My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


BSJ Done

Well, pretty much. Here it is fresh off the needles:

And folded into position:

In that photo, the seams on the top of the sleeves need to be sewn up. Here it is with the seams sewn:

In that photo, I’ve finished off the neckline. I picked up stitches around the neck and cast them off as I picked them up.

And the buttons from the Button Drawer came yesterday! From Colorado to the east coast, it took just a couple of days. Great service! And I think the buttons I picked are perfect. See?

Seriously, how perfect is that button?

I did cast on a hat and got started on that, but I got a little distracted by this laceweight yarn that also came yesterday.

I wound it today.

Lucy is having a good day today. She was nervous all day yesterday as tropical storm Hanna came through and dumped a lot of rain all day. It’s a beautiful day today and all is contentment chez WendyKnits!


  1. GOOD JOB!!

    Very lucky baby to have such a nice sweater with those cute buttons.

  2. Flexibleknits says:

    Lovely! BSJ’s are fun to make and from personal experience, are way easier to get on a squirmy little person than the store bought stuff.

  3. That looks great! It’ll be especially helpful once fall/winter sets in. The only other time I tried a BSJ, it was in my first months of knitting, and the seaming looked dreadful. I’m tempted to ask my friends to get pregnant so that I’ll have an excuse to try again.

    (BTW, first time to reply, but I’ve had your blog on Google Reader for several months. Thanks for such an enjoyable, inspiring knitblog!)

  4. That’s OK, Lucy. My kitties have always needed a few days to recover from tropical weather. It’s scary!

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..Get Up and Do It Again

  5. That is a lovely jacket and the buttons are perfect. 🙂

    I hadn’t realized how important a button could be until I made a bunting for a colleague’s first grandchild, and all she could do was squee over the buttons. (My thought was “look at the button band woman! I had to pick up 400 stitches and the damn band is perfect! Screw the buttons! Look at the band!”)

    lunerays last blog which I wonder how that staff meeting went

  6. Love the little sweater and the buttons are perfect!! My cats all react differently but they all stick very close to me!! Lucy does look relaxed! That lace yarn looks yummy!!! Have a great Sunday.

  7. Sweater is so adorable you’ve inspired me to make one too. We will be having another grandchild in the spring. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Very pretty!! Some people have said this sweater has a bit of challenge to it. Is there any truth in that? The buttons are perfect!!

  9. Adorable! That’s one lucky baby who is going to get that little sweater.

    Hissy Stitchs last blog post..Fab knitwear and textiles in the Kit Kittredge movie

  10. Those buttons are so perfect for that sweater!

    That lace yarn is gorgeous. Hanauma Bay – isn’t that the place on Oahu that the movie From Here to Eternity was filmed? We were there a couple of years ago and it is breath taking!

  11. My kitties spent yesterday sleeping on different beds – first mine, then Lifeguard Boy’s, the Tall Boy’s……and finally, when Hanna was through, on the porch in some sunny spots! I’m glad Lucy will have a calmer day today!
    (love your BSJ + buttons, too)

  12. Those buttons couldn’t be more perfect. I have the tan puppy faces for a sweater for the Tiny Prince.

    Button Drawer has absolutely wonderful 1 pound bags of buttons as well. I’ve closed up many a sweater with sets I’ve fished out of those grab bags.

    anns last blog post..It’s a Great Day For Mittnz

  13. How wonderful that looks!! Perfect choice on the buttons – they are super sweet.

  14. Those buttons are too cute — perfect! Isn’t Opal’s yarn nice? Love that colour. I got some of her fingering weight — just itching to use it. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the neck finish suggestion for BSJ. I like this pattern and that is a good way to dress it up. The cutesy buttons add so much to this plain little jacket which is good for boy or girl (why I like it).

    Timmie Bs last blog post..Birthday Loot and Last SoS 08 Socks

  16. Oh! Those buttons are perfect! I love the colors.

  17. Love the color of your BSJ and the buttons are purr-fect! Picking up stitches and immediately casting off?? Sounds cool.

    Sue Hs last blog post..Some ACTUAL Knitting!

  18. BSJ + Buttons = Perfect. Thanks for the button link; I’ve bookmarked it.

    Lynns last blog post..Stilettos? I’ll pass, thanks!

  19. Beautiful jacket and yes the buttons are just perfect!

    Cheers >^..^<

    Beverleys last blog post.."A letter to my father"

  20. Wonderful sweater! I’ve made the BSJ and the recipient (well, the parents) loved it. Now they are hoping for a sibling to pass it down to.

    Karen in Toledos last blog post..Monkeyin’ Around

  21. Hope all this knitting content means you’re feeling better!

    Sarah-potterknitters last blog post..Preschool!

  22. I LOVE those buttons. They can make or break a piece.

    pennys last blog work space each day

  23. Nice job on the BSJ! I have a couple of questions – what gauge did you get and what are the finished dimensions (chest circumference, sleeves, etc)? I have some CTH Sport that I bought to make a BSJ but I’d like to have some idea how big it’s going to turn out! Thanks!

    heather ts last blog post..New Project OTN

  24. the buttons are fabu.
    so much so that i just said “fabu”. gah! 😉

    i have to ask…. as a knitter who is usually doing color, or cables, or lace, was a garter stitch project boring for you, Wendy?

    kittythings last blog post..holey wow.

  25. The buttons are perfect. I really like the way that sweater looks. Did you use fingering weight or sport weight?

    Marions last blog post..A Loopy Groupie at last

  26. The BSJ is beautiful, and you’re right about the buttons; they’re perfect.

  27. Your buttons are adorable!!! Tell the new parents to always button and unbutton by sticking the round “chin” part through the hole first. Otherwise you get a grumpy squirmy baby while you untangle the ears from sticking through the yarn to try again…..ask me how I know 😉 I eventually decided to stick to smooth buttons, although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shaped ones!

    colleens last blog post..The Tallit Grows!

  28. The buttons are so cute! They really match the BSJ well.

    I hope you enjoy knitting with the yarn! 🙂

    Opals last blog post..Kickin’ back.

  29. Lovely sweater and gorgeous yarn :^)

    Are there buttonholes on both sides of the front?

  30. The buttons are PERFECT! I’m glad you had nice weather today, Hannah did move relatively quickly for us too.

    Jennifers last blog post..Planning for fall, and beyond

  31. Beautiful BSJ and the button are perfect! You have inspired me to make one for a niece and/or nephew that my brother and sister-in-law are adopting from China and Ukraine.
    Looks like a beautiful day here in Arlington, VA.

  32. You’re absolutely right. Those bunny buttons are perfect for that jacket. That color and Lorna’s yarn make it look so very soft and sweet.

    Looking forward to seeing what is next on your needles!

  33. This may be a little late, but were you aware that there’s a BSJ hat designed by Meg Swansen that’s availible on the dvd? Not sure if that matters now that you’ve probably finished the coordinating hat, maybe for next time.

  34. Can the BSJ be made for an older child easily? I’m thinking about getting a couple of EZ books and have a few 2nd cousins that are wee ones (from 6mo to 2 yrs) that I culd make some of thise for 🙂
    My kittys (esp the 12yr old) get nervous and either hang on me or hide whenever storms come through esp when they are loud and the weather radio is goin off frequently.

    Danielle from SW MOs last blog post..Interview Away My dearie!!

  35. Theresa in Italy says:

    The buttons ARE perfect. The jacket is adorable. The baby’s parents are going to love it. The baby will just try to suck off the buttons, but who can blame him?

    So sorry to hear that Lucy was unsettled by the storm—we had a dog who was reduced to a trembling, crying fur ball by lighting and/or fireworks. Poor things.

  36. NewJerseyLaura says:

    lovely surprise! lucky baby! and thanks for the button tip

  37. The buttons are adorable! Perfect for that BSJ.

  38. I love that sweater! I got my EZ book out, and realized that the BSJ is not in it! I know now that it is in the Opinionated Knitter and Knitter’s Workshop. Do you prefer one more than the other?

    I thought about you when Hanna was going through!! Glad to see that all is well. 🙂

  39. Those are just about the cutest buttons ever!

    I have never knit a BSJ either (nor an adult one, for that matter). Might be time.

  40. Druanna (infinityexplorer) says:

    WOW yours looks so much better than mine… this is my first one and mine soooooo does not look like that…

    Excellent job, I love it! It gives me hope and inspiration.

  41. My first two attempts at the BSJ were dismal failures. I’ve got a little more knitting experience under my belt now, and I think I could try it again. You’ve inspired me! (As you inspired me to try my first project with DPN’s – the Kitty Pi. I’ve made four) 🙂

    Laianes last blog post..It’s Not the Yarn This Time