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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Knittin’ Time!

Yesterday was a rare day when I actually knit at work. I never do that. But after having my third computer in 6 weeks go belly-up, I’d run out of offline things I could do. I probably spent 3 or 4 hours of my day at work yesterday quietly knitting at my desk. I don’t think anyone noticed, but if they had I don’t think they would have dared say anything. πŸ˜‰

With the first computer failure after they carted the dead CPU off, I took annual leave and went home. Yesterday I was fed up enough to say screw it — I had no desire to use up more leave because of something I couldn’t control.

By the way, the latest computer (which is computer #3 for those of you keeping score at home) booted up nicely when I got to work this morning. But I’m taking bets on how long it will last, given the lifespan of its predecessors.

Anyhow, this unprecedented chunk of knitting time started me thinking about how much time I spend knitting. I tend to do it in little chunks of time, but those chunks add up. On a typical weekday I knit:

  • 15 minutes while watching the early news before I leave for the office
  • 30 minutes on the morning commute
  • 30 minutes during my lunch break
  • 30 minutes on the afternoon commute

Then there is the evening knitting. When I get home, I answer emails, take photos, and work on my blog post. I tend to pick the knitting up at 6:30 or 7:00pm, and knit for only an hour or 90 minutes, usually with interruptions to email and Plurk. By 8:00 or 8:30pm I set the knitting aside and watch something on television.

(Those of you on Plurk know I am often awake in the middle of the night, as I’ll post there once or twice when I’m supposed to be asleep. πŸ™‚ I sleep intermittently. but I never knit in the middle of the night. My goal is to get back to sleep, so at most I’ll turn the tv.)

Of course, weekends are different — I get more knitting time in during the day.

Speaking of Plurk, I was interviewed on this afternoon’s Plurk Cast. It is available for download here (it’s Episode 3), so you can check it out and hear my pearls of wisdom. πŸ˜‰

There was a question in the comments yesterday asking how long it takes me to knit a sock. It varies, but it usually takes me a few days to knit one sock.

Okay now, just for fun, here’s the timeline on today’s computer hijinks.

9:20am: IT Drone appears in my doorway, telling me he is here to install the one software program he did not do yesterday.

IT Drone: I need you to log off and log the computer so I can push the install from the network.

Me: I mentioned this to you yesterday: This software cannot be pushed — it needs to be installed manually.

IT Drone: I will do it remotely.

IT Drone disappears.

I spend the next hour watching as managed software (not the program I need) is uninstalled and reinstalled on my computer. Three times.

10:30am: my phone rings.

IT Drone: I’m still working on pushing your software from the network.

Me: It cannot be pushed from the network. Ask IT Manager. He manually installed it on my last computer last Wednesday.

IT Drone: I’ll call you back.

I watch as the same managed software is uninstalled and reinstalled a couple more times. I phone IT Manager. No answer.

11:00am: my phone rings.

IT Drone: I’m still working on pushing your software from the network.

Me: Please talk to IT Manager! It has to be installed manually!

IT Drone: No! It was pushed from the network.

Me: I’m telling you I watched him as he sat at my computer last Wednesday and manually installed it. It took five minutes.

IT Drone: I’ll call you back.

I watch as managed software is uninstalled and reinstalled once more.

11:15 am: my phone rings

IT Drone: I’m going to have to install that software manually. It won’t push from the network.

Me: Please do it after I leave this afternoon. I’ve lost enough time today already.

I get off the phone and announce to the office in general: “Hey guess what? He can’t push the software from the network. It has to be installed manually.”

A roar of laughter arises from my co-workers.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Oh, here’s my sock. I might finish it tonight, but I wouldn’t count on that.

And Lucy says hey!


  1. Those IT geeks think they know it all. So stubborn.

    turtlegirl76s last blog post..Vacation’s Over. Back to the Grind.

  2. I usually get along with my IT people, except when they pull astounding feats of density like that. That’s when I change my login password to “[IT guy]sucksballs” just in case they have to do anything that requires asking me what my password is.

  3. Aussie Rosemary says:

    That was beautiful. You are right,it can’t be made up.

  4. AllisonWonderland says:

    I am always amazed by the technical incompetence of IT people!

  5. a little bit of quality work a day adds up when you do it consistently!

    I’ll have to listen to the interview!

    Darren Daz Coxs last blog post..The Silver Bird

  6. OMG, I’m sorry that I laughed, but really it was the best laugh of the day. So typical of Gov. waste. I would have been ready to have another melt down. Can you guess, I have no patience? No matter your knitting time you still knit very fast. I had a dream last night, that I was knitting with someone???? and they said 2 minuets per stitch is to slow. I guess so. Pet Lucy for me.

  7. The ole “what could the user possibly know?” huh? I think it must be like that everywhere! Hey back to Lucy from my feline crew in TN.

    Sandra Ds last blog post..In Oklahoma

  8. IT people aren’t generally known for their people skills but they are known for their stubborn streaks. So sorry you had to experience the general stereotypes firsthand today.

    Lucy looks uber cuddly as usual. πŸ™‚

    Opals last blog post..Tour de Fleece – Day 3 Report

  9. Dorothy says:

    Don’t you wonder where they find those Drones? THEY ALL SEEM TO HAVE THAT “SELECTIVE” HEARING!! hEY RIGHT BACK AT YOU, LUCY!

  10. *sigh* that’s why i don’t hire drones but real smart humans with brains and people skills. i insist on that. r (who rocks) would come and visit and only very VERY rarely insist on doing it remotely. though i can say we are small enough we don’t have lots of machines to juggle and would have to wait for a new one to come in. i could give you a laptop for a while but yeah, you probably wouldn’t like it. only has a 15″ screen.

    good luck tomorrow.

    pennys last blog post..definitely not socks

  11. Beverley says:

    IT don’t talk to me about them…!!! Please explain why you would take away a 6 month old printer which is working fine and instal a new copier printer. Then walk away and leave it for 10 days and ignore help desk calls as it isn’t working yet!! [ Apparently they don’t know how to fix yet and have other more urgent requests]

    So now to get a printout I have to walk through to the workroom next door. I suppose I should be thankful I can print at all. πŸ™‚

    All this after upgrading our PCs then discovering a software conflict so having to give us the old ones back. Of course they started with my PC so had two weeks of “issues” until “I” discovered what the manager couldn’t re above conflict.

    Upgrade is a dirty word around here and we have an operating systems upgrade in November. Even if they haven’t resolved the conflict issue…!!!

    Anyway at least we can knit…heh perhaps some of those IT geeks need to take up two sticks and string…:)


  12. How funny!!! This has happened to me on many occasions. Those “in the know” aren’t always as much “in the know” as they think they are. Do they think we don’t know what we are talking about—after all, you’ve been there done that and know the way to go—–oh—technical experts are the pits!!!!

    Elizabeths last blog post..New Beginnings……

  13. Government or private industry, the story is the same. Always the same.

    Hey, why aren’t there any emoticons here?

    anmiryams last blog post..Re-Entry

  14. You’re so right, “you can’t make this stuff up”. It’s frustrating not only with IT people, but others who don’t/won’t take the time to listen so that things can be done quickly and efficiently.

    I’m so not in the loop with Plurk …. who knew there’s a Plurk Cast? Thanks for letting us know. It will be nice to hear your voice.

    Sherrys last blog post..My Twyla Twinkle Berry is 7 years old today

  15. Raye (mother of the other Capricorn Wendy) says:

    IT could be worse. At least the person trying to push it remotely was based in your building…he could have been trying to push it from New Delhi! And at least he didn’t ask you if you knew whether you have a computer! Besides, think of the extra knitting time you logged.

  16. RedEliz says:

    Delurking just to say Hi, glad you made it through the computer issues, hope tomorrow is better.

  17. Nice to know our IT people aren’t the only ones who don’t listen. I spent 3 days during my busy time without access to most of my computer but most importantly the one web-based program that I need to do my job. After those 3 days, an hour of the IT techie being on the phone with our local tech (who can’t do anything until the national IT says so, my local tech (who is great) re-installed something that the National techie said didn’t need to be done and it was fine. 20 minutes tops and I was working. Urrrrrhhh. Another time, the time on my phone was off by about 45 minutes. After weeks of National IT looking at it, local tech walked by and I mentioned it. She played with the phone and in less than 5 minutes my phone was fixed.

    We received a survey on the IT Service desk this week. I didn’t hold back and let them know how disatisfied I was with National IT. These are the ones who are paid to work on the computers and they don’t know anything about them. We try to tell them what is wrong and they don’t listen.

    Suzannes last blog post..C’est La Vie

  18. KatieBug says:

    While I giggled at your story, my boyfriend, the IT guy, has requested that I leave a comment to defend his dignity. He claims that all the bad IT people work at the helpdesk, and therefore are the most exposed to the users. The longer they have been at the helpdesk without giving up, the worse they are. The ones who are any good at their jobs get promoted and go work behind the scenes on the network and stuff. Not sure how much that helps his cause, but there you go.

    And I really wish I was able to get in as much knitting time as you do each day! I’m usually lucky if I can get in 20 minutes at lunch and 45 minutes in the evening.

  19. I agree..atleast he spoke english and did not try to pass his name off as Baaaahhhb or Ralph….lol…the brain and ear parts must be sold separately…lol..

  20. I knit throughout the day since my office is in my house πŸ™‚ My dad’s office is forever having to deal with IT issues. His favorite is when they upgrade the survey dept comps and then he has to go back in and fix the problems with the software that the upgrade messes up!

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..I have an FO, and possible Mystery answered and a few Pictures

  21. Computers and ITs, gotta love ’em or hate ’em. Sometimes both.

    Marions last blog post..Spring Forward

  22. I wish that your IT person was as nice as ours. Oh, wait, that’s me! πŸ˜‰

    Sandys last blog post..Happy Birthday!

  23. Hey, don’t stone me, but my husband is a network support for a large airplane manufacturer — I’ve heard many stories from HIS side of the desk. And yes, he too has these issues with the Help Desk people who send him trouble tickets having NOTHING to do with the network.

    Liz A.s last blog post..A Beer for Quilters

  24. Debra I says:

    Wow, a couple of days for a pair of socks. It takes me about a month if I really put myself to it. Maybe I’ll be faster now that I’ve gotten passed my 400 yard mark (avg. 1 sk. sock yarn) while knitting a shawl (a big one). It’s blocked and just needs ends darned in.

    I’m in a small office, so our IT dept is the paralegal and a pro who comes in to maintain the network every two weeks, unless there’s a major problem. No IT drones for us!

    Best wishes for healthy computer at work!

  25. It’s amazing what you get done in little chunks of time like that. Do you ever knit during movies or do you just prefer not to?

    JulesMs last blog post..Sam the dog

  26. At my old job, I learned that if you were nice to the right people and asked at the right time, they would usually give you a local-admin username and password. Otherwise, the computers were so locked down that it was obvious they thought we were all too stupid to turn them on, let alone use them. Probably helped that my department had a long-standing rep as the most tech-savvy people in the building, often knowing stuff ahead of the official IT folks.

    And now? I’m so glad I’m exclusively on Macs! πŸ™‚

    DPUTigers last blog post..Peppermint Brownies, Puppy

  27. It is hard to decide whether they think only they know, or whether they think women can’t know. You were of course just making it up when you said that the IT manager had installed it manually.

    Kristen – I love your password, but really, they shouldn’t ever be asking you for it. The last time I actually told someone what mine was, was when a client company changed their ftp site, and e-mailed me my new directory name (which included my last name, mis-spelled) and the new password – mixed case, mixed characters. And I couldn’t fetch my files. So I sent their e-mail back to them. Harumph. Works now, but even they admitted it didn’t work then.

  28. I had to laugh at this.

    I am the IT Drone. Except that I am the female, and thus smarter, version of the Drone.

    I am not stubborn, and I call software technical support if the problem is too big for me. I empathize with my users and respond quickly to problems.

    You’re lucky in that you got to knit. I would take a day like that any time!

    Nathalies last blog post..Sports and Knitting

  29. Oi. Technology makes my brain hurt sometimes. Lol.

    Jolynns last blog post..Well… I didn’t buy yarn…

  30. At least you had your knitting? Something to distract you from He-Who-Will-Not-Hear?

    Lucy has been trying to stop you from going to work recently because she KNOWS what awaits you! Good job, Lucy!

    I can get the same amount of commute time knitting as you if I have time to walk to work — and a suitable sock. But I am not capable of biking and knitting, nor of (safely) driving and knitting, so if walking doesn’t happen, neither does knitting. Lunchtime, though, and odd moments of waiting at work, yes. Gotta make use of the little bits, they do add up. And aid in patience!

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..Singin’ those Forest Canopy Blues

  31. Well that is just TOO hilarious. HA! (Of course I have a great IT guy, but he doesn’t always listen to me, either.)

    Sheri at The Loopy Ewes last blog post..Home Again to Hot St. Louis

  32. Love that story! Why is it so hard for some people to take advice? I personally, welcome advice as it tends to save time, unless said advice is from someone who has steered me wrong in the past.
    Lucy looks like her nap was interrupted for the photo. What am I saying, if she’s like my cat she naps more than a few times an hour!

  33. dear wendy, i don#t know if you still remember me – i used to have a knitblog, too -i am the italian woman living in germany who translatetd your liam-pattern into german πŸ™‚ anyway, i have two questions:
    1. are your sock patterns alle toe-up patterns? i refused to knit socks for years until i discovered that i don’t have necessarily to handle with DPNS, which i definitely can’t, and i don’t have to manage withdifficult heels and mesurements.
    2. i know US offices just from the tv…. do you sit in a big room and in a small “box” like sandra bullock in “the net”? sorry the question could sound dumb, but so i imagine all us offices *laugh*
    thanks and take care!

  34. With knuckleheads like that, is it any wonder the US government is going to hell in a handbasket? Sheesh, how do you take it Wendy?

    Debis last blog post..Someone’s turning 4 today!

  35. Meribeth says:

    Don’t they teach people any kind of reasoning skills?? Three tries should tell the Fool that it Ain’t Gonna Work!
    I truly admire your patience. ..I really, really do. I know I would have been using some seriously unaccaptable words. Loudly.
    I agree with Debi…now we know why our Govt. is like it is..

  36. Dilbert Lives!

  37. Theresa in Italy says:

    Oh, that was funny! Extremely frustrating for you, but funny. And another example of why it pays to carry your knitting with you at all times.

  38. I can SOOO relate to your IT experiences — oddly enough, I even work in a IT-related field. It is amazing the things that go on. Amazing, but kinda sad, too. Listening and reasoning may be lost arts. Hang in there, they will get you a computer that works — some day…..

  39. I have a Masters in Information Science (and teach Cmp Sci) and can tell you unequivocally, that all IT dweebs, have delusions of grandeur. A psychologist could make a fortune. I’ve had more than one “run in” with a pink haired tech with one earring, trying to do something I knew was impossible. I just sigh, and hope I can turn it into a teachable moment about respecting clients. And having been through the educational process I just don’t know how it happens.

    I must have been absent that day!

    Cindy in Happy Valleys last blog post..Those little knitting elves….

  40. It must be something in the air, I got to work yesterday and had problems with my computer. I thought I had things worked out but no today still having problems. Must be something in the air!!!!

    Jewels last blog post..Spinning Fiber

  41. They actually say if you wake up in the middle of the night, its better to knit until you are sleepy than watch TV.

    Jennifers last blog post..I do still exist

  42. Jennifer says:

    I feel for you. Well, at least they’re local. Our IT team is small, and everything that happens on-site is controlled through a call center in Costa Rica. Hey, Lucy!

  43. Wendy, I was looking at your Plurks, and you posted a toe that you had done on the train. Is that your normal toe with either the Turkish Cast on or Magic Cast on? If it is, do you do one round of knit, then increase? It looks different for some reason today. The reason I ask is that it seems to take a lot longer to do either of those cast ons compared to the short row, but your cast on for the blue socks looks like a short row. Thank you in advance, I love all the plurk pictures, the sky was beautiful.

  44. Bonnie H. says:

    Hmmmm…maybe that has something to do with the demise in your computers. Sounds like IT guy needs to have a class in active listening…

  45. You gottta talk to those IT guys in 1’s and zeros anything else is greek to them.

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Thursday- Treat Yourself to some KNITTING Art

  46. You really do get a lot of knitting done in a short period of time, I think. As for the IT person? UGH. We have IT people in a remote office. By the time I can’t figure something out and finally call them, they can’t figure it out either. Happens every time. Plus, I did forget about the “work piling up” factor. Not a good thing at all…. Hi Lucy!!

    Danieles last blog post..Are you a multi-crafter?

  47. It reminds me of new Resident MD’s, who are too “full of themselves” to listen to the RN’s. They are really a danger to all until they realize the nurses might just know something. Then they can at least be useful in ordering what all the nurses knew, but didn’t have the authority to do.
    le sigh.

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..Memories of the Blue Deep

  48. I just got out of a 1.5-hour meeting and I knit all the way through it. πŸ™‚ I’ve found this to be pretty acceptable at my job… it’s a place where many people bring laptops to meetings (as I sometimes do as well), and I’ve explained before that knitting’s actually much less distracting than the verbal input you get from a computer.

    Rachels last blog post..A meme and a KnitPicks order

  49. Thank goodness the office IT person is my husband, I can laugh at him when he screws up πŸ™‚

    Susans last blog post..I have a sunburn….

  50. I must say that the company I work for has exceptional IT people. If I were you, I would tell the IT manager what happened. How ridiculous that you would have to waste all of that time for what should have been a 5 minute download. And good for you for not taking your own time off for their issue!

  51. I’m ROTFLMAO! I think most everyone has had “issues” with IT at one time or ‘tother. My husband was a CIO for 20+ years and his motto was “we are here to provide GOOD service to the user” and dang if he didn’t too. Of course, he had his share of dweebs, idiots and techies who thought they knew more than they did – they usually didn’t last too long in his dept. Now that he is retired, his dept has gone to.. well, another story for another time.

    I just love that sock and that COLOR it’s PERFECT!

    Lucy, you darling kitty ! Hey back atcha! luv.m.

  52. It’s too funny when you know more than the IT department. I had the same situation at one of my work sites. Too funny…..

    Carols last blog post..It’s So Hawt….

  53. I know I’m commenting a day late, but this IT story cracks me up. You’re right, Wendy, this is so good, you can’t make it up. I thought only our IT guy was a dork. HA!

    Jenifers last blog post..I’m not dead

  54. Christine says:

    I was forced to sit in on a conference call once with “the people from California”. I had the answer to the “big dilemma” in one minute, but had to listen to them drone on and on about all the non-issues. It took two freaking hours. I told my boss that if I ever had to sit in on one of these conference calls again, that I was going to bring my knitting.