : ) P.S. I think I’m in PlurkSpeak, lol. [insert dancing nanner]

    Amys last blog post..I’m now plurking…

  19. I love them! I really like the 2X2 ribbing.

    CraftyMonis last blog post..I almost got hit by a car today.

  20. Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know I read the Tenth Gift over the weekend…it was a great book! I always like those modern/past stories and this one was really good. Thanks for the tip.

    kim in oregons last blog post..Just a bunch of random stuff

  21. Love the Nanna socks. The color is perfect.ย  The shot glasses are awsome, bring on the Grey Goose!ย  May have to get those.ย 

  22. I’m working a pair of socks that I hope to finish before SoS begins at my house. I don’t think it’s gonna happen here either. I do have a plan for SoS and my goal is 5 pairs of socks and I’ve picked patterns and yarns and placed them in the SoS basket–ready to cast on Saturday. If I make 5 fine, if not, fine. I like the comment earlier that maybe you should design a peanut butter sock for those of us who weren’t plurking buds.

    Timmie Bs last blog post..Getting ready for Summer of Socks 2008

  23. Love the nanner sock. Does it dance?

    Micheles last blog post..Where I’ve been

  24. Loving the nanners. You really need a pound o’ bacon pattern though. You know, since you won’t buy any REAL bacon.

    Sandras last blog post..Bring it on…

  25. You are so right. I am so jealous…

    Shellys last blog post..Freaky Scene

  26. Lolspeak is a slippery slope. One day, it’s “Oh hai!” and next thing you know, you’re emailing your husband to say “I haz a money!” when your stimulus check comes. I think in lolspeak way more than I should be willing to admit.

    Oh, and Ravelry shot glasses? WANT.

    Jenns last blog post..He keeps me around anyway.

  27. “ripped” and “frogged” are nice, but I think I would like,
    “tinked” and “frogged”. And I love nanners, both the
    fruit and the sox!

  28. Lovely sock. I’ve been knitting a hat because I didn’t want to start knitting a sock until Friday (well Saturday for me)

  29. Your Nanner sock is one of your prettiest patterns. I always knit my socks from the top down but maybe this would work?

  30. Meribeth says:

    Love the socks! And love the shot glasses! I saw them and they were immediately added to my “present for me from me” list. I am glad to see the knitting community offering liquid entertainments to help those who have to frog, tink and control the stash enhancements.

    Except for purchasing Wendy’s patterns….which is on my “I’m going to do this in spite of…” list

  31. oooh, I love your shot glasses! I can’t wait for mine to arrive. I also ordered the ‘disagree’ T-shirt. I’m going to wear it to work on casual Fridays. Squee!

    I can haz vodka??

  32. To bad I already spent my budget this month (KP Interchangeable set!!!) Cuz I sure want some Rav Swag…Oh well I’ll enjoy looking at everybody else’s and save some of my budget next month ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the Nanner Socks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..And finallyโ€ฆSome Pictures!

  33. I haz directions for peach kamakazi shots… I do think, in a very sarcastic humor sort of way, that the “ripped” shot glass would be my favorite. That’s what I’d be with Wendy’s shot glasses – ripped to high knitting he-double hockey sticks.

    Megan S.s last blog post..Happy Thursday!

  34. Cute Sock! I really like the shot glasses, I’m going to have to get some.

    KnittingKels last blog post..June Art Events

  35. Call me a copycat, but I had to go buy those shot glasses. If I’m going to insist on drinking whiskey and screwing up my knitting, I might as well at least have an appropriate glass. The glass should say in fine print on the back “caution, whiskey and lace knitting don’t mix”.

    And why DON’T we get “busy with knitting” days at our jobs? I think this would be a great addition to any benefit package.

    Lorettes last blog post..The River

  36. I couldn’t figure out how to do this on Plurk but I would love to get a copy of the Nanner pattern & I am on Plurk so I think I qualify! I read one place where it said I had to sign a form from you. If that’s so would you please send it to me? Thanks.

  37. Love the Nanner socks! I’m still working on my Plurk Karma so that I can get some dancing nanners of my own. I’d love to have the Nanner Sock pattern (I’m KnottyMouse on Plurk) if its still available – I learned to do toe up socks from your Knitty tutorial and haven’t gone top down ever again! Anther toe-up sock convert!

    Mouses last blog post..A bunch of Finished Objects

  38. Personally I would use both yarns and look for a pattern that looks like a peony …wonderful colors…but for now I must do the nanner socks…so I am off to plurk…

  39. plurkers informed me that to get the nanner sock pattern I should ask you via blog, so:
    PinkPorcupine asks WendyKnits for the Nanner sock pattern!! >dancing nanner<
    (yes, I do think in plurk now, thanks!)

    Ansleys last blog post..Never again