My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Fern Fronds It Is

Thanks for voting on the name of my new sock. It was a close vote between Fern Fronds and Hemlock, but Fern Fronds won. Here is the first Fern Fronds sock:

Here is a close-up:

It wasn’t all knitting this weekend. I made some cornbread.

I put together the recipe and posted it here.

And meanwhile, Lucy was busy!

She needs to rest after all that activity.


  1. Beautiful design, color, yarn and name! Sock perfection! πŸ™‚

  2. Both you and Lucy are always so busy busy busy! Thank you for sharing it all with your loyal readers!

    Cheekyredheads last blog post..The new work so far

  3. I will forever love just how fluffy Lucy’s back legs are! :3

    Rias last blog post..FO: Worsted Socks for my Mother

  4. You’ve come up with another sock pattern winner!

    Lucy and socks. Can there be a better blog post combo?

    saras last blog post..Roadtrip Growth (A Knitter’s Progress)

  5. I must say that I’ve never seen a cat play “fetch”. Lucy truly is a “wonder” cat. Thanks for the laugh of the day! Love the new Fern Frounds. The pattern is gorgeous as is the yarn.

    Elizabeths last blog post..Love the magic………

  6. Love them….but somehow “Fern” just doesn’t look right since I took the name Fearn 10 years ago (pronounced the same way). LOL

  7. those socks are beautiful! Can’t wait for the pattern to be available for sale!

    Janices last blog post..Hot as Hades

  8. Fern Fronds fits! I’m excited about this pattern.

    Lucy is the first cat I’ve ever seen who plays fetch. She’s adorable.

    Marions last blog post..Mom’s little helper

  9. The sock looks amazing and so does Lucy!

    Beverlys last blog post..Ugh, I’ve been tagged.

  10. Abby Baker says:

    Your socks are beautiful…I’ve loved all the patterns you’ve shown. I just finished reading your book, “Wendy Knits” and loved it – and am planning to make some of your patterns – I read your blog daily and I’ve really enjoyed Lucy too. Thank you for sharing…you brighten my day – thought maybe letting you know would brighten yours. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes,

  11. Sock looks totally different from the side. I really like the way it’s shaping up. I think Fern Fronds is an excellent name for it.

  12. I am loving how she brings the ring to your husband to make it work…but always looks at it like Ehhh could take it or leave it.

  13. Hey! My name suggestion got picked! I was the first to post that name idea so I’ll take the credit thank you πŸ˜‰
    I love this pattern….I think even a little more than the Costa, which was my favorite before. Will you have this pattern for sale at the Loopy Ewe? I shop with her almost exclusively.
    I like Lucy and her rings. It never fails to crack me up when cats carry things in their mouths. I used to have a kitten that liked this particular pot holder. Did you ever get one of those kits where you can weave pot holders with loops of stretchy fabric…it came with tons of loops and a little square plastic “loom”? Anyway, it was one of those potholders that the cat would cart around in his mouth. The thing was bigger than the distance between the cats mouth and the floor so he would have to sort of step around it as he pulled it…..hilarious.
    I love the yarn your using too….blue and green are my favorite colors πŸ™‚

  14. Enjoyed the video, Lucy and my cat could be friends. He plays with the milk rings too and the twister ties from the bread. Who needs expensive cat toys?

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Saturday- Strawberries, Singing and Swaps

  15. Lucy plays feline fetch! It’s always a slow game, but both sides enjoy it.

    kmkats last blog post..Of jean jackets, blog decor, and knitblogger meetups.

  16. love the socks, lucy is always as beautiful and the cornbread, hmm will try that one and let ya know the verdict on my house… πŸ™‚

    jinkys last blog post..a roller coaster ride these past two weeks…

  17. What a pretty color for the socks! I love them–teal is one of my favorite colors.

    Katys last blog post..How do I get there from here?

  18. Beautiful socks and kitty.

  19. Yay! That’s the name I picked too! Thank you so much for the corn bread recipe Wendy! It looks delicious. I can’t wait to make it.

    Also, I am bummed because I have dial up and have to wait until I’m at work tomorrow to see Lucy’s tricks. Boo Hoo!

  20. Linda from Kansas says:

    I have a question about Lucy. Siamese cats get darker as they get older. Will Lucy maintain her beautiful look she has now or will she get darker as she gets older?
    BTW, Your fern frond sock is beautiful too.

  21. Love the socks. Love the color. Love the video of Lucy. She is precious.

  22. such a pretty color!

    Kims last blog post..Saturday’s musings……

  23. Mary Lou says:

    Amazing! Lucy the Wonder Cat, indeed! My cats used to play with the milk jug wraps, but they never played fetch! Lucy is definitely a cat with amazing super powers. Thanks for sharing the video.
    Blogless Mary Lou

  24. My son has a cat who loves to play fetch with water bottle caps. Rhyan will scratch the top of a cap with his fingernail and Amigo comes running all ready to play. Rhyan tosses the cap and away goes Amigo skittering across the floor chasing it, pouncing on it, and proudly carrying it back to him in his mouth. It is quite hilarious to watch!

  25. Lucy is adorable. Our old cat Mercedes used to like straws. She would steal them from the table; and every time we would move dressers or other furniture around, we would find about four straws (and two or three pens or pencils, too), underneath. πŸ˜›

    Tinas last blog post..Some crochet stuff….

  26. Love both the sock and the video! Angel (who is now an angel kitty) LOVED plastic rings and would fetch just as the lovely Lucy does! Too adorable! luv.m

  27. leslie - knitting therapist says:

    Great video, Lucy is so sweet. The soudtrack, however, was oddly reminiscent of the music under the ending of the film Candyman by Clive Barker. Not really picturing you as a Clive Barker fan (but, hey, I’ve been wrong before – tho’ I did have you pegged as a Floyd fan), this is somewhat disconcerting…

  28. Love the sock! Great job!
    It looks like Miss Lucy has the KOARC almost trained in his roll in the game. VBG!

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..When did THAT happen?

  29. Looks like Miss Lucy has the same fascination the my 12yr old Manx Mix has with milk rings, except Sandy never returns the rings for throwing πŸ™‚ She def has the KOARC trained HEHEHEE! I wanted Hen on a Nest for the name and voted for Fern Frond as to me it seemed to fit the best of the choices presented. I cant wait to see the cmpleted pair as the first sock is lovely as always!

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..No Enterprise…You’ve got to be kidding

  30. I love cornbread and with corn its even better. Thanks for the recipe!!

    Jewels last blog post..The house is coming along!

  31. Look at Miss Lucy go! Miss Gypsy enjoys the plastic rings too, but once they are out of paw’s reach, she either glares me to retrieve them for her or decides to nap.

    Rosemarys last blog post..

  32. Theresa in Italy says:

    Love the extreme close up of Miss Lucy in the video! You have a cat who plays fetch and I have a dog who won’t. Go figure. The socks are beautiful and I’ll be stalking the pattern! The recipe looks good; I’m just trying to work out what to substitute for the cheddar cheese (nope, don’t have it over here)….

  33. There must’ve been something in the air…I made corn bread over the weekend, too!!!

    Love the socks!

    Neuroknitters last blog post..Through the petals

  34. Miraculous! A cat who fetches.

  35. I voted for Hemlock but think Fern Fronds is an equally appropriate name for this stunning design. One thing I do know is that I this pattern and want to knit it very badly! And thanks much for sharing your cornbread recipe!

  36. I love a good cornbread (and have cornbread muffins almost everyday). I baked too this weekend but mine was just a fudge covered short bread. Not quite perfect, but getting there!

  37. I absolutely loved Lucy’s video. I never would have guessed Lucy was such a playful cat. All the photo of her resting had me fooled!
    The new sock is beautiful.

  38. I’m behind on my blog reading, so I’m looking at your sock progress in reverse order, thinking ‘Wow, that’s lovely yarn. I wonder what that is? She must say somewhere… oh. Right.’ I don’t want to admit how often that happens to me.

  39. As usual, a video of the sweet Miss Lucy is always a treat. My favorite part is 0:40. πŸ™‚ My cat is, alas, far too lazy and manly to look that dainty swatting at things (or, come to think of it, to swat at things at all.) πŸ˜€
    Pretty socks! If I had a blog (or was a sock knitter), I’d be all over the Summer of Socks, but since I do not, I shall have to watch from the sidelines and keep the ol’ fingers crossed for next year!

  40. Another lovely sock! Can I just say that Lucy has the most beautiful tail? I know that probably sounds weird, but Simba has mostly licked all the fur off hers so I guess I just notice it.