My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Seaweed Socks? Done!

I did suck it up and finish the second Seaweed Sock last night. Ta-da!

To recap, this is beautiful Bellamoden sock yarn in the “Nori” colorway and the sock is knit on 2mm needles.

And for your knitting pleasure, here is the pattern (in pdf format). It’s also available from a link on my free patterns page (see the tab at the top of the blog).

I did start a new sock. Here is its toe. 🙂

This is my beloved Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn in the “Pansy Golightly” colorway. Just look at how it knits up! Is it any wonder I love it so much?

Speaking of beloved sock yarn, look what L-B sent me!

This is Tempted Good Grrl sock yarn in the Secret Garden colorway. Them that know me, know how much I love green and this colorway makes me feel positively woozy I love it so much!

And I’m wondering what Lucy is so intent on here . . . 


  1. is also in love with the green sock yarn.

    Oh wait, this isn’t plurk … I’m supposed to actually start my sentences, aren’t I?

  2. The socks are very pretty! Thanks for the free pattern!

  3. THANK YOU 🙂

    The Matisse is in the FoB. I suppose that goes without saying…..

    bellamodens last blog post..maximum occupancy

  4. I love the sea weed sock and have the perfect yarn for it. 🙂 Will have to cast on sometime soon. I am also a BIG fan of DIC Smooshy!! it’s LOVELY. Hope you are well!!


  5. Love the socks and will be knitting some soon. I’m most interested to see what the Smooshy socks end up looking like as the pattern develops. Ooh, and what a good friend LB is to send you the pretty green yarn!

  6. Thank U and I’m lusting after the green yarn!

    Lucy is ALWAYS adorable! Maybe she’s watching dancing nanners! 😉


  7. Those are pretty! I want to make them in blue Fleece Artist from stash.

  8. She’s staring at CEILING CAT. Hehe.

  9. Now I want some Pansy Golightly… you are a terrible influence.

    What will your PG toe grow up to be? All right, all right, I can wait.

    Lucias last blog post..Tension on the Tour

  10. Wow!! Great socks. And you’re always so kind to share your patterns. 🙂

  11. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the seaweed sock pattern!

  12. Thank You for the lovely pattern! As soon as I get the perfect yarn for it I will have them otn and on my feet as soon as possible!! I’m thinking some Fleece Artist SeaWool in the Marina color or some DiC Smooshy in GoGo Grassy I dont know which yet. If Lucy is anything like my babies shes prob staring at Mama for her next meal…one question is being stared at by her blue eyes the same as bein stared at by my green eyed furbabies when they are hungry?

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..I have an FO, and possible Mystery answered and a few Pictures

  13. I, too, love the green yarn! Mmm. I have some green sock yarn in the stash… maybe that will turn into Seaweed Socks?

    Nicoles last blog post..Thursday 13 #47 ~ Accountability

  14. Patricia says:

    Beautiful socks- thanks for the pattern!

    I like the new color- is very much like the Cascade 220 Peacock yarn I’m using for a sweater.

    Could Lucy be looking at wild side salmon treats?

  15. Thank you for sharing your sock patterns! (Though I’m also looking forward to the compendium of patterns!) I’m really liking this one. How perfect that Seaweed should have been originally knit in Nori; that’s completely deliberately awesome.

    A bug would be the watched object at my house, if I saw that expression. (On the cat, that is. If it was on the Preteen, umm, YouTube?)

  16. Thank you for the pattern! I just printed it out (had to de-plurk to do it) – dial up at home, ya know. Plurking is fun after all! Kind of like people are driving little cars….

    Lucy sees a little buggeee that she wants to eat!

    Danieles last blog post..May I have some color please….

  17. Beautiful socks, Wendy! Thanks so much for the pattern. I can’t wait to knit them.

    Shirleys last blog post..Charity and Other Knitting

  18. Gillian says:

    That gorgeous periwinkle pansy colour really does it for me. Thanks for the pattern.

  19. Thank you for the pattern. I had just ordered some green yarn from TLE!

    Marions last blog post..Spring Forward

  20. Not only does Lucy look intent, I believe that is her best “side” perhaps. Something about that angle on her, she looks especially lovely. Maybe that’s just the painter in me.

    So cool to have a green that makes you feel woozy … it looks pretty in the photo, but I have a feeling it must be way more lovely in person even. Could you hold it up to the monitor a second so I could give it a squeeze?


    fireflys last blog post..A little something for the planet

  21. ChristyH says:

    Love the seaweeds! Green is always good.

  22. wow! love the seaweed socks pattern — and thank you for making it and sharing it!!! mwah!

    lauragayles last blog post..couldn’t have said it better myself

  23. Thanks for the pattern Wendy! It’s so pretty!!!!

    Michelles last blog post..Hi my name is Michelle and I have too much yarn!

  24. Thank you so much for the Seaweed Sock pattern. I look forward to knitting it.

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..Memories of the Blue Deep

  25. Ohh that Tempted yarn is tempting.

    I can’t wait to try the seaweed socks.

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Thursday- Treat Yourself to some KNITTING Art

  26. Timmie B says:

    Thanks for the free pattern. I love the seaweed socks. Also love the Pansy Go Lightly and can’t wait to see the design. I’m also loving Stacy’s colorways more and more. I’ve got several skeins of Glam but haven’t purchased any of the Good Grrl yarns yet. I’ll add that to my list. Still have more stash to knit before I can buy more though.

  27. Theresa in Italy says:

    Gorgeous socks! Thanks for the pattern!

  28. Lovely pattern and thank you for sharing it.
    The Dream in Color looks incredible – I’m sure you’ll enjoy knitting with it.

    AmyPs last blog post..Bonjour, Mme Laine!

  29. I love that purple! It is perfect.
    Thanks for the Seaweed pattern.

    Pams last blog post..Hip to be Square

  30. That green is delicious! I wonder if Lucy is wondering herself!

    Jennifers last blog post..Attaching the asp

  31. Shawnee says:

    Thank you for the pattern!

  32. Michele In Maine says:

    Ooohh, and I have some Pansy Go Lightly Smooshy all wound up and ready to go – I hope you will share the pattern! Thank you for the Seaweed sock pattern.

    A new shipment of 3 packages of Wildside Salmon arrived this week, much to the joy of my Wabi.

  33. What a gorgeous sock pattern, Wendy. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m anxious to knit them up. I have the perfect yarn stashed away. I have never knit with “Smooshy”, but I’m gonna—and soon! Beautiful yarn.

    Elizabeths last blog post..New Beginnings……

  34. Elizabeth M. says:

    Love reading your blog and admiring both Lucy and your wonderful socks. I am curious– what do *you* do with all the leftover yarn from your socks? I’ve knit only 6-8 pairs so far (always top down) and have little balls from each pair that I would love to put to good use… suggestions or comments??!

  35. medievalneedle says:

    Apparently I have your yarn twin at my house – I can’t wait to see what you create with it!!

  36. Valerie says:

    The Seaweed Socks are lovely and look like a lot of fun to knit. Thanks!

  37. Gretcheng says:

    Hi, Wendy– Thank you so much for the Seaweed pattern–I love it! I’ve knit 2 pairs of toe-up socks now, and I hope “three times is the charm”… If I knit Seaweed next, maybe this time they’ll fit me instead of someone else! Still getting the hang of sock fitting with lacy patterns, and heel placement, and, well, everything related to knitting for feet. Have fun– Gretcheng

  38. I haven’t sang to you in a while. Here’s a song to go with your Tempted yarn!

    I bought a pattern, some needles
    A marker for my count,
    pattern tamer, a pencil
    New knitting bag and a nanner
    I said to my reflection
    let’s knit another purty sock
    Past the Yarn Store and the notions
    The sock blocker o’re there
    Good Grrl and Bad Grrl
    Inspirations of it still
    keep comming and comming
    But knit it all-
    I know I will!

    Tempted by the yarn made by Stacy
    Tempted but I could knit no other
    What’s been going on?
    Without Tempted Yarn?
    There’s no other!!!
    Tempted by the yarn made by Stacy
    Tempted but I could knit no other!

    That was fun! Please let Lucy know it’s gonna be salmon night on Monday in the Smith house if she wants to make the drive =)

    Megan S.s last blog post..Holiday Rambles and Yarn Stuffs.

  39. Great pattern! I was holding my breath, thinking they were cabled and I was going to grit my teeth and try the cables anyway because I love how they turned out. Guess I should have looked closer! Can’t wait to try them, and I am also feelin’ that green Tempted!

    heather ts last blog post..How Californians See America

  40. Thank you very much for the pattern. The socks are just beautiful. I have some Dream In Color Smooshy “Beach Fog” and “Blue Lagoon” which I am going to choose between for this pattern. Can’t wait to get started!

  41. Dennine says:

    Thanks for another great sock pattern!
    And for all your previous work. Your book arrived from today and I’ve been having a good time looking through it. I’m thrilled to have the patterns for some of the great things I’ve found as I’ve been going through all the archives for your blog over the last few weeks.
    I’m totally hooked now!
    I very much appreciate all your efforts and generosity.
    Cheers, Dennine (Victoria, BC)

  42. Thank you so much for the new pattern!!! It is lovely as usual! I also just purchased the Knit Simple magazine with the top down patterns in it that you wrote. My daughter wanted to knit one of your patterns for her first socks, but she really wanted to learn top down, so now she can!

    The computer problems you are having sound like they are right out of the Dilbert comic strip, LOL!!!

  43. babyface says:

    Thank you for your free pattern. I have some green stash that I
    want to do this pattern with. I have downloaded it and have your
    directions to do them top down. You can’t teach an old dog new
    tricks you know. I am anxious to see what you do with your green
    yarn. You do work very hard.

  44. I *love* the seaweed socks! They are definitely hitting the queue. And I really love the color of the next socks in progress. Do you find the DIC at all splitty? I’ve had it split on me a few times, but I’m using addi lace needles, so maybe that’s the reason why.

  45. Another wonderful pattern that I have just downloaded. You are so generous!
    This week I started knitting L-Bee socks in the Smooshy “Black Parade” colorway. After 3 pattern repeats I’m dissapointed that the pattern isn’t more visible. I think black may be too dark for this pattern.
    I just cast on with another, lighter colorway to see if your beautiful pattern will be more visible.
    Do you have any thoughts on colorways and “lace” patterns that you would share with us?

  46. I am in love with both the sock pattern and the yarn. I love that they look like they’re cabled, but aren’t.

    Mandellas last blog post..

  47. LOVE the pansy golightly color. making me drool.

    elises last blog post..have you plurked?

  48. Those are really pretty socks. I love how cables look in soft, oh so softly variegated yarn!

    Sarah Elizabeths last blog post..Smart and Stylish

  49. Merely looking at the Smooshy sock I know it will be a fine one

    Standtalls last blog post..My Day!!!