My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Which Do You Prefer?

Question from the comments — do I prefer knitting sweaters from the top down or from the bottom up?

Hmmmmm, I usually knit from the bottom up, but that’s not because I have a marked preference for that method. It’s just because the patterns I like seem to be knit from the bottom up. And I do usually prefer knitting sweaters in pieces and seaming them because I think seams add some support and structure to a sweater.

Still, I’ve no objection to knitting top-down every now and then, and this sweater will have minimal finishing needed after knitting, which is a good thing for a change.

As you can see, I’ve been slogging along on it.

And as you can see, I’m having problems photographing my progress.

I do still have a few inches to go before the ribbing, though. The ribbing will be fun, I think, because the sweater is split at that point and you knit the front and back ribbing separately. So it will have the illusion of going a bit faster.

Give-away! Give-way!

Reader Pamela B. contacted me a little while ago and offered two wonderful books for me to give away to WendyKnits readers. They are Favorite Socks:ย  25 Timeless Designs from Interweave and Fisherman’s Sweaters by Alice Starmore.

Would you like one of these books? Leave a comment to this entry and on Thursday afternoon (Oct 9) I’ll pick two winners randomly, one for each book. If you have a preference for one book over the other, mention that in your comment please.

Lucy Fur

Reader Mia asked me about Lucy and shedding management. I have to say — Lucy does not shed too badly, apart from her molting in the Spring. She does get brushed at least twice a week, and that helps a lot. She does leave fur on the couch, but a once-over with a good lint brush takes care of that.

Lucy sez:

“Why would you not want my precious fur all over everything anyway?”

Well, she would say that if she wasn’t watching something out the window so intently.


  1. I’m with Lucy. Why wouldn’t you want her precious fur all over your garmens? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Opals last blog post..I heart the hearts.

  2. How nice of you and Pamela B. to offer those books! Please include me in the raffle for the Alice Starmore book, please. Thank you!

    Susans last blog post..Knitting Anniversary

  3. Comment! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’ve only knit one sweater so far. I’ve got two in waiting though. I’m liking the top down raglan style of my first sweater though. I think I’m going to try to make most of my sweaters that way, where I can. I really hate sewing up.

    Marlenes last blog post..More Pin Up Pictures

  4. I think Lucy looks good in/on the sweater!

    Beverlys last blog post..A book and a KAL

  5. I would like the sock book. And Lucy is lovely. What’s a sweater without a little fur.

  6. Lisa Ferron says:

    I don’t knit sweaters very often, I’m more of sock knitter — I love socks, they’re portable and I finish them (unlike most of my sweaters). My cats also love my knitting, will never be able to say that my items or stash is “pet-free” since my knitting basket is their favorite sleeping place!

  7. Would love a crack at the sock book, please! (and please to snorgle Miss Lucy, if she will tolerate it)

  8. I would love the sock book, too. Maybe it would get me back to knitting! Thanks for raffling.

  9. I already own the Knitted Socks books, but oooooo Alice Starmore sounds divine! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lauras last blog post..Desperately Seeking Button Band

  10. I would like the Starmore book. I already have the sock book. Thanks. I love your blog.

  11. How exciting!!! I’d love either book, I’ve done both!!!
    Choose me!!! Pick me!! Love me!!!
    (funny how those lines from both “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Grey’s Anatomy” seem especially fitting here. They were talking about yarn, weren’t they? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I would love the Fisherman’s Sweaters book. I am just starting to explore cables and would love a book full of inspiration! (I have the sock book…’s a good one).

  13. I am in love with socks!! I’d love to have Favorite Socks!

    Love your blog and Lucy even more though!

  14. Awww… Lucy likes to help! I thought Lucy would shed more for some reason. Sounds like it’s pretty manageable, though.

    I’d love to be entered in the giveaway for Fishermanโ€™s Sweaters by Alice Starmore, please. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lindseys last blog post..New Workspace

  15. Very nice to offer those books!
    I always knit sweaters bottom-up. As you say the patterns I like always seem to be that way.
    I have the same with my white persian. She always gets to my knitting.
    Would love the sock book.

    adas last blog post..I’m still here

  16. Oh, dearest Lucy, wearing your fur we are only pale imitations of your glowing beauty… ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Thus, the lint brush…)

    Loribirds last blog post..You’ll never forget your first…

  17. That picture of your cat on your WIP is precious! Either book is great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I would love to adopt the Fisherman’s Sweater book…Mom gifted me with the sock book already. (Hi Lucy!)

    dobarahs last blog post..I found a cool site!

  19. I’ve been meaning to get Favorite Socks for quite some time now, but have never gotten around to it. How lovely of Pamela B. to offer up the books!

  20. Ooh. I would love the books. I have a preference for the Starmore, but the truth is, I would love either one.



  21. Knitting books! Cool! I don’t have nearly enough knitting books! Might I have a chance at both please? – and Lucy is adorable, as usual!

    Cindy Ks last blog post..Daily Dose of Fiber …..Times 10!

  22. I hear that cat hair improves the tensile strength of knitted items. Um, really.

    michelles last blog post..Also this weekend, I got my sewing machine fixed.

  23. I have to wonder when you are finish with the sweater if Lucy will allow you to wear it?

    I have only knit one sweater so far, and the was top-down. I’m working on some baby ones for my sister’s first child due in December, which would be a mix between bottom-up and top-down.

    I would prefer the Alice Starmore book, since the Favorite Sock book was the first sock book that I bought.

  24. Thanks for the book giveaway! I’m interested in the sock book.

    I really enjoy your daily photos of Lucy! My dog always wants to get in the photo when I’m taking pictures of my knitting too! Pets are so funny!

    Cathys last blog post..Bee Stitch Dishcloth

  25. I haven’t made enough sweaters to form an opinion just yet. I did love the one top down I did but I agree with your point about seams giving it structure.
    I would love to get Fisherman’s Sweaters:D

  26. Oooh give-away! I would be interested in either book. And I am loving your daily sweater!

  27. I love a good book! And I think Lucy’s fur is better to have than my menagerie of 2 short hair cats and a shortish haired dog!

  28. I would love love love a sock book.

    Orchids last blog post..Scarfs

  29. I love Lucy wanting to be in the sweater picture!! I would love the Fisherman’s Sweaters ๐Ÿ™‚

    leahs last blog post..Why must posts have titles?

  30. Lucy really is the most beautiful cat. (Yes, that was a blatant attempt to make the book giveaway a tad less random! LOL)

    I’m still a pretty new knitter: I haven’t yet done socks, or a full-sized sweater (I’m almost through my first top-down baby cardigan). Either book would be lovely and inspirational. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Very generous of you!

    yarnpiggys last blog post..Piggy Sparkles!

  31. Cats always seem to like being the center of attention. ๐Ÿ™‚ Please include me in the raffle.

    Lynns last blog post..Anti-socktober

  32. Lucy fur is precious. After all, it gives you mohair. Well at least cat and bunny fur do in my house. I tell people I have a mohair carpet–everywhere you look there’s mo-hair.

  33. I would really like the Alice Starmore book. I really like her designs, and I especially love cables. I also, wouldn’t mind the sock book.

    I love your Lucy. I have three cats. Two that I adopted and one that adopted me. There is nothing wrong with cat hair on cloths, furniture or on your dinner in that fact.

  34. Wow. That Reader Pam is generous and so are you. I’d be delighted to receive either book as I haven’t either one. The Daily Sweater is looking good.

  35. OOH! I want the Alice Starmore!

  36. I’d love the sock book — socks are fun and I haven’t even tried a sweater, yet. I did buy some sweater yarn last Spring, tho–just trying to get my courage up! I don’t think I’m ready for Alice Starmore…..
    Thanks for the give-away!

  37. I’d love the sock book, if I win…

    Jens last blog post..

  38. HI Wendy

    How generous to donate books to give away..!! Yes please I would like to go into the draw. [ Perhaps one day I will win ! ]

    I have never spun cat hair as I haven’t had a cat with long hair but I have spun dog hair. Samoyd [ spl?] is makes for a lovely warm blanket etc. I have a funny tale re this, I had carded up the rolags a 50/50 blend with wool and left it in our lounge. We came home and the sun had been out and the lounge was lovely and warm … but when we opened the door …we were just about bowled over with “dog” smell. The cat was beside herself and I had a major job spinning it and keeping her off the basket of prepared rolags. She just couldn’t restrain trying to get in it. Wanted to roll in dog… to make up for being chased by the dog up the back!!

    Cheers from downunder

    Beverleys last blog post..Wellington art and self revelations

  39. How nice your readers are ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love the sock book, but the sweater book would be just as awesome.

    And isn’t it funny that ragdolls don’t seem to shed much? We have way more problems with our little fluffy moggy, who tends to shed EVERYWHERE. I mean, I haven’t been home in almost a year, and I’m still finding his hair all over my stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. **Jumping up and down** OH!! Pick ME!!! (hehe)
    Fisherman’s Sweaters. My preference, since I just decided to make a cable sweater/aran and this would be PERFECTAMONDO!!
    **going to be jumping up and down for a few days!!!**

    Mrs. C.s last blog post..Busy doesn’t mean much unless I show you!

  41. Alice Starmore for me! (Not that I wouldn’t love to win the other book but I succumbed to the hurt book sale and already have drool marks all over the precious thing)

    Lucy is charming. As are you, of course!

  42. I’d love to be entered in the giveaway! Thanks!!

    Retes last blog post..Whelmed

  43. I am so impressed that you can think of something to say on your blog everyday — I can’t seem to get ours updated .
    Lucy is gorgeous – I have two mail black cats – and everything I knit or crochet has kitty hair woven in. Fortunately, it felts!

    Claires last blog post..

  44. I’d love a copy of either one!

  45. Lucy is as good a fiber animal as my Sadie, a black/charcoal satin angora bunnie!
    Please include me in the drawing. I already have the sock book, but have been eyeing the other lately.

    Linda Hs last blog post..Works in Progress

  46. wow – its awesome you have two books to give away. i’d love to be entered to get either.

  47. JennyPenny says:

    I’d love either one!

  48. I love giveaways — I’ve never won anything, but that hasn’t yet made me give up on trying.

    I’d prefer the sock book.

    Faiths last blog post..Baby Story, Part 3: Continued Hospitalization and Saying Goodbye

  49. Finished your book this weekend and I need another one to read. I think I would like Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs due to the Socktoberfest.
    Your coming along nicely on your sweater. I like it.

  50. Speaking of kitty fur…I would love to see what the woman who won Lucys glorious fur does with it. I love the sweater you are working to finish. I would also love to be picked for the book giveaway..

  51. Lucy thinks it is very nice of you to knit her a cushion!!

    I’d love the sock book, as I’ve knitted one fisherman cabled sweater, and that is enough for any lifetime! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Looks like you’ll get lots of love from Lucy when you wear that sweater.
    The Fisherman’s Sweaters sound good but I like socks, too!

    Marilyns last blog post..A Better Mousetrap

  53. I can’t resist commenting to get in on the Starmore! All I know about knitting sweaters is that I need to do more of them (currently working on my first).

  54. Wow! You really have some kind readers! I guess that goes along with who writes this blog heh.
    Lucy is looking as majestic as always!

    Dees last blog post..Things are finishedโ€ฆ

  55. I have to admit, I’ve always been a little intimidated by top down sweaters, but you’ve inspired me. I might have to try one now. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And YAY for books and give-aways!

    Danas last blog post..insanity…

  56. Hi Wendy – Love your blog since I found it about a month ago and read it daily. I already have the sock book, but the sweater book would fit in wonderfully, since I am taking a top-down raglan sweater class at my LYS the latter part of this month and early next month. Thanks for your offer.

    Darlenes last blog post..Sunday – Catch Up Time

  57. Another sock knitter. Thanks Wendy and Pamela B. Ya know maybe Lucy thinks that sweater is for her!

  58. PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!

    Seriously, thanks for the raffle and I’d love either book!

  59. Love the sweater!! I would like to be entered in the contest.
    Thanks so much

  60. I would LOVE to have the Alice Starmore book. I have wanted one for a long time, but finances have never allowed. Thanks.

  61. I usually knit bottom-up ones, just because most patterns come that way BUT given a preference, I definitely prefer top-down.

    (For socks, of course, I prefer the other way around.)

    I guess, basically, I really like to know that I’ll have a nearly-complete garment if I suddenly run out of yarn! You can still wear a short sweater, or one with 3/4 sleeves, or socks with shorter cuffs, after all!

    –Debs last blog post..Review: Cables Volume 1: The Basics

  62. Fisherman’s Sweaters please.

  63. Kathryn Sigman says:

    I’ve been drooling over both of those books for awhile! WOuld love to have a Starmoer book, though. Thank you for parting with these wonderful books! Can you throw Lucy in as well? I’ll knit her a little sweater before I send her back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. The sweater looks grand, even with Lucy parked on it.

    I prefer the sock book.

    Thanks to both of you for the giveaway.

  65. I’d love either book!

    Shannon H.s last blog post..A little bit of the politicsโ€ฆ

  66. How kind of the two of you! Thanks for being a reliable and interesting read on a daily basis!

    JENNIs last blog post..An FO parade!

  67. Ooh, ooh! Please count me in! (I’d prefer the sock book but really, either would be a welcome addition on my shelf). And thanks for the opportunity!

    (formerly) no-blog-rachels last blog post..Knitters Are Made Of Awesome

  68. Our cats seem to think we have an appalling lack of fur, so they try to “share” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I already have the sock book, but I would love a copy of the Fisherman’s Sweaters book, if I got so lucky!

    deknitss last blog post..A Hell of a Town

  69. The 2 sweaters OTN right now are top-down construction, but I really don’t have a preference either way. Not having to seam is a *big* bonus though.
    As for cat hair, my boys are short-hairs, but they can shed like champions!
    I’m itching to try my hands on one of Alice Starmore’s sweaters (and I already have Favorite Socks).

    Alynxias last blog post..Lifeโ€™s little ups and downs.

  70. I would love to toss my name in for the Alice Starmore book. Thanks!!!

    Clumsy Knitters last blog post..Good Week For Mail

  71. Wow, great books! I have had my eye on the sock book for some time, but haven’t had the means to pick it up. One of these days I’ll knit an adult-sized sweater and will discover which I way I prefer to knit them, up or down. Seems to be like socks; personal preference.

    Chennpugs last blog post..On it goes

  72. I, too, prefer seams. Sweaters in the round feel a little “tubey” to me.

    When I picked out my cat at the humane society, I looked for one that matched my carpet and furniture. Fortunately, he turned out to have a great personality, too. We were doubly-lucky!

    Lisas last blog post..Still Alive!

  73. Oooo, giveaways – sign me up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have to brush my long-haired lovely every day or she hairballs incessantly. Luckily, she loves being brushed, especially THE CHIN. Oh, the chin!

    camelamas last blog post..Duwamish 101 part 3

  74. Oooh, what a great raffle! Can I enter the Starmore one please? For socks I’ll stick to your book as soon as it is available.
    Greetings from Belgium

  75. noallatin says:

    Lucy is truly a gorgeous cat. Unfortunately, because my bronchial system tends to be adversely affected by cats, I am not able to have one.
    Since I already have the sock book, I would like to get the Alice Starmore book.

    Happy Knitting

  76. I would love to receive either one of the books.

    And by the way, you’re not the only without a preference for top down or bottom up sweaters. Just seems that we want to make the pretty ones!

  77. I’d love to have the Starmore book, but can’t use the other as I don’t knit socks.

    I bailed out of the grooming of long-haired dogs when I got a new collie who is a smooth-coat, not a rough-coat like Lassie. He still has to be brushed, but he doesn’t have mats or tangles and doesn’t need to be groomed.

    Mary the Digital Knitters last blog post..Gordo Gets A Surprise

  78. There is always room for knitting books on my book shelf. I am looking forward to your new book too.

  79. Please include me in the raffle. I knit socks as well as fisherman’s knit sweaters (the latter being my true passion), and would truly enjoy either one.

  80. Ooooh, sign me up for the raffle, please! I love knitting socks.

    And please tell Lucy she’s lovely, though I’m sure she already knows it.

    Michelles last blog post..FOโ€™s Flying Around the House

  81. Love your blog. Please enter me in the raffle. I would be pleased with either book.

  82. Enter me to win and a scratch on her most beautiful tummy for the Divine Miss Lucy.

  83. Wow! I’m so glad that my Google Reader suggested your blog!

    Please enter me into your contest. I’m more of a sock knitter.


    Jens last blog post..Happy Tuesday!

  84. I’d love to be entered into the raffle for either book. Thanks so much!!

  85. I would love to enter the raffle for either book. Thanks. Isn’t it interesting how cats can sense what you want to do and are able to find a way to prevent you from doing it?

  86. I would love a chance to have the Starmore book, please. And Lucy is obviously very good at her tremendously important job of protecting your sweater project from rampaging hordes of jellyfish. You don’t *see* any jellyfish around your sweater, right? Good work, Lucy!

  87. Oh, I’d love the sock book, I’m getting deeper and deeper into SockWorld. And Thursday is even my birthday!

    My cats are with Lucy, and will rub against me when I have just dressed, deeming my clean outfit insufficiently furry.

    ccr in MAs last blog post..AP 0, Boston Globe 0

  88. Katherine says:

    Well, here’s my comment. And it is not my first, either. Just for the record, I love Lucy! And I like sweaters knitted from the top down because there is less sewing. But, like you, most of my patterns are from the bottom up.
    I want both books. Seriously, though, if you pick my name, I’ll let you pick. Either one would be a great addition to my knitting library.

  89. Please add me to the book drawing. I would love either book.

  90. Please include me in your drawing for Alice Starmore’s book
    Fisherman’s Sweaters.

  91. Lucy is looking lovely as usual! She thinks the sweater is a new kitty pi for her. I appreciate the entry in your blog give-a-way. I would like the INTERWEAVE sock book if you choose me!

    Cheryls last blog post..Prayer thanks.

  92. Kate (the enabler) says:

    I agree, so very generous. I’d be delighted to receive either book ๐Ÿ™‚ – but if pressed to choose, the Starmore would win.
    Really looking forward to seeing the finished sweater (but probably not as much as you are, eh?)

  93. Wendy, your knitting prowess never ceases to amaze me. Pet Lucy once for me, she is an excellent surrogate kitty while I’m away from my own cats.

    Erin (formerly of Minnesota) in New Yorks last blog post..Weird Dreamโ€ฆ

  94. I would love either book but the starmore would really rock ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. I don’t know why you are having a giveaway but I would LOVE to be entered. And I do have a preference, for Favorite Socks. Little chance, but entering is what counts.

    For some reason I get really annoyed when there are cat hairs in my knitting. I probably shouldn’t as that’s almost a sign of love…

  96. Wow, what a generous giveaway!

    I’m still plugging away at my first sweater which is in pieces.

  97. I’ve knit enough socks that I think I can tackle a sweater. That’s my goal for this winter. Maybe sometime after Christmas. I would love to be in the raffle for either book. Thank you!

  98. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love either book. Lucy looks so comfortable on your sweater. She may need a new sweater bed for herself

  99. The sweater is coming along nicely and the fur only adds to its charm!

    How nice to offer some books – I’d love either, but especially the Fisherman’s Sweaters :^)

  100. How generous to be offering more books. I’d like to be entered in the drawing for the Starmore book, please.