My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mmmmmm, Yarn (and a Giveaway!)

When L-B and I meet up with knitting friends at Graves Mountain in November, there is usually a field trip to someplace that involves yarn.

As you can see from yesterday’s blog entry, this year we visited Kid Hollow Farm. I showed you some of their beautiful animals yesterday, but saved the yarn haul for today. Some I did not photograph because it is destined to be a gift. but lookie here:

The top skein is sock yarn. It’s a fingering weight (4.3 ounces and 443 yards) and is a blend of 48% kid mohair, 30% merino wool, and 20% nylon. I can’t wait to knit with it — the yarn has a firm twist and just the slightest halo from the mohair. It looks like it will have great stitch definition. The color is caled “Foggy Mountain.”

The bottom skein is brushed mohair — 90% mohair and 10% nylon. This is 8.3 ounces and and 1038 yards. At the Kid Hollow Farm shop, Pat has a pattern for a simple pullover sweater that takes one skein of this yarn, but I plan to knit a shawl from mine.

I acquired some more yarn. gifts from L-B:

The top skein is Suffolk Sock, a new sportweight sock yarn, from Solitude Wool. It’s 70% Suffolk and Dorset wool, mixed with 30% nylon and is a 3.8 ounce skein with 275 yards. L-B got this at the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier, Va last month. That’s where she got the bottom skein, which is a new sock yarn from Carodan Farm.


I was so taken with the sck yarns at Kid Hollow Farm, that I purchased a skein to give away to a WendyKnits reader:

This is the same yarn composition as the skein pictured at the top of this entry. It is 4 ounces and 412 yards and the colorway is Brilliant Jewels. Would you like it?

Leave a comment to this entry by 4:00pm EST tomorrow (November 11) and I’ll pick a name at random from the comments to receive this lovely yarn.

Here is my progress on my stole:

And here is my sleepy little princess:


  1. Wow – nice haul! Your shawl progress looks good too!

    Sue Hs last blog post..M9 – Started Again

  2. Pick Me, Pick Me
    They have beautiful yarn.
    I bet Miss Lucy is happy to have her mommy home.

  3. Glad you were able to get away and have a good time πŸ™‚ Lucy kept us great company on Plurk too (insert dancing nanner here)

    Karens last blog post..

  4. What great yarn finds! I love the way the stole is knitting up. Sleeping kitties is one of the greatest blisses of the world. πŸ™‚

    Opals last blog post..Fiberlicious Friday

  5. I would love to have this gorgeous sock yarn! Thanks for sharing.

  6. what the heck, I’ll leave a comment. Tomorrow’s my birthday; maybe I’ll win some yarn. πŸ™‚

  7. Eliany Sanchez-Baez says:

    That stole is looking great! That yarn colorway looks lovely with that pattern.

  8. All very beautiful yarns…and poor Lucy must be tired from her late-night Sweeney Todd escapades while you were gone!

    socomfyheres last blog post..Procrasti-knit-ing

  9. Great looking shawl progress and beautiful yarn!

    Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ooooh, what beautiful yarns! I’m especially looking forward to pictures of the “Foggy Mountain” knit up. πŸ™‚

    The stole is looking lovely. As is Lucy — is the heat turned on?

    yarnpiggys last blog post..I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

  11. Your stole looks great! And, the yarn is beautiful! So nice of you to have a contest to win some of the pretty yarn. Glad you guys had such a fabulous trip. : )

  12. My favorite colors. I would give the sock yarn a good home. Sounds like you had a great week end.

  13. That is gorgeous sock yarn. You got a great haul there! Its always fun to share with others.

    Brandys last blog post..What Should You Be When You Grow Up?

  14. Yarn pr0n!! yeah!! The dark green is especially lovely!

    A pullover that takes one skein of yarn!!?

  15. OMG that is a BEAUTIFUL blue colorway!

    Oooh ooh ooh pick me please? πŸ™‚

    Cyds last blog post..Knitters against MS

  16. I am so glad you were able to get away for the weekend! It looks like some wonderful fiber was obtained.

  17. Oooh, the Brillian Jewels yarn looks yummy – please enter me in the contest!

    You’re inspiring me to try to plan a weekend knitting retreat with some of my knitting friends, sounds like a blast!

  18. Your stole is coming along beautifully! Please enter me in your drawing – thanks!

  19. I would love to have the sock yarn. Sounds like you had a fun knitterly weekend! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Shawl looks great. I’d love to have the sock yarn!

  21. There’s a whole lot of pretty going on in this post.

    Emilys last blog post..I May Be Ill

  22. I’m incredibly jealous of your trip and you haul! Such lovely yarn…

    meshalius last blog post..Three Down…

  23. The stole looks gorgeous as everything you cast on for. You are a true inspiration for a whole lot of people around the world. Btw, I love the (almost) daily Lucy reports.

    Annelies last blog post..

  24. Lucy sure seems to enjoy having you home after your weekend with the girls.

    Of course I would love to enter into your drawing. The yarn looks scrumptious! Can’t wait to see what you knit up with the other skeins you acquired.

  25. Pick me! Lol, I’m a new knitter because I’ve actually been inspired by specifically you. πŸ™‚

  26. You chose such lovely yarn, Wendy.

    Sarahs last blog post..Knit Gifts That Make You Go, "Huh?"

  27. I would love yarn that beautiful!

  28. Mmm, what pretty yarn! Love all the colors, especially the one that’s up for giveaway… πŸ™‚

    Leandras last blog post..yarn pr0n

  29. What a great colour. I love any kind of blue – and handknits!

    Lones last blog post..FΓ¦rdige projekter πŸ™‚

  30. Lovely yarns!

    Janiss last blog post..i’m gonna knock the door into the world of perfect free

  31. Gorgeous yarn and I’m glad you had such a fabulous weekend!

    Lauras last blog post..And fall is over.

  32. Oh my, that brushed mohair is gorgeous. And I rather love the giveaway yarn as well. πŸ˜‰

    Sariannas last blog post..Random Sunday!

  33. When I lived in Virginia, I went fly fishing several times near Graves Mountain. Your photos of the mountains brought back great memories and made me wistful, especially now I live in the flat Midwest!

    Samoofishs last blog post..New/Old Endeavor

  34. Your contests are always fun!

    That sounds like a perfect weekend. I need to find me some knitting friends who would like something like that …

    Bridgets last blog post..Friday Night Jumble

  35. Ooooh, pretty yarn. (but even prettier kitty, would you be willing to share her?)

  36. Oh, oh! Pick me, random number generator! Pick me!

    Jenns last blog post..I laughed about this way more than I probably should have

  37. Lois Allen says:

    I always on to check in on your blog to see what you are doing. The yarn is really beautiful.

  38. Wow! those are al beautiful yarns you picked up! What a great trip you had! πŸ™‚

    bellas last blog post..better soon?

  39. Oooooooooooooooooh. Please RNG, show me some love. *snerk*

    Tareshens last blog post..Feminism – What is it?

  40. Now that I’m going back to work, and Baby’s going to daycare πŸ™ I have more knitting time πŸ™‚ (and more blog-reading time)… yaaaaaaay random number generator!

    Ellies last blog post..The Cardiganny goodness

  41. The stole is looking lovely and so is all that great yarn!

    Kathode Ray Tubes last blog post..Introducing the new bed!

  42. Ooh…so much pretty yarn, and such good taste in colors. πŸ™‚

    Imbriums last blog post..Weekly Spinning: Week 23

  43. i would love to have this yarn! and I need some cheer!

  44. Oooh, pretty yarn! I’m in!

    Carolyn Ells last blog post..New stuff!

  45. Oh, oh, so pretty. And I just started knitting socks, too.

    Mouses last blog post..Guest Wallpaper: Zeppelins at the Gasworks

  46. Wow! Sounds like a fun time. The yarn looks beautiful and sure, I’d love to have it.

    Cindys last blog post..November 7, 2008

  47. Pretty yarn! I’d love the chance to win it.

    Kays last blog post..Four days late…..

  48. OOOO what a pretty color! put me in for the giveaway drawing!

    Huntley Edwardss last blog post..My Super Hot Soldier

  49. Oooh, I want it, I want it! Pick me.

    Can I also say I am totally jealous of that trip- what fun!


  50. Great haul (as others have so noted!!) and the stole is just gorgeous!

    I would love to be put in the drawing for the yarn, please πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!!

    TheSockKnitters last blog post..Lost and all alone…

  51. Would I like it? Yes, I would!

  52. Your stole is beautiful. Everything you knit is an inspiration to try something new. Love your posts and hearing about Lucy.

  53. Beautiful stuff! And of course we all know that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash! πŸ™‚

  54. Barbara Miller says:

    Pick me please!

  55. Oh… gorgeous dyed yarn! You and L-B have excellent color tastes πŸ™‚

    akimbos last blog post..Rapid Weight Loss Technique #1

  56. That yarn would certainly brighten my day… Yes indeed, I’d love it!

    melanies last blog post..NaNoWriMo count

  57. That yarn is gorgeous. Please enter me in your drawing!! πŸ™‚

  58. You got some great items! Lucy, of course looks lovely as always. Thanks!

    Sarahs last blog post..It’s Here!

  59. The yarn is very pretty. πŸ™‚ Looks like you received a nice haul.

    LittleWits last blog post..Weekend Update

  60. I love the colors of the brushed mohair skein. and your stole is lovely!

  61. I think Lucy is sleepy for good reason. Looks like you had a really nice yarn get away. Wish we could have joined you – we are keeping it mind for next year!

    Aimees last blog

  62. Ooh, such a pretty blue. Yes, I would like it. Pick me, oh wise and wonderful Random number generator.

    Emilys last blog post..Going Green on the Weekends

  63. Great yarn! Sounds like a great trip!

    Melanie Berneys last blog post..First day of school and new socks and a sweater

  64. OOooo Pick me pick me pick me πŸ˜€

    See you on Plurk

    Sarah O Gs last blog post..Thank You Ingus

  65. Mz. Lucy looks absolutely worn out from her wild weekend of partying.. Please include me in the drawing – I’d love to have yarn that color!

    Plain Janes last blog post..I Guess It’s Been A While

  66. love the yarn! thanks for the give-away!

  67. Wow, those are some beautiful colors!

  68. very luscious yarn! have fun knitting all of it!

    vtknitboys last blog post..It’s My Birthday!

  69. Lovely yarn! Your blog is always so inspiring!

    leahs last blog post..Am I boring you?

  70. You are so generous with your giveaways. That sock yarn is amazing!

    Julies last blog post..Happy Birthday, Marines

  71. Oooohhh… Wouldn’t a new kind of sock yarn make a nice birthday gift. πŸ™‚
    Seriously, though, thanks for introducing some new-to-me yarns! You definitely have pointed out some great stuff over the years.

  72. Your shawl is coming along very beautifully! I am willing to bet that even though Lucy seemed to have fun while you were away, she’s happy to see her mama. πŸ˜›

    Dees last blog post..The insanity experiment…

  73. That sock yarn reminds me of the Adriatic sea! It’s lovely.

  74. Awesome color!

  75. That is gorgeous yarn πŸ™‚
    Enjoy the shawl πŸ™‚

  76. please please please pick me

    lissa bells last blog post..mia

  77. Wow–sounds like a great weekend!

    Ann-Marie MacKays last blog post..Weird things meme

  78. I’ll throw my name in the hat. πŸ™‚ Gorgeous finds.

    Bubblesknitss last blog post..Finished…

  79. What? Giving away sock yarn? Blue sock yarn? Giving Away?

    I. Am. In.

    Bet your heat would be on in Wisconsin! Brrr.

  80. Jennifer Morgan says:

    Sounds like a fun trip — what vacation isn’t enhanced by stash acquisition?

  81. I would love some new sock yarn!! Beautiful pictures and looks like a great weekend.

  82. Oooh!
    Beautiful!What lovely yarns you got.
    And I really would like some yarn…

    Marikas last blog post..Mixat och matchat

  83. Wow, it’s really beautiful…
    Pick me, pick me like say Sue H

    Ptinutzs last blog post..Petits achats et chaussettes

  84. Lori Beard says:

    Pretty yarns! Pretty Princess! I would love to be included in your giveaway.

  85. I love that color of blue. It’d make perfect socks for me. I’m tired of making grey socks for my hubby!

  86. Ooh. That yarn is beautiful. Please put me in the contest!


    Amy S.

  87. Your stole is coming along so nicely! And I love your yarn haul. I wish I didn’t have to buy Christmas gifts this year….just yarn for me. Mwa ha ha ha!!

    I’d love to win the skein!

  88. Wonderful yarn, I love blue!

  89. gosh, what beautiful yarn! and would I love to get something so pretty in the mail all the way from America! count me in, please!
    best wishes from Iceland

  90. COunt me in for the drawing – love that yarn!

  91. looks like a great weekend all around. Love the sock yarn :^)

    I am currently knitting a sweater with Carodan worsted weight. Really thick and warm (I’m with Lucy…heat is a good thing!)

  92. PICK ME!!!!! that yarn is beautiful. i could give it a perfect home.

  93. me please!
    cheers from rainy England.

    elises last blog post..i won!

  94. OOOh! you’re stole is going to be gorgeous. I’m working on a modified wool peddlars reading shawl now but it’s pain garter stitch. Though I am a lace fiend, I haven’t made a lace shawl or stole yet but all the lovely ones you’ve posted here in the last several months have me craving one now.
    I am off to choose my pattern and some luscious yarn.

    mezzodivas last blog post..

  95. just hoping to be lucky!

    BethCs last blog post..Hat for a one-armed pirate!

  96. Please pick me!

  97. Ooh, and my fav color! Now that’s it getting colder, I’m looking for a yarn-based project – this could be the perfect inspiration!

  98. What gorgeous yarn! And hi to Miss Lucy.

    Kendras last blog post..Another road trip

  99. I’m feeling lucky– Pick me! Pick me!

  100. Oh, please, Great Random Number Generator, choose meeeeeeeeeee! My stash neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds that yarn!

    And, btw, Wendy, great stash acquisitions!