My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Thanks . . . I Think

Thanks for the recommendations for places to buy beads. ๐Ÿ™‚

I checked out Earth Faire, but didn’t see anything that seemed quite right. I checked out Fire Mountain (I was a Fire Mountain customer way back when. Before the internet) and again, nothing exactly right.

Then I went to Fushion Beads, which a couple of you recommended. Ding! We have a winner. I actually bought beads in 4 different colors so I could compare and see which ones worked best with my yarn. It’s a good thing beads are cheap!

Even given that I bought 4 times the beads i needed, I think I was pretty well-behaved. That’s because I kept my focus (“beads for the shawl, beads for the shawl,” chanted I) and I did not stray into any other part of the online store. When I heard a little voice telling me to just look at some of the other stuff, I managed to block it out. Lalalalalalalalala, I can’t hear you.

How will I bead this — by stringing them onto the yarn or using the crochet hook method? I’ve done both in the past. I’ll be stringing them, because I’m not sure the crochet hook method will work. According to the pattern, the beads are slipped into place between stitches, not onto a stitch.

How is the pattern constructed? The center panel is worked first, then you pick up stitches on each side of the center and work outward.Should be fun!

And I’ve done a wee bit more on my current project. Still slogging along on the lace, but hopefully I’ll reach the ribbed portion this weekend.

Oh, and I wore The Daily Sweater to work today. Crappy in-the-mirror photo:

The photo might be less than stellar, but the sweater is great. I give it two thumbs up!

In other news, my “Guys with Yarn” calendar was in today’s mail.

And I give it two thumbs up. ๐Ÿ˜€

The calendar was purchased from Franklin Habit’s etsy shop. He is sold out of calendars as I write this (gee, what a surprise) but according to his blog, there will be more available for sale soon.

Last but certainly not least, Lucy wishes you a good weekend!


  1. Beads are so much fun! I absolutely adore bead shopping, partly because we have a fab bead store near me and partly just because. I want to start a beaded shawl soon–just a few more boxes to empty!

  2. Margie from Maryland says:

    The Daily Sweater looks great on you, Wendy!

  3. Noticed your hair is longer again. From what you can tell from the picture it looks great. Thanks for the tip on WEN; I’ve used it ever since.

    Of course, the Daily Sweater looks great too!

  4. Thanks for the link to Fusion Beads – I’ve been looking for a good source for resin beads and they have some great ones. The sweater looks awesome, too!

  5. The calendar cracks me up! And beads definitely ARE an affordable luxury! I’ve sometimes thought I had the PERFECT beads picked out and then knitted a swatch and….not as perfect as I thought. I get at least 2 choices now too. Besides, like yarn, we just can’t have enough beads, right?


    Guys with Yarn… Can’t they live in the real world too, and not just in a calendar?? A girl can dream!

  7. cirque-n-soxx says:

    Ah, Fusion Beads–they’re awesome! Just think, if you ever come visit Seattle, you can come to their real store, which is a little slice o’ beady heaven.

  8. Yarn Cheesecake photos- gotta love it.

    The daily sweater looks fantastic!

    A good weekend to you and Lucy.

  9. anne marie in philly says:

    nice daily sweater!…my 2009 calendar hasn’t arrived yet!

    did you turn on the heat for lucy yet? guess not, she looks a bit on the fluffy side…

    all y’all have a good weekend too!

  10. I find that stringing the beads onto the yarn can stress the yarn, but I think it depends on the type of yarn and the amount of beads you are using. I used Oral-B Superfloss to put beads into the Mystery Stole 4 and it worked really well for me. Kind of like the crochet hook method, but without having to pick up a single bead each time. If the beads go between the stitches though, this won’t be any help.

    The lace is looking beautiful too!

  11. Oh man, that calendar is hysterical!

  12. The shawl pattern is beautiful. So is the color!

  13. What a funny calendar! The sweater looks great even in the mirror!
    Lucy have a great weekend also!

  14. The sweater looks great on you! Also – I want the calendar with every breath in my body…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Love love love your Daily Sweater!!! And isn’t Franklin’s calendar delish?
    Happy Weekend!

  16. Theresa in Italy says:

    You look so good in that sweater! Crappy mirror shot and all, it’s a winner. And now I know which calendar I want for Christmas! A very good weekend to you and Lucy!

  17. haha, that calendar is great!

  18. I can’t wait to see your bead selection with the yarn. ๐Ÿ™‚ That calendar amuses me as does some of his proposals for future calendars.

  19. Do the sleeves of the Daily Sweater flop all day? I worry about “catching” on stuff.

  20. Gotta get me that book! Mason Dixon, no.2 and maybe the calender, sweater looks comfortable, have fun!

  21. We gotta make a “Boys with Beads” calendar. Thanks for the inspiration! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    at Rings & Things

  22. I find the calendar pretty funny and wouldn’t mind having one even though I normally have dog or cat calendars (or Edward Gorey), but the one place I want a calendar is at work and I’m not sure it would be a good idea to have even a tasteful beefcake calendar in the office.

  23. Ann and I are going to make a Female Impersonators With Yarn calendar.

    It is beyond thrilling to see a Daily Sweater in the wild, being worn TO WORK. Beyond!

  24. Dr. Jackie says:

    Gonna be a big project. I way intimidated. Just what color is your Hand Maiden yarn that you might have just accidentally bought?

  25. Love the calendar!

  26. I ordered the Guys With Yarn calendar this past Monday, so mine should arrive soon! I read on the comments at Franklin’s blog that some consider Mr. August particularly hot.

    Laianes last blog post..Winter Dreams, or โ€œYes, Itโ€™s another Damned Scarfโ€