My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Love Autumn

I love this time of year. I love especially that it is lovely and cool outside. Not hot. Not humid.

I think Lucy wants me to turn on the heat. And I want to open the windows to let in more cold air. I really don’t see how she can be cold with that lovely thick fur coat. But she is noticeably more snuggly, and when not pasted to me, is curled up on one of her cozy cushions. The temperature in my condo (without turning the heat on) ranges from 70 – 72 degrees F., for pete’s sake. Clearly, she is a pampered little cream puff.

I’ve made a bit of progress on the Rib and Lace Cardigan — see?

But don’t expect too much progress tomorrow — I’ve got other things to occupy my time tonight. For example, reveling in the peace and quiet. Perhaps I am getting old and cranky, but when did it become acceptable office behavior to play radios in an open office, have loud music as your cellphone ringer (and have your cellphone ringer turned on for that matter), have all-day personal phone conversations on the business phone lines, and congregate at the front desk to socialize for 45 minutes at a time, complete with loud braying laughter? Et cetera.

Yeah, I’m old and cranky.

Lucy sez:

“I still love you, Momma. Even if you are old and cranky and have the stupid windows open.”


  1. No one has consideration any more. Hope you enjoy a peaceful and quiet evening!

  2. I sometimes forget to shut my ringer off and my co-workers laugh that it’s a sheep baa’ing. For the most part though, it’s off and I agree, it’s rude during the work day in close quarters. Luckily I have a good group that puts up with my knitting adventures and I with their guitar adventures.

  3. I must be old and cranky, too. I’m so tired of loud ringtones and (mostly inappropriate) conversations in my office, I don’t know what to do. Enjoy the peace and quiet, and give the beautiful Miss Lucy a hug!

  4. I work in the office waiting area of the car shop so I have to tolerate noisy customers sometimes. But they probably consider me old and cranky. I need to work in quiet sometimes which is something even my boss doesn’t understand.

    Izzy has been sleeping in the bed with me and Debit the last few nights. Debit sleeps under the covers and Izzy tries to step on her sometimes.

  5. I tend to think of it as being professional and appropriate, but I see nothing wrong with being old and cranky. Better than being young and clueless. ;^)

  6. Kate Lathrop says:

    I’m with you on lack of courtsey at the office. I try and keep my ringer low, and any personal calls I step into an office to take. Overall our work place isn’t too bad, but there are some people – – – – (must control pointy sticks of doom).

    Thank DOG for knitting – it keeps me sane.

  7. Where’s the boss when this stuff is going on?

  8. I haven’t turned the heat on either and we live in Minnesota. I, too, can no longer wear my wool sweaters, except on the bitterly cold days. We sleep with the windows open all year. I am a curmudgeon; I’ve accepted it.

  9. If you are old and cranky, there are a lot of us out there.
    As always, Lucy is a beauty. Makes me miss being at home with my Coley.

  10. There’s hope. Two years firmly this side of “the change,” and I’m actually starting to feel cold again. I’ve even been toying with the idea of buying a long-sleeved shirt! (I can’t remember how many years pre-menopause all this heat kicked in, but the fact that I don’t even own a long-sleeved shirt any more is probably an indication that it was many many years back.)

  11. ugh i must be old and cranky as well. my officemate has his cell phone ringer on the loudest setting possible and then talks on SPEAKERPHONE!!!! seriously???

    i’m hot, too. let’s open all of the windows.

  12. I guess a lot of us are old and cranky – or maybe just professional and courteous? It annoys me to no end when people “must” listen to the radio when they work, or yak on the phone all day. Thankfully I now work from home so only have the occassional cat fight to contend with.

  13. BunnyQueen says:

    I’m only 38 and I qualify as “old and cranky” on this front, too. The other day I very calmly walked over to my coworker whose cube is next to mine and dropped a note on his desk: “If you don’t pick up your handset I will break your speakerphone button the next time you leave your desk. My customers can hear your customers.” He now goes into a conference room to do speakerphone calls.

    Cookie – I am amazed at how few people now how to be professional when dealing with a phone. I have had to train people who have been working in the finance world for several years how to do more than answer with “This is (insert name).” And you work for what company?

    Good thing it is nearly the end of the day. I can go home and snuggle kitties and bunnies and destress. πŸ™‚

  14. Boy, do I agree with that one. We’re surrounded by too much noise anywhere we go. It constantly amazes me the number of personal phone calls that you overhear any where you go – it’s enough to make you yell, “Stop the Madness.” That’s probably what is so soothing about knitting – just the little clink of the needles – or not if you use bamboo. I’m currently watching reruns of Cheers – with no phones ringing in the bar – it was a different lifestyle before. Anyway, just wanted you to know that you’re not the only one that’s old and cranky.

  15. Lucy wouldn’t be very happy here. I am in MN and it is 68 in our house with the heat on. Two of my cats snuggle together in the kitty bed and the third curls up on a sheepskin.

  16. My boss is in an adjoining office; the direct door between our offices is closed. I hear his i-pod quite clearly — hell I can hear his i-pod all the way to the other end of the office! He thinks I like his music because I never have a radio on – it takes great concentration some times to keep from driving a pointy stick into his jugular. And no, asking him to turn it down doesn’t work – tried that and I get peace for about 1/2 a day before he rocks out again. Before anyone excuses him due to his age you should know he turned 60 in August!

    The other woman in the office is queen of the f-word when not on the phone and has an annoying habit of repeating everything at least twice. I hear most of her conversations clearly – especially when the big boss is gone.

    Anybody want to trade???

  17. Don’t your co-workers know that you carry sharp pointy sticks with you to work? Perhaps you need to remind them.

  18. Kristi ~ Ohio says:

    I am old and cranky too Wendy. I can hear my coworker’s ipod, yet he can’t hear his own phone ring. My new pet peeve is people coming in late…20-40 minutes late, 1.5 – 2 hour lunch (we only get 30 mins) and then leave a “few minutes” early. We’re not allowed to have cell phones on where I work, yet they do. All day it’s “you’ve got a text msg” or loud rings. Clearly, I’m old and cranky. Thanks for letting me vent. πŸ™‚

  19. My cats certainly cuddle with me more when it’s not hot. Mama the heat source! They cuddle with each other more, too.

    One benefit to being laid off is that I am no longer “in the loop” about my neighboring coworker’s doctor’s appointments and her son’s problems in school. There’s a bright side to everything, isn’t there? And the one with the radio: I wanted to buy her some headphones!

    BunnyQueen, I love your note!

  20. Hariamrit says:

    Sign me up for old and cranky.

  21. anne marie in philly says:

    well, I must be a pampered little cream puff cause I have turned the heat on at my house! funny, after “the change” I feel the cold…and I have never had a hot flash…meh…

    lucy can come up to philly to get warm and play with cousins steven and meredith if she so chooses! πŸ˜‰

    people are so damn rude nowadays; and no, we are NOT old and cranky, we are just more courteous!

  22. Guess I’m old and cranky too. My co-worker in the cubicle next to me comes in late every morning, usually talking on her cell phone to some member of her family, then she spends most of the day on her work phone and cell at the same time on personal calls. During her lunch time, which she takes at least an hour after everyone else she watches movies on her computer without the benefit of headphones and the movie usually stays on till it’s over. No one says boo to her about any of this because we’re all afraid of her – bosses included. In “fun” she hits and pinches a couple of the guys and has loud inappropriate “quarrels” with most anyone who will “argue” back.
    Lucky me, I get to go on travel with her in April for training. Anyone want to trade obnoxious co-workers for a week?

  23. I think most people have no clue what office protocol should be or even what manners are! Endless noise in a closed area would drive me to want to throttle someone!!
    Aren’t kitties funny! I have so been enjoying the cooler weather and it is cooler here in KY. I have my windows open and refuse to turn on the heat. My kitties are hunting every drop of sun they can find or snuggling up on beds and pillows. My house is about 66 to 69 degrees. Although one morning I awoke to 63 degrees. The cats were glued to me. πŸ™‚

  24. Linda from Kansas says:

    You are not old or cranky – it sounds like my office although i do say that they enforce the cell phone thing. Loud braying laughter, well the ones who should enforce the noise thing are loudest! Work time is apparently social time. Wonder what they do on their breaks?

  25. I am *so* with you on the office behavior! And the super loud cellphones! And just really cell phones in general in public – you see people in the grocery stores, the mall, standing in lines, etc. all yakking away at these huge volumes. There is no public courtesy any more. Our office thankfully has a policy that if you want to listen to music at your desk, it needs to be via headset. One of my other office pet peeves is people with their loud gum or who eat sunflower seeds at their desk. Since when do I want to work next to a cow chewing its cud or a big parrot??

    So….a fun fact for why cats start to seek out heat sooner than we do – their normal body temp is 101.5-102.5 whereas ours is 97.8-99.1. Which means what feels comfortable to us can still feel cool to them. It also helped me understand why my cats love to lay outside on a 95 degree day when I’m swooning from the heat! πŸ˜‰

  26. Michele in maine says:

    I’m with you on the cold weather – bring it on! The only drawback is that in my office, my office- mates insist on dressing in summer clothes and then like to crank up the heat! “My hands are cold!” she insists. “It’s because you’re not dressed warm enough – try wearing a sweater (so we can turn the heat down and I can wear mine!)

    And yes, in deference to the kitties, I have started having fires in the woodstove at night. I’m knitting a shawl right now (dark colors), and they all want to be in my lap!

  27. Well, that makes two of us. Fortunately I am usually by myself but even then I don’t like noisy distractions.
    Lucy, put on your big kitty panties and deal with autumn. No, it doesn’t work for my kitties either but it’s worth trying.

  28. Well………..I AM a cranky person: my coworkers not only shriek and chat all day, they come in late & then “fix” breakfast and eat……….til it’s break time, lunch time, and spend the last two hours of the day with more shrieking and jumping and FUN……….as in what’ s your problem: work? what’s that??…….and where’s the boss?…………well she thought I was just CRANKY until I changed my hours with rationale that it was impossible to get any work done the last hour………….so: she showed up one day at 4 pm & viola: it was a zoo……… it’s quieter……….except for the drama queen who is always on the cell phone………….just remember: these people VOTE!……….pretty scary!!

  29. Once again, I’m so glad I’m retired. I could not stand the rude behavior that apparantly you all have to put up with. Yes, I’m old and have standards, which makes me a crank.

    I also apparantly have thin blood. We lit the pilot light on the furnace 3 weeks ago, and I’m in Huntington Beach. Yep, that’s Southern California. I also can’t wear wool and still would love to knit sweaters, so thank you so much for any advice or recommendations on cotton blends.

    Huntington Beach has a city ordinance which bans cell phone use or ringing in the public library. The fine is $150.00. Yes!

  30. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being upset with that type of rudeness — it is completely unacceptable! I would say something — if you’re able to keep it to yourself, you’re a far better person than me πŸ˜‰

    And Lucy is cold @ 72ΒΊ? My, she is a pampered little girl!! She’d freeze to death here — 66ΒΊ is all we can afford this winter – even THAT may be pushing it! (although, I bet you’d love it at that temp!)

  31. I am only 25 and I can’t imagine doing any of those things. I had one job where I was the only one in the main office and I usually had classical music on low, after I cleared it with my boss. But I don’t make personal calls, have my ringer on, use the speakerphone (except for conference calls), or feel like I get a mini lunch break every hour. It makes me nuts! It’s not a generational thing – just a rudeness thing!

  32. I am totally with you on the open the windows and let in the cold air. Our bed is next to the window and I like open an inch or two until I worry about snow coming in. Lucy can not come to visit here either, because we keep the temp around 63 all winter. Yes, my children are snow bunnies. ;0)

  33. I am old and very cranky, so appalled my the lack of manners and courtesy. Not just from this generation, but people in general. There is very little professionl behavior anywhere. I find it extremely annoying. Cats know how to be spoiled ! Gota love it.

  34. My cat sleeps on me a lot more when it’s not summer! Last night, she wouldn’t get off my lap so I could get off the couch to go to bed. I kept nudging her and she wouldn’t take the hint.

    I have an office far away from other people. It’s perfect.

  35. Oh how I don’t miss those office things. So, I guess I’m old and cranky, too. Let’s start a fad

  36. You are old and cranky only if that translates to professional and not wanting to w aste time! Or feeling that people should do a days work if they are getting paid for one. Management and discipline…things I teach and enforce in my office…yes, I’m a manager that would be termed cranky about some things. At the same time, I can be flexible and want only the best for my employees. I also want the best from them. Hmmmm….two way street….respect….integrity….do I see a trend?

  37. I had one office job where my other coworker kept cranking up the heat. I like it cooler. I kept turning it back down. She asked the boss to set it publically at about 78 F! OOF! He asked me what I thought and I said “Only if I can wander around in my undies, otherwise I’ll be too heat-exhausted to do any work. So it’s either she wears a sweater, or I strip down, or I just never come in to the office to do any work.” He chose to keep it officially cooler in the office. πŸ™‚ I would have tried harder to adjust to it if it was something like her hands were too cold to grasp a pen, but just like another commenter, this was someone who wanted to wear (office-inappropriate) light summer clothing all year round, even when it was snowing out.

    Some people’s children. I tell ya.

  38. Old and Cranky too. And since I have been old and cranky for a while I find no reason why I should put up and shut up with rude, its-all-about-me syndrome. The Look will stop a moving train….and will silence fools.

    Elliot, a thick coated Persian, is one of the biggest wimps when it comes to cool. Sits under a lamp, crawls under blankets, and will fall asleep in an upright posture if the sun is on his back. Now how can Lucy, Elliot and others be cold?! Is it the drama?

  39. Katherine says:

    I am loving that sweater. I think that I may have to look into cotton as well. I only ever think of it as being fine for dishcloths, but your sweater is really looking good.
    As a former teacher, I was able to close my classroom door and control the noise level. As a present student, I have very little electronic noise in my life. When my granddaughter comes to visit, or when my husband is around, there is electronic noise. I don’t like it. Often I will turn on the weather channel, but with no volume.

  40. I am with you! Although there are only two people in my office the phones, fax, printer, music, demanding people – they all get to me after a while! We have a no tv rule in the house in the afternoons because I just crave silence! Mini-Me does not really like it, but only because she has caught on to my secret plot to increase her brain function =)

    That lace pattern is looking great!!

  41. I agree with you whole heartedly!!!!!! One guy I work with has 7 children that are homeschooled, which means they can call ‘Daddy’ anytime of day for assistance with their lessons. Apparently the kids haven’t learned how to leave a message because they continually call back when he is away. He leaves his cell phone in his cubicle instead of carrying it on his person. I also get to enjoy the Mr. T ringtone and the theme from ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’. To top it all off, another co-worker has some rather delicate medical issues, that he openly discusses in a loud voice with whomever calls or stops by his cubicle. Cubicle Hell!!

    Sorry for venting, but it helps to know that others feel the way I do.

  42. I am with you 100% on all of this!

  43. Old & cranky here too. I very much enjoy my “quiet” at home (as quiet as a house with a chatty 7 year old can be :)).

  44. We live in a log house so it can be a bit drafty! I rate the chill of the night by the number of cats that sleep in the bed, last night was only a one cat night. Sorry things are so noisy at work, I am in the accounting department and thank goodness it is quiet, gotta concentrate.

  45. Greetings from one old, cranky person to another! I am so enjoying watching your progress on this Vogue sweater. It was one of my favorites from that issue (even though I don’t ever expect to make it. Seaming? Yikes.) The color is lovely, too. Enjoy fall! Nothing beats no humidity.

  46. This morning was absolutely beautiful. I took ten to sit in the new park on the water and stare at the Rosslyn skyline. The colors are changing, it’s crisp and cool, but not enough leaves have actually fallen for the autumn allergies to kick in. This, and early spring (before enough blooms for the spring allergies to arrive), are my favorite times of year.

  47. This type of behavior is all over the map age wise. I sometimes will sit and listen to my music in my office via headphones, because otherwise I get distracted by other people’s conversations. My cell phone was uniformly off at work until we put our condo on the market, but even then email is the best way to get a hold of me and they know that.

    While I feel guilty about my music and things like that, I felt a lot less so when one of my coworkers had her music on loudly enough that I could hear it down the hall.

  48. Hi Wendy. I hear you loud and clear about the music and the congregating at the front desk (which happens to be where I sit) and holding conversations. I think it is so rude — I don’t go into their offices and hold conversations. I wear a lot of hats where I work, and even tho my desk is the “front” desk, I do need to use my brain to do my work and when they stand around my desk it DRIVES ME WILD – – I feel like yelling – – GO AWAY!!! The music thing – – I nipped that in the bud. I just told her, either play it louder (I knew she wouldn’t) so we all could enjoy her music or close her door. She turned the music off. Perfect. I felt like an ol’ crank saying it, but I could hear her music drifting down the hallway and it was very distracting to me. It wasn’t loud enough to hear it, hear it, but enough to know there was music being played and whenever she started singing along – – oh my! Don’t get me wrong, I love music – – but not in the office please. However, I am guilty about the cell phone. I do have it on so my son can reach me, and it is loud because when it is in my purse, I can’t hear it as well. Most of us in the office have our cell phones on.

    Hugs and snuggles to Lucy!!!

  49. Cat fur is purely ornamental, on them and everything I own. As it should be.

  50. I KNOW I’m old and cranky, and cell phone ringers are the WORST. I can’t even stand my own! Love the lace cardigan.

  51. Fellow not old and cranky here, I’m lucky my office doesn’t make it easy to turn up the heat because everyone around me runs cold. I like it cool and will turn on my desk fan when other people have heaters running.
    One issue you didn’t mention is texting. Since when can you text continually personal messages during team meetings? Or get up to answer a cellphone during a meeting when its a personal call? My co-worker is on her cell all day and openly complains about her friends and family calling her to solve their problems. I tell her “have you considered turning your cell off?” Sheesh.

  52. This is my favorite season, and so much more enjoyable in the Northeast than in the Southwest … for many reasons. We actually had a bit of snow last evening and again this morning. This autumn has been so very, very lovely. The trees have been especially pretty and bright with deeper reds than other years. It is cold and nippy, the pooch is extra cuddly much as Lucy is, and knitting become an eloquently cozy experience. Ahh, fall. Yes, fall.

    Lucy looks particularly scrumptious in her warm and elegant fur today. The things you described in the office … all things I am so glad to have escaped from when I came to this farm!

    Warmest, quietest wishes,

  53. I don’t consider myself old and yet I’m offended by music in the office and annoying cell phone rings. It’s just a matter of respect. We have one phone in our office that constantly rings with the sound of a baby laughing. It annoys the hell out of me. There is another that plays some rap song that loudly shouts out the F-word. *grrrrr* First thing I do when I enter the office is put my cell on silent.

  54. Wendy — thanks for the ‘head’s up’ on the Cucumberpatch. I scored 20 skeins of the Sea Spray myself — with the current exchange rate, the 2.99 a skein is actually 1.73 — what a steal!
    Sorry about the thoughtless co-workers.
    I work from home — and sometimes miss having company, but my dog is much quieter than what you are putting up with!
    I can leave the house at lunch for company!


  55. Oh, I’m with you. Also burning incense in an office. I mean, seriously? Sigh…

  56. Sheila in Ohio says:

    The sweater is going to be beautiful!

    I couldn’t agree more on this post and its comments, and it makes me the most unpopular person in our office of eight. I don’t know when an honest day’s work turned into getting paid to do your personal business all day. And I grew up such that if it wasn’t an emergency you better not be calling your parents at work, and I raised my son the same. Cell phones, personal calls, loud voices, texting, emails, surfing, job hunting, candles, perfume… all of it gags me. And then they spend the lunch hour complaining about “work” and have the gall to say they are so overloaded they can’t get their work done. Ultimately I blame the managers who don’t stop it. There are plenty of people looking for work.

  57. You don’t sound cranky. It is rude for co-workers to not be considerate of their fellow office mates. I always wonder about managers who don’t put their foot down. The problem just tends to grow. And with this economic climate the performance of all is important. Not that you can’t take a break but some people seem to have more down time than work time.

  58. Theresa in Italy says:

    Hi, Wendy, weighing in late on this one (was tied up all day yesterday dealing with the Italian health care system—don’t ask) but just wanted to say that I couldn’t agree with you more—on courtesy at work or lack of same, not the old-and-cranky bit!

  59. We used to play music in the office with the agreement of those in that room. It was actually really nice and made the day drag by less. Perhaps the problem here is a “serious lack of communication.” πŸ™‚ (how does that quote go exactly?)

  60. Consider me old and cranky too. Not just in the office, but more so on the train. I’m TIRED of listening to loud, obnoxious ringers on the train, conversations that read “dude, I haven’t talked to you in ages” (that could have waited a few more minutes until they were OFF THE FRICKIN TRAIN)… and the biggest peeve is the one who has the press-a-button noise enabled on their phone be it the clicky noise of the iphone for the twit who sat in front of me this morning with every press of her annoying little phone chirping. There really isn’t common courtesy these days.