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Two Reviews

For you I have
Two reviews.
A review of a book,
and a movie too.

The Movie

The movie first. Friday night the KOARC and I watched the movie “In Bruges,” starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, and Ralph Fiennes. The main action takes place (not surprisingly) in Bruges, Belgium.

Hitmen Farrell and Gleeson are sent by boss Fiennes to the lovely medieval city of Bruges to cool their heels after a bungled hit. And of course, hijinks ensue.

This film features a lot of graphic violence but a lot of very dark comedy as well, and the story becomes more and more surreal as the plot unfolds. I’m not a fan of blood and gore films, but while this one was, as I said, pretty graphic, it was filmed (dare I say) tastefully, so that while you knew full well what was happening, and in most cases saw it, it was not a sickening gratuitous blood and gore-fest.

Did that make any sense?

If you are a fan of the slightly absurd, are not turned off by hitmen doing what they do best, and want to see Colin Farrell put in an incredible performance, check this one out. It’s available on DVD.

The Book

The other day I received a review copy of Shibori Knits: The Art of Exquisite Felted Knits, by Gina Wilde. This book’s publication date is next week, I believe.

(Apologies for the seriously sucky photo.)

According to Wikipedia, Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, or compressing it. Some of these methods are known in the West as tie-dye. Western civilization does not have an exact word equivalent that encompasses all the techniques of shibori.

According to the description of the book on, Shibori Knits highlights the intersection between shibori and knitting, offering 20 patterns that utilize this transformative technique. Internationally acclaimed knitwear designer Gina Wilde guides knitters through three dynamic ways to add shibori to knitting. The first method uses physical resists (marbles or corks) that prevent specific areas of knitting from felting; where there are no resists, the garment does felt, creating unique fabric with bobbles and dimensionality. Another method uses nonfelting fibers as resistsβ€”for instance, a silk yarn knit with a wool yarnβ€”to create windowpane effects or even mimic woven strips of fabric when felted. The third method creates ruffles and spirals when the fibers are worked in more than one direction; when felted, the work will shrink differently in the alternate directions. The textures created from each method offer a unique way to redefine felting and bring the beautiful and unexpected world of shibori to the knitter.

There are 20 projects in this book: hats, scarves, wraps, bags, a couple of baby things, sweaters, a belt and hand warmers. All the yarns used in this book are from Alchemy Yarns. When I figured out that the author is co-founder of Alchemy Yarns, that made sense. (See how quickly I grasp things like that?) There is, however, a guide to help you sub different yarns.

Here are a couple of my favorite projects. A hat:

And a wrap:

While it is a lovely book, it is not really my “thing.” So I’d rather someone else enjoyed it.

Would you like my review copy? Leave a comment to this blog entry (one comment per person, please) and I’ll randomly pick the recipient Wednesday (August 20) afternoon.

Lucy Sez:

“I can haz new playhouse.”


  1. That book looks awesome!!
    btw, there’s a yarn/quilting shop nearby called shibori dragon. They sell amazing fabric. I wonder if they’re getting this book in…?(thinks to self…)

  2. I would love the book, and I love what Lucy’s done with her new house!

    Beverlys last blog post..Ouch!

  3. I love today’s picture of Lucy!

    I’d like an entry in the drawing for the book – it looks really interesting πŸ™‚

    MsLindzs last blog post..A few ramblings

  4. That is a beautiful book! I have been knitting since I was young but just recently “graduated” beyond dishcloths, scarves and hats πŸ™‚ I would LOVE to see the wrap in person! I might have to step out of my comfort zone for that one!!

  5. That book definitely looks interesting if slightly different than my normal taste. Been trying to step outside of my comfort zone lately so I’m in!

    Emilys last blog post..Ends, Ends Everywhere

  6. I’m gonna have to check out that movie. (btw..did you mean to say Collin Powell ?? lol)

    Oh and PICK ME PICK ME!! I’d like the book!!

  7. Lucy sez: “I lurvz poping bubl rap.”

    Lisas last blog post..Breaking my Silence

  8. I almost rented that movie this weekend!

    The books lovely, I really like the hat.

    Jamies last blog post..The Precious is Here

  9. Ooh. That looks like a nice book. I do not know what it is about boxes and cats. Mine love them so much.

  10. RogueTess says:

    Hi Wendy – It looks like a great book. Thanks for offering it. –Teresa

  11. I would love to have the book. It looks like a lot of fun and right up my alley.

    I hope your health improves. Isn’t it annoying ( not to mention somewhat painful) when the years of living start catching up with us and our bodies limit our ability to do what we love. Perhaps you at least have interesting memories. I, unfortunately, have nothing memorable to blame my arthritic spine on.

    Good luck with everything you are going through. I’m quite impressed with your ability to hide it all from us. I hope you can get back to knitting soon or if not, at least find a satisfying replacement, though such a thing would be a great loss to the knitting community.

  12. I’m feeling lucky.
    thanks for the opportunity to win.

  13. The film sounds interesting …. The book looks fab ….. and I bet Lucy loves the fun she’s having fun bursting all the bubble wrap! ;0) My dogs (and my son) love it! ;0)

    Lindas last blog post..Another sad farewell :0(

  14. I feel guilty that I only comment when you are giving stuff away. I do9 read your blog religiously, however.

  15. It looks interesting!

    Oooo bubble wrap! sorry about that = )

    Qutecowgirls last blog post..Hey!

  16. just love what Lucy’s done with her house!

    brendas last blog stash!

  17. Interesting stuff, that shibori. It’s not something I’ve tried yet, because I was more familiar with it in the context of dyeing – I have a friend who uses shibori techniques along with beadwork to make the most AMAZING silk scarves. Although, I don’t suppose there’s any reason you couldn’t use those techniques to dye knitted garments… hmm… *gears turning*

  18. Lovely home Lucy got there. My cats adore every box they can get into.

    SOunds like an interesting book!

    Adas last blog post..Ravelympics

  19. I crochet felted cat beds…maybe I could teach myself to knit and felt more wonderful ‘stuff’. By the way, I adopted a Ragdoll that looks identical to yours…her name is dixie lee…she came from an abusive home, but is doing well with her new family. she is about 12 years old. I call her the ‘queen mother.’

  20. It’s so fun to see Lucy and her new box. I know my guys. especially Henry, loves to play and sleep in boxes.

    The book sounds very interesting. I took a class last summer on Resist Felting. Part of the class included Shibori.

    I hope you’re feeling better very soon!

    Sherrys last blog post..Felted and beaded amulet

  21. Oh, that’s totally my thing! I’d love to take it off your hands. πŸ™‚

  22. I’m glad you have found time to do other things you may not have made time for had you been knitting. I know you probably don’t like the fact, but are making the best of the situation. Thanks for your reviews on the book & movie.

  23. I just inherited someone’s stash of wool, so it would be fun to play with this! I’ve never been a fan of felting, but this looks interesting.

  24. Oooooo…. fascinating! I’ve just started felting 3-d objects and it always fascinates me that the two sides of things don’t felt together too. πŸ™‚ So I’m interested in the book.

    My kitty Phoebe just had her one year anniversary with me. She’s snoring on the couch cushion behind me right now, with one hot little paw pad pressed up against my neck. When I move the slightest bit, she whimpers softly and curls her paw up on my neck. So of course, I’ve spent the last two hours on the couch with her! πŸ™‚

    Camelamas last blog post..Etsy Smile

  25. I would lvoe a copy of this book, it look so beautiful! I often ask my SIL Japanese nanny to bring me back Japanese craft and knitting books and magazines when she visits home!

    amysues last blog post..Random thoughts on a Monday morning.

  26. I’ve seen some knitted shibori and it’s way cool. ToBe and NotToBe have a house very much like Lucy’s but ToBe’s mostly chewed it up.

  27. I think you plan to make us all kitty-hungry if we don’t have one yet. And i do love the pictures from the book – do enter me in the drawing.

    And now I’ll drool over whatever pictures from that book are posted. Excited!

  28. Oh, I’ve been intrigued by that book, so I’ll toss my dancing nanner in the ring… πŸ™‚

    PlazaJens last blog post..Oh, and I have no idea

  29. Please enter me in the drawing for the book…

  30. Yes, I would like it….

  31. Hi, please enter my name in the drawing for the ‘Shibori Knits’ book. Sounds intriguing.

    BTW, ILL (I Love Lucy), like you haven’t seen that a thousand times already.

  32. I saw that movie at a theater in Staunton several months ago. My husband and I thought it was hysterical!

  33. Mary Beth says:

    I’d love to have a copy of that book, sounds like fun stuff to try.

  34. Count me in — I seem to have no problem adding to my knitting book library, so I have even more patterns I’m not making to feel guilty about!

  35. The book looks like it’s outside my comfort zone, which is just the way new books should be! The “physical resists” sound like so much fun to try.

  36. This looks like a very cool book. Thanks for the contest!

    Gladyss last blog, I’ve seen everything

  37. Oh, Wendy. I would love that book. I’m all about the hats and the felting these days. Plus! I just sorted my bookshelves and donated a ton of unwanteds, so I have room for a new book! Here’s hoping my karma is good!

    Julias last blog post..Niche

  38. I’d love to have a copy of that book…I’ve been sort of fascinated with shibori for a while now.

  39. Count me in too, it would be better than a tropical storm!

  40. Oh, Boy! I sure would like an oportunity to win that book! Thank you. I love the pictures of your cat BTW. We can’t have cats because my husbands allergic. Ahhh welll.

    Cats last blog post..snakes and ladders

  41. My kitty growing up (also a Himalayan) LOVED boxes – best toy ever!

    Also, that book looks very cool – some interesting and different patterns. I’d love the chance to win it! My book-buying budget is quite limited at the moment.

  42. OOO, I want Miss Lucy to pick me! Enjoy your new box.

    Bettys last blog post..SP 12 Questions

  43. The book looks fabulous…thanks for the review! I think felting is fabulous, but it always makes me nervous…so far I have only attempted one felted purse πŸ™‚

    I would also like a chance to win.

    Barb Kangs last blog post..The angry scarf…

  44. Thanks for the review, I had been wondering about that book but live 100 miles from the nearest copy.

  45. I love felting, and I have some antique shibori items, so it’s definitely an intriguing idea, I’d love to see the book. Thanks for the review

    Claires last blog post..My, what big feet you have!

  46. I am very interested in shibori knitting/felting and would love to ‘review’ this one.

  47. That seems like a really intersting book. Watch out for Lucy, you might have to send her to <a href=boxhab if she keeps it up.

  48. I’ve been looking at that book waffling back and forth. It seems interesting, though. Glad for your honest review XD I always feel awkward saying something isn’t my thing.

    Bronwyns last blog post..Book Rant

  49. oohhhh, may i be in the drawing for that book? Pretty please?

  50. Marie-france says:

    Hi Wendy
    I’d love to have the Shibori book. It looks really interesting.

  51. Thank you for offering up your book. Enjoyed your reviews. Add me to your drawing for the book.

    Marions last blog post..Summer of Socks 2008, Pair #4

  52. I hope that you start feeling better soon. I would love to add the book to my collection too πŸ™‚

    Lauras last blog post..Back from my break!

  53. Great blog! Would love to add another great book to my fiber library!

  54. The book looks fantastic…thanks for reviewing it! (And, yes, I’d totally love to take it off your hands!)

  55. I have just done my first felting project. It turned out better than I thought but not as good as I had hoped. Maybe the book would help.

  56. Enjoy your Blog, Wendy – especially the kitty photos!

  57. I have just begun felting and would love to receive your review book.

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Monday- Move That Mountain

  58. The book does sound like a most excellent read! Very interesting!

    Nancys last blog post..Why not?

  59. Now… my husband might kill me if I get another book. But, then again, he can’t really mind if I don’t pay for it right? : )
    Looks like a lot of fun!
    Lucy- I probably love bubble wrap almost as much as you do. πŸ™‚

    Danas last blog post..beginnings…

  60. Ooo, the book looks fantastic!

    Ellens last blog post..Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip…

  61. Have you seen The Matador? Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear–dark and funny at the same time! The book looks interesting…

    Graces last blog post..Finished some socks

  62. Sounds like a cool book!

  63. I would love to play with that book! My kitties are jealous of Lucy’s new play house!

  64. Wow – so many entries! Add me, please!

  65. Thanks for offering the book, Wendy. Loving all things Japanese these days.

  66. I am delurking because I covet that book!
    I love that movie. In Bruges is the first full length movie written and directed by playwright Martin McDonagh. If you enjoyed the movie then you would probably enjoy his plays.
    Two years ago I saw his play “The Lt. of Inishmore” on Broadway and enjoyed it. However, a lot of people left at intermission and never came back. The ushers told us that happened all the time because people could not take the gore. In Bruges is much less gory.

    Res last blog post..When I had Longer Hair

  67. janieknits says:

    I would love a copy – here’s hoping with crossed fingers!

  68. That looks like a great book. I read an interesting article about shibori a few years ago (maybe in Interweave knits?) and have always wanted to try it. Since I have to do my laundry in the laundromat, felting can be difficult, tedious and/or expensive. Someday, though…

  69. Thanks for the review! How are you feeling?

    Krystals last blog post..I have Foxy and nowhere to put it

  70. HI Wendy

    I would love the book! Thanks for the chance of entering.

    By the way this is not a “you should do…” but when I had a bad back I purchased an electric spinning wheel and used a spindle while standing. In other words perhaps there is a way you can knit, standing or otherwise and not cause further damage to whatever.! Just a thought, it worked for me. Please ignore if it doesn’t work for you. I do enjoy your blog and read daily if I don’t comment much.

    Cheers from a very cold NZ

  71. Books are my thing, no matter the subject. Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. The only felting I’ve done so far was inadvertent. My wool sweater went to a new life as a teddy bear’s sweater:-( But I’ve recovered from that adolescent gaffe and would be very interested in learning about the intentional felting techniques in this book.

  73. I am so glad you shared that book! I was intrigued by the texture of the fabric on the front, yet was wondering what was on the inside! Very cool!

    Have you ever pondered what is up with cats and boxes? Ms. Two Fingers will work her way into any box/bag/bowl/basket/younameit with little regard to what’s in it (uh-huh, like some pre-drafted roving in a basket). There are days when I wonder what goes on in those pretty little heads πŸ˜‰

    Megan S.s last blog post..Yes, I’ve been a lazy blogger

  74. I’ve done some work with woven shibori. I would love to play with this version, too. I’d love to be picked!

  75. I’d love it! πŸ™‚

    Michelles last blog post..Its been a while…….

  76. Ooooh, I hadn’t heard about that book. I’ve been wanting to try Shibori.

    Fuji Mamas last blog post..Moving and Mitsuwa

  77. I’d love the book! I read a review elsewhere and thought it sounded interesting, and I love tie-dye.

    Amy S.

  78. As usual, Lucy looks beautiful! The movie sounds like something I would like. Hubby and I are huge fans of the Boondock Saints movie. Thanks for the tip – I think we are definitely going to have to see that. And that wrap in the book looks like something I need to knit for myself!

  79. Looks like a fun book!

    Natalies last blog post..I’m here

  80. Yes please!

    Wanniettas last blog post..Stitch ‘n Pitch ’08

  81. I’ve been curious about this book; thanks for reviewing it. And thanks for blogging πŸ™‚

    Ringers last blog post..Fear

  82. sounds like you had a good weekend! Why is itlucy likes boxes…my kitty is scared of wverything, but then she is an adopted stray who still ventures outside! The book looks reallygood from the pics you showed us! your a tease!! smile

    turtles last blog’s hot!!! lol, and a new pimp!

  83. Hi Wendy (and Lucy) –

    Would love to be a good home for your review copy book!

    Glynis : )

  84. I think the Shibori technique is pretty cool. I have the book Shibori Knitted Felt and it’s very inspiring.

  85. more movie reviews!!!!!!!!! we saw In Bruges months ago and really enjoyed it, you’re right about Colin Farrell, he was excellent. what’s next on the netflix queue?

  86. Oh heck yes I would love a copy of this book…its all very interesting. Thanks for the offer…The movie I think I will pass on…while I would love to watch Collin Farrell blood guts and gore dont do it for me…although the hubby might like it…Cats and kids…go figure…

  87. I saw that movie too!!!! Was a bit too graphic for my taste but I do agree that Colin Farrell is very good (and easy to look at.)

    Can’t wait for the book to come out. Been waiting quite awhile.

    Emilys last blog post..Sweating like George Bush and Karl Rove in Church

  88. Here is a comment for that wonderful book. Hope you’re doing well.

  89. I’d love a copy of that book. Please add me to the list. I also like the idea of a book and movie review – more, please. The film sounded so good I tried to find it in the Australian online stores I use … no go, so will have to go to Amazon.
    Best wishes,

  90. fascinated by fibers in felting…thanks for the chance!

  91. Pick me. Pick me. I love this technique.

    Tams last blog post..Felting Instructions

  92. Sounds very interesting. I ordered a few books for my knitting library this week and that one would certainly be a great addition.

  93. Oh, I would really like to have this book! Lucy looks like she’s in for a lot of fun!!

  94. Jocelyn Grayson says:

    I must say that I expected something a lot funnier (and less grim) than what I got with In Bruges. I thought the dark comedy was really outweighed by the violence. I’m a big Ralph fan, though, so there was some redemption for me in that!

  95. I’ve never really had much of a desire to do much felting but when I saw the cover picture and heard some of the descriptions it sounds really cool. Enter me in the drawing!

    Melissas last blog post..Blocking

  96. I’d like it, please.

  97. Susan Voegtly says:

    In my other life, I am an art quilter. I dye fabrics and have been studying the different techniques of shibori. I am lucky enough to have studio last Fall with Jan Meyers-Newberry one of the best shibori dyers in the world. I had not thought if it in terms of knitting. I would love to take the book back to show her during our class this Fall!

  98. yes, i’d love the book if you’d like to randomly pick my number…

  99. Lucy makes me wish I had another Cat! Too cute.

  100. Hope Lucy had a blast playing in that box!

    farm-witchs last blog post..And now for the funny part – there is a funny part, right?