My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happiness is

A new sock project!

As I said yesterday, this is Tempted Good Grrl yarn (100% merino) in the Emergency colorway (love that name).

The design is, of course, my own that I’m working up. Hopefully you’ll see some major progress at the next blog post.

This means, of course, that I finished the Ribbon Candy socks. Ta-da!

I plan to write up this pattern and will let you know when it’s available for sale, should you be interested in knitting a pair of Ribbon Candy Socks for yourself.

Thank You

Thank you so much to the many of you who offered your support in my comments and signed the petition concerning the animal abuse perpetrated by the Richmond Fox television station. Several of you asked if there was a list of their advertisers available. If you go to their homepage you’ll see that a number of their major advertisers are shown on that page.

When I went to the page this morning to get the link, I saw this statement at the top of the page:

A colony of feral cats is living behind WRLH. We have contacted a number of organizations to help with the humane and non-lethal removal of these animals over the next few days.

Major eye-roll here. What they didn’t add, of course, is that this statement was added after they bulldozed the habitat, killing some of the cats. And they no doubt added the statement because of the public outcry at their cruelty and inhumane treatment of these animals.

And further, here is the Richmond SPCA’s response to their statement.

To close on a happy note, here is my little princess, knowing full well that she is not supposed to be up on the table.


  1. naomimimi says:

    uh ohhh, lucy! and i’m so glad to hear that they’re going to change tactics in dealing with the feral cat colony! *hugs mah cat sunday*

  2. I love the Ribbon Candy Socks! I’m looking forward to getting those on the needles. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of the new socks.

  3. “But Mommy, you’re feeling so loving toward me, and I look So-o-o good here”, says Lucy. (After all, she is in charge of your home, other than the remote controls, of course! VBG!)

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..First Summer of Socks 08 FO!

  4. my kitties know they’re not supposed to be on the table, but that doesn’t stop them either!

    WRLH must be managed by people who think they’re invisible and are really stupid.

  5. Aww but she just wanted to be closer to mama!!

  6. Up to 680 signatures on the Petition – THANKS!!!!!!
    And Lucy, there’s NO FOOD anywhere on that table. Total waste of time, chica! >^..^<

  7. I adore the ribbon candy socks! I definitely would like to knit those when the pattern is available.

  8. Nice SOX !! What HOT HOT HOT colors! Great summertime choices.

    My Buster and Yoda say “Lucy, you simply MUST talk mom into putting your toys on the table. It’s make it so much EASIER to find them, beings how they’re in one place. Also, if you can talk mom into putting a ceiling fan above the table it makes it very very nice to lie under in hot weather” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yes, those b*st*rds at Fox, I hope, are getting the message. I also forwarded story to several local broadcast news stations here in LA (Not Fox), but whether it gets picked or not remains to be seen.


  9. Oooh…naughty Lucy! Love the looks of the new socks, BTW.

  10. Sassy kitty! But still so pretty!!

    Miss Knottys last blog post..Trends and Themes: or, Okay, Iโ€™ve identified it, so what can I do with it now?

  11. Thanks for posting the petition! I made myself and Mini-Me sign it – ok, so she typed. She was as aghast as I was at the situation (which by the way, only my 9 year old would say “That’s atrocious and very disturbing, mommy.”)
    I love the red. Love love love it.
    My kitty Two Fingers said “Come here, I lay wherever I want – even if it’s on top of the fridge”
    So spoiled!!

    Megan S.s last blog post..Happy Birthday Mum!

  12. MzMelly says:

    Wow, I haven’t read the blog in a few days and was very upset to see the story about the ferals. If that had happened here in Maricopa county (the great state of AZ), the twits would have been arrested by good ol’ sheriff Joe Arpiao and tossed in the slam where they belong. We have some good animal abuse laws on the books, and they do protect ferals also. I’ve participated in our TNR program here (administered by AZCats & Altered Tails), and I take care of an active feral colony in my back yard. The population ebbs and grows every so often, and I try to keep up with getting the unaltered newbies, although I missed a female or two last year and I now have two kittens and one mother that aren’t spayed yet. I hope the public outcry will result in some positive action towards protecting ferals in that area. I love my kitties equally, both the indoors and the outdoors kitties, and they are all fed and well cared for, wether they are “friendly” or not. It does get expensive to support a feral colony but I certainly would never agree to any alternative that meant starving or trapping and euthanizing them (or worse).

  13. The Ribbon Candy socks are beautiful. Your endless ideas for pretty socks are amazing.
    Lucy is conveniently ‘forgetting’ the no-table rule. My kitty has temporary amnesia on a regular basis, I think just to liven things up!

  14. Love the ribbon candy socks Wendy! Not sure if you’re at liberty to share, but are some of the patterns in your forthcoming book patterns that have been released individually? Or will all be new patterns? Inquiring minds and all that…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have to admit I was hoping you would delete the comment of JJN from yesterday’s post (sure looks like a troll to me – a first time post to b*tch about the rest of us?). Anyway, I hope there is SOME resolution on the horizon (which IMO might be the pulling of some advertisers!). Like you, I feel I have a personal stake in some of this – all three of my cats began life as ferals (and boy was domestication a challenge for us all). I wouldn’t trade them for anything though!

  15. That’s the second cat-on-table photo I’ve seen on a knitting blog today (Chris/Stumbling Over Chaos was the first). It must be going around. I’ll paraphrase what I said to her: Rules? Cats are supposed to have rules??

    Lorettes last blog post..Opal

  16. I love these! The yarn is gorgeous in that pattern.

  17. I signed the petition, and forwarded it to friends and family. Who do those creeps think they are? There is a special place in hell reserved for them, and Michael Vick, and countless others.

    Love the Ribbon Candy, by the way!

    Diannes last blog post..Ignorance is Bliss for Dogs on Thursday

  18. Somehow this coming from a Fox station doesn’t surprise me. It seems like something you’d expect from that network. I’ve passed all this on to my west coast family and we’re all aghast. Thanks for publicizing it.

  19. She may not be allowed on the table, but Lucy makes a wonderful centerpiece!

    Danieles last blog post..Size 2 vs. Size 1 DPNs

  20. Your Ribbon Candy socks are quite lovely, Wendy. Anxious to get this pattern! Your newest masterpiece looks interesting. The name just suits the yarn! It’s going to be very pretty—I can tell already!

  21. Lucy looks like she knows she’s not supposed to be there but she’s way past caring at this point. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mandas last blog post..I don’t have much time to post right now…

  22. Lucy and my Kitties would get along famously!! All 4 of ours have been taught not to get on the table but yet they think that all surfaces in the house belong to them and humans thinknig otherwise are crazy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..SOS and other Socks Updated

  23. I’ve been looking for toe-up sock patterns and it seems that I’ve found a treasure chest!

  24. Lucy is probably just confused. “But mommy, I let you on my sofa, so why should you hog my table too?”

    Ahh, cats. What’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is also theirs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Ps. the name of that colorway reminds me of techno music. It has names like that.

  26. Hi Lucy, you will be happy to know my daughter recently rescued a very pretty kitten which had been left in a box behind her office. I hates humans sometimes. Any how “Oscar” (for having been left with the trash) is happy, vaccinated, and when he’s a smidge bigger, neutered (but don’t tell him, k?)

    gemmas last blog post..

  27. Hi Lucy, you will be happy to know my daughter recently rescued a very pretty kitten which had been left in a box behind her office. I hates humans sometimes. Any how “Oscar” (for having been left with the trash) is happy, vaccinated, and when he’s a smidge bigger, neutered (but don’t tell him, k?)

  28. Meribeth says:

    “Umm, excUse me? I am entitled to be here! What is yours is mine, what it mine is mine, don’t ‘cha know. And stretching, licking and blowing you off proves it!”

    Yep, those socks will be done. I have such a Wendy Sock list!

  29. Great picture of Lucy, all cats I know seem to love tables. Mine included. Beautiful sock and the new ones look like they will bse moving right along. Thanks for posting that info yesterday. I sent it to several friends.

  30. Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Does Wendy not realize it is your table? ๐Ÿ™‚ The socks are lovely. Thanks for the update on the feral cat situation. I’m sure this is going to bite them in a way they can’t realize yet.

    Jennifers last blog post..A new sweater!

  31. cecilia says:

    I don’t watch fox as it is and this is a huge reason not to listen or watch in the future. I also stated that in my email to those ********.

  32. Love the ribbon candy socks and can’t wait to see the new ones–they look great so far! Signed the petition! Happy knitting this weekend!

  33. Bonnie H. says:

    We have colonies of feral cats here in San Angelo, Texas. There is an organization here that takes care of them. The cats are caught, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and then returned to their respective colonies. Food is put out for them by volunteers so they are healthier and they do not have as large an impact on the bird population. I know it’s not as good as if each one was adopted by a loving family, but it is something and the folks that run the program do care for the cats.

  34. Hey your using MY yarn! Isn’t is gorgous? And I loved how it felt and worked up, Stacy is brillant with her colors. As for the poor cats sho can do such things to annimals.

  35. Our kitty thinks her name is Down! half the time, because she keeps jumping onto the counters and the tables. She knows better, because if we call her actual name she’ll come out of a forbidden area looking all sheepish (or at least as sheepish as a cat can manage to look).

    Seanna Leas last blog post..short and sweet

  36. I just fired off another email to the station itself stating I could not believe their duplicity in trying to come off as the ‘good guys’. I also stated that because of them I have ceased viewing any FOX channel.

    Barbara in MIs last blog post..Where is the year going?

  37. Valeria says:

    I have to ask – why do you think the network affiliation has anything to do with the bad actions of a single television station? Is it because everyone who thinks right knows that all conservatives are evil cat-haters? Because, like, a good liberal would *never* stereotype people, right?

  38. Oooh, I need the Ribbon Candy pattern! I bought the “Boobie” sock kit that has the beautiful pink Trekking yarn and a pink ribbon pattern (part of proceeds to Susan G. Koman) but I like this pattern better. It’s going in the queue as soon as it’s available. You are so stinkin’ talented. And you have the coolest cat EVER.

    Luuuucy, here kitty kitty kitty…come to Lisa…she has tuna…you can sleep with her on her own pillow…and she gives good ear rubs…

    Lisas last blog post..SOS’08: Sick of Socks