My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


As the Heel Turns

I just love creating a slipstitch heel, particularly in handpainted yarn.

Perhaps I am simple, but I love watching the color variations emerge as the heel flap grows.

Yep, I am turning the heel on the first Halcyon sock. Excitement abounds!

By the way, I sent a whole scad of patterns to Sheri last week, so (as I write this) all my current patterns are in stock at The Loopy Ewe. I’m working on my new patterns, so I’ll be sending those to The Loopy Ewe soon, I hope.

I Love Rock and Roll

Again, thanks for all your suggestions for songs to download from iTunes. You have until midnight tonight to make a suggestion in the comments to Monday’s post. I’ll draw a name at random tomorrow, and the winner will receive the WendyKnits sock pattern of his/her choice, plus yarn to knit it.

As I said, the majority of what was suggested I either already have, or don’t like. I’ve got all the Beatles, Who (and Pete Townshend), Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Elvis Costello music that I love. I’ve got a number of random British bands from the ’60s and a lot of American ’60s music, and all the ’80s pop and New Wave and Punk that I like. I’ve got REM and Live (I don’t think anyone mentioned Live) and Graham Parker (and I don’t think anyone mentioned him either). Et cetera, et cetera. And more and more. And so on and so on. I was impressed that a couple of you mentioned King Crimson, by the way. πŸ™‚

What I don’t have and won’t have is Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Feat, and the Grateful Dead because I don’t like them. Ooh, you know what I need but don’t have? Ian Dury. I wonder if there is any Ian Dury (with or without Blockheads) on iTunes? Must check . . .

But from the 500 comments so far, I’ve made a list of about 60 songs that jumped out at me as ones I need that I don’t have, so you all have been very helpful to me.

Now, back to my sock.

And here is Lucy in what I call her “hen on a nest” pose.


  1. ooh ooh I thought of another favorite: Dr. John! Definitely an old one, Gris gris, or one of those from the Night Tripper album. oh yeah.

    claires last blog post..Poha, Breakfast of Champions (and sock-knitters)

  2. The socks are turning out beautifully! I think I’ve already ordered every pattern of yours from that the TLE has so far, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting the new releases!!

    Mandis last blog post..Sock Progress and Balls

  3. How about David Gray or if you like Jazz or Swing, try one called The Love Dogs (they have a website so you can listen first if you’d like)

    karens last blog post..

  4. How about anything by the Ramones? I just love Rockaway Beach! I also just downloaded a bunch of ABBA songs. I sang “Does Your Mother Know” to my baby this morning and she loved it!

    Liz Rs last blog post..My baby got his driver’s license (subtitle: How many tranquilizers can I take before I pass away?)

  5. Not a Skynyrd fan? I’m crushed

  6. Oh that heel is so pretty! And so is the Lovely Lucy.

    Opals last blog post..It’s Wednesday.

  7. Christina says:

    We call that pose ‘meatloaf’ at our house. Somewhat odd since 2/3 of us are vegetarians.

  8. medievalneedle says:

    At my house we call that pose “kitty loaf” because it’s a cat impersonating a loaf of bread.

  9. And such a lovely heel turn it is!

  10. No Sweet Home Alabama…I’m Crushed πŸ™‚ Oh well I guess my BIL and DH can deal LOL!
    Lucy is in what we call around here a BugBump (like a speed bump only better) as that is one of Sannybug’s favorite positions. Just invision a torti and white in the middle of a semisolid brown carpet with her white covered and the lights out…now invision my DH tripping over said bug bump in the middle of the night πŸ™‚ Made quite a loud thump and she learned to not hide the white HEHE!

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..Quick update

  11. WENDY. I swear on all that is holy, as I was reading your third paragraph, my empythree player kicked up “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” by the magnificent Ian Dury and the Blockheads. AS I WAS READING THAT VERY PARAGRAPH.

    (looks to see if Rod Serling is hiding in the pantry)

    Lovely heel that is. I have the same reaction whenever I do an Eye of Partridge heel. I just love seeing what the colors do.

    (“Every bit of clothing ought to make you pretty…” God, I miss Ian Dury so freaking much.)

  12. The more I see your new sock, the more I love it! And Lucy is the cutest little hen I’ve ever seen!

  13. Okay, it’s not old, so it may not be acceptable, but I’d suggest Seawolf. In particular, off this CD, “Winter Windows” and “The Cold, The Dark, and The Silence.” Not cheery, boppy music, but eerie and lovely.

    Sarah Rs last blog post..Thank Heavens For The Cover of Darkness

  14. Love that color way….

  15. Awh…. A slip stitch heel is also my favorite, for the reasons you stated. Thanks for reminding me why I like it so much! πŸ™‚

    Danieles last blog post..More Sock Talk…

  16. Timmie B says:

    Okay so I’m a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. If we all liked the same music, there would only be one song. Glad you got some good music suggestions. I like seeing the colors emerge from the heel too. I also prefer slip stitch because I think it’s sturdier than the short row. Gotta go plurk

  17. I also like the slipstitch heel. I think it makes my socks fit better.

    Marions last blog post..Summer of Socks 2008, Pair #2

  18. I forgot to post my fave that you need to get! Jason Mraz!!!

    Kellys last blog post..Oh Kermie!!!!

  19. JennyJen says:

    re: Lucy

    we call that a kitty loaf here at home. πŸ™‚

  20. How about “Twin Sons of Different Mothers”?

  21. I’m not necessarily a Cher fan, but I do love her Believe album

  22. Love the yarn — and loved Black Water by the Doobie Brothers my freshman year of college…

  23. I like anything by Steely Dan and Sister Christian by Night Ranger. My friend suggests anything by Reo Speedwagon and Steve Miller Band (esp Jet Airliner).

    Lauras last blog post..Week 3 and all is well

  24. I’m not sure if you care much for the Blues, but Johnny Lang is definitely worth a listen if not a download or three. He’s not the stereotypical harmonica-steel guitar blues man so some of my friends who like rock like him. One of my favourite songs by Johnny is Lie to Me – – think gauge swatch while you listen.

    Dorothys last blog post..Ark Wanted.

  25. i already posted but thought of Peter Gabriel, So and Shaking the Tree…Songs “In your eyes” and “Solisbury Hill”. don’t know if they are too recent…

  26. lol, i am sorry but i had to laugh as a client today was raving about little feat. I have seen them inconcert (oh 20-ish years ago) and had not thought of them in years but was funny to see them twicein one day!

  27. Beautiful yarn, beautiful sock!

    Heh. Here, hen is the nest is known as Peeps position.

  28. Love the color of the socks, very bright and cheerful. I am off to loopy ewe to see about the Ida sock pattern

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Wednesday- Washing away Worries

  29. I love that yarn! It’s so bright that it looks like it’ll glow under blacklight!

    Rias last blog post..On a grand adventure!

  30. Wendy,

    It seems your taste in music runs similar to mine, so I may I suggest a few modern bands that you may like?

    1) Franz Ferdinand; their first CD is self-titled and second is called “You Could Have it Much Better”. The first is my favorite (one of all time, really) but the second is good too.
    2) a few songs by the Arctic Monkeys, “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor” and “From the Ritz to the Rubble”.
    3) The soundtrack to Velvet Goldmine (if you like glam rock bands like Roxy Music or T -Rex). Note, these are all covers.
    4) Killers first CD “Hot Fuss”
    5) What about Wire “The Ideal Copy” or Killing Joke? Bauhaus?
    6) Patti Smith’s album “12” is wonderful.

    As always, Lucy looks lovely. πŸ™‚

    lunerays last blog which I share a musical tidbit

  31. note…I know Wire, Bauhaus, and Killing Joke are from the 70s and 80s. A great example of not thoroughly reading one’s post before hitting ‘submit’.

  32. I wonder what Lucy’s incubating?

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..Anyone Up for a Nice Warm Hat?

  33. nicole/sweden says:

    that’s the only pose i can do that i’m good at, the old ‘hen on nest’ look. πŸ™‚

  34. How about Ten Years After, and John Mayall? (John is still going strong and is in his mid 70’s!)

  35. In the category of serendipitous, Carole King happened to stop by our office today (she lobbies for an environmental bill and is a regular visitor), and of course I had to share your story about needing new music and the revelation of getting”Tapestry on i-tunes.” She loved it!!! I’m Diana on Ravelry if you want to see our “wall of fame” photo in my profile. Of course you’ll also see how behind I am – all of those projects are still WIPs, except for Lastrada.

  36. Since you already have all the Beatles, a few more ideas:

    1. Fairport Convention — folk-rock from the 60’s featuring Richard Thompson, one of my faves.
    2. Richard and Linda Thompson, when they sang together. And Richard Thompson, solo.
    3. The Fugs — a very funny band from the 60’s made up of poets. Lots of satire.
    4. Stevie Wonder — I hope you have some Stevie Wonder. “Innervisions”, “Fulfillingness’ First Finale” and “Songs in the Key of Life” are the best albums.
    5. Someone already mentioned Traffic and I agree that their albums are great.
    6. X — punk band from the 80’s fronted by John Doe and Exene Cervenka. Wonderful harmonies and intensity.

    Kathode Ray Tubes last blog post..Meme to distract from lack of knitting

  37. Stephanie says:

    How about Boston or Chicago?

  38. Do you have the Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy?
    That colorway is just amazing!

  39. I’ve seen a lot of great suggestions! How about songs by…
    Steve Winwood,
    Talking Heads,
    Kate Bush…?

  40. I love the yarn you’re knitting those socks with. Love it, love it, love it!

    I feel the same way about slip stitch heels. I almost always do slip stitch heels even if the pattern calls for stockinette, and it’s specifically because I enjoy watching it work out, especially when I use a variegated yarn.

    That yarn is just so yummy. I love a lot of the items you post, but I just cannot describe what a happy color that yarn is! It’s a color that I probably wouldn’t ever have purchased, but I’d have it because it was a gift and one day I’d pick it up and decide to knit with it because it was just so pretty and then I’d be smiling the rest of the day from having my hands in all that luscious color. YUM!

  41. When my cats sit like that, where all their paws and legs are tucked up underneath, I call it sitting like a duck. I’ll have to try out the hen on the nest description and see which they prefer πŸ™‚

  42. Marianne says:

    My daughter and I call that pose “sittin like a chicken”

  43. I see no mention of Meatloaf, Queen,CheapTrick,Renaissance, Credance clearwater revivial ,cat stevens,rod mckuen,
    Yes, I know I can’t spell, we listen to all sorts of music here in cluding “big band” polka, swing ,classical, Oh yea dh would be upset if I didn’t mention “Kansas” and “The Moody Blues”
    we call that pose”bump on a log”

  44. Have you tried

    We called Lucy’s pose “little egg” or “big egg” depending on the size of the cat performing it.

  45. I know that you can download Ian Dury and the Blockheads’ “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” from itunes, because I did so! It’s great, too!

  46. Has anyone suggested Rush? I highly recommend the second disc of the Chronicles 2-disc set. My favourite songs vary depending on my mood, but “Subdivisions,” “Time Stand Still,” and “Manhattan Project” usually keep my attention. These days I really like “Red Barchetta,” but that might be because I’m only listening to Rush while driving…

    I will assume you already have (or have passed negative judgment upon, or have had suggested already) Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas, Journey, and Simon & Garfunkel.

    You might like Three Doors Down if you like Live. “Kryptonite” and “Loser” are the songs you might have heard before, and if not are good places to start.

    Another commenter mentioned Pandora — it’s an excellent way of getting recommendations. Especially if you don’t have a high-traffic blog with readers you can ask for advice. (And even then…Pandora’s a lot smarter than I am, and I like to think I’m not a complete music moron. πŸ˜‰ )

  47. Tis a gift to be simple, they say! I always think it’s a good thing to be amused by stuff like that. Makes life more fun.

    Are you a Marianne Faithful fan? I keep telling myself I need to get more of her albums. And this isn’t classic 80s, but do you know Teddy Thompson (Richard and Linda’s son). He has some kick ass albums.

  48. I am probably way out of the running here but I’ll go with Kansas (Dust in Wind), The Doobie Brothers- Best of the Doobie Brothers live, OLD Chicago at Carnegie Hall and my fav- Led Zeppelin’s In Through the Out Door. You are going to be spending way over your budget with all of these suggestions!!

  49. I love the colors in your latest sock. I keep trying to make it to the W– yarn when it is up on TLE, but I keep missing out. It sells so fast!

    Seanna Leas last blog post..intarwebs!

  50. Miss Lucy looks so pretty! Miss Portia (of the blue point Ragdoll persuassion), however, tries to sit “hen on a nest” and manages for only a few seconds before things start popping out. I’m afraid “hen on a nest” isn’t for full-figured Ragdolls πŸ™ (heh) and she is most often is the “semi-reclined” pose (the second Portia pose here ) or the “fully-flopped” pose (seen here ).

    Martas last blog post..Dear Ruth

  51. Beautiful yarn and beautiful kitty! luv.m.

  52. Ooooh. The mention of Little Feat reminded me of Stevie Ray Vaughn, a definite must have (“Pride and Joy”). Did anyone mention ZZ Top? Blood, Sweat, and Tears? You’ll be getting suggestions forever.

  53. Last suggestions, I promise (since most have already been mentioned). How could I forget two local faves here in Chicago–the Buckinghams (“Kind of a Drag”) and Ides of March (“Vehicle”).


  54. How about a little Led Zepplin or Jethro Tull? Stairway to Heaven and Aqualung are classics.

  55. how about a little leonard cohen? ‘so long, marianne,’ is a lovely tune.

    elises last blog post..donate for a worthy cause and win some sock yarn!