My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Slowly She Knits, Inch by Inch

I am making some progress on my Cleite Shawl, just not much.

I’ve realized that these days I do much more knitting on my commute than I do at home. Weekends being the exception of course.

I’m making some nice progress on my second Fern Fronds sock.

This gets knit during the day — on my way to work, during my lunch break, on my way home. The Cleite Shawl gets knit at home only. Which I realize is amounting to about 4 rows a night, after I do any odious but necessary household chores (feeding myself, for example), blogging, and answering emails. But I’m not concerned — I’ll hopefully catch up on the weekend.

To distract you from my lack of progress on the shawl, have a look at these:

These stitchmarkers will mean much more to anyone on Plurk. My Plurk-bud RedEliz (her Plurk name) sent them to me, and they are from the Paper and Yarn Etsy shop. Aren’t they adorable? Thanks, RedEliz!

Pattern Talk

By the way, my 4 newest sock patterns (Einkorn, Ida’s Delusions of Grandeur, Ribbon Candy, and Smoke and Mirrors) are now available at The Loopy Ewe here.

Needle Talk

Thanks for all your comments on Knitpicks and Hiya Hiya needles. I may well be extra hard on my needles by using 2 16-inchers rather than 2 24-inchers, but that’s the length I’m most comfortable with. I tried the 2 circs route with 24″ needles but was annoyed by the extra time it took to shove my work to one end of the needle to knit. Did I ever tell you how incredibly impatient I am?

Lucy is practicing her “long kitty.”


  1. Timmie B says:

    I’ve found I don’t have to visit the frog pond as much when I only knit a few rows of lace work a night. I tend to take naps when I knit after 9 pm. I agree about the 16 inch vs 24 inch needles. I’m much faster with them.

  2. I leave my lace for home knitting as well. I have found that when I brave it to knit night/day, I mess up and either have to tink back or frog (and there are no lifelines either)

    Karens last blog post..

  3. I can’t stand doing 2 circs with needles longer than 16″ either, so I totally feel your pain. Here’s hoping the HiyaHiyas work out!

    DPUTigers last blog post..Goodbye, Old Friend!

  4. Shouldn’t that be ‘slowly she knits, stitch by stitch, inch by inch’? Was that from an old Abbot and Costello movie. Oooh I found it on youtube:
    I see the 3 stooges did it too. I seem to have wandered off down memory lane again!

  5. JoAnn-WI says:

    I agree with your 16″ cir opinion and I’m finding that true on my first toe-ups using the same. Glad I didn’t go longer. I must mention that today: I DID NOT KNIT THE WRAPS, and my sock did not fall apart. So much less of a struggle – that you for that tip. Heel looks fine & dandy.

    I sometimes have a “long dog” on my floor. A collie/shepherd mix has very long legs to stretch too. Our animals may have something there – it does look like it feels good to stretch out once in awhile.

  6. I think I’m as impatient as you are. I just tried magic loop, and it’s way too fiddly for me; all that time lost scooting things around. I was so peeved, I blogged it. I thought about two circs, but there’s scooting there, too! Maybe it’s not so bad with 16 inchers, but the two I have for the current project are 26 and 40 inches. That would be a real trial, patience-wise.

    Love the color in your fern fronds sock!

    MicheleLBs last blog post..In which I learn a new technique

  7. knitting in two circs is terrible to me! I simply hate this moving the knitting to an fro. I dont’t think you are that impatient (would mean I am too 😉

    Andreas last blog post..¿Así que querés tu DNI?

  8. You’re Welcome Wendy, hope you enjoy! : )

  9. I thought Lucy was doing that classic yoga asana: “Upward Facing Kitty”

    Lisaknitzs last blog post..Wicked Sharp

  10. I agree with the fiddly part of 2 circs, I cruise on DPNs. But for lab coat pocket knitting, 2 circs is nice. The other advantage to the 16″ is that the actual needle size is smaller, and more comfortable for my way of knitting. I agree also, that the joins on KP break down quickly, even on longer cable lengths.

  11. Handmaiden to Plurk Overlord says:

    and slowly we turn……the heel

  12. Love those stitchmarkers!

    Mandellas last blog post..Finishitis

  13. Wendy has Nanner Karma! 😀

    Rias last blog post..FO: Worsted Socks for my Mother

  14. Please tell me that’s not a 3 Stooges reference. NIAGRA FALLS, slowly I turned…

    Lisas last blog post..My new favorite website

  15. I also leave lace, and anything larger than a sock, for home knitting. I travel a lot, so that’s my sock time. You never know when you’re going to have to throw it in your bag and make a mad dash for another gate at the airport. Socks can survive that!
    We recently measured our kitty when he was in “long kitty” pose… 36″. He’s a big boy!

    Samoofishs last blog post..Wisconsin Trip #11: Lazy River Redux

  16. AliceinRichmond says:

    I love Lucy. The Emperor says “I Can Do Dat 2”

  17. Ms. Lucy wants her stomach scratched… plurk.

    Love the stitch markers too….. plurk. 🙂

    Danieles last blog post..Team Ohio

  18. My kitties all do the “long kitty pose” it is so fun to go up to them and nuzzle their bellies 🙂 As for needles I use either 16’s or 24 inch Knit Picks ones tho I find the 16in ones tend to make my hands cramp up.

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..As Promised a more upbeat post….

  19. I like the 24″ Knit Picks because my hands are kind of large, so the needle part is big enough to feel comfortable. And I like the 2 circs rather than dpns because to me, there’s too much fiddling all the joins on dpns! It’s nice there’s so many ways to do a thing.

    I’m knitting worsted wt legwarmers for my niece on 2 circs and I love being able to just switch out the tips when it’s time to make them bigger (no increases!!).

    Tummy skitches to Miss Lucy. : )

  20. “Long Kitty” is Cute Kitty Pose #413!
    My favorites are #128, “Foot in The Air,” and #864, “Paws Above the Head.”
    “Hen On a Nest” is #537.
    Sorry, this is an inside joke my dad started. 😀

  21. Great stitch markers. Thanks for the review of needles. So many to choose f rom. I can’t knit a sock on 9″circ’s either. Hands really cramp. Have not tried hiya-hiya but I think I will when I do magic loop. You’re right about KP’s. Just bought Signature Dpn’s in size 2 love them.

  22. My sister uses the hiya hiya…and loves them. She sent 2 prs of the 9 inchers but haven’t tried them yet. See Lucy is ready for the Olympics!

  23. Theresa in Italy says:

    Yep. I really like making sock on two circs (no ladders! no dropping stitches off the end of the DPN when the dog suddenly shoves his nose under your arm, causing you to fling your knitting into the air!) except for the stitch-scootching-around part.

  24. Magic Loop is my first choice, but when I do 2 circs, I prefer 16″ as well.

    We call “long kitty” “noodling” at our house. Whatever you call it, Lucy is a pro!

    saras last blog post..He’s a Keeper

  25. I figure that the annoyance you run into with the 24 inch circs is what would get me doing magic loop. The constant pulling the needle through would make me lazy and not want to knit the sock.

    (You like how I can blame laziness on a knitting needle?)

    The shawl is looking great! I like that your color has a very subtle color change – it makes it interesting than a solid!

    Megan S.s last blog post..Yes, I’ve been a lazy blogger

  26. Wendy, I have to tell you that I did rush right over and purchase “Ida’s Delusions of Grandure” It is such a fabulous pattern and I can’t wait to get ahold of it!

    KnitDivas last blog post..Happy 2nd Anniversary Loopy Ewe!

  27. I ordered a set of Hiya Hiya bamboo 16-inch circs in my preferred 1.5 mm.
    You’re such a good enabler!!!

    Knitnanas last blog post..Hmm…What Do You Think?

  28. I also rushed right over to Loopy Ewe and purchased all 4 new patterns, plus a couple more I didn’t have already. I just hope the mailwoman arrives with them on a day when my DH isn’t home! Ha!

    You and SoS ’08 have turned me into a sock-knitting fiend. It will be difficult to go back to baby clothes for friends, gift scarves, shawls and sweaters for me….

  29. Love the stitch markers!

    Though I’m not sure if I should thank you or not for the introduction to Plurk… it’s way too addictive…

  30. Love the stitch markers!

    Marions last blog post..Trouble with socks

  31. Hi Wendy,

    Just a thought. Maybe donate those loose jointed circs you’re tossing to a charitable org or beginning knitting group. I’ll look up some names if there aren’t any in your neighborhood. I can think of two here on the West Coast.


  32. Is “long kitty” an Olympic sport? If not, it should be. If so, Lucy would take the gold.

    Andrea in KCs last blog the Olympics?

  33. Long kitty! HA ! Perfect! Love the shawl and the colorway! luv.m.

  34. Lovely Shawl, love the color!