My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Daily Sweater

Here it is.

I attempted an in the mirror shot, but was not able to get a decent shot, so you’ll have to settle for Gwendolyn modeling it.

Penny T asked in the comments:

Your daily sweater is going to be a keeper, it appears. I’d like to make one, but the thought of all that stocking stitch in DK is too daunting. How do you think the sweater would work in worsted weight?

I think it woild be fine. The stitch gauge on this is actually 4.5 stitches to the inch, so that’s almost worsted anyhow.

Roseann asked:

Is that a 12″ circular needle you are using for the cuff? How do you use it without hurting yourself? I flirted with 12″ needles very briefly for socks and I just couldn’t take the stress on my hands.

Nope, that’s a 16-incher.

Like the ribbing around the bottom, you increase stitches before starting the cuff, so that the ribbing does not pull in. Therefore, a 16-inch needle is very comfortable to use for the cuff.

I enjoyed knitting this sweater very much, and at some point can see myself making another one.

But right now, this is what I’m working on:

Care to hazard a guess? Pattern and yarn?

As you can see, Lucy is helping.


  1. Wowz! That is an awesome sweater. All that time really did pay off. It’s beautiful. Woohoo! 1st commenter!
    Again, wonderful sweater.

  2. the sweater is gorgeous 🙂 no guesses, to soon to tell for me

  3. Lovely sweater! I’m afraid I have no guess for the new wip.

  4. That sweater is gorgeous! I have no idea what you may have cast on now, but I am sure it will turn out great.

  5. My guess is something round, and turquoise yarn. Am I right? :-p

  6. How pretty! Great job!

  7. Since Lucy loves it so much, I’m guessing the yarn is more Calmer. Don’t have a clue what though. I do like the color.

  8. Oh and I really like the sweater. It’s pretty. It’ll look really nice on you too.

  9. I’m guessing it might be another cat bed.

  10. Well, the WIP thingy on your website says the daily sweater…

  11. I was gonna guess something in teh round and turquoise, but someone already said that!

  12. Perhaps the February Lady Sweater?

  13. technikat says:

    Maybe a moebius scarf?

    The sweater looks good. It does look like a nice everyday type sweater, not too fancy to put on whenever.

  14. Love the Daily Sweater. I have to knit one too. Waiting to go to Stitches for yarn.
    As for the new WIP, Bottom up cardi ?

  15. The daily sweater is almost as good looking as Lucy. It’s lovely.

    As for the new one, I’ll guess that it’s something in worsted weight that’s not a sock, maybe with cables or some other texture…

  16. Katherine says:

    The sweater is absolutely beautiful!
    Would you be knitting another sweater on a circular needle?

  17. Linda from Kansas says:

    Finished sweater – very nice.
    WIP – a moebius perhaps?


  18. Thank you for answereing my question, the cuffs look so petit I thought you had to be using a 12″ needle. Your Daily Sweater turned out beautifully and will be very nice to wear once our weather cools back down. I’m not sure what your new project is, but Lucy makes a very nice spokesmodel.

  19. My guess is another Baby Surprise Jacket. Gorgeous Daily Sweater. I have Calmer ready to go after I finish my current project on the needles.

  20. ellen in indy says:

    gwendolyn looks as lovely as ever — and why shouldn’t she, with such gorgeous things to wear! how would you suggest adjusting the pattern for heavier yarn — knit a swatch and do the @^#%$ math, i suppose. i’d have seen more use for math back in the day if it had been presented as a way to settle gauge issues and figure skein quantities. (sigh)

  21. Oops! Forgot to mention that I think you are using Rowan Calmer.

  22. I’m thinking another Baby Suprise Jacket. I think the color would be aproprite for that – as much as I love the February Lady Sweater (having just knit one) I don’t think you’d knit one in that color.

  23. Love this sweater. Is it your pattern? Where can I find it?

  24. I love the sweater. I have no idea what you are knitting with the blue yarn. But I bet it will be very pretty.

  25. I’m guess a February Lady Sweater in a color of Malabrigo that is unfamiliar to me. Maybe it’s Manos?

  26. Moebius?

  27. The Daily sweater looks great. 🙂 I am no yarn or pattern rainman so I fear I can not hazard a guess.

  28. LOVE the Daily Sweater – reinforces my plan to make at least one also. I like to have plain vanilla knitting to do while in meetings or the movies.

  29. The sweater looks great! I really like the lace work at the kneck – it adds a nice bit of interest.

    No clue what you are knitting currently, but I you are making it in one of my favorite colors, so I’m good to stare at it for a while!!

  30. That looks like it will be the sweater you reach for the most…it has that look of irresistible cozy comfort. You did a beautiful job-I’m sure you will enjoy wearing it.

  31. Liz in IN says:

    Great sweater! If you wear it as much as you think you’re going to, could you consider giving an update after a while? I’d love your take on the fuzzing/pilling/general wear’n’tear qualities of Calmer. Please?

    No idea what the new project might be, but the colour is lovely and obviously Lucy approves. That’s enough info for me to call it another winner in the making!

  32. Theresa in Italy says:

    The new sweater, she is gorgeous. No idea what the WIP is (aside from the usual observation that it’s something turquoise) but I love the close up of Lucy’s paw in the middle of it!

  33. my god woman, you are a machine. Do you actually take a breath between casting off one project and casting on for the next?

    I’m gonna go hang my head in shame for a while now… I’m only working on dishcloths and can’t manage even that..

  34. i am guessing another sweater, love the daily sweater!

  35. HMM. looks like a tad too many stitches for top down Rusted Root. That’s my next one so it is on my brain. Cotton Fleece maybe?

  36. Beautiful sweater. It looks like it has a nice drape to it.

  37. Nice sweater!

    I think the new piece is a blankie for Lucy. It’s getting cooler and a girl needs a blankie.

  38. Robbed of our “Wendy in the mirror” 15 seconds of fame! We will live with our disappointment.

    How does it fit? Sure looks purty!

    Ever admiring of how you actually finish stuff,

  39. The sweater looks very comfy and soft; quite scrumptious.

    I think the new item is a hoola hoop, not sure about the yarn. You might have to starch it after blocking so that it will twirl around properly. Lucy probably wants one for herself, considering her sense of humor.
    And, I think that color would look great on Lucy, especially next summer while outside sunning herself and hoola-hooping the afternoons away.

    🙂 firefly

  40. Super job as usual Wendy. I bet it looks great on you, please try and find a way to let us see.

    You don’t often knit things twice, do you?

  41. Gorgeous!!!

    Another BSJ?

  42. Very nice. It looks super comfortable! A lot of my knitting is for work clothes, so it is too casual for where I am but just a tiny bit of waist shaping would make it perfectly acceptable here too!

    (The perils of working in a law firm is that business casual is stressed on the first word not the second.)

  43. LOVE the sweater AND the kitty! luv.m.

  44. That will definitely be a top to wear for all seasons! Speaking of 16″ circulars, I can’t find my size 10’s. Ugh. I’m doing the sleeves for Green Gable (Vogue- Fall) and the sleeves have a huge cable pattern. I’ve been using dpns, but they are wearing me out!! Hi Lucy! I can’t guess what you’re making, because I already read your next post!! Sorry – I’m behind on my reading again… . 🙂

  45. The sweater is lovely. I was confused by the stitch gauge – is it 5.5 or 4.5? One poster said she was worried about doing it in DK and wanted to use worsted weight yarn. I thought DK weight was about 5.5 st/in and worsted is anywhere from 4 – 5st/in. With 4 to 4.5 being called heavy worsted. I realize these terms vary greatly from region to region and country to country. I don’t have the book (yet) so wasn’t sure what the original pattern called for in terms of gauge and yarn.

    2nd question – did you short row the back of the neck to get the nice fit on the collar? It looks great on your mannequin.

    You continue to amaze us with your speed and beautiful end results!

  46. I like the sweater too… it’s on my “to do” list after my holiday projects. Please get the KOARC to snap a photo of you, I’d love to see you in it. I’m concerned about the way it’s cupping in at the bottom on the mannequin – it could be because she has no bottom ?
    Have a lovely fall weekend.