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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Cell Phone Graveyard

I always thought the cell phone graveyard was a fictional place where, legend says, cell phones gather in their old age. Then they die there alone, far from the rest of the cell phones.

When doing some decluttering I came across the cell phone graveyard:

I think I’ll find a good place to donate them, now that I’ve discovered the graveyard.

It’s been a long day and I don’t have much to say. I have, however, made a wee bit of progress on my shawl-in-progress:

I’ve been doing a couple of rows a day. Slow and steady, yada yada yada.

When all else fails, post a picture of Lucy.

Then post a picture of Lucy’s paw fluff!


  1. A lime green phone! Oh god, how I miss my lime green chocolate!

    Debs last blog post..Yes, things are becoming clear…

  2. A lot of women’s shelters and places of that nature love getting donated cell phones.. they give them to at risk women so they can always contact 911. Lucy’s little fluff paw is too darling. She’s such a lady 🙂

    CraftyPancakess last blog post..Don’t faint

  3. Carol Lee says:

    Wendy, since I work for a large defense contractor, we routinely donate our phones to our men and women overseas. This service allows our servicepeople to make calls home at no cost – we don’t sponsor the service, just support it. I’ll do alittle follow-up research and see if I can post more detailed information. Anything that makes life a little easier in the desert is a good thing these days! Thanks for letting me speak to a cause close to my heart –

  4. anne marie in philly says:

    paw fluff! paw fluff! paw fluff!

  5. Women’s shelters is a good suggestion. Here is another one that I got from Amazon with a book order.

    Cell Phones for Soldiers. http://www.cellphonesfor

    I had green one too – loved it. Noika is still my favorite.

  6. Carol Lee’s comment reminded me of two Massachusetts youth’s that are collecting cell phones for soldiers. You can find more information here:


    camelamas last blog post..Energy again

  8. Lucy looks like she’s contemplating the meaning of life. Or just wondering when supper will be served.
    I’m glad to see you’re pacing yourself at knitting – albeit slow progress.
    RIP old cellphones!

  9. I LOVE your cell phone graveyard! It’s much more colorful than my ugly, duddy one! Cute shawl in the making and I LOVE you funny cat! I have two funny cats – both naught boys – Neo and Jealousy.

    glutengals last blog post..Back to School: Communication with the Teacher

  10. Leslieileen says:

    I’ve noticed new pictures in the Lucy the Knitting Supervisor spot on the right hand column. They’re very nice. It’ s good to know that Lucy’s model portfolio is getting updated. She must have been in touch with Miss Lulu Kitty (Daniels) who, I understand, if giving modeling lessons these days.

  11. Loads of charities can make money out of retired mobiles… I love the shawl, and as for the cats – I thought they were claws! 🙂

    teeweewonderss last blog post..Oehhh… selv tak – tror jeg nok?

  12. Paw fluff! Oh, we blogreaders/Lucy fans are so easy to please!

    love the lime green phone too!

  13. Makes me want to kiss those wittle fluffy paws… although I know you’ve said she doens’t like her paws touched. Hope U R feeling O.K. luv.m.

  14. I’m told the battered women’s shelter wants old cell phones. They re-program them and give them to women for 911 calls.

    Scritches to the lovely Lucy.

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..What I go through for you!

  15. Oh the cellphone graveyard and I go back about 10 years – maybe a little less. I got my first cellphone before I turned 15, and my second when I turned 16. After that, I started working and went through 2-3 cellphones per year. Partially because they sucked, and partially because I am a tech whore and always need the latest gadget. Most recently, I had a Sidekick, Blackberry Pearl, and iPhone.

    The last of which I will hopefully be keeping for quite some time.

    Lizs last blog post..Things I learned from my trip to Mexico…

  16. I’ve been donating my old cell phones to and they actually give you this handy no postage necessary plastic envelope to mail your used phones in. Their address is:

    Cell Phone Recycling Center
    2555 Bishop Cir W
    Dexter MI 48130-9828

    So nice to see people recycling!! (And I love the shawl!)

    Anns last blog post..A Royally Wretched Day

  17. Hey, I just found a phone like that middle one in my cell-phone stash! Time to donate, I guess.
    Sorry about your neuro and spine mystery (and misery). I have issues that could be categorized similarly, and it colors everything.

  18. LeahWright says:

    I don’t know if they still do, but every Verizon store used to have a donation box inside where you could drop your old phones for recycling. I’ve also seen them at the Walmart stores around here.

  19. Love the shawl and especially the paw fluff. Nothing more necessary and those greatly appreciated!

    Sandra Ds last blog post..Summers are to Dye For

  20. I’m working my lace project in small increments too. I’m working it about 30 minutes a day early in evening when my mind is not getting sleepy. I hope to knit more once SoS is done. I’ve got one and a half socks and the top of another cuff to make my 5 pair goal.

  21. Toehawk!

    Janiss last blog post..Recent Theme: Boxes

  22. Your cell phone progression looks a lot like mine. However, I’m still using the pink razr and your lime green one was my fuschia one. What’s next?

    Lauries last blog post..One Down

  23. If all you posted were pictures of Miss Lucy and her fluffy paws I would still thoroughly enjoy reading your blog! Your shawl is looking beautiful too.

  24. paw fluff! be still my beating heart…

  25. I see someone recommended already. The other option is your local Freecycle group. You can find a group in your area at I recently was able to find a home for my last phone – gave it to a family who really needed it as their phone had been stolen and they could not afford a replacement and did not have a home phone. We have many refugees in the area who have nothing!

    Melissas last blog post..You can dance…

  26. Love the photo of your old cell phones. I had the same green one, it is my all time favorite.
    Lucy’s paw fluff is amazing!

  27. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I’m so glad that you are able to knit at least a little bit.

    Photos of Lucy are always welcome!

  28. Kathryn Sigman says:

    Hey!! You have all three of my former phones!! Now I know what happens to them after I finish with them! Glad you can knit some again and I hope you’re feeling better.

  29. Now that you’ve located the Good Safe Place you’d been putting them in, I hope you made a note of it. (By the way, are my size 11 dns in there?)

  30. In my town we can donate our old cell phones to the Police Dept. who hands them out to Senior Citizens for emergency 911 calls.

  31. The RZR wasn’t very old. What are you using now?

  32. Wendy- We loves the fluffs!

    PS- feel better soon!

  33. Hej Wendy and Lucy!
    Lovely picture of paw fluff today, but I do think we need a REAL closeup of that lovely pink shawl as well. And can you please make it obscenely, morbidely close?

    “Drooling in Stockholm”s last blog post..Neverending Knitting

  34. Hee hee !! This paw is too cute !!

  35. kitteh toe fluff. heh.

    miss sandras last blog post..Multi Talent

  36. I “second” what everyone else is saying…women’s shelters and places like that routinely accept phones.

    And the paw fluff. Superb!

    Helens last blog post..How I get my deals

  37. Awwww! Paw fluff!

    Beckys last blog post..Ravelympics update

  38. out of interest, what did you replace the pink RAZR with? and where i come from in Idaho/Utah, we donate our old phones to the Sheriff’s Dept. if someone who doesnt have a cell phone wants to go hiking, skiing, mudding, whatever-ing out in the back-country, they can go by and pick up a phone to use to call 911 “just in case”. the phones are also passed out to women in dangerous domestic situations for the same reason. remember, they need the chargers too, not just the phones. i hadnt heard of the Phones for Soldiers program, but i think its pretty cool! feel better, we all wish you well and speedy healing.

  39. Meow.

    🙂 firefly

    fireflys last blog post..080808

  40. I must be an oddity – I never feel the need to upgrade just to get something newer. I keep mine until they break, and then all they are good for is salvaging internal parts and such. That one in the middle looks like the one I have now!

  41. I know The Body Shop used to collect cell phones to distribute to at-risk women (i.e., living in domestic abuse situations); they may still have that program going. They also gave you a slip that you can fill out as a tax deduction for the donation!

    Rosemarys last blog post..

  42. The cell phone I have now should probably already BE in the cell phone graveyard… 😀
    To give you an idea, it’s at least seven years old and has a monochrome screen.

    My friends call it “crappy,” I call it “retro.”

    EEEEEEEEE!!!!!1!!! Paw Fluff!!!!

    The shawl is lovely, By the way. So glad you’re allowed to knit again.

  43. You might want to consider Petsmart

    They are our donation site of choice: “The program is a nationwide fundraiser that allows people to recycle their used ink and toner cartridges and cell phones, as well as buy the same items recycled and refurbished at a discount, all while supporting the organization’s mission to help save the lives of homeless pets.”

    Thanks for the post, Wendy.


  44. Kiss the widdle fuzzy paws! I love the paw fluff!

    I recently was given an envelope by TMobile to send my old cell phones to a place that gives them to soldiers. I sent them five of the pesky things that had been around for years.

    Katherines last blog post..Never Would Have Thought…

  45. Pinkshawlgirl says:

    How do you get Lucy to pose for such great photos? When I try to take pictures of my cat, Daisy, she always looks away. I have a lot of pictures of the back of her head. One or two rows a day on your shawl and it will get done. I love your pictures of Lucy.

  46. If that paw fluff gets much longer, you’ll be able to braid it and maybe add some beads…lol. What a lovely girl she is!

  47. That is some paw fluff!

    Dorothys last blog post..I like.

  48. My own personal cell phone graveyard has either ended up on Freecycle or (just today) been sold to someone with an a**hat for a provider that wouldn’t allow them a new phone no way no how. I’m sure someone will be happy to get them! Lucy is adorable as always. *hugs*

  49. I love the paw fluff pic! One of my cats has paw fluff too and it looks so odd like a human with hairy hands. (Old crude jokes are coming to mind now… sorry)

  50. Paw Fluff?! ::squeee::

    Meliabellas last blog post..Four Years Passes in an Instant

  51. i was so looking for a link where they bought your old electronics from you…yarn money!

    turtles last blog’s hot!!! lol, and a new pimp!

  52. SERIOUS toe fluff!!
    …..{high-pitched squeal} ……xoxo

  53. If I were to uncover our cell phone graveyard, the phone I would find there would be wayyyy older and uncooler than yours — an original Motorola flip phone, from the days when they weighed at least a pound, and couple Tracfones that look sorta like your left one but dumb black instead of sweet lime.

    kmkats last blog post..New use for exercise equipment.

  54. As our ragdolls are named for hobbits, toe fluff is required for hobbit feet! They also have the craving for tea, elevenzies, etc. There could never be enough meals in the day if they had their way.

  55. As someone who works for a cell provider, I would suggest holding on to 1 of the phones and donating the rest. That way if you lose or damage your current phone, you have a backup phone 🙂

  56. Organizations that train assistance dogs can use old cellphones for them to train with.