My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Oh. Hiya.

The observant among you will know that I knit my socks on 2 circular needles (16-inchers) and that I use Knitpicks needles. I love the tips on the Knitpicks needles — very pointy. I also love the flexible cables and smooth joins. But I’ve found one problem — they don’t last very long.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find the joins become less-than-perfect pretty quickly. Perhaps I’m too rough on my needles, yanking on them too hard and straining the join. I wonder if I used longer circulars for my socks (like 24-inchers) I’d put less strain on the joins. But I like my 16-inchers. I am often knitting on my sock in cramped quarters (jammed in a seat on the train) so I like the short needles that limit the motion needed.

Because the Knitpicks needles are so cheap, my solution has been to buy a stack of them and throw them away as the join becomes loose.

It was suggested to me that I try the Hiya Hiya circular needles, so I have done just that. I ordered the steel circular needles in size 0, in the 16″ length. I’ve been using them on my current sock project. I know they come in really short lengths (9″!) as well — has anyone tried those for knitting one sock on one circ? I am dubious — I think my hands would cramp up.

Anyway, so far, so good. I think the points are comparable to the Knitpicks circulars — Hiya Hiya is on top in this photo:

I do like the joins better. Again,Β Hiya Hiya is on top:

How well they hold up? Time will tell.

I note that the cables are not quite as “limp” as the Knitpicks cables — I like ’em a bit on the limp side (mind out of the gutter, please), but in every other way, I like the Hiya Hiya needles better.

Besides, I like saying Hiya Hiya.

Anyone have any experience with Hiya Hiya circulars they would care to share?

On a totally un-related note, check out this big-*ss blueberry!

A work friend gave me a bag of blueberries picked at her father’s home in West Virginia. That was the biggest of the bunch!

And who knew Hershey Kisses came with macadamia nuts in ’em?

Maybe only in Hawaii, which is where these kisses came from?

Lucy is resting.

Clearly she is overworked.


  1. I bought a pair of 12″ HiyaHiya needles to do socks on two circs. I have puny little hands, but I”m a tight knitter and the needles were just too small for me. Hand cramps!

    I have since purchased a pair of 16″ in my preferred size … meanwhile, I’ve been knitting with every size BUT that one, so I haven’t tried ’em yet. High hopes, though! πŸ™‚

    DPUTigers last blog post..Goodbye, Old Friend!

  2. Your new slipcover really makes Lucy look fabulous.

  3. Sharon G says:

    Still never tried circulars. But I will definitely be on the look out for those Kisses with the macadamia nuts!

  4. I have a 9″ Hiya Hiya and it is quite the pain in the ass to knit with. I hold my knitting needles at exactly the point where the Hiya needle becomes the cable, so it was very awkward for me to knit with them. Mine are also bamboo, so they are much slower, and the tips are not nearly as pointy: I had quite the difficult time with my SSKs.

    I knit with Addi Turbos with Magic Loop because, well, I have issues with multiple needle points. I get confused when I’m on the bus at 6a!

    Lizs last blog post..Weekend Knits, What’s the Buzz? edition.

  5. Did you pick out those slipcovers because you knew they’d show off Lucy so well?
    I’m a KP nickel-plated option user (and Addi Lace Turbo). I’ve only had problems with the Harmony needles. I think you might be right about it being an issue of using the shorter cable. I usually go for the 32 inch for Magic Loop.

  6. I recently bought the HiyaHiya needles in the 9″ length (size 0 bamboo) for knitting a sock on one circular. So far I like it, but I’m worried about how I’ll proceed when it gets time to knit the heel or the toe. I’ll have to switch to DPN’s or use the second 9″ circular needle I bought to continue. It was kind of difficult to get used to knitting on such a tiny circular needle and it’s REALLY hard if you don’t have enough stitches to move around easily. I pull my yarn tight, so it makes it hard to move around just a little. I will probably give a review of them once I’m done with this first sock. Interested to see how they hold up, too.

  7. Kisses with macadamia nuts?! Those Hershey people are definitely trying to kill me. First it was the cherry cordial filled kisses, now this. I think what they really need is a big ole’ VARIETY bag, with all of the now zillions of different kisses they make. (oh man, now I’m jonsing for chocolate…excuse me while I go raid my kids’ rooms)

    Angies last blog post..Cool Contests! Free Stuff!

  8. I have a 9″ circ, size 9, from Webs that I’ve used for scarf knitting–not in the round, just back and forth–and it’s great for that. It was an impulse buy, found myself without a travel project and just happened to be at Webs, you know how that goes. I have sure used that needle a lot, though!

    mehitabels last blog post..Hot Fur

  9. Sherilan says:

    I tried the 16-inch Hiya Hiya needle for a doily and liked it well enough. Sharp points worked fine on #10 crochet thread. I haven’t tried socks yet.

  10. I love my Hiya Hiya needles, but I’ll admit that after a project or two I forget which pair is which. I’ve only had problems with one set of circulars (Sally Bates, which the needle bent like a boomerang), so hopefully you will have a good long experience with the Hiyas.

    Seanna Leas last blog post..the tastes of summer

  11. I have the Hiya Hiya in 9″ length, and I have to say I had to stop using them half way through a sock. I do two circs and I just found them to be too short for the way I knit (North american) and it was driving me nuts. So much so, that I have been knitting with double pts ever since….thats how much I didn’t like it. I knit with Knitpicks Harmony Dbl Pts. and I haven’t looked back.

  12. I’m lovin’ the Kisses that are dark chocolat with truffle filling. Definitely NOT on my diet but a couple are a suitable treat!

  13. I like my Hiya Hiya needles so much that I would be willing to try the 9 inch. I’ve been using them for a while so they seem to hold up well!

  14. I’ll be interested in hearing how you like the new needles. I do think that the shorter length you use for the two circ method may be the reason for the joins failing. That short cable and the angle at which the needles end up being held means lots of stress on the join. Most of the references Ive seen (and my experience) leads me to believe a 24″ is preferred.

  15. I have not yet tried the Hiyas or the macadamian nut kisses, so I’m absolutley NO help, but I did find this post VERY educational…..mmmmm….I’ll botl for those kisses!

    Cindy Ks last blog post..Test drives and socks

  16. I bought a 40″ hiya (I am a ML kinda girl) when my puppy ate my knit pick one. I wanted to try another needle. I too had a problem with the join getting snaggy after a while. So far so good after several pairs of socks I have had no problems. My next order at Loopy will include other sizes if available.

    Qutecowgirls last blog post..WIP Thursday

  17. I had a real problem with the bamboo Hiya Hiyas. I like wooden needles and I like the 24″ ones. I broke five of the Hiya Hiya needles. Five! And not at the joins, but the actual needles. Now, I admit I’m a tight knitter (I’ve also broken a Knit Picks Harmony needle, but only one), but that seems excessive to me. I might not mind the metal Hiya Hiyas, but I won’t be buying anymore bamboo sock needles.

    One thing about Knit Picks and the joins? I had a metal one come apart at the join. I emailed Knit Picks and asked what to do — they said keep the broken one and mailed me a new one. In the meantime I handed the two pieces over to my generally non-handy husband and instead of gluing it together as I requested, he took out a crimper (?) and squeezed it. It didn’t take much, it didn’t leave snaggy bits, and the needle was as good as new. You might try that, or superglue.

    Diane Schultzs last blog post..In Which I Give Myself a Reminder and a Suggestion of a Blog and Post to Read

  18. I’m with Angie on the variety pack of kisses… think we can petition Hershey’s or something? And um… holy giant blueberry Batman! That thing is like a pie in itself.
    And no help with the needles… I’ve just ventured into the socks on circs world and have stuck to my Addis, but the Hiyas look like fun.

    Danas last blog post..beginnings…

  19. Timmie B says:

    If you continue to like Hiya Hiyas, I have 2 size 0’s I’ll send you. Mine may be 24 inch. I don’t like the joins and have other sock knitting friends that don’t like them either. I much prefer my Knit Picks or my Addis. If we all liked the same needles, there would only be one brand.

    I’ve used 24 inch until the last pair of socks I made. I really liked 16 inch better. The cat didn’t chew the dangling tips. The heel was a little tedious on sock 1 but sock 2 was fine.

  20. I used a #9 Hiya-Hiya to make a baby blanket for a friend of mine – I was looking for a circular needle on the same website I got the yarn at, and went “oh, that’s a cheapie. Let’s try that.” I had not really been looking forward to all the knitting, as friend wanted a cotton blanket, and I hate knitting cotton, but the stainless steel needles were magical with it. Double bonus – the steel doesn’t tarnish like the nickel plated ones do in my sweaty little hands!

  21. I’m with DPUTiger on this…I’m not a tight-knitter, but the way I do knit, the metal part of the needle is too short to be comfortable for me.

    Since I couldn’t find Addi Lace needles in the US:0’s, I went back to DPNs until the Addi Lace ones become available (which I just read will be September. Oh joy, oh rapture)

  22. I use both Hiya Hiya needles and KnitPicks, although I prefer the Harmony over the Options. Yes, the joins tend to loosen up on the KnitPicks. I usually just take a fine nail file to the join that is causeing the problem and that fixes it for a while. I haven’t had to throw any away, yet. I agree with you about the cable issue on the Hiya Hiya needles. I do like them, too. I only have them in 00 and 000 sizes, since I can’t get those sizes in the KnitPicks needles. I’ve not had a problem with the joins on them.

  23. I have Hiya Hiyas and I love them. I purchased them after looking for the OLD style Inox gray’s (the new ones have a bad spur or something at the join), anyway, I took a gamble and purchased them. I love them in the smaller sizes. Nice and pointy and I don’t worry too much about tugging. The only issue (if it bothers you) is that the needles can spin. As in you can hold the cable firmly in your hand and roll the needle between your fingers. This was a problem (highly annoying) on my Inox because of hte bend, but it doesn’t bother me w/the Hiya Hiya. I have not noticed any separation from the cable to the join. That said, I love these needles, especially in the smaller sizes especially because the size is printed on them. πŸ˜€ I do have a pair of US5 that I am not so much in love with because they are duller than either the Inox or the Knitpicks. But in the small sizes they are great. πŸ˜€

    Tammys last blog post..Quilty Update

  24. Hi Wendy,
    I just bought my first 9-inch circular HiyaHiya needle on Saturday, July 26th. It’s a size 2.5 (3mm). My enabler -er, local yarn store lady suggested it when I mentioned I wanted to learn 2 sox on 2 circs. Then of course she let me try one out, and I was sold.
    I just finished my first sock-on-one-circ last night. It just zoomed along, once I trained my left hand to relax. I didn’t realize what a deathgrip I used and the big muscle at the base of my left thumb cramped really badly at first. (I knit left-to-right and throw my yarn.)
    The needles were great – tips were just the right level of sharpness, the bamboo had perfect tooth, the joins were smooth and the cable flexible. I had no problems cabling or ribbing. I did cast on the toe on DPNs and knit the toe increases as well as the heel turn & flap on the DPNs as well. No more yanking the yarn between needles to get rid of ladders! YAY!!!
    I’ve got another 9-inch HiyaHiya circ on order, a size 1 (2.25mm). It’s all I can do not to stop by the LYS every night after work to see if they’re in…

  25. Have you tried the new Addi lace needles? They have sharper points, and I ‘ve never had an Addi cable fail. I bought my first pair of Addi Turbos about 14 years ago and they still look, and work great! Most folks I know who use the Knit Picks Options have had a problem with
    the cables.

  26. Wendy,
    Doesn’t Knitpicks have “regular” circulars (those without Options). You couldn’t wear out a join that isn’t there…just an idea. I actually haven’t gotten any of their needes so I don’t know if the tips are the same or not.
    BTW, I’m daily impressed by people who knit socks on 2 circs. I’m completely amazed at those who do two socks at a time! People are amazing. Almost as amazing as Lucy…almost.

    Jenifers last blog post..I’m not dead

  27. Wow! That is a big blueberry! I am using size 00 Hiya Hiya 40″ circular needles for a pair of cotton socks. I also have a pair of 00 Addi Turbo lace needles that I like better because the tips are pointier. I had put my sock on my Hiya Hiya needles aside for a week or so and the nylon cord now has a permanent crimp from being left like that for so long. I don’t think the same has happened with my Addi Turbo Lace needles.

    Roseanns last blog post..Sunflower Cable Sock

  28. sockdiva says:

    I have been using HiyaHiya needles for several months. I like the points on KP’s better – I think they are pointier. And I agree that the KP cable is softer. But, I have knit many socks on the HH size 2.5mm, 32″ cable using the Magic Loop method and it has held up very well. I actually have several because I have several socks going at the same time. I give HH high marks and they are pretty inexpensive compared to Addi. I do like the Addi lace needles, but they are significantly more expensive.

  29. I have a couple of Hiya Hiya circs in different sizes that I use for hats. I knit a ton of hats last year and those needles really took a beating and held up well. I have to admit, though, that I like the Addi circs better because the cable seems to be a bit more flexible. The joins on the Hiya Hiyas irked me every once in awhile, too, but if I need a certain size rightthissecond and I have a choice of either Hiya Hiyas or Addis, I consider them about equal.

    I know of one store that stopped carrying Addis because quite a few people have a sensitivity to nickel and the Hiya Hiyas are steel, so that’s something to consider if you have that kind of an issue.

    knittinandnoodlins last blog post..I have startitis.

  30. Wendy-
    I know you said the Hiya Hiya cable was not as limp (and I’m with you, that’s what I like), but does the cable curl? That makes me nuts and no amount of hot water or steam helps! How are these?

  31. I use 24″ Knitpicks and have noted no problems re the joins. Of course, I can’t say that I turn out nearly the number of socks that you do, either. I find I need to pull on the 16″ too hard and don’t find them comfortable. I can’t even IMAGINE working on shorter ones!

    Sandra Ds last blog post..Indigo

  32. I have the HiyaHiya size 0 and 1 in the 9″. I usually use a 40″ for the magic loop method. It has taken me awhile to adjust to the 9″ and my hands do cramp up sooner. I like the join better on the HiyaHiya than my KnitPicks.

    jacis last blog post..

  33. I LOVE my Hiya Hiya needles for socks. The cables on mine are way more flexible than on the Addi’s I tried before that, and I’ve never had a problem with the joins at all. One of the things I especially like about the Hiya Hiya metal needles is that they aren’t highly polished (like the Addi) so I rarely have trouble with stitches slipping off of the needles. Also, I had trouble with my size 0 Addi bending during a tight spot in a short row heel and have never experienced that with the Hiya Hiyas.

    I can’t help with the question of needle length for the 2 circulars method since I’m a magic looper. I do one at a time on a needle with a 32″ cable. Good luck with your new needles!

  34. Hmmm better keep those Hershey Kisses out of Lucy’s view… they look even more colorful then the milk rings, LOL and who can;t resist a macadamia nut

    Never tried Hiya Hiya’s… My knit picks are still holding up but I definitely don’t knit as much as you

    I saw the Ida socks hit Ravelry today. Gonna order my pattern soon

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Tuesday- Taste the Sweetness of Sugar Cubes

  35. I am so jealous of you; look at that wonderful blueberry! O__O

    I find it so ironic that back when you were a big fan of DPNs, I couldn’t stand them and favored the magic loop method. Now that you’ve switched to two circs? I’m using DPNs. I blame Addi–if they still made their Natura needles in a size 1 I’d still be using the magic loop for socks.

    Marias last blog post..Zero

  36. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Thank you for the needle review! I have purchased many needles on your advice (KnitPicks, the beautiful brass and sterling silver straight sock needle sets). I have had the HiyaHiyas on my “wishlist” for a while, and your review has pushed me closer to purchase. The side-by-side photo was great. They don’t look quite as pointy. Hmmm. I have had the same problem with the KnitPicks join. BTW, they will replace them at no charge. I also have several of the same size, some wood and some metal, just in case. I also love their cables! Is the Hiya a non-bendy cable? The limp cable makes the socks so much easier. I loved the cables and points so much I also have the interchangeable set. The interchangeable tips do come unscrewed no matter how I tighten; I must pressure them to untwist them as I knit. I have to give knitpicks credit, though, they have been using old fashioned American ingenuity to make some great products at a great price!

  37. I’ve recently become a big fan of the Hiya-Hiya needles, particularly the bamboo. I agree that the Knitpicks joins kind of give out after lots of use. I did a comparison and ordered one of each from several manufacturers and found I like the Hiyas best. I even prefer them to the Colonials I bought for more than twice the price, and the Holz and Stein I was lucky enough to find. I don’t like Addis–points too blunt. Knitpicks for me are too pointy. Hiyas are perfect for me–at least right now. Sally

  38. I can’t believe that after years of daily reading I am finally delurking on your blog to say: Yikes! That’s the biggest blueberry I’ve ever seen! At that size, you only need one per muffin.

  39. I should clarify my comment above. I do Magic Loop so the circs I use are longer, 29″ at least, so I can’t comment on my use of the shorter needles. I know I found the short metal part of the 16″ Addis made my hands cramp, which is why I switched from doing socks on two circs to magic loop.

  40. I recently had Knit Picks replace my 24″ and 16″ nickle-plated options cables because the join came apart. They just had to find the order, and then they shipped them to me, free of charge. But I don’t go through the cables as fast you :).

  41. I love my Hiya Hiya’s. And largely because I like the name. My MIL bought them at the Loopy Ewe for me. Isn’t that sweet. She’s not a knitter and she chose perfectly.

  42. I love Hiya Hiya’s. I got my first ones when they first came out. I was always an INOX grey girl. But they changed and the cable and join didn’t seem as nice. But they were the only 2.25mm needles around. When I discovered Hiya Hiya I was thrilled to find another source of 2.25mm needles. Love them. I have Options, but I still perfer Hiya Hiya’s.
    I contacted the company to let them know that their only outlet at the time JD Needles was defaulting on orders. The lady who owns the copany wrote back and told me they were setting up a new outlet through the Knitting Zone. As she had had a lot of complaints from other customers not being able to get their orders filled. She use to send me pictures of knitting fashion shows her company put on.
    I was really happy when The Knitting Zone started selling them.

    Suzanns last blog post..Done de Done, Done

  43. I find knitting with any circular needle smaller the 20″ to much of a pain for my hands. That said I currently have 2 projects on my HiyaHiya needles that have sat untouched for some time before I picked it up again. No Problems with the joins at all. The cables are a bit stiff though. If you’re going to use the 9″ circs I’d go with the 2 circ method of sock knitting.

    One thing that HiyaHiya has going for it that knitpicks doesn’t is they make circular needles as fine as 000000 up to 60″ long. Think Heirloom quality lace Counterpanes for your bed.

  44. Cathy Johnson says:

    Wendy, I have a set of Hiya Hiya sock needles that I loathe, dispise and/or generally abhor; they work against the knitter in my opinion. If you have more luck with them and would like mine, I’d be happy to send them to you. Johnsons need to stick together. Please let me know; needles are 9″

  45. A girl from Hawaii recently sent me a bag of those macadamia kisses.

    Mickys last blog post..Got Vader?

  46. I love the Hiya Hiya needles. I have used many of them including the circulars. I use the 5″ bamboo for most of mu socks and they do not bend in the smaller sizes. I have the very small in 6″ steel like quad zero up to double zero. I have been very pleased. I used a double zero pair of 16″ for socks and really liked. I guess it is just a difference in opinion. The cord is stiffer but that did not bother me. I tried a 9″ circular for a sock in the round and didNOT like doing that.

  47. hmm, you may be a bit rough on your needles. But then they also get a chance to see more knitting than mine have lately, lol…sadly not funny! (smile) Mmmm, those kisses look good! they must be new, we did not have those when we lived in the islands.

  48. I haven’t tried the Hiya-Hiya needles, but I sure would like to try those macadamia kisses!

    Marions last blog post..Mom’s little helper

  49. I have also been curious about the HH needles. I have heard that they also come in OO’s. How are they price wise, comparable or much steeper than KP. How do they compare with Addi’s. I have tried Addi’s, but I prefer the cords of KP. Also, who did you purchase them from?

    I’ll be curious to hear your opinion on these after a few pairs of socks.


  50. Dr. Jackie says:

    Hershey’s kisses with macadamia nuts???? Well, count me IN! I read that they were produced when Hershey bought the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut company. Only in available in Hawaii though, and they come in cute little tropical blue wrappers with the word “aloha” printed on the pull tab.

    But….ya know what?????? THEY ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONLINE!!!!!!!,1522.htm

    If you’re in Hawaii, which I’m NOT, apparently you can get a 30 oz. bag for $9.95. Great savings. Now, if you include airfare and hotel….

  51. I bought one pair of Hiya-Hiya needles… and I don’t think I ever will again. I bought them for sock knitting and cast on, after a couple of days worth of knitting a complicated cable pattern the dogs got at my knitting, they had it for maybe a minute or two before I noticed and managed to bite the cable clear through. It would be one thing if it was 30 minutes worth of gnawing, but when I brought them back to the yarn shop they said they had never seen anything like it.
    I don’t think it is entirely the needles fault, but even still…. I don’t think I would buy them again when they are decently more expensive here than knitpicks or other needles that I don’t have the same problem with.

  52. The last time I was out at The Knitting Zone, it looked like Hiya-Hiya had taken over. I wish those needles were my favorite, but others hold that position.

    A friend let me try her itty-bitty-Hiya-Hiya needles, but they were too short for me. It seems that people who like that length really do, and people who do not really do not.

    I found a bag of those Kisses once on clearance, but haven’t found them since. I loved them.

    Sarahs last blog post..Still Summer

  53. I use 12″ circs for knitting socks. They work in a perfectly straightforward fashion and don’t hurt my hands any more than DPNs do. I don’t think I could make, say, baby socks on them; they’re too big for that. I did make socks for my mom’s super-narrow feet on them and they fit just fine.

  54. I knit socks using two circular needles too, because I cannot deal with DPNs. Once I tried to knit with one very short circular needle – I couldn’t. It was sooooo unconfortable, my hands ytually were crumping up! For me, knitting socks on two circulars is the best way.

  55. The Hiya Hiya points don’t look to have the same taper that the KnitPick’s do. Is it just the picture?

    Also, somebody said something about Options. I don’t think the one in the photo is that series.

  56. I’m so not a hip knitter! I still use my Mom’s 50+ year old steel DPN’s…

    Oh Lord. Hershey’s Kisses with macadamia nuts. Please please please sell them in Canada…please please please…

    Brigittes last blog post..Lorelei

  57. I am a HiyaHiya fan, since I like having a lot of needles and these are more affordable than Addis. I have knitted (parts of) socks on one short circ for twenty years or more because back then dpns intimidated me. Now I use dpns for the heel flap, gusset decreases and toe and short circs for everything else. I have arthritis in my hands but don’t get cramping from using the short circs. Try them, you might find it convenient.

  58. Michele In Maine says:

    Ah, yes, but here in Maine it’s the smallest blueberries which are the sweetest!

  59. Despite my questionable sock knitting abilities I endorse the Hiya-Hiya needles. The points & joins are holding up really well on my 24″ 1’s.

    cursingmamas last blog post..Blatent Thievery Revealed!

  60. Tried knitting socks once on a 12 in circular needle. That experience was never to be repeated!!! Definitiely try longer needles. I have been doing socks with the Magic Loop technique on 32 in Addis and have had no problems. Socks with Judy’s MAgic Cast On and the Magic Loop is well…magical.

  61. HeatherB says:

    Thanks for talking about the Hiya Hiyas and thanks to all your commentors too! I’ve been wondering about these and whether I wanted to try them, especially the 9 inchers. I suspected they would be difficult to knit socks with and it appears that I was right.
    I’ve got a lot of Knit Picks too and am finding the join isn’t always as smooth as I would like, often right from the get go. But because they’re so cheap and I like the flexible cable, like you, I just keep buying them. πŸ™‚ I find the addi cable way too stiff now.

  62. Hi, Wendy,
    I was reading your blog on my iPhone last night and when I touched the link to comments, I didn’t get to the comments. Drat! Is there a way to get your Internet version, as opposed to the mobile version, on my phone? Thanks, Ann

  63. Hi. I knit socks with one circular needle but not a 9 inch!! I use at least a 24 inch, preferably even longer like 32 inch or 40 inch. That way you have a lot of slack.

    I’ve never heard of Hiya Hiya needles. I’ll have to try them.

  64. Macadamia Hershey’s Kisses?!?! I have to get to a Duane Reade, stat!

    Rosemarys last blog post..

  65. Hmm. HiyaHiya? I’m using Inox 16 inch circulars and I like them b/c I can see dark yarns against them and they’re pointy enough, I guess, but the needle is a bit longer than the Knitpicks. I don’t knit near as many socks as you do, but my Harmony’s are holding up well…I do have two sets in my preferred size of 1.5. The Inox’s are 1.25. What a difference that makes in my knitting!!! πŸ™‚
    (yeah, I know – D’oh!)
    Scritches to Lucy!

    Knitnanas last blog post..An Intervention Is In Order…

  66. I have used the 9″ KA bamboos and love them. I have the 9″ Hiya Hiyas but haven’t knit socks lately to try them out. I use the 24″ Knit Picks also and like that length for the 2 circs.

  67. I think I need to take a trip to Hawaii to get some macadamia nut kisses. Though, that could be a bit pricy… maybe I’ll just have to see if I can get my friends who live there to send me some.

    Nicoles last blog post..Around The Blog ~ 8.5.08

  68. Ohh!! Thanks for the review! My LYS owner was talking about getting Hiya Hiya needles in the store.

    Hiya reminds me of my grandmother – that’s how she answered the phone. Miss grandma now….

    I loved the macadamia nut kisses – they were a bit mushed when I got them due to the heat, but Mini-Me and I enjoyed them after they took a brief vacation in the fridge!

    Happy knitting!

    Megan S.s last blog post..Busy Busy Busy!

  69. I’ve used the HiyaHiya needles for almost a year now. I’m a 32″ magic loop girl myself. A couple of the joins have loosened on me due to usage. I’m a pretty tight knitter if that makes any difference. I honestly prefer the KnitPicks needles, but my hands turn them black and draggy after 1/2 a sock.

  70. I purchased a Hiya Hiya 24″ size 0000 (or maybe it was 000) to knit a beaded necklace. I likeed it, it was nice and pointy, once I got all those beads on needles, the cable was well behaved. All in all, I like them, and would use them again. I have also found susan bates smaller circulars to my liking, pointy enough for me anyway, and the cable is well behaved, the join doesn’t cause snags, and they are relatively inexpensive as well. I could go on and on about needles… I’m very opinionated on the subject πŸ™‚

  71. Mmmm…Chocolate! We have several blueberry plants, but they take around 5 years to actually get some. We’ve had a few berries, but they are puny! I would like to have some the size of that one!!! Mmmmm!!!!
    Hope your needles work, or that you find your favorites soon!!

    Mrs. C.s last blog post..Happy Anniversary to me!! (and hubby too, hehe)

  72. Marianne says:

    I have a 000 hiya hiya. I got it cause it was the only circular I could find that small. It is 20″. I use it for the bottom of the foot on any socks I make for my daughter. She can put holes in socks way faster than I can knit them so this is my answer to that problem. The test for me is: is the shaft long enough for my hand? Yes & Can I bend it. No. I can bend while knitting all addis up to size 2, all knitpicks (metal) thru 2.25mm!

  73. I’ve tried using shorter circulars for socks, and the joins invariably break. Now I use ML with 40 or 47 inch circs, and haven’t broken one. I think there’s just too much tension on the join when using shorter ones.

  74. My favourite way to knit a cuff-down sock is on my 9″ addis!

    Depending on how many stitches you cast on, you sometimes have to do a bit of “squidging” (it’s a highly technical term, don’tchaknow!) to get the first round after you join to work, but I think it’s well worth it; no switching needles or having to shift stitches from one end of a needle to the other.

    I particularly enjoy this method when I fly because I don’t have to worry about being almost at the end of a row and having one of my needles slipping out. I just tie a “knot” with the two free ends, stuff it in my bag and go.

  75. I tried the Hiya Hiya 9″ circ for my last pair of socks and it made my chronic tendonitis in the back of my hands flair up. So back to my beloved Knitpicks Harmony 16″ circs! (no problems with the joins for me so far)

    kitkatknits last blog post..Some say I’ve got it

  76. i don’t know if they are available in the US, but if you can get them, you should really try drops/garnstudio’s circs. the wire is limp, the joins are smooth and bendy, and they are pointy enough to do a p5tog without effort ( and i am not a loose knitter). i merrily abuse mine and i have never had one let me down. they are not that expensive either, at least not here in sweden. /sophie

  77. Thanks for enabling, lol. I was just remarking to my husband that my pair of 2.0 mm 16″ Addis that I have had for like 10 years are wearing out. The nickel plating is coming off and the joins are getting really rough and catching. I ordered some new HiyaHiyas. πŸ˜€

  78. The kisses are actually only sold/made in Hawaii (we jsut got back from there).

    I have never managed socks on 16 inches, always have to DPN or ML my small circumferences….

  79. I have been thinking about ordering some so I’m interested in review too, mind you I’m interested in the Garnstudio ones now!

    Shells last blog post..

  80. Weighing in a little late on the needles. I have 2 pairs of Hiya-Hiya’s and bunches of Knit Picks. The only time I have had the join break on the Knit Picks in right out of the package; whereas, one of the joins has recently broken on my Hiya-Hiya’s. I mainly use them for magic looping it. I do not think the join on the Hiya-Hiya’s is any better and the cable is definitely worse. My best advice would be to try the Addi Turbo lace needles. They seem to make the best join out there.

    Lorris last blog post..Vacation Treasures

  81. I have several pairs of the 12″ Hiya Hiyas (size 3 and 7) and really like them for socks but…I find that I do knit slower on them. At least while I’m getting used to them. Of course, knitting slower isn’t necessarily a bad thing?

    Rusty M.s last blog post..

  82. I love my Knitpick Harmonys but they do break on me.Knitpicks will replace them if you contact customer service.. Addis are another favorite but not as convenient or pretty as Knit Picks. I have had a few bad experiences where the cord on Knit Picks actually breaks off or the tip snaps and a pain when all those lace stitiches fell off.Have not tried Hiya- Hiya yet but will now.

    kathleens last blog post..collective twist

  83. elizabeth says:

    Lucy is looking incredibly stressed out πŸ™‚
    Time for a vacation so she can really let loose?!!

  84. We got the HiyaHiya needles in at my LYS, and, being the main “teacher of socks” I gave them a try (the 9″ size). Never again. There’s not enough needle to get a grip on for me, and when I could finally get my hands on them in a sufficient manner, it just wasn’t comfortable. I’ll take my DPNS any day, thanks!

    eliseknitss last blog post..exciting things!!!

  85. I used the metal and a bamboo HiyaHiya needles(9″) when I knit from a sock blank. The yarn was doubled so I knitted 2 at the same time and double points got to be too much to untangle. I loved those little needles.
    A friend tried 2 socks on a long needle(magic Loop) and she said that worked well also.

  86. I LOVE me so Hiya Hiyas! I have been using them for over a year and the only draw back is that the stamping has worn off from use. Sometimes the join bugs me but they are FAR better for me than Turbo Addis. Love the site!

    Carlis last blog post..Where Is My Plastic Bubble When I Need It…….?

  87. Just gotta say that as tasty as chocolate macademia nut hershey’s kisses can be, watch out if you have a pet of the canine variety. My dog friend (55 lbs.) got into a can of macademia nuts and lost all the muscle control in her hind quarters for about 36 hours. After a very scary trip to the emergency room vet, I feel obligated to pass on this information. Macademia nuts and chocolate are big trouble for dogs!

  88. I like 12″ Addi’s for socks, its a nice solution for people (like me) that dislike dpn’s. Thanks for the website for the 9″ circs, might be worth a shot as i find that 12″ circular joins get very strained with only 64 stitches.

  89. I have Hiya Hiya needles in the longer lengths, mainly because I prefer to use Magic loop, so wouldn’t be any help w/opinions about the shorter lengths… I do like the HH since they have both metal & wood…

    I also have a couple of the 32″ Knitpicks needles… I’ve had 2 needles come off the cables from the KP needles, not sure how common that is to have happen?

  90. I like both brands. Like Sandy, when my HH joins get rough, I take a fine-grain nail file to it — judiciously, of course. Doesn’t work with Inox, though; seems to disturb the finish and ADD drag instead of reducing it.