My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Ribbon Candy It Is!

All along while I was knitting the first sock, I kept thinking it reminded me of something, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then when I asked for suggestions for pattern names, Ansley put me out of my misery by saying “I think the socks look like ribbon candy the way the zigzag is.” Yup, that’s it — ribbon candy!

Clearly a lot of you thought that was the name meant for these socks, judging from the voting. So Ribbon Candy it is.

Anyhow, I am close to finishing the second sock and have high hopes to do just that tonight. Then it will be on to a new sock, knit from this.

This is Tempted “Good Grrl” sock yarn in the “Emergency” colorway. While I am really not so much of a “red” person, I love this colorway. I’ve worked up a design that I think will be good for it.

Verena Knitting

Have y’all seen this magazine?

I think L-B told me about it, so I subscribed and received my first issue yesterday. There’s a total of 53 (I think) patterns in this issue, and a lot of them are very nice, I think. Well worth the cover price of $6.99 US!

I Love Kitties

This afternoon L-B brought to my attention this very sad story about a colony of feral cats in Richmond Virginia.

Another online friend set up a petition about this situation here.

Just a few minutes ago L-B sent me this update from the Richmond SPCA:


Update, posted 4:30 p.m. June 25.

It has come to our attention that viewers calling Fox Richmond today have been told that the station has been actively “working with the Richmond SPCA” to resolve the situation regarding the colony of feral cats on and around the station’s property. The station is also claiming that they called the Richmond SPCA weeks ago and that they decided to bulldoze the cat habitat today in anticipation of our arrival, to make it easier for us to trap the cats.

These statements are completely untrue and we have asked that Fox Richmond and staff immediately cease making any such statements to the public. We have and will continue to reach out to the General Manager of Fox Richmond to try to reach an agreement whereby the remaining members of the cat colony can be managed in a non-lethal, humane manner, but no such agreement has been reached between the Richmond SPCA and Fox Richmond or Sinclair Broadcast Group.

It is our understanding that the station has asked the pest control company which they had contracted to kill the cats to stop that action and to not kill any additional cats at this time. Otherwise, the fate of the cats and kittens on the property is undecided at this point. We will continue to try to work with local officials and Fox representatives toward a positive outcome. Please continue your calls and e-mails expressing concern over the actions of Fox Richmond and Sinclair Broadcast Group. A large and unified public outcry against the extermination route previously chosen by the station may prove very helpful as our discussions continue.


While it may be too late for these kitties, signing the petition and/or expressing your opinion to the perpetrators may well raise enough awareness to prevent future atrocities.

Thank you.

And my sweet rescue kitty Lucy thanks you as well.


  1. Yet another good reminder to SPAY and NEUTER!!!!!!!

  2. I hate people. That is all.


    bellamodens last blog post..maximum occupancy

  3. KarmaAvenger says:

    WRLH Sucks! (that is all)

  4. Wendy,
    Thank you for posting about the feral colony in Richmond. I’ve signed the petition on behalf of myself and my rescue kitties.

  5. Both my rescue cats thank you all too. I am horrified by people!

    Aimees last blog post..Shedir

  6. Thank you letting us know about the poor cats. I’ve also signed the petition. I can’t believe the callousness. :o(

  7. I saw that magazine at 7-11 of all places! I’m on a yarn and pattern diet, so no purchase for me.

  8. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this appalling situation. I have also signed the petition and written a comment to the station.

    My rescue kitty, Jenny, was born of a feral mother. Some kind person found her Mom and the litter and took them to the MSPCA. Jenny thanks you, too.

  9. Thank you for spreading the word on your blog, Wendy!
    In addition to the cats reported killed this morning, the 5:30 pm local tv news reported that around 50 cats and kittens scattered from the bulldozers and will have difficulty surviving now that their habitat has been bulldozed on the orders of Fox WRLH management. They also reported that the feral colonies had been there for years, fed by some of the employees and local volunteers. Many had been trapped and released back through the years after having received medical care and appeared to be a healthy population.
    I believe there was no excuse for Fox WRLH’s inhumane action this morning,especially in light of the Richmond SPCA’s (and other local groups) efforts to handle the population in a non-lethal manner.
    I hope local advertisers will pull their support from WRLH channel 35 Richmond,VA.

  10. Saw this report on the noon news & again this evening. Hopefully there will be enough news coverage that something will humane will be done.
    Bastards. Never liked their TV staion much anyway!

    But I do like the new magazine! I bought it at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago.Like you, I think that it really is good value. Lets hope it stays that way!

  11. Kate Lathrop says:

    Thanks for this Wendy – I signed the petition with a very strongly worded note. I sometimes hate people too. I hope those villens have children at home that they somehow have to explain this behavior to. Off to find my kleenex and hug my furbabies.

  12. OMG, people never fail to amaze me. What a group of…well.. words fail me. What brutality! I’ve signed this petition and can only hope for the best. You know, we have a similar situation here in San Pedro, but the colony is located in a park and no one seems to mind. Food and water bowls are put out by – we think – park employees. Anyway, may they remain undisturbed for years!

    Darling Lucy! Great pic! Truly a supermodel! 🙂 luv.m.

  13. I have also signed the petition and included a fairly fiery note. I strongly hope that everyone involved in this crime (cruelty to animals, anyone?) are haunted by the spectres of dead kittens for the rest of their days.

    But I wanted to ask — what about the pest control company? I am astonished and dismayed to hear that *any* reputable pest control company would engage in animal cruelty in this way. Cats are not a “pest”! The pest control company should also be receiving the wrath of the justifiably outraged. And, of course, everyone involved should also be prosecuted.

    Why am I not surprised to hear that a Fox TV station is lying to their viewers in order to cover their own butts?

    I’m wondering if there are other ways to get the word out about this?

    Diane Schultzs last blog post..????!!!!

  14. Bastards! May each and every one of those that perpetrated this crime die a long, slow and painful death in retribution. Yeah – it doesn’t sound nice but it’s the way I feel (and as a Unitarian Universalist I’m supposed to be forgiving of the weaknesses of others).

    Baby Sweet and Sassy were the only two of my seven kitty children to come from a rescue (they were siblings); Perry P defected from my neighbor to live with me and be the “only cat”; Holiday Wilson and Sibou Phillippe were found on the side of the highway as kittens; Rachael Rebecca and later GB came to live with us . No animal should be bulldozed out of a home or killed by a pest-control company – it sounds like the Nazi treatment of the Jews. The perpetrators deserve the same treatment as they dished out.

    Bless you, Lucy, and you, Wendy, for all you do for the safety of the little ones who can’t defend themselves.

  15. These people should be treated just as they have treated these poor animals. Disgusting excuse for humanity!

    Love the new sock and the name! 🙂

  16. Thanks for the heads-up on the feral kitties. Together we can achieve much!

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..First Summer of Socks 08 FO!

  17. Lovely magazine! Thanks for telling us about it.

    Also, having an 11 acre farm, we are forever taking in cats. We also always have them neutered or spayed. It’s the difference between 10 and 100 cats. Thank you for telling us about the petition. It is a worthy cause for sure – from one animal lover to another! 🙂

  18. Alice in Richmond and The Emperor says:

    We have signed! The Emperor will have their heads on a platter!

  19. The idea that anyone could be so cruel had not even occured to me. It is truly vile to me that not only would they even think of such a cruel and inhumane method of dealing with cat overpopulation, but that then they would try to cover themselves with their sleazy lies. This is truly an atrocity and I have all hope that Karma will come bag to haunt these people.

    Murder, that’s all it is.

    Thank you so much, Wendy, for letting us know about this terrible state of affairs. You are helping us to change the world one disaster at a time.

  20. Barb in minnesota says:

    Words fail me… it is CRUEL and INHUMANE is all.


  21. OK, I’ve written to both the station and Sinclair, but I will be PHONING tomorrow. Their voicemail is apparently full right now because it will not go through to the station manager at WRLH (and what I think about HIM is not printable here).

  22. Sorry for posting again, but it would be nice if someone who lives in WRLH’s broadcasting area would identify some of their major advertisers because contacting advertisers (and encouraging them to pull their advertising) is going to make a HUGE impact on the station. I sure wish a national news outlet would pick this up.

  23. That’s horrible-Great work spreading the word. Blog advocacy is really an effective way to get things changed and I hope this situation proves that to be true again!

    Karas last blog post..Wedding dress shopping in a wheelchair

  24. This disgusts me so badly I want to spit!!! I especially ‘love’ the way the station is putting a totally untrue spin to it. I wish I lived there so I could boycott them.

    If someone comes up with a list of advertisers, would you please let me know? I can’t do much, but I can write letters and boycott THEM!!

    Barbara in MIs last blog post..Where is the year going?

  25. What miserable bastards. It made me sick to my stomach to read about that. As three out of four of my cats are rescue animals, I have no understanding of such malicious cruelty. Yes indeed I did sign the petition along with a terse letter. Thankyou Wendy for letting us all know about this cruel scituation. I also will be making some phone calls tomorrow.

  26. Again……Thanks to Barbara in MI thats a great idea. If someone can come up with a list of advertisers, could you please post it Wendy. I would love to see that lying station fall on its face.

  27. I am still in total disbelief and disgust that this kind of barbarity could take place in 21st -century America. I agree that the best way to get these creeps’ attention is by hurting their bottom line. Thanks to you and your dear friend L-B for sounding the alarm on these gutless wonders!! (And thanks too for the lovely yarn and magazine pics!)

  28. I agree with Barbara in MI and Mickie. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know the names of the advertisers utilizing this station. I’ve forwarded the link Wendy provided to my animal loving friends. Every vote is important. luv.m.

  29. That’s sad for the kittys, I can’t believe the news station would lie like that.
    Yay! Ribbon Candy, I love it!
    I’ll have to keep a look out for the magazine, looks like it has a lot of cute patterns in it.

    KnittingKels last blog post..Stained Glass Windows

  30. Wow those guys won’t know what hit them, Knitters Unite!!!!

  31. That is v ery sad, no one should hurt any animals.

    I bought that magazine about a month ago and love how it is broken out and pics in the front. Looking forward to another issue.

  32. Hi, Verena has been on the newsstands in Germany at least since the late 80s usually with fairly wearable stuff. So you should have a good time with the english language version!

    Karins last blog post..Waterfall

  33. Meribeth says:

    I signed, and wrote e-mail. I just don’t understand..yeh, may be I do. I live on a residential lake in Richmond, and I see the local morons shooting BB guns at squirrils, geese and ducks. Not only are they breaking 4 levels of law (federal, state, local and community) but it is so unnecessary! You don’t want them close to your property? Get off your lazy ass and chase them away. Yes, there is the safety issue also.
    But what Fox has done smacks of a cruelty that is beyond expediency. Yet, what would your expect from Fox anyway?
    Wendy and LB, thanks for spreading the word!

  34. This is insanity. The station had every right to do what they did. First, Richmond has a candlelight vigil for bears, and now they want to tell a business what to do with its own property because of cats. If you animal lovers want to save something, how about the unborn human beings that are torn from their mother’s bodies and thrown away like trash.

    No animal – cat or bear or dog, etc. – is that important. Common sense is dead.

  35. I signed the petition. I’m livid. I already despised Fox for their obvious bias.
    The Meezer (another rescue kitty) stands with you and Lucy on this issue, too!

  36. I signed the petition and also sent a terse message. I will be forwarding the website URL and the petition to the National FOX station that my husband and I watch on a daily basis so that they can report on the Inhumane Treatment that one of the Local Fox Stations is perpretating (they arent owned by the same group) on the local “wildlife”. So hopefully this story will Make National News! 3 of my 4 babies are rescues as well, all 3 of them found us tho by coming to the house and asking for love and attention.

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..SOS and other Socks Updated

  37. i received that magazine as well, love it! almost every pattern in it was great!

    turtles last blog post..another day another two dollars (and dishcloth q #3)

  38. i always laugh when i post on your blog as i am registered twice .(nickname and real name) don’t know, lame but it makes me laugh.

    tanyas last blog post..another day another two dollars (and dishcloth q #3)

  39. Laura Sue says:

    I was visiting family in Tacoma, WA when I saw that magazine sitting on a table in a knit shop in Gig Harbor. They gave it to me as it was one of two complimentary copies they rec’d. I was delighted! Thank you, Germany, for sharing!

  40. Laura Sue says:

    I was visiting family in Tacoma, WA when I saw that magazine sitting on a table in a knit shop in Gig Harbor. They gave it to me as it was one of two complimentary copies they rec’d. I was delighted! Thank you, Germany, for sharing! Won’t comment on the Richmond situation as I don’t have any facts, but I’m sure calling them “bastards” will help a LOT.

  41. How can anybody be so cruel. We have 2 rescue kitties.
    i’ve never heard of that knitting magazine. must investigate

    cinderss last blog post..Dyeing, Drying and Tyeing!

  42. red is my favorite color, so that sock yarn is about as ‘up my alley’ as is humanly possible. very jealous.

    elises last blog progress

  43. I am a red person and I love that yarn and Oh, dear. Another knitting magazine for me to try and get my little Brit mitts on.

    Poor cats. But people are so inhumane to each other, so why do we expect them to treat animals any better? Let’s just keep hoping this, and so many other cases, turns out OK.

    Mandellas last blog post..Summer Knitting

  44. Allyson says:

    Let’s boycott FOX and all their advertisers!

  45. Somehow this coming from a Fox station doesn’t surprise me. It seems like something you’d expect from that network. I’ve passed all this on to my west coast family and we’re all aghast. Thanks for publicizing it.

  46. I work with Save Our Shelters, one of the organizations involved in the Trap, Neuter and Return effort at the FOX 35 cat colony. We just posted a video overview of the site and the issue. This has been big news in Richmond. You can view the video on the Save Our Shelters Blog.

    To the owners of this blog: If you would consider posting this video on your site, that would be wonderful. We need all of the publicity we can get!

    Steve Mullens last blog post..Don’t Feed the Cats: Trap, Neuter and Return Effort Hampered at FOX 35


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